Training Trapp

dlking93 Loved watching them get hard, rubbing, getting close, Kiss, Jacking off I guess it's cause I enjoy it myself Aug 26, 2022
prettyboi2 I always thought this scene was 🔥.

💦💦💦 Saint is a Pro ; Trapp is a flirt 😏
Jun 2, 2022
11luvme2u Sorry a round 3 flip flop Apr 8, 2019
11luvme2u I think Saint and Trapp need a round 2!!! Apr 8, 2019
cmebillyc Saint can wrestle with me any Day! Mar 21, 2019
pilsener WOW! The kissing alone is HOT AS FUCK! Wish other models would kiss with as much passion as these two! HOT SCENE all around! Dec 31, 2018
teerexx One more thing I'm a gay black male who hates labels like Top, bottom or verse but an ass is ass and not pussy so if not treated right it will hurt, not a fan of getting pleasure from someone else's pain. so I get their reluctance of wanting to be fucked. I enjoy this site because of its realism not a fetish compulsion because face it this type shit goes down on a day to day basis in real life it's just not captured on film. Trapp got hard because pleasure kick in, mindset took a backseat. Jul 22, 2018
teerexx I understood what he meant with this brotha when he said emotionally detach yourself from what you're doing. We as men are taught that this type sex is not suppose to be pleasurable at all so when it does, it fucks with what we were taught to believe. I've learned to stop equating my sexual pleasure with my manhood and with pussy they are different and can be very pleasurable. It's a hard mindset to reckon oneself with but once you get it you got it and society will not always follow. Jul 22, 2018
nbrown A nice change of pace soft-porn oil wrestling match spoiled only by Saint's too-frequent insistence on covering up those beautiful feet with those damn socks. May 29, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP babyboi u know u can do no wrong with texasbugg trapp just open your mouth when u kiss like u did with shaun i know everyone who kiss u wants to taste them hot golds in your mouth trapp them golds with them full set of lips damm they r hot together damm u r draining me i told my young thug on lock that long as trapp is working for bba and i can bust a hott nutt i'm good until he get out damm u two got them thug bodys that was blessed trapp thank u for being opened minded babyboi. Apr 3, 2018
texasbugg SIR MIKE i know i write a lot of comments i'm just so damm weak on watching 2 young sexy thugs having sex mike i was on lock for 2 years so that's how i got hooked on thug/thug sex 2 young thugs going at it that's why i'm asking u mike if u can pull it off to do a (SHOW/TELL2) i know trapp is over what people think about him and scotty i've been saw how opened minded he was before trapp said it a person can never say never money talks scotty is a year older now he did a lot of thinking on lock. Apr 3, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP i pulled up to the store to get a cup of coffee on my way to work this young sexy thug was standing in front damm he had that sexy trapp body that was bless by the gods my wood got hard in that line i have said it so many times u r so fucking sexy/fine to be a thug what i like about u is u don't let it go to your head damm when u get fucked u r more sexy as fuck trapp u keep thuggin and just let the haters (BITE U) they might bite u and fall in love with u keep thuggintrapplooksgoodonu Mar 30, 2018
ACTION7 SAINT is a super STAR Nov 27, 2017
mauricio1234 Trapp is sexy as Hell. I want to see more of him. I've always loved Saint Nov 18, 2017
9counting omg more of trapp please bring him back, saint should be the first in that ass. trapp keep up the good work. Oct 7, 2017
downtofuck i have two request, can you please add a viewers choice page because i want to see trapp either with 1 or 2 guys and they slow stroking his mouth all to his throat. can call it teaching trapp to deep throat... and 2 i need to see trapp bottom. as a matter of fact i only want him to bottom. natural talent. Sep 27, 2017
jreecen this could have been iconic had the shit went all the way! Sep 14, 2017
cocopop I love how Saint caress his partners face, few models, gay/bi show that type of affection, find it hot as hell. And more realistic. Sep 2, 2017
whyatt12 Im crazy about Trapp. Was hooked on his first video. He sexy af with that big dick and perfect ass. He speaks to my trade fantasy....I need more of him. Trapp bring your ass back Aug 28, 2017
lamarcjohnson I enjoy the intimacy and close body contact. Would love to see more of this especially with a model like Shazeer. Aug 17, 2017
crazy14u by far one of the best new additions of the year TRAPP Aug 14, 2017
Endless123 Trapp is one sexy ass mother fucker. He's the reason I joined BBA. Hope to see more of him in the future. Aug 11, 2017
SanFran12 It would have been a better if there was some other performer besides, Saint, or whatever that guy name is the camera guy keeps using all the time. I'm over that guy. He is really not attractive, nor does he have a tight body. There are a lot bruthas out there that could have made this video clip much better. Looking forward to something better. Aug 6, 2017
kelseycalob56 More of Trapp and Shaun! Let Shaun or Saint bareback Top Trapp Aug 5, 2017
adam2268 Trapp is Fuckin HOT!! That beautiful body , and that ASS!! OMG! Aug 4, 2017
crazy14u definitely need to see more of Trapp need I say more. Extend an offer HOTT!!! Jul 13, 2017
texasbugg The number 1 reason i cut for trapp so much is because he is a true thug all my life i have fucked with a thug and they give the best fucking head in the world and they always say how they hate sucking dick it's really a mind thing with all thugs they just don't want no one to ever say they love sucking dicks so when my thug say it i tell him u better not ever say u love sucking dick so let trapp have his way cause he is all thug trapp u suck a very mean dick make that paper babyboi. Jul 12, 2017
