Spring Break Showdown

gpl1809 So fkin hot!!!! One of my favorites Jan 8, 2024
2hott4ya There is something so magnetic about Apollo. Out of all the models he is my favorite for multiple reasons. Apollo labels himself straight and that’s his business! But what I love about Apollo is his ability to be so passionate, sensual and intimate in his scenes. He makes you believe every single thing he is doing which is mind-blowing for a straight man doing gay porn; it doesn’t comes across like he is acting. He literally drips and oozes sex appeal. The way he told Isaiah “come here” was sexy as hell. The way he takes and gives dick so passionately. This man can do no wrong in my eyes. Phine as hell and I don’t know him in person but he comes across so sweet, down to earth and lovable. So it’s not just his looks but his personality! Apollo is a vibe!! Jul 28, 2023
emiliano69 Two fine ass brown skin men dicking each other down.

May 31, 2023
bigfanwow Here in 2023 and this is still one of my favorite videos. I love these two together Mar 29, 2023
Docteur In my honest opinion I think this is the most erect Isaiah has ever been in any of his scenes on BBA. I think there is a real connection between he and Apollo. His dick was fully erect when Apollo was giving him head. Their kisses were very passionate. The fucking was intense. Would love to see them paired again or in a threesome with Ross. Aug 20, 2022
bigfanwow From the jump, they had chemistry! Every time they connect, they get nastier and more raw. Am I the only one that would be 100% ok with another flip with them Apr 30, 2022
juan24 You can ALWAYS tell str8 boiz: they get physically intimate with the touching and kissing and stuff, BUT NOBODY HAS A HARD-ON, lol. Its beautiful tho. Girlz dont do shit for me, and if i was there with a frmale doing the same thing, my dick would be as limp as a wet dishrag, hahaha. So nobody could tell me im str8 or even bi, hahaha. I'm gay...as...fuk, hahaha. Put me with even Byonce, and my shit STILL would not rise. So, i respect Apollo and Isaiah. They just 2 str8 dudes entertaining our fantasy to see 2 str8 boiz git down the best they can, and thats alright with me. I hope they marry a good woman one day and have many children. That would be kool. Sep 19, 2021
Grifd2373 I’ve never seen isaiah kiss anybody else like he did Apollo Aug 12, 2021
joeman Both guys said they enjoyed this scene. Me too on a wet cold afternoon it really heated up the action. Beautiful men hot to fuck and with cum all over Apollo's face. Well placed Isaiah! Would love to see you both in action again after covid!! Thanks. Apr 4, 2021
tungaromelodio I think that BBA should have more models with gym bodies like apollo, isaiah, and Dominic but of young ages. I mean I like Bandit, Saint and Manny Killa but that's good for a while. Sometime you just want to see two real DARK SKIN men with GYM bodies fuckin each other and I have never seen that on BBA Oct 3, 2019
pilsener WOW!! BBA's two hottest models fucking each others' brains out and enjoying the fuck out of it! LOVE IT!! Pls have ISAIAH and APOLLO on more regularly!!!! Jan 1, 2019
Fabio Damn...i would like to be in Apollo's place! Sep 24, 2018
nbrown To Michael: You must be in seventh heaven, breaking in so many of those gorgeous black boys. I know you are a top and so am I. But as a matter of PRINCIPLE, one day you need to give up that ass to one of them. I nominate Saint! Jun 15, 2018
nbrown To Michael Galletta: What prompted me to finally break down and pay for your site was seeing a couple that did not get out on the free sites. I was really impressed by your camera work that showcased beautiful black boys like these two with a variety of angles and mixture of closeups and whole body shots that showcased all of their beautiful body parts---luscious full lips, beautiful brown eyes, eye-scorching ass holes, varied sexy shades of black bodies. Jun 15, 2018
