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Dualex @jshawn Bandit needs to retire and we don't need Legend to bottom for every Dick, Hector and Tom. May 24, 2024
jshawn Now I just need Bandit (top or vs) and Legend the Stallion (top) and Legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥 May 11, 2024
bedroomthug2024 I definitely had to comment on this one because it had so much chemistry between the two of them that it made it 🔥🔥🔥 and legend moans are so sexy and natural which tells you this scene wasn’t forced at all he definitely gave an Oscar performance and Juju definitely handled him with all that sexy manpower and energy. Now let’s see this again but flipped or a fully verse scene between the two would definitely be hot! May 1, 2024
Jbrewington68 Hot scene. legend's sensual nature and moans will become legendary. Juju stroke game was a reflection of the sexual energy dynamic between the two. Juju likes to hide behind humor to distract from the insecurity of wanting dick in that ass. Facts, it's only a matter of time. Apr 19, 2024
Dualex I miss them... One of BBA classics... Apr 4, 2024
tyeneal Now that is the hottest shit I have seen on here yet/ first week back since the Pandemic and damn!!!! been a member since 2016 so I have seen a lotta hot content on here, but this the first time I have commented. major props to Legend and JUJU and the director. Great scene,2st video until the 2nd you could just feel the chemistry of these 2 together Apr 2, 2024
Fever2015 Damn!!! This was hot asf. Mar 27, 2024
ken1jim Now lets flip them, this couple is so natural, do it again Mar 19, 2024
Nastynut This video still gives me chills & so many nuts! This man is a real life Tarzan & Juju (although not a personal fave) is built like a statue just beautiful! I think another amazinggg pairing would be LEGEND & STEPHON in a flip flop scene! Orrrr Legend, Diez & Denzel! OMG either of those combos would be a months worth of updates for me 🤌🏾 Mar 2, 2024
Dualex I wanna congratulate Legend for being the fans fave new model, and Juju fave model overall. And both for making this scene the top of 2023. Well deserving 👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Feb 27, 2024
nbrown1210 I'm back after a long hiatus and was afraid that the absence of so many of my old time favorites like Apollo, Dominic and Justice would adversely affect the quality of your vids. But so far these newbies like JuJu and Legend are more than holding their own. I loved the way the camera man let us take good long unobstructed close up looks at Legend's gorgeous hairy ass holes and JuJu's sweet chocolate man pussy. And the vid got so much better after Legend shed those damn socks! Feb 26, 2024
goFish2 I love Legend. He knows how to share the sexual experience, JuJu has a great sexy cock and nice ass, but he reminds me of an EX, who thought the epitome of great sex was to lay there like a lump and have someone extract cum from him. Needless to say, that didn't last very long. Scale of one to ten: Eight, because of Legend, the trouper, who made the most of what he was given! Thanks Legend, you made it work! Feb 24, 2024
Ah342180 It’s definitely Legend for me
They work well together and it definitely is some chemistry there
Feb 21, 2024
jamila122012 Legend baby those moans was like music to my ears. He just don’t know how fine he is. Feb 18, 2024
arch_back I already knew Juju was gonna top Legend. He was good taking the toys. I wanna see Juju bend and take dick from Saint. Feb 7, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 @Montez you just confirmed my belief that these two had a real connection and were turned on by each other! You don't know how much I appreciate that reply! Can you confirm if that final kiss went on much longer and how comfortable they were together aka is the attraction real? Jan 30, 2024
coolavatar23 I wanna see them do a verse video where they fuck each other I think juju wanna give it up he just need a lil persuading Jan 30, 2024
Dualex @Lar58Fitz85... @bobbybb28... I did not spot the pre cum at all. Well, not one like Diez lol. I did catch Legend being well horny and Juju being a little distracted but IMO it seems like he was watching the shot of his 🍆 inside Legend. I'm not sure he was watching M/F porn cause he is into trans. Legend was not THAT horny on the alpha games scene which makes me believe that they practiced way before shooting this. Juju got in too easy and again the mutual attraction, the sweet talk did not lie. Jan 30, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 @bobbybob28 I caught Legend the leaking precum when he was standing up too and from the comments I never saw anyone else mention until now! That shot was 🔥! Legend's dick being on brick during the frotting was another sign of the attraction. I also noticed JuJu watching porn on a couple of the standing parts which is I'm sure a usual behind the scenes thing. I wish we got to see some more of that final kiss at the end and some post sex commentary. Maybe we will get a behind the scenes one day but I hope it doesn't ruin what seemed to be a real connection between these two Kings! 👑👑 Jan 29, 2024
Montez JuJu wasn't watching porn. He was looking into the screen of Shax's camera, looking at the shot Shax was getting. So I guess in a way he WAS watching porn. Just not exactly what you were thinking. lol
Nastynut Babyyyyy this right here 🤌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌 it took me so long to get thru this video because I couldn’t stop cumming at certain parts & watching the video from the beginning everytime. It’s hot start to finish!!! Pure 🔥! Their chemistry was so passionate. The way y’all teased us with them keeping on their underwear & grinding each other was absolutely astounding!!!! I nutted on that part multiple times because I love being teased. Legend took that dick hunny!!! I am so proud of him lol like I know him phahaha. He’s definitely top tier.