pilgrimboy44 All the models say that Saint was the best they've worked maybe that's why Mike paired him up with Saint. Saint is gentle with the scared models. LOL Jul 12, 2017
1luvme2u Now that I think about it Trapp might be better paired for a scene with Apollo. They both would create that intimate connection that would make a great scene. Jul 11, 2017
blkgold559 I agree we love saint, I think I like him more in the bottom role though. Now Trapp I think I'd love him anyway he wanted to give himself. But I think the ultimate scene would be Trapp, Shaun, and Scotty where everybody is verse, everybody gives a little everybody takes a little. If not that have a scene where Trapp and Scotty are verse and throw in Lil Scrap as a top. Jul 11, 2017
leech10x This was HOT. Trapp was sexy from every angle, like for real Jul 10, 2017
getdickhoe it's because Trapp likes light skin niggaz @acura8215 if mike pairs him up with a lil thug ass light skin dude all that freak will come out instantly Jul 10, 2017
texasbugg when i was in jail i was on the bottom bunk the bottom bunk across from me i woke up about 11pm one night two young thugs was fucking i turned over and went back to sleep that's why i cut for trapp so strong he now knows how to look the other way damm what people say get that paper trapp u got it going on babyboi use what u was blessed with to get to where u need to go. u got a lot of love from your fans u r very real if the girl love u she will stay by your side ask saint he got a wife and kids. Jul 10, 2017
texasbugg MIKE i know that u r the (BILL GATES) of porn in 2017 that being said u know u got a gold mine with trapp so what better way to take bba to the moon than to somehow pair (TRAPP /SHAUN) cause when shaun get out he will need that paper and trapp said shaun don't like him true believe me about now shaun would fuck trapp cause they both been to jail and that happens a lot in jail thug on thug sex so don't think trapp/shaun will not fuck money talks u don't need scotty call it jailhouse rock. Jul 10, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Yeah and Saint needs to stop with the socks thing..... Jul 10, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Mmm hmmm its sad when people try to create a mountain out of a mole hill! What Trapp does or any other model does to make their money is nobody elses business. That said, this was awesome!! THE OIL, THE WRESTLING, THE LUST MMMMMMMMMNNNNN!!!
Yeah Trapp was into this from the start, when they started rubbing the oil on he got a semi, or was I the only one who noticed it??? They have to finish this Mike!! Please make a part 2. Now Scotty has no other choice & Shaun ooooooooo he's gotta get it!
Jul 10, 2017
acura8215 I love Saint but, the truth is we see him too much. Michael you have lots of other models that you could have paired Trapp with. I can tell that Trapp has some freak in him and he's willing to try new things but, i just feel like Saint wasn't the one to fully bring it out of him for whatever reason. Also make Saint take those damn socks off we be wanting to see total nakedness. I'm a feet man here. Jul 8, 2017
room121 When I saw Trapp's toes curl as Saint was tossing his salad while on his back...I was through!!! LOL Bravo again, Mike...excellent vid! :) Jul 6, 2017
texasbugg Trapp i know u must work out about (3) times a week cause there r no fat pockets on your body i am counting down the days when u said u would let someone get up in that royal ass hole damm u got a pretty ass hole saint was eating that ass hole like he was eating a (SNICKERS CANDY BAR) damm trapp u r pure gold and with them golds in your mouth i know your kisses r sweet like a m.f. trapp thanks to u i have busted ten nuts already i jack off to u everyday open your mouth when u kiss please. Jul 6, 2017
estwick This was sexy af...! Jul 6, 2017
debattxx I'm so tired of seeing Saint!!!!! Michael, You have Other models at your disposal so why do you always use Saint??? I want to see other models, bring back Freaky J, Tay, Lil Scrap, Cory. I know I'm not the only Paid subscriber that feels like this. It's at the point now that when I see Saint on a new scene, I just turn my computer off and wait until the next week. Please use other models!!!!! Jul 6, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP babyboi my last comment about u i said i was giving u a (5) trapp please forgive me i forgot to put the (1) in front of the (5) i was giving u a (15) rating it only go to (10) u did a great job i was trying to type while saint was eating your ass while u was laying on your back and that's how i miss putting in the (1) in front of the (5) to =(15) u just look so hot when u got your legs spread open i can't wait for u to spread them legs open when i hope ross is laying on your back. damm. Jul 5, 2017
princegwa I can definitely get into Trapp. Yes make him an exclusive. I would love to see him Shaun and Scotty together on another level. Jul 5, 2017
illtown22 I feel like i'm always the critical asshole but here it goes. I love Saint of course, Trapp has grown on me already yet there was no progress from the last scene. Getting your ass ate is no leap of faith I need to see some ass beat up. Lets not drag this out like Scotty. I did enjoy the scene but was unable to get a nut from it. Was it worth waiting 2weeks and 2days? meh. Debatable. Jul 5, 2017
princexxchar TRAPP NEEDS TO BE WITHIN THE TOP 4 OF THIS SITE!!!! everyone, go to the boys page of the site and click that heart! He deserves to be within the top 4 at least! Jul 5, 2017
ToriFan I give it a 9 1/2. Why not a 10....cause I couldn't see Trapp's toes. If I remember correctly he has some pretty suckable toes....and you can tell him that.

