Caught You Looking #2

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Phuryous I can't believe all of the whining in this post about how things look "too professional" and not amateur like when BBA started. Things change, nothing stays the same, get used to it. I like the higher production value, it has attracted a lot of very popular amateur straight models who already have content and an audience. If you want amateur porn, everybody and their mama has a whack ass, amateurish OF page. There is PLENTY of free amateur content out there. I can understand concerns with hoping that BBA doesn't turn into a site like Noir or Next Door Ebony. I don't think MG would let that happen, I doubt if that is the vision he has for BBA. It's not like the old days, there is a very real danger working with DL thugs; sometimes when they get outed and start to get that post-nut panic, they have turned to extreme violence. I really liked when BBA used to be in STL, it was a 90 minute drive for me and they have some really fine DL brothers--half my Jack'd hookups are from STL, including my ex. STL is not a very big city so there was a possibility that some of the models were on Jack'd (fyi, a couple were). But BBA relocated to the east coast and recruits from everywhere now. Look at it as a progression and not a change. He has better equipment, more skills, and additional resources. Why would you want him to ignore all of this new experience and go back to shooting on the blue futon in his apartment? Nov 12, 2023
owndalow772 they both got good energy and chemistry Jul 12, 2023
Seanyboo101 Holy shit this scene is perfect ❤️‍🔥 May 16, 2023
iconiclegend23 This shit was so Hot 🔥🔥🔥. From beginning to where I could no longer contain my self as Sax started to moan while feeling those strokes. Whew,The shower, the kissing, the sucking,their chemistry, the ass eating eating and play.The frotting They enjoyed each other.Omg totally hot. Sax bottoming and capturing his body language and facial expressions . I've read some of the comments don't understand how some are not liking the scene but I understand that the love the fetish of straight boys being turned out is what we all enjoy and pay for. So, a solution to is that I would just would add a section with the previews so the audience can see its BBA models who have passed the initiation stage and now are creating Hot content. This was Hot🔥 Mar 29, 2023
Dangerboy Zander taking sturdy dick brings a huge smile to my face!! More MORE!😂. Thank you BBA!! Feb 27, 2023
cbnation07 zander and blake bishop would be a HOT scene because both of them are very verbal and really into it. I think if zander and bishop did a flip scene it would go down as scene of the year lol Jan 23, 2023
dlking93 I could kiss Sax all day Dec 28, 2022
Dangerboy Zander looks so good getting fucked. Dec 19, 2022
cam656914 I like Zander and dont see where all the hate is coming from. Nov 24, 2022
anteup301 Honestly, I hope BBA doesn’t make changes based solely on comments. Instead look at other datapoints like which videos are played the most, which models are searched the most, or even which videos do new subscribers first view. Using just the comments would be too skewed. For example, I read lots of hate against Zander yet for me he is the reason I joined the site in the first place. We all have differing preferences in who we find hot, but the comments section may not be the most representative sample when it comes to major site decisions. Nov 9, 2022
kendol Zander is a great model I don't get the hate necropolis body good camera personality, flip, nice face Oct 27, 2022
eibner Can you make a collab with BANDIT, STALLION AND DEONTREY. I've been waiting for their videos. plsss bandit stallion and deontrey plss Oct 25, 2022
glsfz6 Michael I have a serious question...... Will we ever see you in a scene again with any of these models? I go back and watch some of those early scenes with Isiah and others and you were hot in those. pretty please Oct 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! I'm not entirely opposed to coming out of my recent semi-retirement. But keep in mind I'm now a decade older with the pounds and wrinkles to prove it, so if you're watching for ME then you're probably going to be disappointed lol.

But those who enjoy the contrast between White/Black, Old/Young, Average/Hot, Gay/Straight, etc., and seeing the guys get groped and corrupted and enjoyed by an older white man, might still find them taboo and appealing. Probably won't happen before the end of the year, but it's a possibility I'm still considering for the future.
MichaelGalletta To those of you expressing concerns about a change in the style and overall approach to our scenes, and my nearly year-long absence from filming: Don't worry, I'm still around. Just been juggling a lot of personal and family commitments this year that have kept me from being as involved in the planning and filming of BBA's scenes. Being seriously sick for OVER A MONTH this past summer certainly didn't help.