cocopop Loved that true confession at the end between the two, both admitting how good each enjoyed getting fucked, which should have been obvious to anyone watching. Them boys fucked like animals breeding. Mar 7, 2018
tjm133 I love both Isaiah and Apollo. Their bareback is great. Apollo should have shot all his sperm into Isaiah. I did love Apollo tasting the sperm. He should have eaten more. I hope they both come back. Dec 28, 2016
cocopop Isaiah was loving that dick, just as much as Apollo was loving getting fucked. Wonder if those two ever got together again off camera. Nov 16, 2016
Cobra The only thing missing in this scene was a little spice. Like Apollo's car ride or Saint fucking on the steps, this scene was worthy of more than the standard hotel bed fuck. Don't get me wrong, both of my All-Stars stepped up to the plate on their performances. Sep 18, 2016
cocopop @YOREL12IT, Hell yea, a Stephon and Isaiah scene would be hot, can you make that happen Mike? Sep 14, 2016
cocopop That was the best dick Apollo has had so far, he loved that Isaiah dick so much he wanted more. Aug 21, 2016
cocopop @hotfuck1, yea I can see a Bandit and Apollo scene too, Staxx has retired from porn, would have loved to have seen him fucked by one or two more before he retired, with his sexy ass. Aug 21, 2016
hotfuck1 Next scene, Apollo and Staxx ;) or Bandit and Apollo Jun 27, 2016
cocopop @kalani, yea man! what that sweet, saying shit that was some good dick, I hope to get more of that "fart, fart". lol May 25, 2016
kalani That booty was talking at the end. That was beautiful baby. 👏 May 25, 2016
cocopop Funny how neither one of them responded to any of their other co-models as they are to each other. Apollo calling him baby, Isaiah, not even to KO. Is it part of the showdown (competition) or is the dick and ass that good? There do seem to be a chemistry between them, one in which Apollo is hoping for a future fuck. I bet they exchanged numbers. Apr 29, 2016
princetahji This was a nice flip scene. Very hot pairing. I like how far both guys have come being with you so long. Btw where's Freaky J Apr 28, 2016
jowilf I agree APOLLO and ISAIAH will be paired with "total top" models. APOLLO-JULIEN or APOLLO-BANDIT... that's doable. These BBA models can attract more patrons. I'm really not all out for ISAIAH. He needs more practice in M2M scenes. Apr 27, 2016
supreme I am enjoying the conversations about bi, straight, and gay. For more on the topic all of you should purchase the new self -help motivational book called "Adam and Steve the Rules for Men Attracted to other Men." As far as Isaiah and Apollo are concerned ....I give it ** two nuts . I think they both have become better bottoms than tops and that's a good thing separately but not together unless there's a strong top involved. Apr 27, 2016
cocopop @josh2016, I agree like you, unlike some others there is an attraction each seem to have for the other. He did seem to be making a future booty call.. as Apollo told him "baby this ass felt so fucking good, I really don't wanta let you go back home." I too believe Isaiah gave his best performance yet, maybe Apollo brought it out of him who knows? Apr 26, 2016
jowilf I think the statement of APOLLO for an invite is part of the script...? or the scenario of the out of state location which is HOUSTON. APOLLO can travel to where ISAIAH lives or vice versa. But my question is IS THERE A REMATCH? No. 1 and No. 2 have done all in this scene already; kissing, licking, flip fuck... and cum eating. NO MORE THRILL. A JULIEN-APOLLO is more interesting... "STAY TUNED." Apr 26, 2016
josh2016 Mike I agree with you i would not say Apollo or Isaiah be 100% straight Bc gay for pay is a topic that will come up and everyone has their opinion. the way a body is strange I would consider myself homosexual BUT if a girl starts to play with my dick my body will react..to keep it up is a whole different story lol. Both very attracted to each other, you heard Apollo gave Isaiah an open invitation to maybe hook up. I have never seen Isaiah kiss nobody else with such passion. Apr 26, 2016