Now, what I didn’t like & seems to be VERY REPETITIVE in all the videos as I have mentioned before in numerous of comments, is the ANGLES!!


I’ve seen other people comment about the angles of different videos as well so I know it’s not just me. Idk if SHAX who seems to do all the recording production is a STRAIGHT MAN or maybe he works multiple jobs & just be wanting to get thru the scene. But his productions are FAR DIFFERENT than a Michael BBA production. NO SHADE, he should close his eyes & pick a random video that Michael produced & he’ll see what I’m talking about. Michael GETS UP IN THERE with the camera. He gives the view as if the camera is attached to their bodies damn near & would make the models show off their asses, strip, whatever. It’s like we don’t get that anymore at all. SHAX stands back with the camera too much for me which is annoying because you’ll have these STRAIGHT, BI, CURIOUS or G4P men sucking dick, assholes fully in the air while sucking dick & SHAX will stand 5 feet back and focus only on the dick or their facial expressions. I’m sorry if I’m paying monthly, I could care less about a facial expression. We can see their faces on their social media platforms or headshots on their individual bios on the BBA page so to have the camera focused on facial expressions or the side of their bodies when the camera should be up in there like it’s a 3rd person, is wild to me. At some point in this very video, JUJU was holding Legends ass open going to town pounding him & we did NOT get to see it because yall just kept the camera pointed at the side of their bodies then moved up to the face (per usual) when y’all’s model was holding open a G4P man’s ass pounding it but we didn’t get to see the penetration because yall had the camera focused everywhere else. It’s so annoying & it’s ALL videos. Yall might hit the mark every now & then but it’s mainly ALL VIDEOS. Pleaseeeeee don’t be scared to get in there with that camera. WE WANT TO SEE IT ALL!!!!!! Thanks guys sorry rant over. lol I’m going to go rub one out now 💋
Jan 26, 2024
bobbybob28 I just wish we saw more of that pre cum leaking lol Jan 25, 2024
demanding Hands down my favorite—at this point they need a movie of when they fell in love and keep the episode coming and allow Apollo to be the sexy man to have sex with one of them later on down the road in episode 7 😂 Jan 24, 2024
histy8686 Great scene both guys are hot and had great chemistry. I just think the bottoms should really start jacking off and stimulating themselves more. These scenes would be so much hotter if they found pleasure and even sometimes cum while taking a dick. Obviously not everyone would enjoy it but guys like Legend seem up for the task. Honestly a shorter video where the bottom gets off would be a trade off I'd be willing to make. Jan 23, 2024
albertcrowder I wanna see this scene behind the scene! Jan 19, 2024
shaunzy42 More of them and zeke Jan 17, 2024
holmestb I am a huge fan of both guys. I was just kind of caught off guard to see juju with dry poop around his hole after legend licked around it Jan 17, 2024
MichaelGalletta LOL....I thought the same thing for a split second before realizing it was just the lighting hitting JuJu's hole in a weird way with an unfortunate brownish tint. Our models have excellent hygiene and thoroughly shower before every shoot. And in the unlikely chance something like that actually did happen, we sure as hell wouldn't include it out of respect for the model AND his fans lol.
