The Curiosity Test

MrBrown19942 Around the 13:00 mark, Collin definitely wanted to kiss Suspense. I believe he would’ve French kissed him real good, too. Jan 20, 2022
cam6594 Collin needs to be brought back to have that azz ate and fucked. Sep 4, 2021
emiliano69 collin lowkey wanted to kiss suspense and taste that dick, maybe even take it...he still had his guard up. i wonder what hes doing today. a flip flop scene with collin and apollo would be nice. Aug 5, 2020
Fabio pili.....I'm in love with Suspense .. when are you back? Nov 30, 2019
juan2424 Collin did make an attempt to kiss Suspense when S got on top of him, but S turned his head. Overall, Collin is thick and sexy as fuk, and watching him fuk S was hot! Jan 12, 2018
bba1220 boi in training. no body was rode without training wheels the first time. Collin's BODY THOUGH. love it Dec 22, 2017
batman2015 Where is Suspense at ? Nov 3, 2016
pretyboyatl As sexy as this Collin dude is, he's definitely a complete waste of footage! Typical "Straight" boy! Boring....Snooze! Dec 31, 2015
sheldon0914 I think with more scenes he could become better i love to see somebody eat and fuck that phat ass of Collin Dec 20, 2015
Cobra Collin is NOT ready yet. Nov 18, 2015
chgohydepar1 Bad shoot. Collin is NOT BBA material. Poor Suspense. Baby come get this dick. Oct 20, 2015
Timmy1 Collin is HORRIBLE!!!! Suspense is one of the best models on the site and did his best with dat lil ass dick actin like he some kinda prize - get da fuc outda here wit dat bullshit C..... Oct 11, 2015

Collin's recent visit took an interesting and unexpected turn when he showed up for his second shoot the very next morning and bluntly informed me that he was suddenly no longer curious about guy-on-guy sex.

"I didn't expect anything, but it wasn't what I expected!" Collin candidly explains at the start of this scene, throwing a bit of a curve-ball at me at the last minute. Of course I strongly suspected that he was just worried about what people might think and trying to back away from his more eager and open-minded attitude less than 24 hours before.

But there was only one way to find out for sure!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as our experienced veteran Suspense - a model whose own long and sometimes tortuous journey toward acknowledgement and acceptance of his bisexuality we've had the pleasure of watching over the course of the past several years - gives the former high school football player a much-needed "pep talk" and proceeds to put his "curiosity" to the test....

This scene brings together two of BBA's THICKEST models in what should be a special treat for those viewers who prefer their black boys with a little bit more BEEF on their bones.

Just a FAIR WARNING in advance:

This is one of those scenes that come along every so often that didn't turn out quite like I'd hoped. Collin's inexperience and ambivalence about trying sex with a guy seemed to mess with his mind and get the better of him, and the actual fucking in this scene is admittedly pretty WEAK compared to most of BBA's scenes. Viewers looking for skilled and passionate fucking between more experienced and enthusiastic gay models would be better off skipping this scene!

On the other hand, if you share my fascination with watching every tense, unpredictable, and occasionally awkward but AUTHENTIC moment of a "straight" black football player's experimentation with guy-on-guy sex, then this is a scene that will probably be more to your liking!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 26, 2015 34 min
Photo of Collin
Photo of Suspense

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