The Student Becomes The Teacher

edster1 Saint, what a wonderful chap. Not only a great scene but a lovely outtake too. Love all his scenes. Jan 7, 2023
cmebillyc Damn! Saint has a sexy ASS! Mar 7, 2019
juan2424 LOL, Saint started lookn like he didn't want to be there! Lol, he prob wondering how he got in this shit, lol. Suspense trying to slip tongue between S's closed teeth, lol. But, yo, Saint is a champ anyway. I enjoy ALL his vids, and I overstand he just gayin' for payin'. Still my boi, no matter what! And suspense is sexy as fuk for a thick dude. I like this dude. Jan 16, 2018

After doing as much as he did in his first guy-on-guy scene, I was worried that Saint might be overwhelmed by the new experience and never come back! Luckily, this straight Army boy wasn't TOO "traumatized" by his first time with a guy, and when I invited him back for a second gay encounter with a black guy around his own age, he couldn't resist the temptation of earning another large paycheck!

This time I decided to try something different by pairing Saint with a more experienced straight model who could show him the ropes and help him get used to doing "gay for pay" scenes. I figured who better to guide him through his initiation into the world of gay sex than someone who's been through the same thing himself?

After witnessing Suspense's shocking "comeback" scene, I was curious to see if he could rise to the challenge of "turning out" a new straight model. After all, it wasn't all that long ago that Suspense was very similar to Saint - an innocent but open-minded straight guy being introduced to gay sex for the very first time. Now, just three years later, Suspense is the experienced "veteran" with nearly a dozen scenes under his belt, assigned with the enviable task of helping me train the next generation!

See for yourself what happens when "the student becomes the teacher," guiding another straight guy through his first gay encounter with another black guy - including Saint's first time fucking a guy in the ass!

The scene begins with an introductory interview at a park near our city's most famous landmark.

Suspense briefly reflects on his intense "comeback" threesome, and both guys share their first impressions of each other less than a half hour after meeting for the very first time.

Saint explains his surprising decision to come back for another scene, and discusses his wife's feelings about him doing "gay for pay" porn to help pay their bills.

"If I can put food on the table for my family, then I think it's worth it!" he explains, defending his unconventional job choice.

Back indoors, both guys sit side by side on the bed in anxious anticipation of what's to come. I remind Suspense that as the experienced "veteran," it will be his job to show Saint the ropes and help him have a good time.

Both guys lean in for a nervous first kiss. The kissing is hilariously tense and awkward at first, which I suppose is to be expected considering this is only Saint's second time kissing a guy! With a little bit of practice, however, Saint is eventually able to relax and reciprocate. There's even some sensual tongue-kissing as both guys gradually become more comfortable with each other.

It's both funny and cute seeing Suspense take the lead for a change, helping Saint out of his clothes as his hands eagerly explore the new guy's smooth, toned body.

"I got this!" Suspense confidently declares as he pulls down Saint's shorts and dives between the nervous straight boy's legs to take his soft dick in his mouth.

Suspense's practice is beginning to pay off with some much-improved cock-sucking skills, and Saint's dick can't help but react by springing to life in his talented mouth! Saint lies back and closes his eyes, surrendering himself to the forbidden pleasures of another guy's mouth.

Next, it's Saint's turn to return the favor by wrapping his thick, sexy lips around another guy's dick for only the second time in his life (and his first time with another black guy)!

Saint nervously unbuttons Suspense's shorts as the boy's impressive dick leaps into the air. As Saint tensely takes it into his mouth, Suspense gasps and sighs with pleasure, even gently pushing Saint's hands away and grabbing him by the back of the head! It's truly a thrilling sight to behold, seeing this sexy straight stud with a massive dick crammed into his mouth!

There's lots of noisy gagging and watering eyes as Saint bravely struggles to swallow Suspense's huge dick, but his endearing eagerness to please more than makes up for his lack of skill!

Suspense surprises me by taking the initiative to move into a hot "69." Saint comes very close to throwing up several times, but with a little bit of practice he's able to fit more and more of that big dick in his mouth.

Suspense pushes Saint onto his back for more passionate kissing as he grinds their naked bodies and hard dicks together, helping the tense straight boy get used to being intimate with another man.

He slowly kisses his way down Saint's body and then pushes those legs into the air, diving in for his very first taste of that sweet straight-boy ass! Don't miss Saint's hilarious facial expressions as Suspense buries his face deep in that beautiful ass! This is only Suspense's second time eating ass, and I think he's beginning to like it!

There's more hot oral action as both guys take turns kneeling over the other guy's face and fucking his mouth!

After showing Saint how it's done, Suspense eagerly plunges his super-sized dick in and out of Saint's stretched-open mouth, even smacking it across his tightly-clenched face as Saint's eyes well up with tears and he nearly chokes!

One of my favorite parts of this scene comes when Saint spontaneously agrees (after a little convincing from me during a break) to try EATING ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Saint is understandably skeptical about trying something so drastically "gay" as licking another guy's ASS, and it takes him a minute to work up the nerve to do it. But Suspense does a good job of coaching him through it, and before you know it this reluctant straight boy's tongue is tensely lapping at another guy's ASSHOLE for the very first time!

After getting that ass wet and ready, Saint watches straight porn on his phone until he's hard enough to roll on a condom and try fucking a guy for the very first time!

Suspense slowly lowers himself onto Saint's dick, struggling to accommodate its thickness as it splits open his round, juicy ass and eventually submerges itself all the way inside....

If you're looking for passionate, professional fucking between two cheerfully gay and experienced "porn stars," then this isn't the scene for you! But if you're turned on by the idea of watching every authentic, spontaneous moment of a reluctant straight guy's first time, then this is a scene you don't want to miss! I've even included many of Saint's hilariously honest and entertaining reactions to the new experience!

Saint flips Suspense onto his stomach and proceeds to fuck him with the kind of skeptical, shell-shocked stiffness that's to be expected from a straight guy's first time. His facial expressions reveal a wide range of reactions to the fact that his dick is buried deep in another guy's ASS - reluctance, curiosity, discomfort, pleasure, and DISBELIEF that it's happening at all!

"It feels like you're DOIN' A GUY!" Saint candidly observes when I ask for his initial reaction.

While Saint's MIND might be reluctant to admit it, his DICK can't deny the pleasure of plunging into a tight, warm ass! It isn't long before Saint is grabbing Suspense by the hips and POUNDING that thick, juicy ass like he probably fucked his wife's pussy the night before!

Suspense grunts and groans as the horny straight stud slams in and out of his beautiful brown butt with increasingly quick and demanding thrusts - clearly enjoying his first piece of ass!

When Suspense begs for mercy and can't take any more (Saint's dick is much thicker than he's tried taking before), Saint kneels over Suspense's face and gives him a warm, messy "facial"! This is followed just seconds later by Suspense jumping up to shoot his own creamy "nutt" across Saint's tightly-clenched face, leaving both of them covered in cum!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which both guys share their reactions to the scene overall, followed by a funny "behind the scenes" bonus clip of Saint examining Suspense's asshole.

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Details: Jun 4, 2012 74 min
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