That Ass Is Mine

emiliano69 Blake's super hard dick bouncing around throughout the whole scene, made it that much hotter.

May 31, 2023
jaypablo Loved this scene, they really paired well together, Blake took it good and maintained a hard on, that was hot Apr 16, 2022
joeman Apollo hopefully will get back into action soon. Miss his amazing body and beautiful connections he makes when fucking. And eating cum OMG. Love to see him get some more dick too. One of the greats!! Blake like wise is a first class performer giving and taking the dick. Feb 16, 2021
Docteur Incredible sex action on this video. Oct 8, 2019
khcham I would really like to see Blake Bishop & Bandit double tag Apollo when he's bending over and on his back, making sure the cam is directly behind Apollo's ass so we can see it gape open. Y'all don't show enough of Apollo's beautiful ass and dick together especially when his asshole gapes open. When the cam is close enough to get all of Apollo's ass and dick, his asshole will be right there for us to drool over. May 31, 2019
hobbs11 This has got to be the hottest scene ever on BBA! Perfect pair together! When Blake is riding Apollo while looking at the camera, I ALWAYS nut! I don't think I've seen the ending. That part alone drives me over the edge!!!! May 26, 2017
throwin9 Blake is THE MOST talented bottom on all of BBA!!! First - he's well endowed and MAINTAINS AN ERECTION WHILE BOTTOMING!! NOTHING is hotter than that!! The part with him riding Apollo while facing the camera is THE BEST BBA SCENE EVER RECORDED!!! The ONLY thing that could have made this flick hotter would have been for him to bust WHILE he was getting fucked. Second - He looks right into the camera!!! And when he does, it still looks natural and unpretentious. Apr 30, 2017
Skunkhunt This is the best porn on the net...They have a connection. Nothing turns me on like fucking erect Bottoms. This is worth buying...Jerked to it many times now Apr 6, 2017
aluckett03 Hot hot hot hot hot sexy πŸ”₯ Apr 3, 2017
kevin1 Apollo and Blake are too cute together ! Jan 31, 2017
cocopop That's a top that has taken dick before, he's taking that dick much too good. Nov 16, 2016
cocopop Blake must have some mighty good ass, Apollo seems to be enjoying this ass like he got off on fucking Isaiah. Aug 23, 2016
98988ptw Mike this was a ten plus video Blake sure can take big black dick would love to see Bandit and Blake flip flop. Aug 19, 2016
lmp262 Both of these brothers are sexy, but why do they have to look at the camera, I like to see more of the guys really into it Aug 9, 2016
INDY Always been a big fan of Blake but this just blew me away. I expected Blake to moan, whine & squirm through the whole thing. I didn't expect a raging hard on & him coming all over the place. Way to go Blake..Hot as hell. Best scene I've seen in a while, except BANDIT!!! Good Show Blake!! Jul 31, 2016
curious3397 @sleepaea07: I like where you are going with that concept... unique*** Jul 29, 2016
jowilf @K.MILLER: APOLLO was the one who mentioned that BLAKE BISHOP will be No. 3 after their scene.. only overtakes ROSS after the "That Ass Is Mine Part 2." Jul 29, 2016
KMiller25 @jowilf you called it, Blake is now @No 3. I guess people enjoyed him more in a different position (bottoming). Jul 28, 2016
VSWboy18 Yea I'm surprised Lil Tyga hasn't had a chance to fuck Apollo. That would be a great scene. Apollo has gotten fucked by all the hot boys... Ross, Saint, Isaiah, Blake & Stephon. But other than Saint, it's been meh. Let's see how Blake does. Lil Tyga & Beno would punish Apollo Jul 19, 2016
jowilf BLAKE BISHOP just passed KNOCKOUT as No. 5. Jul 19, 2016
gigante2 INSTANT CLASSIC!!!! be back with further comment after i stop Jul 19, 2016
cocopop Mike, let me be an advocate for Lil Tyga, when will we get to see him get to fuck Apollo, he has to want to get his turn with Apollo? Let's see that happen Mike. Jul 18, 2016
jowilf BLAKE BISHOP just tied KNOCKOUT at No. 5 with 253 likes.. Jul 18, 2016
3606tsb72 Loved this. The outside banter leading to the inside action was a special treat and the natural lighting enhanced Blake & Apollo's already handsome looks; inside the artificial lighting too. I look forward to you filming an outside sex scene before summer's end. Mike, you "done done good." And you know me and my hyper-critical self. Because I prefer versatile tops, it was a pleasure seeing a bottom like Apollo reverse course and do his thang. Jul 18, 2016
jowilf @ADR1229: I guess APOLLO acted good here.. I'm just "surprised" the way BLAKE BISHOP acted in this scene.. It only shows how "gay" he is.. Then, he wants to fuck the No. 1 in Part 2? Oh... Men. Jul 18, 2016
adr1229 Alright. I guess. Camera shots or positions are horrible. Too long on boring parts of video and not long enough when camera finally gets it right. Also, these guys started to act too gay. Come on, man. Only flamboyant black guys or tranny black guys act like that. It started off with the bruthas acting like black guys handling their thing, then went south with the gay stuff at the end. Jul 17, 2016
BigDick7031 I want both of them inside me PERIOD... you should do a viewers appreciation and let one lucky member (me) get fuck by one of them or someone thats active of their choice... Jul 17, 2016
sleepaea07 Great scene Mike and crew. Now a legendary scene would be Ross, Apollo, and a chick in a Bi scene. Ross is turned on by pleasing the other person and although Apollo is a great actor he is def not as turned on with a guy as he would be with a woman but he will do freaky shyt with no holds barred. Just think about it. Two highly attractive guys with a chick in a Bi scene where everybody would get pleased maybe even some DP action?????? Jul 17, 2016
