Winner Takes All

Phuryous Hollywood used to get hella jealous whenever Beno fucked anybody else. I think he straight up walked out during one of those scenes. Jun 10, 2022
MichaelGalletta Yep, there was always some kind of annoying drama any time Beno and HollyWood tried doing scenes with anyone else. It happened here, as well as in that group scene with Legacy and Dre.
Phuryous That ass and that tight little body...I still want to fuck Beno SO badly. Jun 10, 2022
cam6594 Beno was taking that azz. Saint gotta get with the program... Grin and bear Sep 6, 2021
jabb69 beno is so dom at times it is hottt Jun 27, 2020
cmebillyc I want to see Saint fuck Murda and Saint and Eureka! Mar 25, 2019
ACTION7 Saint is my CRUSH. Oct 26, 2018
baddest I want to see more videos of Beno and Saint Oct 2, 2017
2fly4u05 Real shit it look like HollyWood had the best ass eatin skills out of all the BBA models...we slept on this nigga. smh Sep 3, 2017
estwick where is Beno ? have not seen him for awhile ! Jul 27, 2017
Moses1999 Sexy ass Beno carried this video. Saint did his part in keeping it lively. And Hollywood is a great bottom, but need to "enjoy" the acting. He was sad through the card game and sad even when he was getting head. I think all was great. Apr 3, 2017
tjm133 One of the best. I loved the anal sex but I really loved the cum eating! Great models Dec 18, 2016
justdoituglyboy saint has such a cute booty Jun 6, 2016

My surprise special guest for the holidays was none other than everybody's favorite straight Army guy turned "gay for pay" porn model Saint!

Saint moved out of state in July, and for awhile there the chances of ever seeing this sexy straight stud attempt guy-on-guy action again were looking pretty bleak. But I've stayed in touch with Saint over the past several months, and now that I'm finally getting back into the swing of production again, I decided to splurge on something special for the holiday season by flying Saint back in town for a weekend of video-shoots.

I'm happy to report that Saint is looking better than ever, with the same funny and outgoing personality as well as that endearing combination of reluctance, inexperience, and eagerness to please that makes him so interesting and appealing to watch.

This scene was actually filmed on the second night of Saint's weekend visit. The guys were hanging out and playing cards when Beno decided to make things interesting by turning a casual game of "Black Deuce" into a high-stakes version of "Strip Poker" in which the loser has to give up more than just his clothes!

One deal of the cards at a time, the clothes slowly start to come off until Beno pulls off a surprise victory and claims Saint's tight, near-virgin ASS as his prize!

This friendly game of cards quickly turns into a freaky, "no holes barred" threesome that includes lots of dick-sucking, ass-eating, and all three guys getting fucked RAW....

It's amazing to think just how far Saint has come since he nearly walked out of his solo audition almost one year ago, insisting that he'd only do scenes with females and even refusing to show off his asshole!

Now, less than one year later, this broke straight boy is doing the kinds of "nasty" gay things for money that I never in a million years thought I'd ever see him do - slobbering on two dicks at once, shoving his tongue up another guy's butt, getting fucked in the ass (without a condom), and even letting HollyWood and Beno bust their "nutts" in his mouth!

See for yourself what happened during Saint's weekend visit and witness the shockingly hot next chapter in this straight ex-Army guy's "gay for pay" training!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Jan 2, 2013 83 min
Photo of Beno
Photo of HollyWood
Photo of Saint

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