darkmanjah28 I rubbed one out in the beginning, the middle, and the end. What the fk else is there to say? Jan 17, 2024
LeeAnfernee_92 JuJu was hitting his G Spot for sure!!! Jan 16, 2024
mjg4life89 Juju’s facial expressions remind me of Stallion and it’s such a major TURN ON FOR ME!!!! Handsome mfers lol 😂 Jan 13, 2024
bussitbaby09 After seeing this…. I am convinced that a 3 sum with Apollo would be fire. This was one of THE BEST scenes I have ever seen on this site and that’s saying a lot because this site is 🔥🔥 Jan 13, 2024
ctex12 I love it but damn no oral Jan 10, 2024
Dualex I can't get over that carpet sex scene... And I kinna like Legend's slight feminine look, his fine face, hairstyle in that particular scene. A bit different to the rough one he had when he topped Jahan, Blake and Kavii. No wonder why Juju was so intense especially at the kissing parts. Fab scene. Jan 9, 2024
cocopop This was definitely a hot scene, I knew Legend would be the first to bottom. The chemistry was on point, could be cause I see a bromance between these two. Juju keeps referring to Legend as sexy. I have doubts weather Juju will give it up. Thanks guys for making this happen, may the entire BBA family enjoy a happy new year. Jan 5, 2024
pilsener Not only one of BBA's best scenes of 2023 (if not THE BEST). but one of BBA's best ever videos. The chemistry between Juju and Legend is off the charts. I can nut just from their kissing alone, and that level of making out is rare in BBA videos. I haven't even gotten to the fucking yet and this is ALREADY one of my all time favorite BBA videos! Awesome job! Jan 5, 2024
hines1983 More of Legend please!! Jan 4, 2024
lilyvonshtupp That was damn sensual! Legend’s cries were natural and JuJu’s strokes were hot as hell-💦😅
Now let’s switch them around that’ll be the ultimate. My favorite of all…so far!
Jan 4, 2024
FRANCOIS955 I want to see Legend fuck JUJU...AND FLIP FLOP then BOTH of them SUCK DICK!!!!!!!!! Jan 4, 2024
wbscottiv I predicted this a long time ago. YALL need to let me creative Direct or shoot some scenes cause They both want some d believe it or not. I got another HOT VID IDEA. Dm me on Twitter @baytovey trust me Jan 3, 2024
FRANCOIS955 i want to see legend fuck juju!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 3, 2024
koolkatmd This was DEFINITELY 🔥 FIRE. Jan 2, 2024
Candid1 More of Legend taking dick pleeeeeeeeease! Jan 1, 2024
king500 Legend definitely must flip things on juju and fuck him next time very soon Jan 1, 2024
Dualex Happy new year everyone and my gratitude to the BBA staff for blessing us with such an epic scene... Your efforts are truly appreciated. Blessings. Dec 31, 2023
misterblack I LOVE these two together. They're reminiscent of Apollo and Mar. JuJu literally fucked the socks off Legend but was also tender and caring. They gave each other considerable pleasure as evidenced by hard their rigid members and moans. And the sounds coming out of Legend were everything. This scene is definitely in my top three of the year. Gentlemen: Thank you for being the cream and cherry atop my cupcake in 2023. Happy New Year! Dec 31, 2023
Dualex I rooted for Apollo and Dominic, rooted for Stallion and Ross, Apollo and Maleek, Stylez and Maleek, Jay C and Jahan, ... And most recently Denzel and Diez. I also dreamt of JuJu and Denzel.
Some gave us some great bromances. But I never ever expected this pairing although I'm a fan of JuJu mainly.
In the words of Legend: 'There is magic right here...' well done boys and hi5 BBA!!
