Introducing: JuJu

emiliano69 The body🔥 but the voice and vibe sexy af. Mar 28, 2023
wanyagp This nigga here have one of the cutest soles & barefeet of all. Dec 31, 2022
Pocatea What a beautiful physical specimen!!! I agree with most of the other comments. Juju looks like he could fit right in to play linebacker for the LA Chargers. At 6', his very fit body would have to weigh 220 to 240 Lb rather than the 155 LB listed. Juju has certainly increased and reinforced my addiction to black boys which was already very strong. Dec 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta FWIW, we usually rely on the stats listed on a model's Driver's License/State ID when creating his performer profile. Except for their dick size, of course. That usually requires a little more "research." 😉
Avery235 he got alot a potential Dec 9, 2022
russianjm Juju is handsome as hell. Can't wait to see more of him. Nov 30, 2022
Dualex Juju (if he stays) and Maleek are your best new comers. I might add Stallion. Apollo or Stylez can coach him well. Nov 16, 2022
11luvme2u I'd love to see him with Stallion! Nov 14, 2022
dlking93 He seems coo asf and I think he's bi but he has a great body I'd like to see him interact with some of my favs definitely...enjoyed his story and watching his dick grow while talking!!! Nov 12, 2022
rhythme101 I see him giving apollo a run... those two would be great in a scene together... rclark had a good idea but add isaiah to the mix Nov 9, 2022
awj1214 Mike you sure can find some chocolate dreams. If I don't say nothing else about you I'mma say that. I love it. I hope he sticks around. Some of the newbies been in and out. Nov 9, 2022
TennesseeBator Michael, @rclark had the best idea and I think you should use that one, make it into a yoga sex/frot scene. Nov 9, 2022
haughtona2 Any update on Shaun and Scotty!! We would like to know! Nov 9, 2022
pachulo85 Juju is a great example of beautiful afro man. Handsome with a beautiful smile. His physique is outstanding. Perfect amount of pubic to compliment that glorious pipe! My only critique is, I wish there was some more fat on that ass.