I LOVE NUDE WRESTLING. That is what really got me going. I don't ever remember you having a scene like that.

I have greater respect for SAINT as the trainer, but more for Trapp for giving it a try with someone you don't know. I know what he meant about things being awkward with his friend. I fucked a childhood friend of mine 3 x and it's awkward when I am in his presence.

So tell Trapp he has a new fan. Tell both he and Saint DON'T SHAVE THEIR BUSH. I love to see a manly bush.

Wassup with Rico Pruitt? Any new scenes coming up with him? I'm following his freaky ass on Tumblr.
Jul 4, 2017
texasbugg trapp we can not wait for u to come back every one talked about how pretty your ass hole is trapp u got gold back there i really hope u give your ass hole to ross and ross give u his ass hole u/ ross= coffee with cream damm what a match trapp look at ross u would want him cause he is a cool thug also damm trapp the wait will seem like forever for u to give that gold to someone trapp look at your body in the mirror u was blessed with that body from the body gods damm u r too fine to be a man. Jul 4, 2017
texasbugg WELL the trapp release party was off the chain here in (HOUSTON TEXAS) everybody luvs trapp saying he should be him not living life for other cause he did a great job no one at the party had nothing bad to say about trapp. trapp if u r reading this bro do u cause them people who r talking about u want to see u fall listen to your aunt she got your back and will be there for u damm u got so many fans and it's love from your fan look at your numbers the numbers do not lie. houston texas got your back. Jul 4, 2017
zhiva1 Yes, Lawd!!! Keep that damn Trapp on HEAVY rotation! I haven't felt this way about one of the models in a LONG time. Yes, we all wanna see him bottom - but take your time. Please don't scare this fine man off! Yes indeed a DAMN star is born!!! Love him!!! Jul 4, 2017
Blackjarhead Damn Trapp...luv this guy!!! Keep pushing his limits lol...bring him back ASAP Jul 4, 2017
bigmake l like to see him fuck and get fuck he very sexy Jul 3, 2017
jahzlewis great scene, would love to see trapp and scotty in a threesome with Bandit Jul 3, 2017
Biggum Great shoot...Trapppp what else can I say!!..and he's a freak too.. Jul 3, 2017
ACTION7 do the models have fan pages, face book twitters? Jul 3, 2017
ACTION7 A starr is born &%$#@ Jul 3, 2017
jvonburns Trapp is my new favorite BBA model. Can't wait to see more of him. Saint always performs like only he can. Love seeing him work. Great video!!! Jul 3, 2017
mccane68 I Love me some Trapp! I just can't get enough of him. Saint was excellent as always! Jul 3, 2017
thuglover I absolutely LOVE TRAPP!!!! He's the epitome of what a sexy TRADE is!!!! I would love to see him bottom as well as top!!! Great finding TRAPP..... Thanks Scotty, I love you too. Saint always the professional!!!! Overall HOTTTTTT SCENE, I NUTTED TWICE!!! Jul 2, 2017
ohhibabs48 very disappointing scene. please no more oil. resolution of the video poor as well. Jul 2, 2017
blackmuscleboots Trapp is HOT! He is beautiful! Nice face, ass, dick, body, everything! Seems like he's becoming more comfortable being sexual with another man. Like to see him French kiss more intently. Hopefully, he will do a scene (in the very near future) where he's breed bareback. Jul 2, 2017
Godfather07 Oh wow this was great Trapp is so sexy nice ass big dick and the scene was HOT can't get enough of Trapp and Saint we never get tired of you with that big pretty ass and those beautiful teeth. Great work Mike now we ready for Trapp and Scotty Jul 2, 2017
1luvme2u Fantasy Alert!! Trapp, Apollo, Isaiah, Rico... Great scene. Trapp is going to really be a star once he gets fully comfortable. Jul 2, 2017