Dec 31, 2023
sadboynthn Lord have mercy, that was hot. Can we please get an update with these two, Bandit, and Dominic? That would be insane. Dec 30, 2023
tradell06 Legend. Legend. Legend. 🔥 Dec 30, 2023
Dualex Big shout out to Montez. He was so extra in that entry scene lol. Thought the comments he was reading were made up until I actually saw them in their previous vid 👌🏾 Dec 29, 2023
conunjrum Wow!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒 That was absolute heat between the two!!! Dec 29, 2023
jaypablo Wow that was one of the best for the year, loved the chemistry between them both, Legend was just on point with everything, he had me rock hard the whole time, that nice body and tight hot asshole puckering, them high pitch sounds he was making alone made me let the first one out then the kissing, love making and juju fucking the shit out of him just made me let the rest of it out till I was dried out, smh at some of these comments on juju remaining a top, he will always be a top, just cause you do it once doesn’t make you a versatile, Legend will always be a top too and I can’t wait to see him top juju, I hope that’s a new years special, give them both some Moet or Veuve Clicquot and call it a night, legend could finish busting juju’s cherry open since they already busted each others cherry with the dildos in the last video, it will be hot to see juju take the real thing balls deep, and I know Legend will be easy and patient with him till it’s all in and then tear that shit up. Dec 29, 2023
Kingmi20 LEGEND BOTTOMING WAS CRAZY!!!! I didnt make it to the end...when he started hitting those high notes, I couldn't hold it anymore!!! NUTT..EVERYWHERE!!! I really hope he bottoms more...damn! Dec 28, 2023
RobbySan29 No toe sucking, shocker 🙄 Dec 28, 2023
trance For me a true legend should be able to take just as much as he can give...Legend made this scene he looked so sexy taking dick... yeah its time Juju started taking dick and for that matter Stallion too... all the other models earning their keep and the newness has worn off on these two Dec 28, 2023
Charmed35 Yo the chemistry was crazy and I loved this whole scene I wanna see more scenes wit them next time Juju can Bottom for him but overall good storyline it was done perfecto I Def gotta try to get into the business Dec 28, 2023
lmj623 Legend sounds just like Stylez when he’s gettin fuked 😵‍💫 Dec 28, 2023
jrummi My second comment on this amazing scene. But the fact that there was no dick suckin at all and this was still the scene of the year is fkn amazing! On another note I'd love to see juju and donte together, maybe even have juju and legend run a train on him! Dec 28, 2023
yomama1928 I love it. OK so now we need a part three. I think that is only fair that Legend takes JuJu hole. Considering everything they have done up to this point. Dec 28, 2023
ef8432 We need more bromances Dec 27, 2023
DjbiATL Damn, that’s hot. First time Legend curve dick got fully brick. Scene was perfect, only thing left now is for Legend to suck on some dick before he bottoms, and let the top nut in his mouth before they finish. Them two, plus Bandit could be hot af. They both top Legend, and Bandit let JuJu get them cakes for real this time. Dec 27, 2023
Sageking3 When legend said "be nice to me" I nutted unexpectedly Dec 27, 2023
supreme Chemistry, Chemistry , Chemistry this scene was more than a BBA classic its iconic!! The best topping Juju ever did on this site and both models practically made love to each other in a very masculine way. 10s, 10s, 10s, across the board ! Dec 27, 2023
Drack000 lol now legend needs to get his lick back #greatscene Dec 27, 2023
shooturshot21 Yes they both outdid they self. Legend kudos my boy Dec 27, 2023
Dualex Did I read?
Legend: an exotic mix of Jamaican and Native American. He probably has rastafarian relatives and plus the Native American adds to the mix. There's a lot going on there.
All that to say, before you critique his looks, learn to read, and Google in case of doubt...
The boy is foiiine, periodt!!!
Dec 27, 2023
damon8 I need Juju to take some dick or exit stage right. 👉🏼 Dec 27, 2023
bkwilliam Dayummmmm Dayummmmm Dayummmmm 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥across the board. Please do NOT have Juju bottom, it would not be pleasureable for him nor for us to watch. I love seeing men fuck men who genuinely enjoy being fucked. LEGEND oh LEGEND, man you are everything. I 🥜 within minutes, still haven’t been able to get through the entire scene but “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” so I will though I know I will surely fail…lol. Thank you BBA. Juju and Legend are spectacular and what an amazing Christmas gift to us all! Can’t wait for the highly anticipated New Year’s scene. Happy Holidays to all BBA team and subscribers. Dec 27, 2023
king500 I think this is a sign that letting the performers feel each other out multiple times before penetration off and on camera leads to the best possible results every time. Great work. Dec 27, 2023
Dualex Please don't throw or rush Legend into bottoming scenes like you're doing with Diez. The result might be the same as this. Knowing BBA and the Bandit fans, I'm sure he's patiently at the door to secure his #1 spot with Legend 🚪👀🙄. I've seen it with Apollo and then Diez. Juju is a fantastic top, kissing was missing while fucking just like they did when foreplaying but I'm good with this result... Dec 27, 2023
Lowkey2088 Man Legend took it like a champ I LOVE IT 😍 👏🏽Now I wanna see him do a scene with Bandit!!!!!!!!!! Dec 26, 2023
mopapper The first time we see Legend get hard-- he has a dick in his ass! I am happy you let him go ahead and do what he likes-- getting fucked! I like him a lot more after this! He is beautiful Dec 26, 2023
Dualex Other good parts were the serious mating going on that carpet and Juju's shot... 😅 Dec 26, 2023
Dualex Right. I am just blown away. I did not expect this update.
Both models outdid themselves.
Juju showed power and control as well as tenderly care while topping Legend. He really enjoyed his screen partner. That was his best topping, I watched all his scenes.
