Justice Is Served

mdcarmichael The most cum from two dicks in a single scene...LOVE this! Sep 12, 2020
mdcarmichael Justice dripping precum outta Mar’s mouth and ass is so hot. Then he shoots everywhere... Feb 8, 2020
mdcarmichael Two cum fountains in the same scene...Love this! Feb 1, 2020
DBackMariner Just joined and I've busted four nuts to this scene already. Justice is that dude...I'm in love with him. Definitely favors Lebron and all that hair...his cum shot was everything though. More and more of Justice, please. Aug 26, 2018
unitedguy18 Justice nut is also insane Aug 22, 2018
unitedguy18 Justice is boyfriend material y'all and low-key my type his dick look perfect too just wish Mar took it better Aug 22, 2018
Claudebb Justice is perfect....he’s masculine and gentle and he comes across as a skilled fucker...he’s not just banging....he also shows a level of intellect and in my opinion a latent interest in being behind the scenes...his scenes tend to be very crisp and clean and believable and professional....aside from the obvious physical you guys should put the writing and directing talent to use. Aug 21, 2018
lucasamazing Def. liked this new style! By far the hottest video I've ever scene on this site. Justice is beautiful, there was no long, unnecessary interview, the models both actually acted like they wanted to be there, and for once it didn't feel coerced or borderline mentally abusive to the models. Videos like this are what this site was made for! Hope to see more guys like Justice and wayyy more content from Shax! Good Job! Apr 27, 2018
wander thanks for bringing Justice. I find him very hot. Love the rimmings, esp Justice's hole. And his cum shot.....AWESOME!!!!!! More of him please....hopefully with Scotty. Mar 11, 2018
cocopop Sexy Justice needs a dick in that hairy ass of his, homeboy got hot as hell with Mar caressing that hole. I hope to see more of him, where he can take to the next level. I love how he caresses Mar head and face, I find that hot, mostly only Saint, the straight model caresses. Mike hurry up and bring him back. Mar 5, 2018
Wiccan107 Love love love this scene.!! The chemistry is amazing between these two. I felt like a voyeur watching two boyfriends making love. Just wow! This is definitely one of my favorites...lets not even talk about that cum shot! Damnnn! Mar 4, 2018
mdcarmichael Such big loads from both Mar and Justice. I thought Justice was dripping nut, but that was just precum ...Then he shoots a huge load! Feb 28, 2018
starks105 are u seriuos OMG this soooooooo one of the most hot scenes so far Feb 19, 2018
Bellyboyblues I love everything about Mar!!! His pairing with this new guy Justice was perfect. Both of them rimming each other was HOT. Feb 18, 2018
simplett @ mcurry y u not into mar just curious y u not into him I like him a lot but I just want to c him give dick Feb 11, 2018
Justen I love it when Mar bottoms. He is so sexy, and cute when he takes dick. Feb 11, 2018
Justen Wanna see stylez bottom again. Feb 11, 2018
supreme One of the best cum scenes in BBA history .....Justice will make a great bottom Feb 10, 2018
Mcurry Not into Mar. Why is he in every scene now? Feb 2, 2018
Jayden27 Justice is a keeper. I love his calm demeanor and approach toward doing porn. He's not only pleasing to the eye, his sex sounds alone, are hot enough to send you into an orgasm. He came across as authentic. I especially loved the chemistry that he and Mar had on camera. There were moments where it seemed they just forgot the camera was there altogether.

It's always great to see Mar---hope we continue seeing him for a while. Mar has been consistently great throughout all of his scenes so far. He appears to give his all to make the scene hot. He succeeds every time.

