Behind Closed Doors #3

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emiliano69 Hot af! The head train, ass eating centipede, and spitroast...

Jun 12, 2023
emiliano69 we need bandit to fuck both of them Mar 15, 2019
timoteo144 Boring scene...and I'm a fan of Bandit... Jun 16, 2017
jaydee4071 I was really looking to see shazeer maybe bottom for bandit and bandit get it back Jun 12, 2017
cocopop Hell, Bandit seem to enjoy Isaiah fucking him with a bigger dick more than either one of these two both with smaller dicks. Jun 10, 2017
room121 It lacked chemistry. It wasn’t the right blend of performers and as a result awkwardness was self-evident throughout the scene. However, it’s always enjoyable seeing Bandit getting fucked. :-) Jun 10, 2017
Nogente32 I really want to see Blake and Stylez in a one on one scene. They had undeniable chemistry in the orgy scene that needs to be explored more. Also Stylez needs to bottom. I'm tired of the games lol. Let's see some dick in that ass. Jun 8, 2017
Mcurry 1. Shazeer is too timid to be a top. 2. Please bring Rico's fatass back. I miss that pudgy nigga. Jun 7, 2017
illtown22 I'm fine with Bandit whatever he does in a scene. Shazeer should bottom only or he can go and Stylez has always been take him or leave him status. He needs more practice if he wants to be a top. Also, whats with this light skin label all of a sudden? They are all just different shades of black. Don't start that, not cool. Jun 7, 2017
chrispaul thank you guys for giving us hope to know that we are loved blake, lil tyga staxx , corey knockout, rico, and the others we see passion and please don't forget Apollo he is a dream and freaky j the rest of you beautiful peps I renew my contract lol Jun 6, 2017
cocopop One of the first scenes with Bandit where I didn't get a nut. Mike he needs to come back soon so he can get some ass. Jun 6, 2017
thabang13 I need Stylez to get fucked by Blake ! Jun 6, 2017
Taytay I would have to agree with some of the others, stop trying to make Bandit a full bottom. Such a turn off! Wasting all that good dick! He should have been fucking both of them especially Shazeer little pussy lol Dont get me wrong, I love it when Bandit suck dick, he actually getting better too, but let's keep him a top. Don't let the nigga with the biggest dick go to waste. They all should be taking turns, fighting over that damn third Jun 6, 2017
pear101 Shazeer was a snooze fest. He should have been the bottom Jun 5, 2017
pear101 Bandit is the best model on this site!! love that dude!!! Jun 5, 2017
Donald Michael, I Thought Nothing Would Be Hotter Than Show And Tell, Boy Was I Wrong!!!😂 This Was SMOKING!!!😉😉😉 Every New Video Is Hottt!!!😉😉😉. I Know You Said Threesomes Are Expensive, But This One Was Well Worth It!!!😉😉😉 I Am Glad I'm Subscribed To BBA, Thanks Again For These Great Videos!!!😂😂😂 Jun 5, 2017
simplett @ Michael Galletta the threesome was cool whiles u bothering shazeer to bottom which I don't think he is one u should make and pay him the rite price to take dick is stylez he is a natral bottom he playing u cause I guarantee he has taken dick in his life time the way this boy acts the way he puts his leg up when he is fucking and being suck he is a bottom for sure I knew bandit was a bottom when he first appeared on bba and I was rite. Jun 5, 2017
Damon7 ... Man leave Shazeer at home.
Delete his boring ass from the roster.
Jun 5, 2017
Black37 Still waiting on Bandit/Blake! This threesome was wack. Bandit made it mildly interesting. Shazeer was not needed and Stylez topping skills are mediocre at best. Meh Jun 4, 2017
MichaelGalletta I just wanted to respond to a few things that have come up in the feedback:

Like many of you, I would have definitely preferred that this be a more versatile threesome, but short of raping the other two guys, that just wasn't going to happen! Like I tried to clarify in the official scene summary, this scene was actually filmed BEFORE the one-on-one encounter in which Shazeer bottomed for Stylez, so neither one of them was ready or willing to bottom at the time this was filmed. I realize it's a little confusing when the scenes are released out of order, something I try to avoid doing as much as possible, but I had good reasons for releasing the other one first.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while it's certainly a very hot FANTASY to imagine both virgin newbies bending over for Bandit's baseball bat of a dick, let's be real - that is NOT a dick well suited for breaking in fresh virgin ass! Hell, there are many experienced gay POWER BOTTOMS who would run from that dick, so Bandit trying to bust either one of their cherries was out of the question.

As some of you have acknowledged and appreciated, my focus for this scene was on bringing together three of BBA's sexiest and most popular light-skinned models for a hot threesome, plus the novelty and thrill of seeing Bandit basically stuffed at both ends with raw dick. In my opinion, THAT is what makes this scene unique and hot.