Legend, well, one can tell he loves him some Juju and made sure he gave him pleasure no matter how painful the 'ordeal' was.
Just listen to how many times he kept on calling his name.
When Juju was on top of him on that couch did u see Legend scratching Juju's back? Only lovers do that!
His moanings were such a turn on.
I have to ask that question: do they have sumn going on? 👀
I loved their signature foreplay: the way they grab each other's throat. Pure male pride and dominance.
I love Juju as a top but I never enjoyed his previous scenes cause his roughness never sat well with me. However I really enjoyed him here especially the missionary position, I thought he was fucking a female girlfriend or sumn, my God!!
BBA should give us a better summary though lol.
Lastly it would be unfair for Legend not to get his revenge but I doubt that will happen unless another bottom involved in a 3some with them two.
Well done BBA and most importantly Juju and Legend.
They're both legends.
Dec 26, 2023
reddude15 If they would have kissed while having sex it would have been crazy hot but still best video this year ! Dec 26, 2023
drakegay4real Legend continues to live up to his namesake, he can take it as good as he gives it which makes for the perfect model imo Dec 26, 2023
aw4567 Perfect! Now don’t start just throwing Legend in scenes with anyone. There has to be mutual attraction otherwise it’s performative and cheap. This works because we saw the connection blossom into this moment. Dec 26, 2023
idgafjt I need a scene with justice and legend 😮‍💨 Dec 26, 2023
Timpen This scene was a good scene until Legends bottoming debut then it became great.He needs
another bonus
Dec 26, 2023
daquarius96 Legend ate!! Bravo to juju too!😩 Dec 26, 2023
garnett This is by far one of the hottest scene on bba i agree with one of the previous comment that we should keep juju as a top they are becoming so rare nowadays let Ju Ju shine Dec 26, 2023
MacheDich Legend’s hairstyle is a real disaster for my erections. How and why can such a handsome man destroy his sex appeal so much? Mystery. Dec 26, 2023
A123 This was amazing! Legend for the win again. His moans were so sexy! Legend is becoming one of my favorites. Dec 26, 2023
dionys12 Did Legend have an anal orgasm around 41:30? Dec 25, 2023
yngpblo These two are my favs Dec 25, 2023
Bigboy69 Good scene. It's time for Juju to give up his cakes next Dec 25, 2023
alopez Part II has to be Juju returning the favor! Dec 25, 2023
Akashic1 Can yall not try to make Juju verse please he tops so well.Let that MAN REMAIN A TOP!! Dec 25, 2023
prettysparkles1 Don't find it fair that juju stayed was apparent who liked assplay more in their last video together but it would've only been fair to let legend top as well personally I have problem wit dat.and I also feel like making legend full fledge bottom this quickly feels off..couldve had him topping a couple of more times before this.but regardless juju not bottoming for legend seems unfair to me Dec 25, 2023
djv1234 Fantastic Hot scene, love it. The icing on the 2023 cake is for JuJu to take dick on New Year's Eve! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Dec 25, 2023
mjg4life89 He should have nutted in him…. Dec 25, 2023
Dreday88 First comment ever since being with BBA!!! I just couldn’t resist for this scene..Easily a top 10 scene if not top 5. The chemistry was actually REAL. This was 🔥 from beginning to end. Legend getting fucked is a beautiful sight to see. Juju delivered the goods. These men had SEX. Only way to top this, Legend would have to fuck Juju just as good lol…Well done team, well done!!! Dec 25, 2023
200water Almost perfect scene. I just wished Legend would have got hard/cum while bottoming Dec 25, 2023
Nuthinbutsexy BROOOO!! No lie, I have not came from a BBA video in a long time. As a matter of fact I was about to cancel my membership, until this ...DAMN!!!! LEGEND is gorgeous, so sexy, that face, the locs, the beard, the hairy body and bush, the hairy legs,, OMG he is AMAZING. I wanna be a member of wherever he is!!! Now this is worth a membership Dec 25, 2023
mrwhitley1 Def a classic!!!
Juju wasn’t too nice to Legend.
He fucked him crazy😳😳😳👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾!!!!

Legends moans 10/10 volume ⬆️
Sucks it was really only 2 positions & no riding?!?! Like wtf.
I do love that they had floor sex (Legend couldn’t 🏃🏾‍♀️😈) but yall definitely should’ve had Legend riding that dick…& them both kissing passionately like when they 1st started foreplay that had Legend 🧱 up & 🥵 should’ve maintained that energy throughout the scene in favor of the Models.