Thankfully I've been able to delegate most of the production responsibilities to Shax and Montez, and while there have been some disappointments and duds along the way, overall they have risen to the challenge and delivered some of the hottest scenes BBA has ever produced. But I do understand that their more polished and professional style isn't everybody's cup of tea, and sometimes feels like a dramatic departure from my own more homemade, "reality porn" amateur style.

The good news is that things are finally starting to calm down for me and I hope to resume a more direct and hands-on role in the weeks and months to come. Ideally, we'll be able to bring you a better balance between our differing styles going forward.

All that being said, we've tried not to abandon the themes that many of you prefer, as evidenced in recent scenes with experimenting/exploring straight guys like Stallion, Deontrey, Maleek, Kingston, Jahan Ace, etc. Plus exciting new faces cumming soon, so stay tuned!
Oct 24, 2022
loydstar Yep I feel like some of the others and I've been watching since Saint 1st got broke in years ago..I like the unscripted just hood type guys going gay for pay and just being themselves.. Oct 23, 2022
azzfedish I do not see the appeal in Zander? Oct 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta Looks like Zander is going to be one of those polarizing models like Manny Killa or Stylez, who viewers either seem to love or hate, no in-between. I can totally see and understand the things about him that turn some viewers all the way off, but I also recognize that he has a damn near flawless, muscular body, beautiful, thick dick, and sculpted hairy muscle-butt that mesmerizes plenty of viewers at the same time.

Guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm proud to have him on the BBA roster, but I can also understand and respect that he's never going to be every viewer's cup of tea.
vinrod79 Sax bottoming is something I can watch over and over again , just not with Zander. Oct 22, 2022
ef8432 Pairings I would like to see: Manny/Trapp , Elijah/Bandit , Manny/Stallion , Ross/Jah & the return of Lil Jake. Oct 20, 2022
texasbugg i really hope shaun is part of it Oct 20, 2022
bigboii37 Sax sexy af I love when he bottom Oct 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Just wanted to let everyone know this is an "off" week after 5 weeks of updates in a row.

We'll be back next Thursday 10/27 with our Halloween special, the first of another round of at least 4 hot new weekly scenes.
Oct 19, 2022
supreme The chemistry was superb, one of the best of the fall so far....**** four out of 5 nuts!!!! Oct 19, 2022
davids Mike, are you going to produce a Halloween scene this year? I enjoyed the last two. Oct 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Guess you've missed our recent announcements over on Twitter (@bbaddictionz and @bba_michael). For a variety of reasons, we decided not to do a new House of Whores sequel this year. But we do have something different & still Halloween-themed coming to the site this Thursday, so stay tuned!
Trendy17 I love Zander! I can’t get enough of him! Oct 19, 2022
mcchaz I enjoyed this. Zander is a great addition and nice to see Sax bottoming again. Oct 18, 2022
Coolrod BBA has changed quite a bit since the pandemic! What happened to the unscripted scenes with down to earth "straight" boys? I miss that dark blue futon. Lol. Where are Scotty, Saint, Shameeks, Lil Scrap, Lil Jake, and Shaun? These new guys just aren't doing it for me. I'll hang in there for a few months. MG where are you?? Oct 17, 2022
MichaelGalletta Appreciate your candid but respectful feedback and I understand your concerns. Just posted a longer reply at the top of this thread. Thanks!
hairyassholes101 I’m unsubscribing if next weeks update pisses me off again. Idk what’s happening with these vids yall post they honestly suck. I don’t wanna see no thick bi guys with shaved asses. We wanna see straight hairy guys tf. These vids are ass hurry up with fire content !! Annoying asf bye. Oct 16, 2022
Dbillyyo I liked this one for sure... Hopefully, Dragon will bottom in the near future??? PLEASE!!! Oct 16, 2022
damon8 The past 4 or 5 updates have been doodoo. 💩💩💩💩💩 Oct 16, 2022
pachulo85 Hey Mike and Montez,