Mike please go back to doing the introductory interviews. The Q & A session is too dope to not have. Its one of the main attraction which adds to the allure. I feel robbed out of a experience here lol.
Nov 8, 2022
ericbb Bottom.... Him and stallion Nov 8, 2022
nastyscorp10 This Juju dude is nice. Please tell me that you know behind the scenes that he's willing to experiment and let certain things happen! Pay that cash! It would be a great disappointment to not see him go further. I wouldn't mind seeing him with Maleek, who I've been craving to see again. Let them test each other's boundaries! I like to see a lot of these dudes but I need Beno back in rotation! His passion and intensity continue to be unmatched! That nigga helped Bba pop off, in my opinion. We need that back💯 Nov 7, 2022
rclark Idea for future content: Juju leads 3 or 4 other models in a hot yoga stretching session (ideally other models wit beautiful physiques - Apollo, Ross, Blake) and as the stretching continues they all start to do partner stretches. I can imagine that being hot as hell even without sex being involved. Nov 6, 2022
bbasomeguy Another quality performer from BBA👍would love to watch scenes of JuJu featuring Stallion and Apollo😍..looking forward to more grateful content, keep it up. Nov 6, 2022
Seekingbootee Following this site for a while. I think people misunderstand the structure and sequence of the videos. Nov 5, 2022
hotbed10 JuJu is incredible. Very good selection.
I hope this is the beginning of a new breed of great guys
Nov 5, 2022
maxkev59 Great update and sexy young dude. Where did he learn how to arch that back? 😊
@200water: solo updates are NOT a waste. It’s a great way to introduce and get to know a new model. Just include a back-and-forth dialogue and lose the cheesy music and camera tricks.
Nov 5, 2022
Sageking3 Did Apollo and Isaiah fuse? Nov 5, 2022
Dualex Merry BBA Christmas lol. Nice lips Nov 5, 2022
jaypablo Love him, nice body, hot small tight butt hole, can’t wait for someone to play with it and open it up, see his reaction, can’t wait to see which model he gets for his first shoot. Nov 5, 2022
blacky1 Mike Mike Mike Mike please put him with zeke that would be one fire ass film I can see it going down Nov 5, 2022
oscarmeyer Juju and Maleek hands down Nov 4, 2022
Dreadhead9 Tasteless waste of an update! This is not the time for a interview with no action and watch next week be an off week then I’ll have to leave good riddance Nov 4, 2022
Verdade Love JuJu. Hello Mike, Montez and Shax. Just wanna say thanks to all of you for great content. So much love to Manny, Justice, Stylez, Blake, Ross, Bandit, Apollo, Isaiah.... Juju, if you choose to work with these guys, it will be fantastic. So much love to Sax and all of the new models. Man, this is the best site on the internet. Just now learning all of the new guys. Just wanna say hello. Man, I miss Saint. Could you ask him to come back if you get a chance? I like the whole, entire BBA roster of men. So much love to All the sexy guys. My fave is Manny.....Love to everyone at BBA. Nov 4, 2022
chauncey Hello BBA --In my humble opinion JuJu is definitely a "Keeper" Eager to see how far he is willing to go to please the BBA fans!! - I say willing to go because it seems there were some new faces/models who were in a couple of really juicy scenes only to drop off the radar screen.
Stylez or Scuba would be a great match as an initial one-on-one with a guy. I think JuJu's personality complements their personalities and will make for some really hot lovemaking on camera as opposed to just having an impersonal sexual encounter. JuJu stated that he has had past experiences doing vaginas and butt-ginas -- so when it comes to doing butt-ginas he is in the proper neighborhood and I know he will be impressed -- perhaps too impressed -- He better be careful -- After one night with Stylez, or Scuba he'll be ready to join the Team / start playing for the other side 24/7. I truly have a black boy addiction no doubt and black men like JuJu are my cure, the remedy, the vaccine that can heal all my ailments!!! - Aretha said "Dr. Feelgood in the morning" Hello you feeling me -- My Moderna and Pfizer all in one with a flu shot on the side -- He is the booster shot -- waiting patiently for more, more, more. I'm greedy and can't get enough of that "funky stuff" that JuJu was reminiscing about -- I was feeling that right along with him -- we do a 69 and some flip-flopping now that's what I'm talking about --
BBA please continue to remain unpredictable and keep us in suspense!! JuJu is a great choice and wants to welcome him to the BBA Family of Stars -- Mike was not exaggerating when he described JuJu's attributes -- Comparing him to BBA Icons like Saint and Apollo -- I will be tuning in my appointment -- I want to see more of JuJu -- standing by -- I rest my case -- BBA 4Ever
Nov 4, 2022
Meatlover He’s definitely good looking. I hope that if he comes back to have sex with one of the other models, he’ll do all that he needs to do. He needs to kiss, he needs to suck dick & fuck. Hopefully he will do that if he returns. We shall see. Nov 4, 2022
Readyruk1 Nice addition. Maybe you all could consider putting lotion on the models for solo scenes. It gives off a sexy glow under the lights and looks super on film. Hot scene. Hope to see him "coupled-up" shortly. Nov 4, 2022
nokiyo36 Yes daddy is 🔥 keep him around Nov 4, 2022
ICeeIt21 All I can say is...damn boi!
He's a sexy, chocolate walking wet dream. My tongue got hard... seriously.
I cannot wait to see his first pairing. Whomever it is will be one lucky, happy, and satisfied mf...for real.
Nov 4, 2022
deboer85 hot guy, more of him! let him eat cum :p Nov 4, 2022
texasbugg he is a keeper damm he needs some1 to eat that ass he got a pretty asshole plus dick Nov 4, 2022
cedaniel nice. im interested again Nov 4, 2022
markusg95 Damn. Dude look nice. Plus he got a fit, athletic physique with good muscle tone (u can c that when he was stretching on the floor). Wouldnt mind seeing him and Apollo have a long frottage session, no penetration, just frottaging, so i can see their toned physiques play off each other. 100 thumbs up for this King. Nov 4, 2022
kloliver11 Damn he is fine. All chocolate. i wonder who going to be sucking up his big dick. Nov 4, 2022
mocombo OK, match this gorgeous guy up with Stallion and I can die happy! Nov 4, 2022
bigdaddy1051 Fantastic body. I don't know if I believe a word of his sex stories however. Getting with a white girl outside behind a skating rink? Sounds like a porn fantasy to me. Can't wait to see how he interacts with a guy assuming that will happen. Still couldn't get off to just a solo though. Why don't you pair a solo scene up with a guy's first action scene? I know some guys are not ready to go act with a guy their first time on camera. You could wait until they have an action scene and then show us clips of both in one update. Nov 4, 2022
dc_se_chillin Juju… you fine… I better not see you taking no Dick up the ass lol be a full top King lol Nov 4, 2022
smokey1984 👌🏿 👍🏾 Refreshing. I wanna see him verse with Jahan. Nov 3, 2022
davids Hey guys, let's unite behind JuJu and vote to bring him up the chart. Nov 3, 2022
IslandboiAtl He's very sexy yes, but what can he do with another dude. Is he just talk or a man of action Nov 3, 2022
davids JuJu is so sexy. He reminds me of Stallion. I hope he stays around. I am completely in love with his ass. Wow, he has a nice rack on him. Nov 3, 2022
vsuhyde2022 You should totally get him set up for a wrestling scene ;) Nov 3, 2022
MarkDC This feels so fake and scripted. I like when it feels raw and real. Nov 3, 2022
bhoop22 He definitely need to come back probably a scene with Zeke, or Elijah Nov 3, 2022
misterblack JuJu is exquisite, possessing the perfect male physique; finally got the hairy crotch I'd been yearning for. And this solo was just as beautiful as BBA's new southern gentleman by way of Japan; pure art; well-directed. I hope he stays; would like to see him in a flip flop with K9 or Maleek; hell, both. Something would then have to give. Thanks BBA. Nov 3, 2022
swamp96 Finally a sexy ass nigga. Yall know how to pick the sexiest chocolate niggas. Nov 3, 2022
TennesseeBator You all hit the jackpot with him, he's a winner and I cannot wait to see how he performs with another guy, BBA has scored the NEXT CLASS MVP with him. Nov 3, 2022
roger888 love this new guy! great frame, cock, and sexy full bush. And that ass and tight hairy hole are waiting to be explored by tongue and fingers. Can't wait to see who he gets paired with--Saint, Dominic, Apollo, Bandit, Justice. Fun times ahead! Nov 3, 2022
Docteur Solo interviews are not my cup of tea on here, especially after the recent less than great updates, but this dude is a keeper. Hopefully he will be paired with either Maleek or Rush or Deontrey or Bandit. BTW are Scotty and Shaun out of prison and will they ever be back? Nov 3, 2022
mikemannz Oh yea he already got a new fan 😭😍😍 an Ian even watch the video yet 🥵 Nov 3, 2022
chucke1 WOW WHO IS THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?! Nov 3, 2022
adrionna29410 We seriously waited one week for this? Cute model. I can't wait to see more of him. However we waited one week for a solo? Nov 3, 2022
200water You guys are really brazen. After weeks of lack luster, late, and underwhelming updates; you decide to waste an update on a solo? I think the majority of your subscribers would agree that it’s very rare for us to be that impressed with a solo to actually get off. I mean most of us are grown men not naive and wide eyed new comers to porn. This kind of update is appropriate as a bridge to an upcoming exciting scene not a stand alone update. You post this after Scotty returns, bottoms and cums everywhere while getting fucked. Needless to say I’m very disappointed in BBA lately. Nov 3, 2022