tracey1 Trapp is the most sexy guy you've posted in a while. Apollo should watch out. Hope to see more of him!!! Jul 2, 2017
blkarmani2 Definitely want to see Trapp give up that booty, I would like to see him and his boy Scotty, have to give it up in the same scene like a competition against one of the greatest like KO, or Saint who is going to give it to them really good and see who takes the dick the best the first time. BBA Exclusive style. Jul 2, 2017
Blackncute Great show. Love the oil scenes. Trapp is real sexy. Want to see him fuck Saint soon. Jul 2, 2017
texasbugg Saint did a very good job training trapp i got to give it to him damm i can't wait till the party just took the picture of trapp to the cake place walmart could not do the picture had to have a pro do it trapp damm i can't top jacking off to that gold mine ass hole u got back there damm if somebody get in that ass hole they r going to fall in love mike u hit gold with trapp 114 likes and it came out while a lot of fans was still sleeping the baby oil was right on time it made trapp body shine. Jul 2, 2017
Seymour Although the oil wresting was good, I expecting that in "training" Trapp things would go to a very new level. There was, in fact, a good deal of foreplay but, at most, it was just frottage, (climax by touching). I hope we might get an "oily" sex scene with penetration in the future. Jul 2, 2017
Sconp I love everything about Trapp can't wait to finally see him give up that fat ass of his. I hope I run into him one day in Atlanta for some art work I need tatts bad. This scene was a 10 all around the board. Jul 2, 2017
chgohydepar1 Somebody call Scotty and thank him for bringing Sexy Trapp aboard! I'm counting down the days until that one or two month expires. Bring Trapp back for "the NEXT level." This was sizzling. Needless to say, I loves me some Saint. Great moves, Guys. Jul 2, 2017
sexyvernon I need to see more trapp he is sexy Jul 2, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP is a M.Fucking BEAST i can't stop watching this 8 times already he is a baddddddddd thug for real when i say baddddddddd i mean being a pro he really do catch on fast i will always look at him as all man. Jul 2, 2017
cash121 This was so so so hot, I wanna see Trapp bottom Jul 2, 2017
simplett Trapp is now trap he is a part of bba was good I came when saint was eating his ass hole whiles he was lying on his back Jul 2, 2017
Funnyboy23 This shit was WEEELLLLLL worth the wait! Jul 2, 2017
texasbugg Trapp is (TOO HOTTTTTTTT TO HANDLE AND TOO COLDDDDDDD TO HOLD) damm he has put me under a trapp spell i have watch this five times already and it just drop trapp is a 1000/00 thug who the other thugs should watch cause he is keeping himself out of jail. mike please give him some more work i wish i could help u pay half to keep trapp out of jail cause the guys in jail would get to lust on that body that's blessed from the gods for free that body is a body u pay to see. ross is cream trapp is coffee. Jul 2, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP that was super (HOTTTTTTTTTT) and mike put it out right on time, we in (HOUSTON TEXAS) will have our Trapp party on JULY 4 trapp man i give u 5 stars and don't worry what people say them r the same people who wants to see u under a rock man u r all man and if u was to get fucked u r still all man u r just a freak of the new breed damm u was blessed with a body from the gods (YOUR ROYAL BADNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) damm u r so fine and u got a gold mine of an ass hole. Jul 2, 2017
Docteur Hopefully you can get Stylez and Scotty trained to take dick and bring Trapp back for penetration as well. Have Bandit, Isaiah, Blake and Apollo take all of the afore-mentioned down in an all out orgy with everybody fucked and sucked. Jul 2, 2017