This scene was okay, the guys did their thing and it was enjoyable but not my cup of tea. I have to say that I agree with a lot of the comments in which they're requesting Mike back behind the camera doing interviews and telling straight boys to touch themselves...or him. Granted not everyone enjoys that but it's that mojo that brought this site to greatness.
Oct 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta Awww thanks, it's always nice to be missed! Please check out my longer reply near the top of this thread.
djv1234 Both Saxgotem and Zander are Hot and Sexy and both are Hotter and Sexier when they bottom. Fantastic scene! Oct 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this one and I agree with you that Sax in particular is so much hotter to watch as a bottom.
lilkeller1203 Mike you are the goat of bba scenes! Bring back your style please I'll pay the models for you. Miss your intros or even your scenes. Please bring back the heart of bba! Also please give zander a major rest . Oct 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the honest (and flattering) feedback! Please see my longer reply near the top of this thread.
Dreadhead9 Do you guys have any more of the dl chill spot scenes if so can you at the one with gunner the dreadhead ❤️ Oct 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta We only own the distribution rights to the scenes that the DL Chill Spot filmed exclusively for BBA, all of which have been released by now. Sorry to disappoint you.
Egypt01 Ayeee listen "Awee yeah, stretching out the whole. TAKE THAT DICK!" LAMO I love it... Oct 15, 2022
nokiyo36 Michael can u tell Ross to get rush back on set please we want to see rush beat some cheeks up I bet that's some good d😜 Oct 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta Ross is probably sick of me harassing him about this lol. Trust me, I try almost every damn day and promise to continue pursuing him until my last dying breath lol. Hopefully my patience and perseverance will pay off one of these days!
misterblack What's not to like about this update; Zander's bare groin. Everything else was superlative. The models had great chemistry and the directing (locations, lighting, angles/positioning) was superb. Hot Stuff: Zander's dick peeking from under the towel as his leg is cocked on the lounge chair; that dive into the pool; bending over and grabbing the fallen towel; Sax parting those hairy cheeks and dipping his tongue into that glorious hole. I loved the frotting, finger fucking (there could have been more); tongue kissing; Sax's lustful ogling; their sex talk; groans & moans as hard dicks made their initial plunges and then throughout. I love Sax's dark nipples and luscious ass. The contrasting hues of the models was beautiful to watch as they entered each other's orifices. This one was fire. My wish list for future updates includes K9 sucking dick and surrendering that hairy ass; Elijah topping and Maleek bottoming, and of course, the return of Zeke, Stallion, Justice, and Apollo. They shine in everything they do. Oct 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the (mostly) rave review! You've pointed out so many of this scene's wonderful strengths in a funny and entertaining way.

