Two Are Better Than One

glsfz6 Justice for Rabbit we need him back! May 18, 2023
kolinkain13 im only 12 minutes into this scene and already its hot!!! Oct 11, 2019

This video-shoot was a little unusual and challenging in that it involved TWO new guys visiting from out of town the same weekend, and one of them had never been with a guy!

Mello is a sexy straight amateur boxer with an undefeated record who hopes to "go pro" by the end of the year. He admits to having messed around with transsexuals, but says this will be his very first sexual encounter with a "full-on guy."

Rabbit is only 18 years old and fresh out of high school. He likes to play baseball and is currently pursuing a career as a fireman. He is also bisexual and a little more sexually adventurous than the more reserved (and aptly named) Mello.

With a handful of hot and unforgettable scenes now under his belt, Cory is the lucky BBA model who gets to welcome these nervous new boys to town and guide them through their very first amateur porn shoot.

"We'll make sure that your first time is a time to remember!" Cory confidently reassures Mello, who seems a little tense and apprehensive about trying full-on gay sex for the very first time....

It's not long before the clothes are coming off, hard dicks are being pulled out, and less than twenty minutes after meeting for the very first time, these three complete strangers are participating in an action-packed THREESOME that includes kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and fucking!

No dick gets ignored and no ass goes uneaten before the day's over....

Highlights include Cory and Rabbit hungrily sharing the light-skinned boxer's hard dick, a wet and raunchy ass-eating chain, and my personal favorite - Cory cramming TWO dicks in his pretty mouth at the same time!

"Two better than one, ain't it?" Rabbit teases the young, fresh-faced teen as he eagerly stuffs both dicks in his mouth at the same time....and later lets those same dicks take turns pounding his juicy-tight bubble-butt!

Don't miss the hot surprise and sneak peek of more to come at the end....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex, Toys/Dildos
Details: Apr 6, 2014 62 min
Photo of Cory
Photo of Mello
Photo of Rabbit

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