The scene overall was great, and I do hope that Justice decides to hang out in the BBA zone for a while. He was very enjoyable. I know that it would take awhile Mike, but Justice is a future top to be taken down...that ass is nice!
Feb 1, 2018
blackforest Two hot dudes , very boring scene. Feb 1, 2018
Mother00 Didn't do anything for me. Feb 1, 2018
caliroc Enough Mar, I'd like to see Justice bottom with Manny Killa. Feb 1, 2018
thabang13 Wanna see Justice bottom with Blake Jan 30, 2018
downtofuck the fuck was boring Jan 30, 2018
jujan35 When you going to let Mar top. Jan 30, 2018
Manpower1010 Love love love love love love love love love Jan 30, 2018
champse550 def more justice!!! Jan 29, 2018
zhiva1 I like the new kid. He talks shit - I like that. He also attractive and hairy. Good job! Jan 29, 2018
ToriFan OMFG. r u tryin to fuckin kill me

that scene almost surpassed DRAGON n TORI. Mar n Justice could both fuk me and i dont get fucked on a regular.

score is a 12 outta 10

both guys have what turns me on.

i nutted in tub getting ready for church.
Jan 28, 2018
yepnigg4 Mar is really hot. I wanna see him with BANDIT sooooooooo baaaaaad!!! Jan 28, 2018
lamarcjohnson Justice looks like Lebron James, omg. I just imagined Lebron after a game getting down with a teammate in the hotel room. Justice has nice hairy limbs and big feet. Mmmm I just want more, more, more of him. Jan 28, 2018
kevin343 Did I miss something here ? Justice was not served. I didn't see the chemistry at all. It lacked luster. Nothing against Justice. He seemed very nice . Nice looking body. Nice looking dick. Kissing could have been a little more passionate. MAR is body of perfection. I can't take my eyes off of that caramel skin, and those beautifully sculpted lips. I am literally in those scenes while he is fucking and kissing. In my mind. lol. Those damn full Lips! Until we meet again ! Jan 28, 2018
emmyfan Justice is very attractive and the hairy ass is hot!