Don't even get me started on Zander's shaved pubes. I was PISSED when I saw that too. I truly can't comprehend why so many young MEN are butchering themselves like this these days. It's weird and gross and we try to instruct our models to refrain from doing this to themselves ahead of their BBA shoots. At some point we may just have to start threatening deductions in pay.... 🤦‍♂️😩
jaypablo This was so hot, loved seeing them both together, they both hot and had great chemistry with each other, both enjoyed each other and did everything great, Sax is one of my favorites too, love to see tops give it up once in a blue or even try once, it’s my weakness. Oct 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta You and me both. 😈
hcs1220 This is one of few times where it seemed real vibey. Chemistry and energy seemed real and real sexy. The vibe was vibing. Oct 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta Couldn't agree more! This was by far the BEST of our latest batch of scenes, in my opinion. The passionate tongue-kissing in particular was a highlight for me.
comelaywitme More scenes with Sax being the bottom. The way he looked back at Zander he was enjoying that dick. Let Sax bottom for a better top than Zander. Oct 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta Yesss, that look back over Sax's shoulder was PRICELESS. Instant boner lol.
haughtona2 Where’s Scotty and Shaun?!!!!!! Oct 14, 2022
Dreadhead9 I do miss the old style of bba no acting just reality it had a innocence about it now it’s not the same please go back to that mike that’s what made bba please Oct 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta I completely understand what you're saying and I feel the same way sometimes. Please see my longer post addressing this topic near the top of this comments thread. Thanks.
chgohydeparker This scene is right up there with my go-to favorite, "The Redemption," with Justice and (my all-time fav) Ross. I got pregnant watching that shit (OK, at least 10x), and I'm a top. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a pretty man who enjoys taking good dick, and I've never seen Zander with a more convincing, leg-quivering stroke. Like DAMN. Despite the critics, this scene was on point. Two beautiful men enjoying their dicks, their holes, and each other. If this wasn't authentic enjoyable fucking, then shut my mouth. Great work. So hot. (So far, I've come 2x.) Thank you, BBA. Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Wow, that's high praise! Putting aside my perplexity about how a top gets himself pregnant from watching porn lol, I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this scene as much as you did. It will likely go down as one of my favorite scenes of the year as well. THANK YOU!
Que1205 Wtf are these strokes!!😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ You guys give Zander some of the best BBA has to offer and he has yet to rise to the occasion. He can’t top and when he bottoms it’s just cringe! Long story short he’s not my favorite. Oct 13, 2022
dlking93 Zander was lookin good in that shower but Sax is 🤤 his hard dick bouncing out his shorts, him and Zander kissing and being close, him looking at Zander in the shower and looking back at Zander as he put in work on him omg! Oct 13, 2022
marios I just echo what has been said. No knock to the production crew, there’s obviously some great camera work happening. But BBA reeled me in years ago because of the “recording from home” feel. It feel so real and unscripted. I miss those days. Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta You're clearly not alone in feeling this way and I appreciate the candid and heartfelt critique. Please see my longer response near the top of this comments thread. Thanks!
chauncey Hello BBA -- This vid was pure fun -- sexy as f__k -- I love Zander -- he is hot hot hot -- he is on fire and so unpredictable - and Sax with that phat pretty ass and such a positive vibe -- truly an all-day thing -- What is there not to like about this vid -- Loved it -- a fav for sure!!! Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for such a delightful and encouraging review! "Pure fun" is a great way to describe this scene. Glad you enjoyed it as much as you did.
adrionna29410 Scene was ok. He needed another top. I love BBA but I'm tired of Zander. @michael please we love you. We're just tired of Zander being in so many of the recent updates. We're getting tired of him. It's repetitive Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta That's a fair and understandable critique. We try to mix things up as much as possible, but sometimes things fall apart behind the scenes and we have to turn to models for Plans B, C, hell sometimes even Plan D lol. And we end up seeing more of a particular model than we normally would. But don't worry, we'll give Zander a decent break and allow some other models a chance to shine lol.
eleco77 This is the best bba video in a long time! Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Definitely ranks up there with my favorites of 2022 as well.
B4UBuss2 Wait...yall pay each person $30,000.00 per scene!? And this the shit you put out? LOL - hey! that's what I was told - I didn't say I believed it, the math not mathin. Just hire guys who are content with their sexuality, this delusional "gay for pay" is such a farce- no truly straight male is doing all this if he didn't enjoy it - jus fuck and fuck good - stop all the mess - like damn - bring on real talented performers - without all the hassle of bs Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Did you even take the time to watch the actual scene before spewing this ignorant nonsense? Nobody claimed these two guys were straight or gay4pay. Both Saxgotem and Zander are openly and contentedly bisexual. And they showed a lot of chemistry and passion in this scene.
Mikelowry4life Saxgotem you are one ☝🏾 of the main reasons I ordered BBA. You have the Perfect Face, Ass and Dick. I would Love to see you and Justice do a scene together. That would be Perfect…🤩🤩🤩 Oct 13, 2022
Prime2021 Damn he got a fat ass🔥🔥🔥 Oct 13, 2022
lablue This scene I loved it. I loved how the scene started. I wish Sax bottom more bcuz this is my second time seeing him doing that. Speaking what happen 2 Stallion and Trapp sum of my favorite I haven't seen n a while. I am not trying to knock on these other models but I think it should be moved around so all of them get work. Sum of the same model used all the time i getting played 2 sum of us. If i over step my bad 4give me. And thank u 4 everything u do. Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta You're very welcome, and thanks for the honest feedback! We try our best to showcase a variety of hot guys on our site, old and new. Not always possible due to schedule conflicts, cold feet, no-shows, guys not testing in time or failing their tests, etc. But over the past few months alone, we've featured over *15* models from our roster, and will continue striving to mix things up as much as we possibly can.
Docteur Of the 5 updates this was the best, but it was a lesser of evils choice to say that due only to their perceived chemistry. It seemed less scripted than some and less robotic. I am not a fan of Zander at all. He like Kingston can disappear forever. Saxgotem is just okay, but I loved seeing him bottom, just wish someone else was fucking him. I hope soon Michael you will address the models that will, a. never come back because of their personal life situation, i.e. marriage, being outted in their circle or their newfound religious beliefs will not allow them male to male sex; b. the ones that refuse to get vaccinated from COVID-19; c. the ones that perhaps are incarcerated; d. the ones that are deceased; and e. the ones that simply just lost your number, email, etc. and they have new numbers and have no means for you to contact them - means they are interested because BBA is findable. Also will Scotty and Shaun ever come back and really have sex with one another? Any chance Rush will come back and have sex with another model? Time for some Bandit, Isaiah, Apollo, Maleek, Deontrey, Rush, Scuba, Stylez and K9. Despite the critique, thanks for all you and Montez do with the help of Shax to provide xxx male entertainment - bring on the manly bruthas with pubic hair, LOL Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for that extra little note of encouraging gratitude at the end of your comment. That kind of appreciation goes a long way.

