Q&A Series: Kingston

Pito1972 can he make an onlyfans this youngin is so handome damn i be hard as hell Jan 19, 2023
Travisj42 Still got my eyes open for Kingston, he's so funny and he has beautiful eyes. I also love that hairy ass. Sep 9, 2022
200water Man…I keep waiting every week for Kingston to return. Still nothing Jul 25, 2022
Dougie1234 Blake Bishop would make a nice top for him. Blake does missionary very well, more like lovemaking than porn. Nov 3, 2021
hotfuck1 Michael, I think you should plan a raffle for all 5 user's to win a date with bba boys. I would buy as much raffle tickets to win a night with Kingston. Cute Sexy all rolled up into 1. Michael, your thoughts? Oct 21, 2021
MichaelGalletta That's a fun idea, in theory at least. But most of our models are not escorts, and that would be a little too similar to prostitution, I'm afraid. Besides, sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality. You know what they say about meeting your heroes....
jay725 I love kingston, more of him please Oct 7, 2021
cam6594 Kingston's ass hair is all that! He knows he likes bottoming! He protest too much. Keep him Michael! Aug 20, 2021
samjones90 He seems to be trying so hard to prove he’s not gay. He says stuff like “I’m not with that gay shit!” Nigga, a dick in yo ass is gay shit! STFU May 8, 2021
goFish2 Yeah, maybe.....but he is so damn cute!!!!!!! Aug 23, 2020
Triniplay Why is he employed here? He protests too much and tries too hard to convince. Aug 17, 2020
SexyNicky I enjoy Kingston but he's very troubled--and in severe denial. Now, I don't care what you're going through in life, if getting dicked down is such a terrible hang up and you are supposedly so super religious, then you'll find another way to put food on the table besides putting your legs way up in the air and getting plowed with big dicks and dildos. I don't know why people are not being honest with him--he's a bisexual versatile top. And the big lumpy queen in the vid is a distraction. Aug 10, 2020
theview143 Kingston is my least favorite model and I will leave it at that😕😒 Jul 25, 2020
mocombo How many more times do we have to listen to Kingston saying how straight he is and how revolting he finds gay sex? It's gone from boring to insulting and now ridiculous. I mean how many gay sex scenes has he done now.....and he is straight? I don't even care anymore. Jul 24, 2020
dnxtbstthng06 Man let his ass go. Jul 23, 2020
KNG5TNFN The guy spoke volumes😏 I'm ok with his answers and as Michael always says "time will tell" because "patience is a virtue"...... Jul 23, 2020
ACTION7 Kingston likes his anus to be be played with and massaged well; did somebody say COKE bottle? Jul 23, 2020
Dualex Not being rude but I don't quite understand the need of the host or any cameraman to get involved? Regardless of fans requesting it or not... It's off putting.. Stay behind the camera... Also if Kingston or any1 is reluctant with G4P, then they should not be doing this... Be honest with yourself... Jul 23, 2020
jreecen You do not have to enjoy gay sex to be a gr8 entertainer and put on for your fans. I think Ross set the bar too high for this series which made this a tad bit bland. Kingston is nice to look at however and his quarantine performance was pretty good. Maybe he should've done a pt2 to that. Montez getting involved in the action is low-key intriguing. Just my 2 cents. Carry on. Jul 22, 2020
dv6000 I would have to agree with most of the other members...honestly unless kingston is trynna come back as an interactive super verse bottom ..enjoying taking dick and all...we don't really care to see him! I've tried to get myself to warm up to him, but i dunno..he needs to bottom more and show interest Jul 22, 2020
Jayden27 I fucking loved this one! Here’s the “extra long ass” review! Enjoy! 😉

“That shit fucking hurts! Fuck no!” Kingston’s response to the bottoming question was fucking hilarious, and everything I had hoped for! Yes, I am “Cummin4Kingston”! I’m glad you guys loved the screen name too! 😉

What I loved most about his interview was that it was very authentic —no fake shit! He didn’t hold back in his responses. For example, he stated, “I ain’t wit dat gay shit!”, letting viewers know that the “Kingston” persona is only for the entertainment of BBA fans and to earn money for he and his family; it’s not who he is in reality. I loved that he talked about his reactions after doing scenes. He talked about farting on King Ant—that part was funny! Then, he stated that he was “in the hot tub for several hours thinking about life” after bottoming for the first time. It gives you a different perspective of what men go through after their first bottoming experience. I thought about life after my debut to the world of bottoming too! 😂 One of the best parts of the interview was Kingston expressing his love for the people of BBA. That speaks volumes to the people you guys are beyond the porn. Kudos to being dope as fuck!

