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Da'Juan is a horny 19-year-old black boy with juicy-thick lips, a slim runner's body, and a dick that will have you gasping and drooling at the same time. He contacted me through X-Tube, where he's posted a few solo vids of his own ("I guess I like attention," he confesses in his pre-stroke interview). He explained that he was interested in taking his experimentation with amateur porn to another level by starring in some of my videos, and I was more than willing to do my part to help make Da'Juan's porn fantasies come true!

Da'Juan's first video-shoot begins with him sitting on my futon, visibly nervous and more than a little overwhelmed I think by the fact that in a few minutes he'll be getting totally naked in front of a complete stranger - in other words, his fantasy is about to become a reality!

I start things off with a casual interview to get better acquainted with Da'Juan and hopefully calm the poor guy's nerves.

Between frequent, anxious gulps of "Red Bull," Da'Juan explains quite matter-of-factly that he "wasn't always gay," and proceeds to tell a hot and intriguing story about his seduction into the world of gay sex and subsequent "training" at the hands of a gay guy he met through his best friend. As Da'Juan sees it, sex with guys was something he stumbled into out of horniness and boredom more than anything else. "I guess I just got bored with 'em," he shrugs, attempting to explain his relatively recent retirement from fucking pussy.

Another fascinating thing that gets revealed in this interview is Da'Juan's rigid and uncompromising adherence to his role as a "top" in gay sex. He informs me that he's a total virgin when it comes to anal penetration, and explains that he doesn't even like to have his ass licked or played with because it makes him feel too "bottomish." "It ain't what tops do," he insists.

I finally grow impatient for the moment when I'll be lucky enough to see Da'Juan's naked body, up close and in the flesh....

Da'Juan is understandably nervous as he slowly strips out of his clothes to expose his skinny but sexy young body for all to see. He gradually gains confidence as he gets used to my camera ogling him - although he's clearly embarrassed when I try to get him to show off his round, firm, ripe little "off limits" butt!

He refuses to cooperate when I beg him to spread his cheeks and expose his asshole. "I'm still takin' all this in," he mumbles apologetically, although he doesn't TOTALLY rule out the possibility that he'll show off more in future scenes.

Despite Da'Juan's shyness about showing off his ass, he still manages to put on a surprisingly hot little show. When you see what this black boy is packin' beneath his jeans, you won't blame him for his obsession with being strictly a "top"! It's truly a sight to behold, and screenshot previews simply can't do it justice!

Da'Juan pops in a porno, takes a seat on my futon, and plays with his dick until it stretches slowly into a massive python, poised and ready to strike. Da'Juan wags it heavily in the air, taunting those of us who are more than eager for a taste. At least he seems to like showing off THIS part of his body, and I capture the hot action in several positions from a few different angles. Finally, Da'Juan pumps out a thick, creamy load onto his stomach and wipes himself clean with a towel.

When I ask Da'Juan to share his thoughts about his first official porn-shoot, he smiles reflectively. "It was a good first experience," he admits. "It was thrilling. I got what I wanted [from it]."

"Well, I got what *I* wanted," I reply - and I hope you'll feel the same way!

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Details: Feb 25, 2009 59 min
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