It's funny how the same models can strike viewers in such wildly different ways. You groan in disappointment every time Zander or Kingston pop up on the site, yet these same guys are as special and revered to many of our viewers as Scotty and Shaun are to you lol. But I appreciate the honest feedback and I'm always listening even when I don't have a chance to respond.

I also still plan on launching a "Where Are They Now?" series of posts over on Twitter in the near future, answering the kinds of questions you posed above about the guys who haven't shown up in scenes since the pandemic. If you're not on Twitter, don't worry, I will also try to share the same info here in the comments. Thanks for the reminder and nudge!
nokiyo36 This scene was fire I love sax and Zander sax dude has some good dick u too Zander and the chemistry was on point the kissing and the way they ate each other was enough to cum 3 times back to back great one guys Oct 13, 2022
terbernt My last comment: ya'll can dislike Zander if you want he's one of those models where I'm going to opt for all his scenes, just like Bandit and D-REL. Michael, definitely, you don't have any unreleased D-REL footage you can just put in the store to buy even if its not a main feature release? Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thrilled to hear that Zander has already reached Bandit-level, auto-buy status for you. 😉

Pretty sure I've already posted all of the BTS footage of D-Rel worth sharing. Sorry to disappoint you.
terbernt Wait Zander getting dick, I gotta re-up my credits and I'll be right back ya'll. Oct 13, 2022
Jerity41 Why do y’all keep using Zander his stroke is WACK, his moans and his voice doesn’t get me hard at all. Sax is my favorite and I couldn’t even nut. 👎🏾👎🏾 Oct 13, 2022
MrBrown19942 Damn, this scene is hot!! Oct 13, 2022
jay504 Love saxgotem but I think the top stroke game was👎🏽 Put JAHAN ACE on that azz Oct 13, 2022
Timpen Mike can you possibly work something out and get at least one guest appearance by Jay C. And will there be a showing by Isaiah anytime soon. Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta We won't be working with Jay C again, sorry. Long story.