curious3397 @cocopop: you know they like it now... LOL @ 3606tsb72: You are 100% right. offically vers/bi. they have conditioned themselves to enjoy it. The simple fact they are constantly having this recorded (under binding contract). All their folks know now for sure, by now and accepted it and moved on. Good for them. Apr 25, 2016
goodtimes1 Apollo is such a great model, actor, and overall sexy dude. He really made the scene. Apr 22, 2016
vuittonlyfe BORING! This seemed way too acted out! "Yeah fuck this ass" really? lol we like straight boys who experiment not actors acting for a check isn't this the whole entire point of BBA?! Apr 21, 2016
cocopop Isaiah come off more relaxed than I've ever seen him, even smiling throughout the scene. He also seems to be enjoying that dick more so, if you watch his facial expressions and the way he reacts to Apollo's dick while on his side is priceless. When KO fucked him he still was going through the motions, as if for the camera. That's a sexy brother, smiling becomes him. Apr 20, 2016
jowilf I agree with 3606tsb72 that one of No. 1 and No. 2 is "bi" but not "gay"... "Actions speak louder than words." Even though the models keep on saying that they're 100% straight guys, it'll still reveal in what they do because what the brain dictates you of what you can totally do. Anyone who gonna be paired with APOLLO will be hot! I'M LOOKING FORWARD THAT APOLLO WILL BE GANG BANGED BY JULIEN, BANDIT AND ROSS. That'll be the best pairing I can recommend. Make it happen Michael. Apr 19, 2016
3606tsb72 It's interesting to see two "g4p"* brothers together, particularly because they're versatile---the only kind of sex I really enjoy seeing. Nonetheless I'd rather see p4g** guys anytime. ( *g4p, gay-for-pay; **p4g, pay-for-gay/out and proudly gay.) A "real" str8 bro would only do solo scenes. I have no idea whether A or I are gay or bisexual, but one of those two terms apply to them. Why is it so hard to say as much? Fantasies be damned. Apr 18, 2016
MichaelGalletta "Gay For Pay" is a lot like climate change. Denying its existence doesn't make it any less real ;). I've discussed this topic at great length on the BBA Blog, but long story short, I don't believe that sexual ACTS define one's sexual ORIENTATION, and that's where we seem to disagree. Under the right circumstances, I could theoretically pop some Viagra, watch gay porn on my phone, and have "straight for pay" sex with a female. But that wouldn't make me any less gay. And after spending nearly a week on the road with Isaiah (again, see the BBA Blog), I'm more convinced than ever that he's truly straight, LOL!
cocopop Apollo "O...you fucking the shit out of me, shit" that dick must be good Isaiah. Apr 18, 2016
cocopop Michael, you might want to use Apollo's last two bottom scenes for your new recruits seeking to bottom for BBA. In other words, this brother can teach many newcomers how to look good and sexy, taking dick. This brother has stepped up as a bottom and like everything he's done MASTERED it. Sure he will win the 2016 best bottom this year. Much love to the brothers. Apr 18, 2016
KMiller25 Apollo does it for me, he's so Fiiinneee! I'd like to see him paired with Staxx, just bubble butts only! Apr 17, 2016
stldiscreet1 Michael i hope you view these comments as opportunities to gain insight and not so much as criticism because this is what I mean, the scene was good because i watched it all but i ONLY busted a nutt because i used my imagination. When someone like Blake Bishop, who likes ass "anyway" but is also masculine, gets to Stroke Apollo`s and Isaiah`s ass...they will bust WHILE getting that ass fucked...I PROMISE YOU lol!!!! Apr 16, 2016
jowilf @17:24: ISAIAH; It's big enough for you?
@17:28: APOLLO; ... it's very big.
@17:30: ISAIAH; ... feels so good.
