Fantasy By The Fire

Qudaryl30 I truly love this video Nov 6, 2021
MarkDC This my absolute favorite BBA video!!!! Oct 30, 2020
MarkDC AMAZING!!!! Where is Freaky J Sep 5, 2020
MarkDC The BEST!!!!!!! Love seeing him orgasm from the dick! May 26, 2020
chase1 This Scene Is🔥🔥🔥🔥

Great pairing Freaky J was really enjoying that dick deep in his asshole and I loved every moment of it lol
Jan 18, 2019
2fly4u05 Man...I hope Blake Bishop got a bonus for pounding Freaky J like he's a bottom from 29:30-31:00. That part always makes me bust without fail... Sep 5, 2017
ivenri75 j'adore le cul poilu de Blake !! May 16, 2017
Seru Nice ass. Love Freaky J and Blake is gorgeous May 2, 2017
nastybuttclean Jesus that Freaky Jay. Hot Oct 6, 2016
Cobra Blake and Knockout are by far the two best gay performers but I really miss Freaky J. I may mention that Freaky J is one of the few BBA notables that has never been paired with Saint. Hint Hint lol. Sep 18, 2016
adr1229 These performers look nice. But I don't understand why they are called "models." What are they modeling? Exactly. They are amateur porn guys. But anyway, more awkward silly talking before, during and after video. Such a turnoff. I have to fast forward 60 percent of the short video clip. I wish the camera guy would simply shut up and let them have sex the way real black men have sex. Not this made up stuff and obvious copying off porn videos. Jul 18, 2016
3606tsb72 Love both models. And as usual, Mike won't spend time showing their dicks as there's much too much ass and more ass (at the expense of the objects of many of our affections). As an example, during the interview at the end, the cameraman doesn't think to show their beautiful, long and thick (Freaky J) ding-a-lings. Please try to do better. ADDICTIONZ not ADDICKSHUN. Jun 6, 2016
cocopop @curious3397, we all know your high expectations revolve around when a sexy big dick model on here starts out as a top that you see as your (husband, booo, boyfriend) bottoms it just breaks your heart. It is hard for you to understand you are not the only other man than yourself that wants to get fucked too, it's something strange about your disappointment. May 16, 2016
sosobig Damn...I want to hit Freaky J now too Jan 21, 2016
curious3397 OK, Freaky J. I really wanted to believe that you were going to rock this joint after your first scene. But to my disappointment, you have bottomed FAAAAAAAAR too long for me to see you any different. I was a fan when you did your thing years ago, you were really cool then, and I thought nothing of it... But then you started this and I had to see it for myself. You were the reason I joined, now I'm not so happy I did. Sorry, but for my high expectations. Jan 4, 2016
cam3121 Now THIS is a classic scene. Blake and Freaky J are hot and seeing them together was smoking! I loved that both guys sucked dick. That got me so hard and the fucking sent me over the top. This scene gets an A+ Jan 1, 2016
chgohydepar1 Watching Freaky J grind his hole on Blake's big dick in the backwards cowgirl position was fucking eroticism at its best. That's when I couldn't hold my load any longer. Sweet! Dec 30, 2015
tonyjai29 I love me some Freaky J and he took that pounding from Blake, I was so turned on by it. Dec 27, 2015
Jake64 luv me some Blake Bishop Dec 22, 2015
supreme Both are good actors, with others ..... even though Blake may have wanted Freaky J it turned out not to be such a good match. Having said that it will get you there ! Nov 30, 2015
debonairbba Love you Blake😘!! You did ya thang! Nov 19, 2015
tpw88899 This is an excellent video ten plus Freaky J is so Masculine and phine he has one nice ass I love the way Blake fuck the shit out of Freaky J tight ass hole he can take Blake big black dick like a pro. Blake is very good looking. Nov 18, 2015
Cobra Sad that the downloads are an extra "paid" feature but this is one performance that I'll have to spring that extra cash just to enjoy this hot scene over and over. Another BBA "Gay for Pay" classic video. Nov 18, 2015
gigante any scene with Blake Bishop is an automatic THUMBS UP!!!! more scenes with Blake.....pleeeeeease Nov 18, 2015
write1in618 This scene was hot. My favorite parts include Freaky J being his freaky self and putting Blake in a standing 69 so he could eat Blake's ass as well as the very intense, aggressive pounding Blake gave Freaky J in multiple positions and Freaky's stunning ability to take it. It's hard to believe this sexy MF is now a bonafide gay porn star. Wow! Nov 17, 2015
blklvr it could have been much hotter if Freaky J knows how to eat Blake's ass. It's a very nice ass. Nov 16, 2015
RudeMitch As usual, Blake delivers!! I am absolutely a fan of this dude. He's very sexy and I love all his scenes. Handsome dark chocolate brother. And screw his not talking shit. It's all good. His facial expression shows he's not just there doing a job because he's getting paid. He's enjoying his work. As sex is supposed to be...enjoyed!!! You go son!! Nov 16, 2015
matt79699 Blake, as always, is scorching hot, very intense and so, so sweet. You can see that he was raised right. Oh what I wouldn't give to suck that amazing cock and then get fucked by him!!! Freaky J proves to us that he actually LIKES mansex (or at least his body does) by coming while getting fucked. Yeah, he's grossed out about getting cum in his mouth, but so are more than a few gay guys. I think he gave it his all in this video. Nov 16, 2015
kapukan2 Blake is too quiet and shy...hardly said a word. You're supposed to talk shit during sex. Nov 16, 2015
kapukan2 dadlone15: Freaky J looked pissed off? Where did that come from. He looked Happy as fuck to be there and turned on. Nov 16, 2015
buckim Both dudes are lovely and fun. I hope the next time Freaky J appears on BBA his gorgeous balls will be more celebrated because they are fantastic! Nov 16, 2015
dadlone15 Dis shit was hot as fuck, but freaky J looked pissed off from the beginning. The last kiss was like, there, I DID IT, YOU HAPPY?! Overall sexy ass performance! Nov 15, 2015
kingd02 I want to c freaky j and saint do a flip flop scene Nov 15, 2015
kingd02 i loved every min of this! Both r very attractive dudes Nov 15, 2015
kapukan2 Hot! Freaky J! Welcome back Dude, One of the best scenes on this site. My Xmas wish is to have a threesome with Freaky J, Apollo, and Montanna. That would be a great combination. Nov 15, 2015

