The Reluctant Rapper Returns

Several weeks after his audition, DJ Back Blocks reluctantly returns, saying that he needs some quick cash and is even willing to try something with a guy in order to earn it.

Things don't go quite according to plan, however, and it turns out that some straight thugs still have their limits - regardless of how much money they're offered! There's still some hot "bonus footage," however, from two separate encounters filmed on the same day - one with DJ and Murda, and the other with a local transsexual - in which DJ Back Blocks tries at least a couple new things for the cash!

See for yourself what happened when we tried to "turn out" this big-dicked young rapper....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, DL Chill Spot, First Times, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Oct 29, 2012 33 min
Photo of DhaTruBecky
Photo of DJ Back Blocks
DJ Back Blocks
Photo of Murda

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