The Student Becomes The Teacher #2

cam656914 Never seen Saints hole open like that? Dec 24, 2022
Bullet Stephon acts likes a bitch at times, but I thinks he likes the dick and he's very cute. Nov 6, 2019
ACTION7 put Stephon and Isaiah together for a flip Aug 23, 2018
blkbird This one got passed when it first came out--probably because I might have seen "frowning face" Stephon in the title. However, the Saint always delivers and he did on this one. Whether, top,bottom,versing or just plain perving--Saint is a total professional. He does not bring outside baggage just comes to work and does the damn thang for our pleasure! Five stars ***** Jun 10, 2018
ACTION7 WE LOVE YOU SAINT!!!! Jan 27, 2018
texasbugg saint took that dick like a pro. no one should say nothing bad about him cause he is just feeding his family. Dec 6, 2016
texasbugg i will give saint a 1000 licking that ass hole he had stephon licking his lips. i saw that move that means please don't stop. Dec 6, 2016
MichaelGalletta @cocopop: Saint also takes dick pretty well in his scenes with me ("What He Did For Money" ) and Beno ("Winner Takes All"). Both scenes are raw and very hot, in my opinion. May 8, 2016
cocopop That is the closest Saint has ever come to taking a dick. May 8, 2016
cocopop And I thought Isaiah started out as a bad kisser, Stephon makes him look good. May 8, 2016

For the next scene during his return weekend visit, I decided to pair Stephon with a more experienced and open-minded straight model who could help him get more comfortable with doing "gay for pay" scenes. I figured who better to guide him through his reluctant experimentation with guy-on-guy sex than someone who's been through the same thing himself?

It wasn't all that long ago that Saint was the skeptical new straight guy being introduced to gay sex for the very first time. Since that time, we've seen the married ex-Army guy do some pretty shocking things in his scenes here at BBA - including sucking dick, getting fucked, and even swallowing another man's cum!

Now, just a little over ONE YEAR LATER, Saint is the experienced "veteran" assigned with the task of training another stubborn straight model.

"I'm always up for a challenge!" Saint declares with his characteristic positive attitude and eagerness to please.

See for yourself what happens when "the student becomes the teacher," guiding another skeptical straight guy through a series of "lessons" in "gay for pay" porn that include kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and FUCKING!

"We gotta do what we gotta do to get this bread, man!" Saint sums it up for Stephon at one point in this scene. "That's all it's about at the end of the day is this money!"

Another MUST-SEE highlight from this action-packed scene is Stephon attempting ANAL PENETRATION (with fingers) for the VERY FIRST TIME!

"This is about to be the craziest thing I ever done!" he exclaims, shaking his head in embarrassed disbelief as he reluctantly raises his muscular legs in the air and prepares to plunge a finger up his tight, virgin ass....

It's a pretty big step for the same stubborn straight guy who didn't even want us LOOKING at his breathtaking butt in his very first scene, let alone touching, tasting, and FINGER-FUCKING that most private and protected part of his body!

For his final lesson of the day, Saint tries to set a good example for his wary new pupil by surrendering his own tight straight-boy ass to the biggest dick he's tried taking so far....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Condom, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 12, 2013 73 min
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