I still talk to Isaiah several times a week and hopefully we can get him back for a hot new scene or two soon. 🤞🙏
markusg95 Saxgotem alright, lol. That was hot af. Sax taking dick. Yep yep. Oct 13, 2022
kennyg keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the consistent notes of encouragement, Kenny! Glad you've been enjoying the recent scenes and hope you like what we have coming up too.
blacbarbie31 The chemistry was perfect. The fact that Sax had to keep looking back into Zander’s eyes meant Zander was fucking him good. And the gaze into each others eyes leading to a kiss. This was a perfect pairing. Oct 13, 2022
texasbugg sax need to get fuck more he take dick so good damm i need to see him/bandit fucking and kissing the low kisses like that please let bandit get up in that hole of sax Oct 13, 2022
Str8BoyzPlz Mike, I have a couple of questions... When will you begin filming again? No offense to Shax, but I'm not into his filming. This may be a compliment honestly, I personally think everything looks too production heavy. One of the things I loved about BBA was the "real," recording from home feel, if you will. I loved the old scenes that looked like you just found some straight guys that day and talked them into recording that night. This is starting to look like all the other sites. Also, will you guys be having any straight guys first bottoming/bj scenes coming soon? I miss the Scotty's and Isaiah's of the world. Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta You've made some valid and perceptive points that I've tried to address in a longer response near the top of this comments thread. Thanks for sharing your honest and helpful observations about our recent content.
maxkev59 This is a pretty good video for a mainstream site.
But is this the direction BBA is moving towards? The gay-4-pay models seem to present as gay porn stars now.
What happened to the reality-porn format BBA did so well and was unlike any other site. These vids are staged with suggested dialogue by the models (gay porn stars).
Where is MG? Did he sell BBA? These vids are NOT BAD at all, but they clearly reflect someone else’s vision of reality-porn content. Or, has MG decided to change the BBA format for business/financial reasons?
Oct 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta To be fair, the guys in this scene are NOT "gay for pay" and we've never tried to present them as anything but sexually fluid, horny young men exploring and enjoying their bi and/or pan-sexuality. But I hear what you're saying about everything else overall, and I've tried to address these concerns shared by you and so many others in a longer response near the top of this comments thread. Hopefully it's helpful!
200water Yaaaasss! My babe Zander is back…body, ass, dick, face and freckles! Finally two models who know how to actually kiss lol. Loved the frotting as usual. Chemistry was on point (He still has the most with Stallion). Zander in a versatile role is everything! Stroking it @51:00 while taking it sent me over the edge. Waiting for the day when he cums while getting fucked. Cinematography on point. The visuals was giving luxury vacation. Cumshots…hated it! #freeScotty Oct 13, 2022
texasbugg damm i love seeing sax get fucked i hope it's not the last time i will write more later too weak this was a 3 nut buster Oct 13, 2022
chucke1 WOW, I don't understand what has happened! Desperately in need of new direction. Oct 13, 2022
bigdaddy1051 This scene is the best out of this latest group of scenes. Although I know this wasn't what you have originally planned. This is Zanders' third scene out of the last five. At least they had some chemistry. Oct 13, 2022
A123 Overall, this scene was decent. Zander doesn’t do it for me, but Sax is the perfect package. He has a long, thick dick and a phat, juicy ass. Sax, I am a fan. Oct 13, 2022
smokey1984 Enjoyed Sax, but fuck BBA I’m sick of Zander. Enough already!! Getting back to Sax, I enjoyed him and think he has great possibilities! Back to Zander, ENOUGH ALREADY! Oct 12, 2022
MichaelGalletta Please see my response to @adrionna29410. Thanks.

Our latest scene reunites Saxgotem and Zander for the very first time since their epic group scene together almost one year ago.

Sax is hanging out on the upstairs deck, talking to a friend from back home on the phone, when he finds himself distracted by the sight of the muscular, light-skinned, half-naked Zander soaking up some sun by the pool.

With these enticing images still swimming in his horny brain, Sax can't resist the temptation to follow Zander into the bathroom and spy on him taking a shower.

When Zander realizes that he's no longer alone, he decides to take advantage of this special opportunity to pick up where they left off last Halloween by thoroughly "breaking in" and enjoying Sax's famously thick, juicy ass, which has gone tragically unplundered far too long.

Things quickly evolve from there into an unexpected and steamy encounter featuring nearly a FULL HOUR of multiple-"nutt"-draining action that includes tons of passionate tongue-kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, hungry ass-eating, and of course some classic "no holes barred" FLIP-FLOP fucking as these two horny Bi guys get caught up in the intimacy and excitement of their first one-on-one session together.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Finger-Fucking, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath
Details: Oct 13, 2022 56 min
Photo of Saxgotem
Photo of Zander

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