It’s wild how stimulation= kissing while fuckin always produces a boner & cumshot from bottoms…but yall BBA avoid that at all costs.
Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ (where is the direction)
Because the Talent Was ON!!!!
Great job guys!!!
It suck’s Legend being turned on through orgasm wasn’t a priority in this scene 🎬
Dec 25, 2023
Beyy88 Legend has soooooooo much potential. He did so good. Him & Bandit should be next. He made me so proud OMG. Thanks for the gift BBA!!!!!! JuJu…… just don’t see it but LEGEND u did good bro. Dec 25, 2023
kennyg Well, it's all been said . A Xmas miracle indeed!!!!! Only thing missing was some oral sex. In spite of that it was still hot as fire. Quite unexpected I must say, kudos to the staff at BBA. Happy holidays to all my "fellow travelers" . Dec 25, 2023
twinchester1095 😮‍💨 my dick won’t go down. I need a part two. Juju fucked the shit out of legend! 😍😩 Dec 25, 2023
dat44boi I never have commented from the many years I have been a member. But this scene deserves it. This scene was fuckin amazing. Damn Legend deserves his flowers now. Bandit is my all time favorite but Legend has shot himself up. Dec 25, 2023
smokey1984 AND … week should be Juju getting his guts rushed by Legend. Juju wasn’t one of my favorites AT ALL, BUT I’d love to hear him moan getting some good dick. He’s growing on me real good. This scene was gReAt! Dec 25, 2023
PlatinumPisces Juju has to bottom for Legend. Juju REALLY likes Legend and they have mutual chemistry. He made sure to take care of Legend. He didn't try to kill him. Best sex is with someone you are very attracted to beyond the physical. They should only bottom for each other period when making BBA content. Legend really LIKES Juju. Best XMAS scene ever Dec 25, 2023
enomad OK BBA!!!! I see you getting to it!! Great Scene! Dec 25, 2023
ViewerLove Their chemistry is EVERYTHING! Love these two together!!! Dec 25, 2023
rayymirez Legend was taking that dick 😩. I love to see juju and stallion to do a flip flop scene 😈 Dec 25, 2023
dredae19 When Juju taking dick? Dec 25, 2023
prettyboig 🔥🔥🔥 I loved everything about this scene!!! Juju & Legend are easily becoming fan faves. Dec 25, 2023
DLtrucker2021 Damn this was the best scene ever🔥🔥🔥 now Legend should top him. Dec 25, 2023
jrummi This one tops zeke and Denzel for scene of the year, and I didn't think that was possible! The way the chemistry is set up between these two is unmatched! I was scared that juju was gonna be one of those models that only performs well with fem types, but the way he fucked legend with such passion and affection was his best work ever! The way they looked into each other's eyes at the end before one final kiss told me that they are falling for each other! Btw please don't rush juju into bottoming! I know how it usually goes with bba, but I hate this idea that everyone has to bottom! There's nothing wrong with strict tops! Dec 25, 2023
cbd1012 Best scene of the year thank you! Dec 25, 2023
man12345 Well I want see JuJu get it next! Dec 25, 2023
abyers No oral from both parties is wildddddddd. And Juju didn’t really seem interested as in past videos. His dick really didn’t seem to stay hard and his nut shot was lackluster. Dec 25, 2023
tassain54 This Video is the Best of 2023 '' Legend '' is a Ten Plus , Body, Face, and Ass. The Best Looking Brother on BBA site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 25, 2023
anthonyjohnson SHITTTTTT…. I bought a lot of gifts for people this Christmas, but this is the best gift I bought for myself. Juju my guy for lack of better words you can fuck and legend you took that like a pro. I’m jealous and proud at the same time. Juju is one of my favs. I can’t get enough of that cocky chocolate. Thankful for this Christmas miracle.

Note to production: The effort y’all put in producing these scene where they are more than just fuckin is incredible. It’s definitely an art and a craft you all are mastering, Can’t wait to see what 2024 holds.
Dec 25, 2023
kmoneystax I wish that they did oral too. lol 😫 Dec 25, 2023
Canismash Awwwww SHIT! Merry CHRISTMAS 🎁 TO ALL OF US!! lol 😂 Dec 25, 2023
Lar58Fitz85 Mike, Hopefully you can answer 1 or 2 or all the questions below for me. First off thank you! You communicate with the fans more than any other site and I know that's not easy. I watched the scene 3 times already and it was worth the wait. Here's what I was wondering...