“This shit tickles bruh! Are you done yet? Bruh?” The shenanigans that ensued when the dares began were priceless! We watched Kingston do a helicopter (loved it and thank you!), followed by an incredibly horrendous, yet entertaining “twerk” that was funny as fuck! 😂 😂 I was dying! I was watching him shake his ass, and I was thinking, “Kingston what the fuck is that??!” Good shit! I loved the interaction between Montez and Kingston. Kingston’s attempt to get Montez’s dick hard was funny! He even mentioned what Mike would like! That had me cracking up! Needless to say, I was laughing the whole time! 😂 Kingston kept Montez’s hand on his leg and calf muscle, but as we all know, that didn’t last long! When Montez began rubbing his ass, Kingston’s jumpy movements from the ticklish sensations caused by his pubic hair had me dying! Next, we watch Kingston play with the fleshlight. He was mainly silent during this part of the scene, but his body language said everything. I enjoyed watching his body contract and his changing facial expressions to denote the pleasure he was experiencing. Finally, the satisfying finish of watching him cum was perfect! He even licked his cum too! It doesn’t seem like he liked it though, so I don’t think he’ll make that a habit. 😂 (Psst! Mike, we need to work on that! 😂)

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, and Kingston! Kingston, we appreciate all the love, and we give it right back to you bro! All the best to you all! Loved this shit!
Jul 21, 2020
atlfreakboy meh................... Jul 21, 2020
mrincredible Kingston’s moans are so fucking sexy 🙌🏾 Lol Jul 21, 2020
smokey1984 He’s my least favorite bba model and his scene was so so! Jul 21, 2020
kevin343 YOU AIN'T NEVER GOT TO BRING HIM BACK. NEVER !!!! Jul 20, 2020
kevin343 BORING !!!!! NEXTTTTTTTTT !!!!! Jul 20, 2020
Shirly223 So kingston low key likes the two guys with the biggest dicks... you can tell from the video with the two of them that he was into it unlike other scenes Jul 20, 2020
ThatGuy2017 I didn't realize my membership was still active until I checked emails today but I came to the site and this is trash. This guy isn't likable at all. It's weird you would think a lightskin Jamaican guy who is willing to do porn would just have a lot of charisma and that "it" factor but no he gives crickets. It's clear this is for money however he is also disgusted by this which is clear. Whomever does the booking should seek other talent. Onlyfans has been lit this year go pick a dude. Jul 19, 2020
Phuryous Just one question per person, not the same people over and over again. Jul 19, 2020
11luvme2u He's sexy as hell but I hope BBA spends less time on Kingston and finds gay-for-pay people who are a bit more respectfully bi-curious. I know we gays are intrigued by the sexy straight guy but why invest in people who really don't give a f-k about us when there are "straight" guys who are just as sexy who do... Just my opinion... Jul 18, 2020
11luvme2u Kingston is definitely a gorgeous man. He's real and honest which I appreciate. Hearing the interview made me question a few things in myself. Such as, why do we as gay community pay people who blatantly and openly aren't attracted to us? People who say, "I'm gangsta, I ain't with that shit..." I think there are levels of gay for pay. Though I know men at times are ego-driven and may like things but can't admit it publicly, I found some of the interview insulting. Jul 18, 2020
ACTION7 kingston lit up every time Dominic's name was mentioned; I smell a FLIP FLOP cumming, and he needs to kiss Dom some more. Jul 18, 2020
terbernt Q & A with Sir Bandit plz... Jul 18, 2020
ACTION7 I want to meet KINGSTON, I like his personality. He got social media? He and Saint would work well, or Stylez; time for him to FLIP FLOP and get his enjoyment on. Jul 18, 2020
Docteur BBA Q&A with dares would be great for Bandit, Isaiah, Apollo, Stylez and Dominic. Kingston is my least favorite BBA model.
Can't wait till there is the ultimate threesome with flip flopping and everything else with Scotty, Shaun and Trapp. Also wanted Bandit and Ross; Apollo fucking Ross, and Ross being gangbanged. Additionally Rocky needs to bottom and Dominic needs to give Bandit some ass.
Jul 18, 2020

In an effort to keep things interesting and fun while production remains on hold due to COVID-19, we've decided to launch a special Q&A series.

This will be a semi-regular series featuring Montez sitting down with a few of your favorite BBA models (some via Zoom and some in person) to ask them the questions that YOU the fans most want answered!

Your imagination is the limit, and you can even suggest some freaky "dares" if you'd like. We want to make this a fun, creative, and interactive experience for the viewers as well as the models.

Our second episode features sexy Jamaican straight boy Kingston, sitting down with Montez for a silly, hilarious, and thoroughly entertaining Q&A session in which he answers most of the questions submitted by viewers last week.

Things start to heat up when it comes time for the "dares." Once again, Montez gets a little "hands on" (although not as much as last time), and Kingston tries out a Fleshlight for the very first time (as well as another "first" you'll have to see for yourself).

Categories: Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Jamaican Guys, Q&A Series, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Jul 18, 2020 45 min
Photo of Kingston

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