Apr 16, 2016
cocopop @jowilf Once again I agree with you, if not all straight guys more masculine gay guys. This current batch of twink ver/bottom really don't do anything for me. Yes, I'm sure there is a fan base for them, but just my opinion. Apr 15, 2016
jowilf No one can match APOLLO in a versatile role. That's what BBA should recruit... "straight guys" for "gay for pay." Apr 14, 2016
cocopop Even if some of Apollo's performance is acting, he still comes off as the best bottom to appear on BBA. He gives you the appearance of enjoying the dick, the moans, facial expressions, the off the norm verbal all make for a quick nut for me. Many taking dick just lay there with little emotion or like a log. I foresee him as the best bottom of 2016. I believe he is enjoying being fucked. Apr 14, 2016
illtown22 I enjoyed this scene but I think I liked Apollo with Saint and Isaiah with Knockout more. You cant go wrong with either of these guys tho. Apr 13, 2016
jowilf 150 likes and counting... will this scene break STAXX-KNOCKOUT "All Bets Are Off" scene? (308 likes to date)
We'll see.🤓
Apr 13, 2016
cocopop I would choose Julien, Ross and Blake, however I can live with your choices. Can't happen soon enough, bring it on Mike. Apr 13, 2016
jowilf There is a poll conducted between No. 1 and No. 2 and it's so interesting because it might be the basis of Michael who gonna bottom in a BBA gang bang...! I HANDEDLY CHOOSE NO. 1 OVER NO. 2 with JULIEN, BANDIT AND ROSS WHO ARE THE TOTAL TOP MODELS IN THE SCENE. What do you think guys? Apr 13, 2016
cocopop Isaiah's dick in his two most recent scenes has been semi-hard without being sucked. Like reluctant Rico in his last scene laying there sucking Saint's dick with his dick hard jacking off, or with his legs in the air taking dick, hard jo,,. waiting for Apollo to get to that point of enjoyment. Apr 13, 2016
jowilf The fucking part is superb. APOLLO and ISAIAH delivered. ISAIAH's kissing, sucking and licking skills are improving. But there are still opportunities on some aspects like communication skills and emotions. APOLLO already mastered it. I'm glad that BBA have APOLLO that can be versatile and knows how to handle every scene. APOLLO DESERVED TO BE NO. 1! Apr 13, 2016
matt79699 Those of you who think Isaiah is into it are delusional. It's all in his face, and his face says, "No." Apr 12, 2016
jowilf APOLLO is very effective as a bottom and fans loves it! ... yeah. Apr 12, 2016
wjhaddict It doesn't get better than this. Great to see str8 boys literally fuck themselves into enjoying other men. Apr 12, 2016
friskmeee Isaiah took that dick like a pro. He is shaping up to be a great bttm... Apr 12, 2016
cocopop @write1in618, you noticed that too? my two most favorite models seem to have developed a bromance in Houston, Apollo ("baby this felt so fucking good I don't wanta let you go back home"), ("we look forward to having you back if not we can always meet in another location for another beat, I travel you travel") Isaiah ("best shoot, one of the best scenes I've every did before, Apollo, the coolest guy I've ever worked with") they sound like they will be meeting up again either behind d camera or off (I think off) Apr 12, 2016
write1in618 You'd hardly know that either one of them was ever a straight boy ... they looked and sounded very excited and pleased to be with and inside each other. Apr 11, 2016
jowilf I'll not be surprised if there will be APOLLO-STAXX, APOLLO-KNOCKOUT, APOLLO-BLAKE BISHOP and APOLLO-BANDIT pairings soon... that'll be super hot! Apr 11, 2016
jowilf APOLLO loves to suck dicks and he prefers those guys with big tools. Apr 11, 2016
jowilf three in a row and counting... APOLLO really loves to be pounded. huh... Apr 11, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, yea, I agree with you he has improved with taking dick and Apollo seem to make him the most relaxed, he was completely out of his shell, smiling and eagerly responding to his costar, more so than with KO. When laying on his side, man he was loving that dick. Apollo giving his usual super star performance. He too was into that Isaiah dick, soon to be awarded the best bottom on the site. I love his reactions, his moaning is extremely hot to me, not just laying there being fucked. Apr 10, 2016
jowilf A bad kisser?!? ...ISAIAH have improved a lot. Apr 9, 2016
cocopop @8421ES, sadly, I must agree with you, his kissing skills are not up to par, that's probably how he kiss the women. Some guys just cant kiss. I've love the guy from first sight, but the brother ass eating are off too. O but that body, the face that ass make up for his lack of other skills. Apollo, what can I say about him, the brother is off the chart in his skills, none like him. Best yet Mike. Apr 9, 2016
colormeblk "BRAVO''! They both have GROWN in their art of PORN! Apollo shows great stage presence with no hesitation in participating in a scene..WONDERFUL! Isaiah is really coming into his character with ease, he is now accepting the roles of a Top & Bottom without all the tension and drawback facial expressions he used in the past!! Michael this is one of BBA best directed, shot and casting you have done to date! These Two Are Your STARS!!
Mike, Isaiah and Apollo... YOU GUYS ROCK!!
