Manny Meets His Match

SCORpioFeet I love Scuba! Where is he now? Jun 16, 2024
MichaelGalletta He's still around. Just appeared in a couple new scenes this year, in fact.
24markus Scuba L.O.V.E him some Manny. Feb 22, 2023
97DennisRodman One of my favorites. 🔥 Jan 30, 2023
markusg95 Scuba has such a handsome, HANDSOME face, from the front and side too. Love his multiple hairstyles too, as they all fit him well. Also noticed that it is ONLY with Manny that he kisses long and deep. He does that with nobody else, and i believe that he could spend a whole vid just kissing Manny and doing nothing else. Thats wassup. Nov 30, 2022
matt_luis The sparkles in his eyes. Dame, his voice, smile. He is really a sweet kid. Scuba. Apr 25, 2022
peepthis89 Nice scene. It would be cool to see a Blake and Scuba pairing. Keep up the good work. Feb 26, 2022
emiliano69 scuba been a freek from the get go! i missed that somehow. Mar 8, 2020
kingcee92 Ooh & @michaelgalletta you hit the nail on the head when you said you can NOT please everybody & you shouldn’t try to! Clearly doing things the way you like to do them have gotten you to where you are today! But you knew that! Lol Oct 5, 2019
kingcee92 I don’t usually read the comments too much but I was going to comment on how Scuba REALLY liked Manny until I seen all this mess. I’m GAGGING that people really don’t like Manny. Him & I used to converse & we hung out before & he is genuinely one of the sweetest people ever. It’s insane that people hate on him via a porn scene & don’t even know him 💀 Oct 5, 2019
MrBrown1994 Everything about this video, is hot! I love it!! - 🙌🏿❤️🔥🔥🔥 Aug 9, 2019
Docteur Want to see Scuba with Bandit and bottoming and also see him with Shameeks and Stylez Aug 5, 2019
Cuddles Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot Jul 29, 2019
Thz1895 i watched one of your vids that featured Apollo (My fav guy) having a piss...was so hot, any possibility perhaps u could have more of the models do the same please in upcoming vids...have a year long subscription so im here for the long haul xx...and ps love both Manny and Scuba in this vid Jul 21, 2019
Beau This was truly a hot scene and the chemistry was on point. Scuba has the it factor like XL and Apollo to me. He is quiet and freaky. And he love him some cum. That cum swapping, yes sir, on point. I would love to see him bottom. I know it’s in him. He also might do good with the other newbie Shameeks. I believe he can bring the freak out of Shameeks. I am still on the fence with Rocky But this scene Hot could it have been a lil better maybe so. But there was real chemistry. I nutted twice from it. Jul 15, 2019
mdcarmichael Watched this again tonight. Scuba has a nice, fat cock that Manny enjoys feelin’ in his tight hole. I would too! He’s very sexy... Jul 11, 2019
countingto9 best yet pairing instant hard on more of Scuba maybe with bandit yasss thats it lol, shax great job keep it up i think Jul 6, 2019
emiliano69 Newbie pairings saint and rocky, shazeer and shameeks, Kingston and scuba Jul 6, 2019
emiliano69 3some with scuba rocky shameeks Jul 6, 2019
tevin99 Very hot scene!! Scuba is very hot! Look forward to seeing more of him!! Jul 1, 2019
3606tsb72 to "terbent" - Your snide remarks and elitism speak volumes. The business schools of Columbia and Fordham universities are superb, and highly ranked, as are New York's Cornell U, Baruch C, NYU, U Rochester, Syracuse U, Hofstra U and The State U of New York at Binghamton. Corporations, consultancies and academic institutions fight to hire their graduates because they're highly skilled and add value. And graduates of these schools have been known to run "adult entertainment" businesses. Jun 25, 2019
roscoe1027 C'mon haters...these two are about as hot as they cum!! Great pairing and great scene! These two are absolutely gorgeous and hot, and they result in amazing chemistry too! Jun 24, 2019
champse550 hot!!! scuba and justice would be dope too!!
or them 2 plus blake bishop in a 3some!!
Jun 23, 2019
3606tsb72 I love reading comments, particularly Mike's, as his are thoughtful, pointed, and beautifully written, like his defense of Manny, one of my favorites -- but not for this there! Jun 21, 2019
keithpartridge Manny! Always Manny!! Great pairing! Where is Mikey Piper??? Jun 21, 2019
georgette I love Manny and I love watching him bottom. I haven't gotten to the end of this one yet, but I do hope he goes back to nutting while he's getting fucked. Loved that about him. Other than that, he's one of my favorites. Jun 20, 2019
11luvme2u @terbernt. It was a joke. Lmao...I have a career and my own business. I’m doing just fine. 🤣🤣. I got my degree in Atlanta but glad that you like Manny. I like him too. Jun 19, 2019
terbernt Sorry, I guess Stern NYU also. To be fair. Jun 19, 2019
terbernt Wow. I'm reading these comments thinking whether to opt-in to this scene because of the hate I see directed at Manny. Manny is terrific in any scene. I just ask Michael that you pls not hire this person who speaks ill of Manny. Pls. don't. A business major job outreach via comment board on a porn scene. If someone has a good business degree (which in NY would only be from Fordham or Columbia they shouldn't be so ingratiating because life should've provided for them adequately). Jun 19, 2019
11luvme2u That’s why you’re the Great Master Strategist!!! I have said in the past your site is the ONLY site I pay for consistently because of the creativity, connectivity with the actors you cultivate, scene length, and overall quality. I truly appreciate the art you produce and I have been told personally how you are extremely professional and take good care of your team. With all the craziness in the world and stress in life BBA is always a fun way to escape and enjoy beautiful men. Thank you. Jun 19, 2019
MichaelGalletta @11luvme2u: I agree with you about the need for new bottoms, and that's something we've been working behind the scenes to address.
My "ridiculous" comment was directed more at your implication that we're somehow disrespecting or devaluing your opinion by disagreeing with it. It's extremely rare for BBA's viewers to reach unanimous agreement on any specific model or scene. Take the scenes starring Scotty and Shaun, for example, scenes which I personally feel are some of the hottest and most unique scenes I've ever filmed. Go back and check out the comments. You'll find TONS of negative comments about their looks, personalities, straightness, reluctance, etc. I ignored such feedback back then because I knew deep down that their scenes were something special and hot, even if many of our viewers couldn't fully appreciate them.

