Devouring Dominic

freddy222 Love Dominic's feet. Aug 25, 2022
Dualex How disrespectful it is calling Dom a 'White' boy. Why? Is it because he's light skinned? Too pretty? Too muscular? Not everyone is a thug. Have some respect. He is a handsome young man trying to make it. Give him a break... May 5, 2020
mdcarmichael Love seeing Justice cum on his own face! Feb 8, 2020
Beau This was hot!!! Some kissing and Dominic sucking dick would have taken it to the next level. Mar 16, 2019
Dualex Very true. Been a fan of XL since Thugbait, not so much now. Dominic is a hottie. Mar 3, 2019
cocopop I see why everyone wants to suck Dominic's feet, he does have sexy, pretty feet. Reminds me of porn star XL, all the guys want to suck his feet too. Feb 12, 2019
Dualex A good soft porn has not killed anyone, what a turn on! I'm in awe of D. Justice is quickly becoming a fave too. Jan 17, 2019
cocopop I've read comments referring to Dominic as a Thug, I disagree. None of his scenes have he shown up pants hanging off his ass, hat turned backward. With the many similarities he share with Apollo, I'd say even his style is similar to Apollo. More of the conservative, clean cut boy next door, not a wanna be Thug. Nov 25, 2018
goFish2 Wow! What hot men. When is the Flip/Flop scene coming? That would be THE BEST! Oct 17, 2018
cocopop uboy22, Unlike you, I thought it was hot though I do agree with you Dominic was trying too hard not to show he was enjoying it. I didn't hear any sign he was liking it, except him biting his lips. Love the toe dinner and when he man handled Justice, threw his legs over his face forcing him to nut in his own face. Would be hot to see either one of these guys in a scene with Apollo. Oct 6, 2018
Godfather07 You need Saint to break him in or Apollo and Apollo can give him acting lessons Sep 20, 2018
devann Very sexy. Definitely want to see more of Dominic!! Aug 16, 2018
dbrow911 Dominic is sexy as fuck, I love the chemistry in this video-Justice took his time and was sexing him just right, I wish there was more, but knowing BBA I am sure we will get a part 2...I would love to see either or both of them take the dick. Aug 14, 2018
supreme its 3 out of 5 nuts !! Highlights include : #asseating #cumshots #footworship Aug 11, 2018
uboy22 This was garbage, Justice did his thing in this and Dominic was trying too hard not to like it i know he suppose to act all resistant but he was taking it too far. but just like the fans said i would love to see the Apollo and Dominic pairing providing Dominic don't mess that up as well. Aug 10, 2018
cocopop I love seeing Dominic at the end man handle Justice, pull him up throw him on the bed, and throw them legs up. Hell I thought he had gotten hot again and was about to fuck Justice. Aug 7, 2018
Memphis1325 Dominic is very handsome and i'm glad they was taking it slow with him. I actually busted a good nut on this video. Very nice video. Aug 5, 2018
cocopop Wasn't expecting Dominic to play with Justice's dick, with that under his belt Mike he'll come back for the money. Don't wants to say he wont go as far as Bandit did, but then again didn't think Bandit would go as far as bottoming. Apollo I knew he was open to bottoming. Aug 3, 2018
jowilf DOMINIC-JUSTICE pairing is not bad.. But I’m expecting an APOLLO-DOMINIC scene.. Make it happen Michael.. Aug 3, 2018
retrokid562 This scene was about a 7 out of 10...Dominic still looked uncomfortable but he did it. If only Apollo was there, he would blow his mind. Please pair those two sexy studs together in the next one and hopefully Dominic fuck Apollo. I'd like to see those together so bad...I really like Shax filming. Gives you like an intimate look to the scene. Aug 2, 2018
3606tsb72 Dominic: No personality; looks aren't everything; dick doesn't get rock hard; closets are stifling; and I'm not feeling it AT ALL, see. Justice is fine, unlike someone such as, straight, like me, and it's clear he loves sucking dicks, like me. Life is an illusion, but the truth always looks you straight in the eye. Because it's a mirage, the film is flat, despite superb artistic touches by Shax. Grade: D Aug 2, 2018
SanFran12 This video clip is not good. Not good, no. No. Aug 2, 2018
kapukan2 More Justice ...More Dominic! Aug 1, 2018
pt98898 Dominic is too much like a White Boy he is no match to Jahan Ace Pure Black Masculine Adonis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 1, 2018
Jayden27 Previously, Justice described himself as “heteroflexible”. It seemed that his third leg was in love with Dominic. Can you blame him? LOL. I loved how Dominic allowed himself to enjoy the experience. He didn’t hold back when he enjoyed the head. Hopefully, he’ll stick around; I would love to see him do more.

Shax—thanks bro! You still rock!

To Mike, Dominic, Justice, and Shax, much love to ya! Thanks for anotha one!

PS: If Dominic ever bottoms in the future (long, long time from now lol), his first bottoming scene should be called “Dominating Dominic”. LOL 😂
Jul 31, 2018
Jayden27 Justice’s oral skills are erotically enticing—he plays well with the audience. It’s awesome to see him to go to the next level—a major requirement in the BBA experience. What I love most is that Justice appeared to enjoy giving Dominic brain. Not to mention it was great seeing Dominic bite his lips as he enjoyed the pleasure he received.

