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geniusnerdz Need to. See Montana Topping too... he has a nice cock Feb 4, 2024
emiliano69 Blake did that good fucking. Topnotch stroking! Montana was feeling that dick. The moans say it all.

May 20, 2023
solomon stroke game on point Jul 25, 2016
adr1229 This video clip wasn't good. It was kind of fake passionless sex. Also, the rimming scene was really nasty and raunchy. Black guys don't really have or do that much spit or saliva during rimming. That was really nasty and a complete turnoff. I was watch about 5 of these video clips from this website so far and I have yet to get off on any of them. There is so many bad things going on throughout these clips that I get completely turned off. Frustrating. Jul 18, 2016
max2509 Damn Blake Bishop got a big dick and he is so young, 2 young dicks and big as hell. Jun 30, 2016
kevin333 To Blake Bishop, his penetration is on point! Jun 3, 2016
kevin333 Young Montanna moanin ' does it for me. He turns me on every time with that moanin' and talking back with his partner. Sexy ass Young Montana. Don't stop moaning. Jun 3, 2016
kevin333 Blake stroke game is fire ! Jun 3, 2016
afullman Movie quality is great. It's just too much third party talking in some of them. People giving instructions in the background stops the moving from seeming real. Let them make love and shut the hell up please! I guess I'm talking about the promoter or whoever. Apr 18, 2016
Haitianprince81 This was a hot scene. Montanna is sexy as hell. I love hearing him moan. But would like to see Blake Bishop bottom one time. He is sexy as well. Feb 25, 2016
SCG91pt I LIKED that dick comparing scene, very adorable. I want those cute butts! Feb 19, 2016
cam3121 This was a HOT scene. Both guys gave their all with this one. The kissing, both guys sucking each other's dicks and doing it WELL too and the fucking was blazing. We need more scenes like this on BBA. Jan 1, 2016
Whoopig Just overall, more attractive dudes need to be in scenes. the one on the left is not really attractive or that masculine. No offense to him, but i just don't think he belongs in porn. its sort of a 60/40 rule. If the dude is not that attractive, he needs to be very masculine. Effeminate tendencies can only be tolerated by really attractive dudes. but honestly in porn, its about looks. Men are visual. Period. I don't even look at a scene if the dudes in it are not attractive. Dec 19, 2015
hall342 I also enjoyed young montanna moans. It turns me on to hear him moan. And that pretty chocolate dick is sweet. Dec 11, 2015
djjrda Maybe the hottest scene yet for BBA. Young Montanna is a star. He is so damn cute and sexy. More of him please! Dec 11, 2015
lilmellowyellow Most enjoyable!! The models seem to like the roles played and their chemistry was believable. The camera angles and closeups were excellent, especially showing the asshole of Montanna, and the bottom shots of Bishop's dick entering his asshole. I enjoyed the brief finger play, before Bishop's deep dick thrust too. Montanna's sounds heighten the performance. I was waiting for them to cum on or in each others face or mouths I look forward to watching Blake Bishop bottoming. Thanks Michael. Dec 11, 2015
bmore91 hot fucking scene... loved young montanna moans Dec 10, 2015
tpw88899 Excellent video ten plus I love me some Young Montanna he is phine as fuck and so masculine beautiful chocolate skin and ass and big black dick and he is tall Michael could you team up Young Montanna with Migo or Staxx. Dec 10, 2015
kapukan2 Love this site but again disappointed. I wanted to see Montanna again but NOT with Blake. Not a Blake fan. Need masculine dudes. Last decent update was with Freaky J. Blake was half asleep during that scene but I loved it because my Freaky J was there. Are you having a problem getting some of the hot guys back? Ross, Caesar, Apollo....etc. That is what everyone is waiting have to wait for another week. Dec 10, 2015

Young Montanna is back for his second shoot and excited to be back in front of the camera again. He admits that after watching his amateur action debut, he feels like he still needs to step up his game, and promises that "Round Two" is going to be even better!

I figured what better way to put the new kid's true potential to the test than by pairing him with one of BBA's most well-endowed and demanding new "tops"?

Blake Bishop has already done his research by watching Young Montanna's promising debut, and seems eager to sample the skinny, tattooed boy's tight ass for himself.

"You're going to learn the wonders of Blake Bishop's BIG DICK!" Blake Bishop teases the nervous newbie shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

Of course watching these two complete strangers nervously joke and flirt and check each other out only makes it ten times hotter when they get MUCH better acquainted just a few minutes later.

"DAMN!" Blake Bishop gasps with surprise when the cute black twink's freakishly long dick first pops out of his black boxer-briefs.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this action-packed session that includes lots of sloppy-wet dick-sucking, ass-eating, and butt-fucking as these two hung and horny black boys discover and explore each others' bodies for the very first time.

The foreplay is understandably tense and awkward at first but things begin to heat up when Blake slides on a condom and plunges the entire length of his big dick deep inside Young Montanna's cute bubble-butt.

Blake Bishop pins the helpless new kid to the bed and aggressively pounds that tight little ass without mercy in a variety of hot positions as the room echoes with the sounds of Young Montanna's deep, sexy voice cursing and moaning with every powerful thrust.

See for yourself what leads up to the candid revelation that inspired this scene's title!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Dec 10, 2015 42 min
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Blake Bishop
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Young Montanna

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