My point is that we're NEVER going to be able to please everyone with every model or scene, and not agreeing with or catering to every complaint is NOT the same thing as not respecting or listening to them. People have been criticizing Manny since he first appeared on the site. Same with Saint. But both guys are BBA superstars with huge and enthusiastic fan followings, who consistently deliver one unforgettable scene after another. I'm not going to cast them aside just because a few outspoken viewers don't like them.
Jun 19, 2019
11luvme2u You need to hire me to be on your team. I have a good business degree too. 🎓🎓You’d like me. I live in NYC too. 😃. Don’t be offended which I am sure you’re not but don’t you want know what ALL your fans are really thinking? You have Dems, GOP, independents, Green Party...we come in all shapes and stripes. Lol. BBA is the best black porn site out there and I’m going to support you regardless but I want to know you value my opinions even if you disagree. ❤️❤️ Jun 19, 2019
11luvme2u Occasions which clearly says I am not the only one who feels this way. For example, biglarry. So it’s not just “you personally” as you said it’s more “a percentage of us together”. Out of only 26 comments on this scene before my last one 8 had not so good reviews included. That’s 31%, almost a third. So you do you as the CEO (which I trust your judgment) which I know you will but take into consideration what ALL your fans want not just who YOU like. Come on Mike you know I love ya...geesh Jun 19, 2019
11luvme2u Thanks for responding. I’m not being ridiculous. Please don’t be condescending because I don’t disrespect you. I’m respectfully stating my opinion which I’m entitled to as a consistent fan. Notice I didn’t say fresh faces (which have been great by the way 💪🏾)as you said I said NEWER bottoms which I’ve been saying. NEW BOTTOMS!! Not tops who “suck it up” here and there and bottom for the money. Clearly Manny has had a long time to reach 8th place. You’ve had to defend him on many... Jun 19, 2019
MichaelGalletta @11luvme2u: Of course your opinion as a consistent fan matters. But we're also not going to stop featuring one of our most talented and popular models just because you've personally grown tired of seeing him. Don't be ridiculous.