It obviously didn't go as well as I'd hoped and I completely agree that more fucking and a greater variety of positions would have made it much better. But keep in mind that this is unscripted AMATEUR porn and not every shoot is going to be a perfect success. Some of you might appreciate the fact that Shazeer's lackluster performance in this scene actually turned out to be a big part of how I was able to talk him into bottoming a couple days later. So I guess you could say it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, LOL!
Jun 4, 2017
KodyFan This was worth the wait!! Couldn't make it past the ass eating!! But am I the only one wanting to see Stylez fucked? This nigga's fucking EVERYBODY!! He's even telling guys...STARS like Bandit what to do in videos. If there's ever been a model that needs to be fucked, it's Stylez!! Lol. Jun 4, 2017
mac198726 I agree it should have been a flip flop. Stylez and Shazeer is boring me so much it's not even funny. Bandit should have topped both of them period. Jun 4, 2017
Coolrod I hope you paid Bandit some good money to do this scene with these two guys. The other two should give you a refund for their weak and boring performances! Jun 4, 2017
Coolrod This scene was very disappointing! Why in the hell did Bandit bottom for those two soft guys claiming to be tops. Shazeer f____ked up the entire scene with his lack of energy and claiming "I don't do that" when Bandit tried to get in dat azz! Stylez is boring and needs to give up dat azz too! Making Bandit the bitch in this scene was all wrong! Shazeer and Stylez need to bend over or get the hell off BBA! Jun 4, 2017
crazyface11 Bandit is EVERYTHING to me!! I actually prefer him bottoming than topping, but what I prefer more than anything is FLIP FLOPPING. We need more of that! I was a little disappointed in this scene as well. I felt like there was way more sucking and not enough fucking. I think it was also the lack of positions. Bandit is almost always fucked doggy style. We need more variety!! Bandit and Bishop next!! I <3 you Bandit!!! Jun 4, 2017
tayshawn3 Very hot scene I love the light skins together, I do agree Shazeer seems off in this scene more than his other scenes and I did want to see Bandit digging in both or at least one of their guts..however the scene with him and Stylez on the stairs was hot as fuk and I nutted everywhere...a third light skin would have been better in this scene than Shazeer. Jun 4, 2017
debattxx I would love 2 see bandit and lil scrap. or bandit and freaky j. also scrap and apollo Jun 4, 2017
BestKeptSecret My nigga Bandit takin dick like a pro now!!! Jun 4, 2017
lionel555 I really enjoy this video, kind predictable....that the big dick sexy bandit would bottom for two 7 inches cocks LolLol much luv too bandit... Jun 4, 2017
Docteur It is time for Stylez to get fucked for real. He has fucked six people now and has only been barely touched by Blake Bishop. This would have been much better if everyone had flip flopped, Seeing Bandit bottom for both of these two teetered on the brink of blasphemy. Jun 3, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Redbones! Ok seemed interesting........but after viewing a little disappointed. Shazeer behaved clueless & out of it wth man. Bandit needs to stop wearing the hats in the action scenes its distracting. I thought the threesome would've been equal opportunity, Bandits ass shouldn't have been the only one on the line....... & that boy Stylez is ready for a deep dick down ( all that noise he made during the rimming) Mike get that stud a one on one preferably Lil Scrap asap. Jun 3, 2017
dArt61 Stylez loves him some Bandit... Jun 3, 2017
getdickhoe I'm mad you made the sexiest dude on bba Bandit (in my opinion) bottom quick as fuck so now he likes to get fucked but yet Stylez is soft af and you still haven't made him bottom. Stylez said he is doing it for the fans and the fans wanna see him get fucked. And personally I wanna see bandit dig in his guts. Jun 3, 2017
terbernt Bandit: don't even have to think twice about purchasing. Done. Jun 3, 2017
cusmile1x though he's not really a bottom bandit continues to step up to the plate i love his work but i would like to see him back on top more also Jun 3, 2017
Perriason If this was filmed a couple days prior to the shoot with Shazeer & Stylez, what was the deciding factor for Shazeer's partner for his first on cam bottoming scene? I think Bandit as Shazeer's top woulda been a lot more interesting than Stylez. Bandit woulda gave him something he could feel. Just my opinion. Jun 3, 2017
elleb789 The idea was better than the execution! Jun 2, 2017
chgohydepar1 Who is Shazeer? Was there really a 3rd person in this hot video with Bandit and Stylez? No, really? Jun 2, 2017
romack767 I am kinda disturbed with this video. You r turning Bandit into a bottom. I want to see him fucking more and not being treated like a Bitch. He has proven himself. Then he goes after Shazeer and Shazeer say he don't do that after being fucked by Stylez, Bandit deserves better. I am really pissed Bandit should have been able to fuck these 2 wannabees. Jun 2, 2017
MARK182 6 credits to download seems to be code for MEDIOCRE which is how I would classify this scene. Shazeer reminds me a lot like Mello (STIFF & BORING), not even Bandits talents could save this scene. Jun 2, 2017
kidon7000 WOW....just amazing. All new level. Now the only one who really needs to get fucked good is Stylez. He got fucked a little bit in the orgy by Blake Bishop. This was truly beautiful work Mike and worth the wait. Like I said most of these guys we have followed have slowly got to the point of getting fucked such as Shazeer but now its time for Stylez in the same setting would work for me. Good job! Jun 2, 2017

Sneak with us “behind closed doors” to spy on all of the freaky, NASTY things that horny black guys sometimes do with each other IN SECRET when their girlfriends and “baby mamas” think they’re busy at work or just hanging out with their “homeboys”....

This includes slobbering on each others’ big dicks, licking each others’ tight assholes, and sometimes even RAW-fucking one of their "bros" in his ass!

Filmed a couple days prior to the recent one-on-one encounter between Stylez and Shazeer, this was the very first threesome for both Bandit and Shazeer, and you can tell they were both a little bit nervous and uncomfortable with the idea, at least at first.

There’s lots of dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW spit-roast fucking as three of BBA's sexiest light-skinned models (two "DL" and one "straight") explore each others' naked bodies for the VERY FIRST TIME and have the kind of freaky, forbidden fun that only guys can enjoy with each other....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Jun 2, 2017 44 min
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