Apr 9, 2016
8421ES Isaiah is such a bad kisser Apr 9, 2016
cocopop that ass of Apollo's was meant to be fucked......it looks so sexy with a dick in it, Apollo is the best BBA has recruited. Isaiah, got love for you too. Apr 9, 2016
jowilf This scene is the fastest to reach the century mark! Apr 9, 2016
eleco1 Please tell me this will now be followed up with a threesome that adds Saint to this mix Apr 9, 2016
debattx APOLLO was amazing!!! I would love to bury my face in that beautiful ass of his. I would love to see Apollo with Tay , Cory , and Freaky J Apr 9, 2016
dainnoc1 already calling it this will be the top 5 scene at the end of 2016!! Apr 9, 2016
jowilf @curious3397: I said; "... the best bottom I've ever seen. It's a compliment from a diehard fan."🤓 Apr 8, 2016
curious3397 @jowilf78; don't be too honest, you'll end up with the whole "go to the blog speech"... welcome back Isaiah, I see you've become better since your reward. I thought you got your $$ and degree, and moved on. Shame on me. I guess you'll be a regular come fall again. Nice to see you smile and be in the scene. I guess it's different when you both have kids to relate with each other. best wishes in school. Apr 8, 2016
jowilf Yes. APOLLO is the best bottom I've ever seen... he "screams" like a woman. Apr 8, 2016
simplet apollo i love to c u take dick keep it up u a true bottom love to hear that ass fart Apr 8, 2016
jowilf 78 likes! .... in almost 24 hrs. is a blockbuster! But I have something to tell you guys soon...
"Stay tuned."
Apr 8, 2016
retrokid562 This scene was absolutely hot. What a way to get back into the site after two weeks break...now with that said, this scene was a 9/10 only cuz I think Isaiah didn't do a great job at sucking dick and eating ass compare to what Apollo deliver cuz that man always shows up an do his thing. That's why he is #1 in our eyes. And I have to nitpick one more about Isaiah, he doesn't look at his co-star in the eyes when they talk about the scenes and whatnot a whole lot. Great job. Apr 8, 2016
jackcool5 Apollo stole the show Apr 8, 2016
matt79699 Isaiah, as always, is mostly expressionless, and with his eyes shut much of the time, you know he's thinking about sex with a chick. Apollo is a great actor, so even if he's not especially enjoying himself, we think he is. Two beautiful men, one average scene. Apr 8, 2016
mccane68 Very Hot scene and Isaiah was very hot! With a performance like this, Isaiah should be in more scenes. He is a very good top and an excellent bottom. Please use him in more scenes. Apr 8, 2016
cocopop This was all I hoped it would be, I was one of those that wanted to see this happen and it was well worth the wait. As always Apollo brings out the best in his co-performer. Isaiah seemed to be more at ease with him than with any I've seen him with ("one of the best scenes I've ever done before, Apollo, the coolest guy I've ever worked with before") both seem to be into each other. Thanks Mike. Apr 8, 2016
estwick These two are golden...great job !! Apr 8, 2016
jowilf ... just finished watching the scene.
... spectacular!
I will share my honest critique soon...
"Stay tuned."🤓
Apr 8, 2016
pisces586 Apollo may be the best BBA model ever Apr 8, 2016
kapukan2 Holy shit...almost didn't make it to the end! Almost lost it several times. This video was worth the wait! Apr 7, 2016
Godfather07 This was a great scene Hot but I see why Apollo is #1 and love me some Isaiah thanks Mike please don't lose Apollo and Isaiah Apr 7, 2016
jowilf I will watch this scene later...
Looks like this is the scene everyone is waiting for...
Great job Michael!
Apr 7, 2016

After trying to make this happen for OVER A YEAR, I finally succeeded at bringing together BBA's two most popular models of all time for one of the most requested scene pairings in BBA history!

See for yourself what happened when Isaiah recently met up with Apollo in Houston, Texas for Isaiah's Spring Break....

The clothes don't stay on for long in this historic encounter that includes lots of sensual tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating.

Even better, both of these strikingly handsome and athletic straight guys prove to each other as well as their fans just how far they have come in their "gay for pay" journeys here at BBA by giving up their tight, RAW asses to each other in nearly a FULL HOUR of unforgettable flip-flop action that you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Flip-Flop, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 7, 2016 50 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Isaiah

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