Including this one, Manny has appeared in a total of FOUR scenes in 2019. By any reasonable porn standard, that’s hardly overkill. And the vast majority of viewers complaining about Manny have hated him from the start. So any scene in which he appears feels like one scene too many for them.

Of course we're going to continue finding fresh faces, as our recent updates clearly show. But Manny is currently the 8th most popular BBA model of all time (and climbing) for good reason, and he won't be going anywhere any time soon.
Jun 19, 2019
11luvme2u @biglarry. Sorry, in a nutshell BBA seems to be saying they like Manny because he’s a sweet guy etc. and we’re just going to have to deal with seeing him. He’s definitely a sweet guy with a beautiful personality but I believe he needs a break to make room for newer bottoms but what can I say? It’s their company they’ll do what they see as best. I guess my opinion as a consistent fan doesn’t matter as much as I thought. Jun 19, 2019
mdcarmichael DAMN...I liked Scuba much better in this scene than his first. His dick is beautiful! Jun 19, 2019
biglarry Enough of Manny already.... Looking 4ward to new faces and models with a little more meat on their bodies would be nice too. Jun 19, 2019
wallydaddy I only watched the 1st 10 minutes so far.... AND THIS SHIT IS HOT!!!! This is gonna be my new fav..... DDDDAAAAMMMM Jun 17, 2019
3606tsb72 Beautiful Shax Carter (SC) film...the action was so-so but handsome Scuba did a good job, whilst Manny (MK) was 95% of the time LIMP; I don't know what some praising him saw. Because I luv me some MK, I'll forgive him, but going forward Cialis ought b his best friend. But I love seeing MKs soft dick and had SC kept the camera on it for more than an eye-blink, I would have died and ascended into heaven...really I's the most beautiful cut kielbasa ever. Period. A MK solo - when? Jun 16, 2019
texasbugg how about a scuba/rocky scene damm that would be super hottttttttttttttt rocky said he likes any1 who like him i know scuba would love him. Jun 16, 2019
debattx77 Started off as promising but in some parts Manny looked bored and the moans weren't believable. Also the cameraman missed some good angles. Best part was Manny sucking dick. Jun 16, 2019
buckim21 Manny Killa is certainly the most beautiful BBA model. His face is a wonder and no one feels his love of boys and sex better than him. Jun 16, 2019
Blackncute Not the best editing on this one. Jun 15, 2019
emiliano69 Great duo. Would love to see Scuba and Shameeks... but who would give in? Jun 15, 2019
Docteur Scuba, Rocky and Shameeks please in all out everything goes threesome. Enough of Manny Killa, let him have a break. Bring back Stylez, Isaiah, Ross and the ultimate threesome of Shaun, Scotty and Trapp. Jun 15, 2019
Seymour Michael, I have enjoyed the recent videos by Shax Carter. He makes some fantastic videos. But (Please respond), when will we also see new models from the Big Apple make their appearance on BBA? I am looking forward to the new era that is about to become a reality. Jun 15, 2019
Seymour This was a FANTASTIC suck, rim, kiss, and fuck video. Scuba is, indeed, the WHOLE PACKAGE. Look forward to more scenes with him. Jun 15, 2019
bbsndc Shax no foot play again. Otherwise very hot scene! Loving new guy Scuba and always Manny! Jun 15, 2019
11luvme2u Point well taken! Love to get a response from the master himself. Just remember to respond once in a while to the exhaustive favorable comments and not just the not so favorable. And welcome to New York. I'm a fellow NYer myself. Hopefully I'll get to shake your hand one day. My associate Montez is a super cool guy. I love and appreciate your work. I try to opine and give constructive criticism and avoid rudeness. Jun 14, 2019
mrcwilliams19401 Manny Killa showed the newbie how it's done and the newbie had some tricks in his bags too. Great chemistry and scene between the OS & NS models. Manny Killa always put on a good show and newbie (Scuba) is making a good mark on BBA. Good pairing and scene! Jun 14, 2019
miffyb that was unbelievably hot. both of these dudes are unreal. best cum eating i've ever seen. welcome to my dreams Scuba...Manny, you were already there. favourite scene ever. thank you. Jun 14, 2019
Tone46 I love this video! Scuba is spectacular. Manny is Manny as always, always gives 100% not to mention he has beautiful feet (Geesh 👣) 😍😍 Jun 14, 2019
Godfather07 We waited 2 weeks for this, come on BBA you can do a lot better than this. Jun 13, 2019
1Callise I wish you had take turns fucking each other Jun 13, 2019
bkcutie13 Yo who filmed this? Camera guy this deserves a freaking do-over....u missed all the good shots....WTF Jun 13, 2019
11luvme2u Scuba is definitely a cutie but I’m sorry I was bored. I’m comparing the likes lately to the beginning of the year and they’re definitely down. Even the number of comments are lower. When Trapp was with Ross, for example, there were over 100 comments. But I’m optimistic. I know they’ll be up again. The pairings haven’t been smart lately. I’m sure there are behind the scenes circumstances that are in play. But hey that’s just me maybe the other fans loved it. Jun 13, 2019
MichaelGalletta I'd caution against reading too much into the number of "likes" on recent scenes compared to scenes that have been up on the site for several weeks and even months. Of course the older scenes are going to have higher numbers. Also not exactly fair to compare Ross's epic return scene starring two enormously popular models making long-anticipated "comebacks" to scenes featuring brand-new models the viewers are just now meeting and getting to know. While nothing extraordinary, the "likes" and comments on recent scenes have been pretty typical for most of our regular scenes throughout the year.

