His New Stepbrother

emiliano69 πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
May 31, 2023
emiliano69 This one was a game changer for bba with the sensuality and being scripted. One of my absolute favorite scenes. Sep 13, 2022
9counting shazeer is a keeper more of him pair with freaky j or rico please. Oct 9, 2017
tjm133 Both are cute. Kody is a great bottom. Shazeer is a good top. Jan 5, 2017
retrokid562 The acting was pretty bad. Wish they made it more believable and into it like the fantasy stories I have read similar to this video. Aug 26, 2016
jujan35 I would love to see Shazeer back again soon Mike Aug 25, 2016
lrigdab Shazeer looks promising, Kody on the other hand is like Cory's more boring, less interesting, less exciting brother. Aug 18, 2016
lmp262 THIS MOVIE IS VERY SEXY, But why is it that all the models are all under 25 years old, It would be nice to have models that are 25 to 30 years old, Please consider it. Thank you Aug 18, 2016
terbernt Not a scene for me. They don't have the build I'm looking for (ala Bandit, D-Rel, etc...) Aug 15, 2016
ChrisCarr Loved this scene! The boys are so cute and Kody's one of my faves! Really liked Shazeer. Such a cutie! The sex was passionate and the scene was shot fantastically. And adding the sensual taboo of stepbrother sex just put it over the top! GREAT WORK!! Looking for more of these beautiful boys! Aug 15, 2016
palmers Well I must give credit where credit is due. This was a good and surprising scene. Especially following the previous two weeks of duds. I hope you can keep up the momentum Michael. This is the BBA I've grown to love. Aug 15, 2016
cocopop This was unique, love to see more role-play scenes, not really into Kody, love to see more of Shazeer, he has a sexyness about himself. Aug 14, 2016
cam3121 I really enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed the chemistry between Kody and Shazeer. It seemed genuine, sweet and sincere. I even liked the acting too. I loved how gently they kissed each other and then watching them explore each other's bodies with mutual dick sucking and ass eating was fantastic. And the fucking was wonderful. I busted a good nut off of this film. I hope there will be more scenes like this with this kind of sex too. I'll definitely be watching this again. Aug 14, 2016
matt796999 They're both very cute, but the acting was horrific and Kody had a disgusted look on his face as Shazeer shot his load on it. Definitely not one of your better videos. Aug 13, 2016
Taytay Good job Michael! This was definitely going to determine if I renewed my membership or not. Do more scenes like this. Aug 13, 2016
princexxchar ok so i was a little thrown off from the start but this turned out to be really good. they acted pretty well. Shazeer is sexy. I was waiting for the twist when Shazeer actually flipped or something to really blow it out the park, hopefully that's coming in the future. This turned out good though, something different than the usual. looking for more like this !!!! Aug 13, 2016
simplet michael well done it was great the light skin kid got a beautiful space teeth can you do a scene with him getting fucked the light skin kid that is again well done guys Aug 13, 2016
pbobsk6 The New Stepbrother is an engaging and thoroughly satisfying movie. Engaging because it's a charming fantasy, draws you in and is relatable, satisfying because stepbrothers Kody and Shazeer accepted their feelings, rediscovered themselves and soared to heights unlimited. I absolutely enjoyed the orchestral music as Kody approached the bathroom. I'll gladly reclick the play button and watch this movie again!! Aug 12, 2016
Donald This scene was great, I really liked it and even moreso they were good actors. They done an excellent job. It's my favorite right now, im on my 3rd watch ....lol. Their chemistry was on point. Step brothers 4 real...lol it was believable. Again the acting was amazing. Aug 12, 2016
KodyFan Omg, this is so fucking hot!! I’m sure it’ll be one of my faves!! Kody is so cute & this new boy is to die for!! They’d have beautiful babies!! Lol!! I am SOOO loving this video!! You’re so wicked, adding the stepbrother aspect!! Lol!! Aug 12, 2016
lilmellowyellow Well, the models are attractive. I like the other format of letting the models talk about themselves. Then, they start having sex. I prefer flip-flopping sex. The camera angles and views were excellent, especially the views between their legs and showing their asses and assholes. Maybe next time Shaun, Shazeer and Armando can take on Zadian and Bandit. Aug 12, 2016
3606tsb72 Two handsome men RUINED by directorial choices extracting the heat from what could of been: Boring, meandering episode leading up to S getting lost in a tub filled with water and suds which hid the S's penis like forever; S's mostly limp ding-a-ling; no compelling kielbasa close-ups; numerous shots establishing place -- walls, beds, chairs, people having sex (like potted plants); Kody & Shazeer were stars but..... FAIL! Aug 12, 2016
1luvme2u I liked this scene. It was easy to follow. I REALLY liked the top. He was well-balanced and kind of passionate. He was careful with Kody. I would love to see Shazeer again. I think he would pair well with Ross. Maybe Shazeer could be Ross' first top on camera. Or maybe with Apollo. Wow. Nice job on this one Michael. Aug 12, 2016
tayshawn3 I absolutely love this scene and I have bust three times to it. shazeer just has that natural masculine boy next door swag to him...along with a beautiful complexion and sexy body. kody did great too his boyish charm just comes thru the screen so well and did his ass get fatter? Great job Michael I loved how you stuck with the fantasy and allowed them to progress thru the scene not rushing anything and the slow sensual sex (kissing dick sucking, ass eating) was A+. You killing the summer keep it up Aug 12, 2016
apollo1989 Not a fan of both of them, rather boring overall but liked the bathtub scene, dont like condoms in porn, but especially this one, too thick, wrong color and distracting Aug 12, 2016
chgohydepar1 The kissing was the best and most authentic-looking part. Aug 11, 2016
wzupkanye21 Kody literally has the fattest ass!!! And Shazeer is my kind of Top. Cool as hell, light skinned and nice dick I loved this scene Aug 11, 2016
jowilf ... glad that KODY came back! Aug 11, 2016

We're departing from our usual unscripted format this week to try something a little bit different and experiment with a hot role-playing fantasy for those viewers who might prefer "reality porn" but occasionally also want to see their most unique and forbidden fantasies brought to life.

Shazeer returns from playing basketball at the park to find his cute new younger stepbrother Kody home alone watching TV while their parents are out for the night.

Bored from being cooped up in the house all day long, Kody seems eager to hang out and "bond" with his athletic big brother. But hanging out with an annoying new stepbrother is the LAST thing Shazeer wants to do on his Friday night!

Sexually frustrated and almost unbearably horny after being stood up by his girlfriend, Shazeer catches himself stealing quick, guilty glances at his cute "baby brother" sprawled out on the couch watching TV - especially noticing that "impossible to miss" bubble-butt popping up and out of the boy's sagging jeans!

Hoping to cleanse himself of the wicked ideas creeping into his head, Shazeer leaves the room to go relieve his stress with a hot bubble-bath, where his thoughts keep drifting back to the tantalizing image of his teenage stepbrother's ASS!

Meanwhile, Kody has some taboo thoughts of his own as he sneaks into the other room to spy on his sexy, light-skinned "big brother" naked and soaping himself up in the tub.

See for yourself what happens next in this taboo tale of forbidden desire as playful roughhousing quickly turns into MUCH more and next thing you know, these horny stepbrothers are crossing the line from "I don't know if we should be doin' this!" to "Nobody will have to know!" before the night's over....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Forbidden Fantasy Series, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath
Details: Aug 11, 2016 45 min
Photo of Kody
Photo of Shazeer

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