1. When JuJu said "Let me see, you been fuckin with that shit all day." as he was about to start fucking Legend was he talking about Legend prepping with toys beforehand or did they have some one on one time practicing?
2. Do they have good chemistry outside of the scenes as they do on screen and more importantly are they into each other? Probably wishful thinking on my part. Haha
3. Did they put in overtime making this scene because we saw them literally go from night to day fucking? It's clear JuJu can fuck all day and night. LOL The editing work was excellent by the way and they made it look seamless.
4. Can you confirm that we will see more from them together soon? I'm happy with their progress and hoping they get there with the dick sucking and hopefully Legend gets JuJu's ass before anyone else if that happens. He would take it easy on him for the first time on screen.
Thanks for a great year! Looking forward to the final scene of 2023!👌🏽Happy Holidays
Dec 25, 2023
androgyny757 I'm waiting for juju to take the wood.. Dec 25, 2023
acg0924 Yes ! This was great! Dec 25, 2023
dv6000 Amazing! Very pleased! Dec 24, 2023
mcchaz Loved this. Best in a long time. More please! Dec 24, 2023
FreakTeach This was amazing! This shot Legend right to the top for me! Wasn't expecting him to enjoy it as much as he did and his moans were sexy AF. Kudos to him! And kudos to Juju for making Legend feel so good taking it.

Also, im totally fine with Juju staying a top. Everyone doesnt need to be verse imo, especially if they arent going to give a Legend like performance.
Dec 24, 2023
Kkoejo This was hot! So I'm assuming that there is a New Year's Part 2 Dec 24, 2023
Dualex Pass my regards and love to Juju and Legend. I'm in agreement with everyone, words are just failing me right now. Juju and Legend, I adore you ❤️❤️❤️ Dec 24, 2023
Dope88 Well I forsure didn't see this happening so soon 🔥🔥🔥🔥
I assumed Stylez would have the luxury of poppin Legend 1st.
I hope when it's Juju's turn Legend has 1st dibs.

I Totally understand bandit's scene with Juju more than ever now, That boy's penis is BIG.
Good Scene!!!
Dec 24, 2023
davids I agree with Juju. This scene left me speechless, lol. I loved this scene because of the vibe between these models guys. This is the best scene of 2023. I love both of them. Dec 24, 2023
pbomb95 wow Legends nice ass getting fucked was a gift. Now start the new year with JuJu taking some Dec 24, 2023
godzilla1984 Love it. Legend knows how to enjoy d*** Dec 24, 2023
PENO_XXX LEGEND! You were AMAZING! I enjoyed watching these two sexy black brother's! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ JUJU you got to come on with it now and let LEGEND dig deep man I am so satisfied with this scene of LEGEND and JUJU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Dec 24, 2023
rawwar21 Yes, now thats a great christmas present to see under the tree. They could be in the top 10 one day. Dec 24, 2023
MrBrown19942 Listen, this entire scene is so good! Of course, their chemistry is felt through the screen too! Lol. Can't deny that, at all. Happy Holidays, BBA. :) Dec 24, 2023
jermainer1983 I hope juju get fucked next by legend Dec 24, 2023
nasty22 Damn, this was hot AF. I love them together; hopefully, Legend will get his chance to get in Juju's tight ass. Dec 24, 2023
bussdst when juju getting bussed down is the real question Dec 24, 2023
kevindarko5 Yes ! Fire 🔥 my two favorite.. legend did good taking that big dick 👏. Good job legend Dec 24, 2023
woodbba Couldn’t have asked for a better scene & pairing. The chemistry between these two is unmatched. Juju is so captivating I could watch him for hours! Legend is literally that, a Legend! He took that dick like a champ & look so sexy doing it. Actively one of the best models BBA has right now. Excited to see more from him. Dec 24, 2023
Lar58Fitz85 The Legend and JuJu Series has gone to a new level and it was great! One of if not the first time I hit the 👍🏼and ❤ before watching the video! These two together again shows why chocolate and caramel are such a great combo. Legend calling JuJu Ju for short and arching his back on the couch was a huge turn on. It was nice seeing JuJu with the clean shave to let Legend get a good taste from behind! Hearing them joke back and forth about JuJu tasting good and Legend calling him stupid in a fun way got a laugh out of me. I love seeing the way Legend is a sensitive lover asking JuJu to be nice to him while taking the dick and getting to the points of enjoyment and letting JuJu know to keep going when he was in the right spot. This was a satisfying scene that I'll be watching over and over until they hopefully "cum" together again. 😉 We have to stay patient still for the dick sucking and I hope JuJu gives Legend the ass in return like he deserves. I can go on and on so I'll stop with saying Legend is Dope AF and again earned his stripes! JuJu is still getting there and playing shy but he has that freak in him that we want to see even more. Respect to both of them and thank you Mike, Montez, and Shax for the holiday gift! Make sure Legend and JuJu see and hear the love from the BBA fan base in the comments! 🎁👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Future Kings of BBA but we want/need a lot more of King Bandit and Apollo! Dec 24, 2023
KingGB1972 I been with BBA for 10 yrs.