Trapp seemed a bit overwhelmed after his first time with a guy, and I'm sure the fact that it had been with one of his closest friends didn't make things any easier for him. He even tells us near the start of this scene that due to the awkwardness and stress of that whole situation, he and Scotty actually avoided each other for almost a full month after that shoot!

Suspecting that the understandably uncomfortable social dynamics of that initial encounter had inhibited Trapp's true porn potential, I decided to try a different approach this time by pairing Trapp with an old pro like Saint in the hopes that a more experienced and open-minded straight model could help make him more comfortable with the idea of doing "gay for pay" scenes and hopefully unleash the sexy straight thug's inner freak!

After a brief interview in which Trapp shares his honest reactions to that first encounter and listens to some helpful advice from his veteran trainer, we decide to try something a little bit different and kick things off with some naked wrestling (with baby oil this time).

Things are understandably awkward and even a little bit silly between these two straight strangers at first, with both guys nervously laughing and playfully squirting baby oil all over each others' dark and glistening bodies.

But when they finally begin wrestling and rolling around naked together on the floor, something between them suddenly "clicks" and we're treated to some of the most intensely passionate and surprisingly steamy action between "straight" guys that I've ever filmed! I nearly had to turn off the camera and take a cold shower before continuing with the shoot!

It's an hour-long, action-packed "training session" that you do NOT want to miss as the always impressive Saint gives Trapp some much-needed (and secretly much-wanted?) practice, and brings out a repressed freaky side in the sexy dreadhead that we've only seen teasing glimpses of before now!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 1, 2017 61 min
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Photo of Trapp

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