Introducing: Jaye Johnson

jaypablo Love him, it would be nice to see him now Apr 8, 2022
cam6594 Michael what happened to Jaye Johnson? Feb 3, 2022
ICeeIt21 He's a walking wet dream! Baby boy has got it all, and his willingness to please is next level. A great find...hope to see more of him in the future. Sep 3, 2021
cam6594 Beautiful azz hole but used. Probably serving time. Aug 17, 2021
triplips Those nipples are EVERYTHING!! They look like two big ole Hershey's Kisses that need to melt in my mouth! Very handsome and beautiful ass and hole~ Jul 3, 2021
Dualex His ass looks delicious... Apr 19, 2020
DellKell OMG those big juicy nipples and that plump azz!!
Damn!! Michael and crew, get him back !!
Sep 29, 2019
lablue I wonder why he just did this 1 video then disappeared. I want him 2 come back n give up that 2 Blake. Nov 23, 2017
Whitney Ummmm find him and get him tf back Michael. Nov 20, 2017
jardonm Will we ever see him again? Jun 26, 2017
251370 He is a bottom and he want some dick. Feb 26, 2017
thabang13 Get him back asap lol Feb 18, 2017
texasbugg mike u r a pro at what u do u know damm well for the right price he will let someone eat that ass and fuck there is no way no one would open their ass like that and play with it like that.please let apollo eat that ass hole. i love what i saw jaye johnson please come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk jaye johnson. u r so fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkking sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy babyboy. do not leave us fans standing in cold world. we want u back. Dec 6, 2016
texasbugg mike i bet u if u pair him with apollo he let apollo eat that ass he will let apollo fuck cause apollo got that smile a thug could put his trust in. Dec 6, 2016
Woopshocker86 One of the best ass on this site! My number 1 of my top 10 Mar 10, 2016
Woopshocker86 Damn i really need him back like....asap! Jan 22, 2016
Bjthickone Hope he "cums" back...lil tyga or beno would be a nice match with him Jan 1, 2016
kapukan2 Jaye....Please come back! Dec 19, 2015
kapukan2 Any chance he will come back? Once he lets himself go and tries a dude, he will be hooked. Dec 19, 2015
lovethomas1 nice bro but u have a sweet hole we wanna c u come back and get your ass eatin by saint Oct 13, 2015

Jaye Johnson is a sexy young thug with a "gangsta mentality" whose lifelong dream is to become a straight "porn star."

A mix of Dominican, African-American, and Colombian, this confident 20-year-old has the kind of striking good looks that make him extremely popular with the ladies. It's no surprise that he's already fucked close to FORTY women since losing his virginity at the age of 17!

Growing up in the 'hood (and doing what most young thugs do to survive), Jaye Johnson is a natural hustler with an outgoing personality that makes him well-suited for porn.

Enjoy the hot private show when this ambitious young thug tries to prove he has what it takes to be straight porn's next star by exposing what's under his clothes for the VERY FIRST TIME....

After working up a sexy sweat with some spontaneous push-ups and sit-ups (in only his boxers), Jaye Johnson finally steps out of the boxers to reveal his tempting young body for the whole world to see.

Compared to most of the straight guys I've filmed, Jaye Johnson is surprisingly confident and comfortable with showing off his ASS, making this an "audition" that all of the ass-fiends out there won't want to miss!

"You know you're teasing A LOT of people right now!" I tell the aspiring straight "porn star" when he bends over and exposes his ASSHOLE for the very first time.

"That's what I'm TRYIN' to do!" he replies with a seductive smile.

Of course he also makes sure to let his gay viewers know they're allowed to LOOK but they can't TOUCH because he is "300%" straight. (It's cute the way he almost seems to apologize for this fact).

Jaye Johnson later takes this hot tease to the bedroom, where he lets us watch him jack off while watching straight porn until he cums.

This entertaining "audition" concludes with a seductive shower and a few closing comments.

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 5, 2013 33 min
Photo of Jaye Johnson
Jaye Johnson

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