OMG - You guys just keep do amazing things
thank you
Dec 24, 2023
chorton2010 Omg 😲 😱 😲 😱 I love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 this so much this is my favorite of the year this why I pay for BBA thank you thank u Dec 24, 2023
chauncey This vid is definitely a wonderful holiday gift for all the devout BBA followers -- Mr. Juju the All-American Playboy meets the suave and debonair international favorite Mr. Legend / lol-- Legend resembles some fine ass bro you would see strolling on a beach in Rio - I can watch the ending of this vid over and over again -- I mean that kiss Juju laid on Legend -- the sensitivity and sensuousness of Juju were well appreciated by Legend who has a tender spirit and a warm soul. Throughout this vid the moments when the gentlemen were kissing were pure FIRE- Juju fed off the maturity of Legend and Legend fed off the take-control mentality of Juju. This vid most certainly made my list of favs -- I'm glad the team chose to do another collab with Legend and Julu -- These gentlemen are two really hot, hot, hot, hot Numbers as we used to say back in the day. Looking forward to seeing the gentlemen in more scenes either separately or together. You can't go wrong when you feature Legend and Juju together in a vid. In closing Happy Holiday to all out there in BBA Land -- This is your boy Chauncey - Grace and Peace. Dec 24, 2023
chocolatedark 😩😩😩omgaaa yess now it’s time for Juju !!! I love their chemistry !!! Dec 24, 2023
TennesseeBator Now, this is how BBA comes back swinging, NO NOTES to give at all, this is going to make it even harder for me to do my Top 10 list of scenes for the year. These two kings knocked it out of the park with this one and their chemistry is so damn good together. Dec 24, 2023
femvers5 Juju now it’s time for into give him them cheeks Dec 24, 2023
tuffluv06 Best XMAS Ever!!!!!!!! Dec 24, 2023
smokey1984 And a Happy Mutha Fucken Christmas to me! This was 🔥. Cant wait to get home and jump out these drawls and stroke to this! What a mighty good Christmas present Mike! Happy Merry Christmas BBA! Dec 24, 2023
Johnyy Three weeks and this is the best you got. Dec 24, 2023
Sexxyme Loved it, those two together is fire. Merry Christmas. Thank You. Dec 24, 2023
baanzhunnit THE BEST SCENE HANDS DOWN!!!! I must’ve nutted 18 times!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 Dec 24, 2023
chucke1 OMG AND OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 24, 2023
darkmanjah28 I'm not even gonna watch this at the moment bc i KNOW this shit gonna be hotttt. Nvr saw this one cumming fr. This got to be one of the TOP 5 unexpected pairings in BBA history!! I'm aroused just looking at the short vid AND the stills, lol. I'm big big big into semen retention, so I been edging for weeks now (twice in 51 days and counting). THIS here video gonna be my release when i DO watch it, lol. And JUJU (my favorite of all times!) and Legend (lately my close 2nd favorite of all times!) gonna have me not wiping up the mess with a napkin, but MOPPING up the mess with one of them industrial mops, lol! Happy Holidays BBA. Dec 24, 2023
Seekingbootee Nothing sexier than very clear first time discomfort and anal resistance. Dirties my screen every time. Dec 24, 2023
tradell06 A Merry Christmas indeed!! 🔥🔥🔥 Dec 24, 2023
Sageking3 Merry Xmas to me! Thank you Dec 24, 2023
DLtrucker2021 Damn finally 🔥🔥🔥 he’s getting fucked Dec 24, 2023

One of these BBA fan favorites has been "Naughty" and one of them has been "Nice."

And Santa's been reading your letters with a special Christmas Surprise in mind for BBA's viewers, delivered directly to you from his workshop at the North Pole.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Dec 24, 2023 57 min
Photo of JuJu
Photo of Legend

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