My favorite part was the ass eating session. Although the angle was nice for the camera, I kind of wish Justice had more room to work. Maybe have Dominic get on “all fours”, and Justice work from behind next time?

Justice loves feet—to each his own..LOL! Dominic’s feet are very nice though! It was great for the camera and a reminder to the guys that everyone (guys and girls) likes to see a nice set of toes. It’s a turn off to see the opposite of that! The climax was awesome. I liked that Justice received a facial from Dominic and himself—great ending!
Jul 31, 2018
Jayden27 I have to admit that it was nice seeing Dominic and Justice again. I was surprised that you all paired him with Justice. I, low key, thought the action would be minimal because of Dominic being new to this type of work, but I still liked the scene! 😉

I liked how Justice broke the ice in the beginning. The convo was funny, especially when he got Dominic to admit that he thought about messing around with a Whether acting or real—that part was great! I LOVE how Justice made Dominic comfortable. You can tell that Dominic was nervous and reserved based on his body language, which is understandable. It makes for a better scene when both models enjoy the experience. When they love making it, we love watching it. 💯
Jul 31, 2018
StonedMountain Shocked to see Dominic dive right in to explore his job! And clearly enjoying himself, what will be his next step?! And what a great Tour Guide, Justice! Jul 31, 2018
FuckMeNow1 cant wait to see him slide that raw red dick in some ass. hell let him fuck a fan. ill come on masked. doesnt even have to be on camera. Jul 31, 2018
eleco1 This may be in my top 3. I feel like Justice has always shown the traits of a sub but it really came out in this vid and Dominic, like Stylez, seems to assume the dominant role naturally. Thank you for this treat! Jul 31, 2018
gigante2 NIICEE....REAL NIICEE!!!! toe sucking gets me Jul 31, 2018
Nutcannon Dominic started off as a wild card for me. He seemed like he could possibly take the torch that my favorite model, Apollo, left behind. I'm not saying he will nor am I saying Bandit didn't work hard for his spot but I am saying he has potential. This scene has given me hope for him but would love to see him more interactive. Justice can I just say he takes the top note for cum shots because I love each and every single one. But this scene here! He needs to do more like this and keep progressing. Jul 30, 2018
texasbugg MIKE u have found a bba usa GEM/DIAMOND and this young sexy thug is going to make bba go higher i looked in his face the whole time him getting his ass licked was feelin so fucking good cause justice was really making him enjoy it mike he will go far cause no girl can eat his asshole the way another thug and that's facts cause another thug knows how he wants someone to eat his ass mike u the man i for 1 just let u/bba staff just do what u do a job well done thanks a lot. Jul 30, 2018
einkarm1 This was boring. No fucking. Jul 30, 2018
wander This is a nice pairing of 2 hot guys. I like the ass-eating, but there's very little or short clear close up of the hole. The best part for me is Justice's cumshot. He never fails to amaze me. Anxiously waiting for more of Justice's appearance/s. Never get tired of his sexiness. Jul 29, 2018
badizm66 pretty boring, no chemistry, both have nice bodies but that's it Jul 29, 2018
cam3121 I don't usually like scenes like this but this was GREAT. It was cool seeing Dominic do something with a guy but it was all about Justice. JUSTICE FINALLY SUCKED DICK!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! This was all I needed & wanted from him & he delivered HARDCORE! I just hope this becomes a regular part of what he does in his films in the future because he looks so sexy sucking dick on top of all the other stuff he does. Job well done to Justice, Dominic & BBA! Jul 29, 2018
texasbugg I just loved the way mike didn't (LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG)when some members was downing this young thug and mike knew the scene that was coming out this week cause this young sexy thug didn't do nothing wrong dominic like i said before keep doing u babyboi u r doing a great job if u have to take baby steps then so be it babyboi there is a lot in store 4 u i really feel in my heart bandit is going to ask mike if he can do a scene with u cause he really opens up with handsome thugsu2meltlikebutter. Jul 29, 2018
texasbugg DAMM babyboi i hope u know u r part of the new breed of young thug u r so clean when justice is licking your 28kt gold asshole babyboi u have gave me so many nuts man don't be a fool u r going to go a long way at bba usa mike will take good care of u u r a gold mine for bba the haters will love u also u put a sock in their mouth when u did this scene cause this scene really left their mouth wide open mike had to show them this bba is his pride/joy he call the shots which shows. Jul 29, 2018
stmarks13 Nice bodies but we need some personality! Jul 28, 2018
write1in618 Justice is such a sexy fucker from that huge muscled body to that long slab of meat, he physically embodies all that a bottom could ever want in his top. Because he didn't get to fuck, we got a toned down cum shot this scene but I'm sure the next time we see him, he'll be ramming that big dick up some guts and hosing down the bed, the bottom's face, the headboard, the carpet, and other unknown places that his cum rockets blast themselves into. Jul 28, 2018
BigOne Dominic ass is ready to receive.. Would love to have my tongue and cock in his ass!!! Jul 28, 2018
adam2268 This one is off the chain! Justice is just super HOT! I can’t get enough of him! Dominic is GORGEOUS! The two of them together just blew me away! Well done BBA! Jul 28, 2018
Lexxnh2016 Excellent, sensual and Hot! I loved it, Thank you Michael and Shax. Jul 28, 2018
texasbugg DAMM that is 1 super pretty 28kt gold asshole this knows his asshole is sweet/ripe i can't stop busting on his asshole i feel he will come to do another scene he knows it was feeling good when justice was eating his ass justice dick was rock hard he really wanted to fuck dominic i was loving every min of it dominic babyboi u still got your thug card babyboi there is nothing wrong with gay for pay it's only words babyboi u r 100000% pure thug with a blessed body/looks the gods was good to uurhott Jul 28, 2018
da1ndet Surprise!!!! I don’t usually like surprises??? But, dis video here! Hats off to Shax, Justice and da bomb Dominic.... Great video, that I will watch again.
Now for the promise “promises are promises Mike and Montez”
Where is the JayC, Jahan vid?????? You promised! 😙😉🤣
Keep up the great work!
Jul 28, 2018
andalite241 omgeee, when ???? legs went up at the end....I lost it. Such a tease!! Jul 28, 2018
simplett wow was ok but that guy cant eat ass was a boring pairing please next cant wait to c the guys fucking at Detroit get away Jul 28, 2018
hozie9999 I hate to sound like a broken record but I really would like to see more of Dominic, a lot more!! Jul 28, 2018
romack767 This was nice. I would have liked to have seen Luh Redd with Dominic I think Redd would have brought him out more. Dominic was honest and it showed as well as him being naive to the game. Justice did his thing it's time for him to give up that ass. Where the hell is Scotty it's time for him and Shaun to do the damn thing. Jul 28, 2018
blksexi I may have enjoyed this more had it come after the Jay C Jahan release. Everyone enjoys different things I understand but these last three weeks have def been a valley for me after the start of the month peak. Jul 28, 2018
oneloveme2u That was a great initiation. Good pairing and chemistry. I love Justice. Dominic and Apollo would be the scene of the year. Great job BBA. July was a great month for you guys. Kudos to Mike. Jul 28, 2018
200218 there's something I find very attractive about Justice. probably because he's a real guy and a super freak. Dominic is a nice addition to the site. His curiosity and looks are very attractive. I thought this was a nice match up especially considering that they didn't fuck. Shows how much fun you can have without hardcore. Good video! Jul 28, 2018
jardonm besides a small editing error in 4:07, it was a very enjoyable experience. Maybe the submissive Justice was more a turn-on than the exploring Dominic. Would love to see D take the D :-) Jul 28, 2018
blktop2002 There’s something about Justice that isn’t clicking with me. A barrier or wall that I can’t quite see through. There’s that sense of passion that you can feel from other models both new and older performers that I don’t get from Justice. But guess that is something lacking in me. New and fresh is good but I do miss the guys that we have come to know and feel a kinship with. Mix it up if you can. New guys with some fan favorites. Jul 28, 2018
SLyrics17 Not a fan of Justice..... Dominic is a smooth, sexy jock that deserves a better co-star.... I know Manny is getting all the scenes, but I love to see him with Dominic or paired with Apollo lol. But I'm Glad to see Dominic perform in his first scene with a guy, here's hoping for more down the road with a more suitable co-star. Jul 28, 2018
damarcus Dominic is everything!!! A1 pairing with Justice! When they're ready to do more, pair them together again! Jul 28, 2018
ACTION7 THEY ready to marry... Jul 27, 2018