When Blake Bishop first visited earlier this year, he told me over dinner that Freaky J was one of his all-time favorite BBA models, and someone he's always fantasized about meeting and fucking.

For his first trip back after several months, I decided to reward Blake for all of his hard work and great scenes over the past year by fulfilling his fantasy of having the sexy straight stripper and former YouTube star all to himself for the night, to do with pretty much whatever he pleases!

And since it's mostly cold, dark, and rainy outside this time of year, where better to make a porn dream come true than in front of a romantic fire?

For Blake Bishop, this might be a long-time fantasy fulfilled, but for Freaky J, it's his BIGGEST challenge so far - literally! Lucky for us, he proves that he's up for the challenge and ready to take things to an even FREAKIER level for his first scene back in over a year, delivering what is easily his best performance so far.

Whether it's bravely trying to deep-throat Blake Bishop's huge dick or licking another man's asshole for only the second time in his life, sucking Blake's big dick right out of his own freshly-fucked ass or taking "nutt" in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME, this is Freaky J like you've NEVER seen him before!

There's nearly a FULL HOUR of erotic tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating, followed by the thrilling sight - almost unthinkable not too long ago - of Freaky J bent over the couch, grunting and cursing and screaming like one of the bitches in his homemade videos as his cute muscle-butt gets pried open and aggressively POUNDED by Blake Bishop's RAW dick!

See for yourself what leads up to a shell-shocked Freaky J hilariously declaring "HE DEMOLISHED MY ASSHOLE!" by the end of this scene.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 15, 2015 56 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Freaky J
Freaky J

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