He has a beautiful thick cock that is big enough for me.
Jan 28, 2018
emmyfan The ass eating is hot! Justice has a hot hairy ass! Jan 28, 2018
texasbugg I knew this was a football player i love them football players cause after they fuck they stay hittin up your cellphone asking to fuck again if u say not right now they will come to your house come in your room while mom at home get u to close your bedroom door lock it pull your pants down bend over the bed and fuck u real slow/easy mom don't think nothing football players say it's super good when u stealing that asshole i know this has happen to a lot of us that's why i love mar thatdiamondass. Jan 27, 2018
Lickphistick Whew......I'm drained! You all need an award for this one! The passion, the love making, the whispering,,, just awesome! Shax you did your thing on this one 10 stars for this pair Jan 27, 2018
kapukan2 Great scene! Hot! More Justice. Jan 27, 2018
mdcarmichael Great scene...Lots of chemistry and hot touching. Jan 27, 2018
user1234 this scene was HOTTT justice turned me on when he started eating Mar's ass... and that CUMM shot made me bust !!!!! Great chemistry. Jan 27, 2018
simplett It was ok not as hot as the scene with Mar and Apollo I have a feeling that the new kid will not b back (Justice) his wood was not that big Jan 27, 2018
danirile80 This is going to be an excellent collaboration between BBA and Shax Carter. Justice is the truth, he is so pragmatic about the whole situation. And Mar has quickly jumped up the list of BBA; I see you, partner! Justice is going to be one of my favorites for 2018. I am looking forward to seeing who else (I'm looking at Apollo, Trapp, Saint, and Isaiah on the short list:)). Jan 27, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK Looks like Lebron James & Mar having fun yo😎😉😉 love it..... anything now with this kid Mar is amazing especially now that he admitted his true roots (Jamaican) will now make it more exciting & interesting for me. He said he goes for straight boys mostly, then I think he's the perfect one for Scotty because Trapp is way too advanced for his boy now, 😉 & then we can finally see Scotty & Shaun because that's the ultimate for me. Jan 27, 2018
juan2424 That dude Mar is sexy as fuck with his handsome face, streamlined and shapely body, pretty hands and feet, and those beautiful full lips. I would fuck that dude nice and slow, sticking my candy-red tongue down his throat all the time I'm doing it. (My dik just got hard thinking about that last comment). Justice is kool, nice body, even his hands and feet are pretty, just like Mar. Ending was hot!!!! Mar CAN make a nikka cum! Jan 27, 2018
bandit4true Mar truly needs to be hook up with a dude who is not afraid to fuck him really good because he seems to be very comfortable as a bottom. Bandit, Bishop or Isaiah would put in the work on Mar really good. Most of the dudes who has fucked Mar so far seems to be timid, maybe except for Apollo but he don't have the right size tool. Jan 27, 2018
Jayden27 And anotha one!!! You guys are not playing! The BBA heat continues! Loved it. More detailed review coming soon! Jan 27, 2018
kidon7000 Wow!! That cum scene was amazing. I thought Justice was cumming a couple of times but apparently, it was precum. Very nice!!! Jan 27, 2018
leech10x This. Was. AMAZING.
That body is FINE.
That rimming... that dick...
And that CUM!!!
Bring Justice BACK!! <3
Jan 27, 2018
Bigguum I like the new model but do not care for this format. Something is missing..pace seems slower, sex comes off as scripted, simulated and lacks passion. Just look at January ratings on the 3 videos and you see my point..2018 is off to a rocky start....Again, Justice is nice but not in this format. Mar is boring and I can never hear him or understand what he is saying. Jan 26, 2018
WillF25 Best cumshot of 2018 already! Jan 26, 2018
cam3121 Justice is great looking but I need to see him suck dick in the next film. Mar was going all out on Justice but Justice didn't do enough on Mar. If he's in another film, I hope we get to see him suck dick along with eat ass and fuck. Jan 26, 2018
Damon7 ~ I miss your presence Michael. Why don’t you fuck Apollo? I would like to see that. Jan 26, 2018
texasbugg DAMM MAR i know u r not faking when someone is fucking u that is a pretty tight diamond asshole it looks like a diamond i just know somewhere down the line in 2018 mike is going to pair u with manny killa how your asshole just rap around that dick i was saying damm he is going to cum after 2 mins in that ass damm mar them football players in your high school wanted to beat u up when u wouldn't let them fuck u know i'm right that's some good tight ass u got keep it tight mar keep running babyboi. Jan 26, 2018
Docteur Please bring back the men like Bandit, Stylez, Isaiah, Trapp, Saint...hopefully soon Apollo and Bandit... and also a freed Scotty threesome with Trapp and Shaun no holds barred. The camera clarity is great, but... Jan 26, 2018
hozie7777 I always enjoy an attractive new model!! Jan 26, 2018
spondre THE HOTTEST VIDEO!!!!!...WOW Jan 26, 2018

Making his amateur action debut this weekend is new model Justice, a handsome, 22-year-old college student and athlete who enjoys going to the gym and playing sports in his free time. Hairy and thick with a "football player" build, Justice should be a nice change of pace for those viewers who prefer their black men with a little more meat on their bones.

Justice identifies as "hetero-flexible," which is pretty much just a fancy way of saying "mostly straight." But his early experimentation with a couple male friends growing up seems to have sparked a curiosity and craving for more, which is ultimately how he ended up discovering BBA and applying to be a model through our new director Shax Carter.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for another sensual and steamy encounter as "Justice is served" by sexy newcomer Mar, who is more than happy to remind the inexperienced but eager new guy just how good another guy's wet mouth and tight ass can feel on his dick!

This is one of those scenes where the passionate foreplay comes very close to stealing the show. A tender massage turns into tentative kissing, which leads to hot and sensual body grinding and MUCH more. Before you know it, Mar is slobbing on Justice's hard dick like it's his last meal....

Indulging his newfound craving for guy-on-guy sex, Justice grabs the back of Mar's head and mouth-fucks the hung Jamaican boy's thick, sexy lips. He even lets Mar enjoy a tempting taste of his own thick, hairy, ass before claiming the night's ultimate prize by sliding his hard, RAW dick deep inside the slim track star's tight muscle-butt....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Jan 26, 2018 42 min
Photo of Justice
Photo of Mar

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