This weekend we have a special DOUBLE surprise in store for our viewers: Dominic's very first experience with a guy, AND Justice finally taking things to the NEXT LEVEL by sucking dick on camera for the very first time!

Dominic initially told us that he was only open to doing solo and guy⁄girl scenes. But after a little bit of back and forth, we eventually persuaded the skeptical straight boy to give our MUCH better-compensated "gay for pay" option a try.

As a devious twist, we decided that it would not only be fun but also long overdue to have Justice take on the more SUBMISSIVE role for a change, seducing our newest straight recruit and showing him what messing around with a guy's all about.

"I've never been with a dude!" Dominic nervously insists at the start of this scene. "But I'm very open-minded, so who knows what can happen!"

It's not every day you get to witness a straight black male's first experimentation with guy-on-guy sex - especially one as irresistibly sexy as Dominic!

Taking a seat next to the visibly uncertain straight jock, Justice begins tentatively touching Dominic's smooth, sculpted chest and rippling abs. He slowly unbuttons Dominic's shorts and begins groping Dominic's beautiful dick, eventually pulling it out and putting it in his mouth....

Viewers looking for hardcore fucking from Dominic will not find it here in this scene. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite ready for that just yet (and neither was Justice). But if you're turned on by the idea of watching every unscripted, unpredictable moment of a sexy straight athlete's first "baby steps" into "gay for pay" porn, unfolding in close to real time toward an unforgettable climax, then this is a "reality porn" exclusive you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, First Times, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 27, 2018 34 min
Photo of Dominic
Photo of Justice

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