Here at BBA, one of our top priorities continues to be finding fresh faces and exciting new amateur talent. And boy, do we have a hot discovery for you this week!

JuJu is a 20-year-old straight amateur MMA fighter who enjoys skating, playing basketball (and just about every type of sport), and going to the gym.

A military kid, JuJu was born in Japan but has lived all over the United States, giving him an irresistibly sexy country accent that has no doubt seduced countless women in towns and cities all over the country. When he isn't pursuing his fighting or modeling careers in his spare time, JuJu earns his living at a gas station as his regular 9 to 5.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for JuJu's unforgettable solo "audition" as he introduces himself to BBA's viewers for the very first time. We wouldn't blame you for skipping ahead to see this young Black Adonis's sculpted body revealed, but don't fast-forward TOO soon or you'll miss one of the most hilarious and entertaining interviews we've filmed in a while!

JuJu is a natural storyteller who exudes a confidence and maturity unusual for guys his age, reminding me of when we first met past BBA legends like Apollo and Saint. Yes, he's really THAT sexy! If I hadn't been in a hurry to get this posted to the website as quickly as possible, I swear I could have cum just from listening to JuJu's seductive voice.

It's a brand-new classic Shax Carter solo that you do NOT want to miss, including a brief gym workout, a sensual shower session, and some athletic stretching that will have you salivating to see JuJu's muscular young body in action....

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Shax Carter, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 3, 2022 39 min
Photo of JuJu

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