Foot Fetish Bonus & Other Outtakes

Photo of Foot Fetish Bonus & Other Outtakes
freddy222 Nice feet Apollo. Very sexy. Jan 27, 2022
chick677 Great job Saint. Do more Oct 3, 2021
bobminny you need to bring in addiction, he would be a good top for all Jul 24, 2016
adizzle09 This vid was a true out take... lol I got a "Kick" out of it Mar 11, 2016
cocopop Apollo's winking that asshole wanting Saint to Fuck him Feb 13, 2016
cocopop I was right, a year after this scene was done Apollo lost his virginity, first to Ross, but it was Saint that bust that hole open..and I do mean open. And yes he took dick better than Saint after a half dozen times. Feb 9, 2016
cocopop Apollo has beautiful feet, Saint can't take no dick, each try he fails. Apollo may take dick better than Saint. Dec 28, 2015
lilmellowyellow I would like to watch Apollo take a long and big dick between his upper cheeks again and lower ones. Dec 9, 2015
Cobra Mike these two would be a great combo for you to join in a threesum and top Saint. By then Apollo may be ready to bottom also. I'm sure you'd love to top both of these gay for pay all-stars. Nov 18, 2015
hall342 Would like to see Beno and Apollo together. Nov 8, 2015
eallure I want to see you do this with Beno sexy feet!!! Oct 29, 2015

Enjoy these NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN outtakes from Apollo's unforgettable encounter with Saint earlier this year.

Those of you who've been requesting more freaky foot fetish action won't want to miss the sloppy-wet FEET-LICKING and TOE-SUCKING here.

There are also several other hot clips that provide an entertaining look at some of the conversations, humor, and action that didn't make it into the edited version.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Foot Fetish, Military Men, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 14, 2015 16 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Saint

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