As far as your critique of our pairings is concerned, I'm interpreting that to mean you just don't personally like the particular models we've chosen to use. Because you really couldn't ask for more explosive chemistry than that found between Scuba and Manny in this smoking hot scene. In fact, we didn't originally plan to pair them together, but when we witnessed their instant attraction and saw the sparks flying, we knew SOMETHING was going to happen between them - the only question was whether we filmed it or not 😉!

Glad other viewers are enjoying this one as much as I did.

Our new model Scuba reminds me a lot of Manny Killa when he first started out almost two years ago.

A bisexual "top" with a slim, sexy body who promised "greatness to come" when he made his impressive action debut just a few weeks ago, Scuba exudes that same joyous energy and eagerness to please that catapulted Manny to stardom and made him an instant fan favorite.

Scuba's confidence and charm almost seems to catch Manny off guard when he first meets our newest young star on the rise. If you didn't know any better, you might think the roles were reversed with Scuba as the experienced "veteran" welcoming Manny to the BBA Team.

"I'm something special!" Scuba proudly tells his co-star with a seductive smile. "The question is, do YOU think you're special for ME?"

Manny can't stop laughing at Scuba's disarming candor and confidence, but behind all the laughter is an obvious excitement to sample the cute new kid for himself.

The two get better acquainted over a fun game of NBA 2K. Of course witnessing their playful trash-talking as they nervously joke and flirt and check each other out only makes it ten times hotter when these two complete strangers get MUCH better acquainted just a few minutes later.

Manny will no doubt be the envy of many as he eagerly DEEP-THROATS the barely-legal boy's beautiful dick, slides his own massive monster between Scuba's sensuous lips, and even flips him over to feast on that tight and tasty teen hole before giving up his own ass and sampling Scuba's fresh young dick for himself.

Enjoy a front-row seat for this steamy action-packed session that includes lots of passionate kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, hungry ass-eating, and sensual fucking as these two horny black boys discover and explore each others' bodies for the very first time.

All of this builds up to one of the NASTIEST climaxes we've ever captured on camera (in a good way), yet another BBA "first" that you truly have to see for yourself!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Jun 13, 2019 46 min
Photo of Manny Killa
Manny Killa
Photo of Scuba

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