matt796999 Scorching hot!!! Blake is a GOD. I wouldn't have minded some close-up footage of Apollo's cock going in and out of Blake's beautiful booty hole, and I wish you hadn't shown Blake's disgust after Apollo came on his face (a creampie would have been perfect, and a creampie PLUS Apollo actually swallowing Blake's joy juice would have made this video an 11 on a 1 to 10 scale!)...but this video is truly exceptional! Jul 16, 2016
write1in618 These dudes prove why they are fan favorites when they get together. Tongue kissing like hormone-possessed teenagers, Apollo eating groceries to the point of nearly passing out, Blake taking dick with a hard-on that just threatens to erupt at any moment ... I could not make it through to the end before I did erupt! Jul 16, 2016
jowilf @No. 6 with 245 likes.. BLAKE BISHOP will pass KNOCKOUT in No. 5, STAXX in No. 4.. and maybe ROSS in No. 3.. after "That Ass Is Mine Part 2." Jul 16, 2016
cam3121 FINALLY a scene worth watching on here!!! This is a classic! Great chemistry and passionate, great kissing, BOTH MEN sucking dick (about fucking time) and the fucking was top notch. Blake sure enjoyed it and that made it fun to watch whether he's taken dick before or not and Apollo was so sexy with everything he did. Same with Blake. I can't wait for Part 2! Jul 16, 2016
Kaos727 that was real hotttttttttt Jul 16, 2016
LukeNasty0416 OMG!!! This was ridiculously hot!! Blake definitely broke top 5 with this one and Apollo (whom never disappoints) showed yet again why he is number 1!! The way he was caressing and kissing that ass at the end sent me into overdrive!! Good shit Mike!! Jul 16, 2016
lionel555 Not surprising to see Blake on the bottom he has taken dick before, over all it was a very hot scene... Michael keep up the good work! Jul 16, 2016
simplet blake had to have been taking dick way bfor that shoot it did not surprise me he took it well and apollo has a small dick less than 7 1/2 just about that any body can take that so blake no what he was about and michael paid them well so blake would take dick for that money Jul 15, 2016
mrwhitley1 Why Blake looking in the camera like a caught power bottom :D a big dick power bottom. Excellent video, probably the best, Apollo outdid himself. Jul 15, 2016
blackty 10's across the board on this one Mike. I love this pairing of models. I see Apollo was really enjoying fucking Blake he didn't even look up that much like in his other scenes. Blake was trying not to enjoy it too much, but his facial expressions let it all out. I really Loved how Apollo took complete control once that door closed and slam Blake to the wall that's some SEXY Shit. Great job can't wait for next week part two Jul 15, 2016
cocopop What a HOT summer scorcher Mike! As hot as the Texas heat that's cooked Apollo, has anyone else noticed how dark he is? Blake riding that dick, w that big dick of his slinging, priceless. The aggressiveness of Apollo and how he fucked that ass, can't wait for part 2. Jul 15, 2016
jowilf @Mr. Bates: Part 2 coming soon... a little bit disappointed but that's how it must be here in BBA.
"Tops Taken Down."
I guess BLAKE BISHOP is a natural "bottom"... my own observation.
Jul 15, 2016
mrbates This was a good scene but Apollo is at his best ON THE BOTTOM. He is an OKAY top but he is a HELLUVA bottom. Blake is a HELLUVA top. Let's do another scene that way, Michael. Jul 15, 2016
jowilf The best performance of APOLLO...! Jul 15, 2016
retrokid562 Blake sure as hell enjoy getting his ass ate, and Apollo ate it like there's no tomorrow...HOT! Jul 15, 2016
jowilf 80 likes and still counting...
This could be the best surprise of the year!
Jul 15, 2016
dalaperal62 All I can say is OMG!!!!!! Jul 15, 2016
KyngOfKings 10's Across The Board Jul 15, 2016
kalani Fucking weak. You should have let him fuck Apollo. Jul 15, 2016
thatnigga702 That line "I'm gonna make you mine" and how blakes face reacted to hearing it was everything. Please keep these two paired together even after Part 2 when Apollo has to take what he gave. I'd also love to see the two of them in a threesome with Lil Tyga or Cordell as their bttm. Jul 14, 2016
chgohydepar1 super hot...i tried so hard not to jack off...needless to say, i was unsuccessful. two of my favorite models doin' that damn thing. can't wait for part II. Jul 14, 2016
dcain2006 when Blake rode Apollo...OMG hands down best moment Jul 14, 2016
jowilf The 18th member who liked this scene.. Indeed, this is what I'm expecting from APOLLO.. To be the "total top" BBA Model. I will watch this scene later..
This is just the beginning of more Summer surprises..
Thanks Michael!
Jul 14, 2016

For over a year, we've enjoyed watching Blake Bishop in his preferred role as a sexy and talented "top." We've caught tempting glimpses of his cute muscle-butt as it rises and falls while he pounds the "bottom" beneath him, wondering if we'd ever be lucky enough to see it split open and plundered by another man's dick.

Blake Bishop has insisted on staying strictly a "top" and unlike most guys, money hasn't been enough to convince him otherwise. However, like most of BBA's gay and bi models, Blake has also been asking me for awhile to pair him with Apollo, easily one of our most popular straight models of all time.

A firm believer in the old saying that "one man's top is another man's bottom," I decided to make the sexy bisexual "top" an offer that I hoped he couldn't refuse: He could finally have a shot at Apollo's flawless and highly-coveted ass, but the "price of entry" (pun intended) would be GIVING UP HIS OWN ASS!

After thinking it over for the past couple months, Blake finally decided that in order to do a scene with one of his favorite BBA models, he'd let Apollo be the first guy lucky enough to DICK HIM DOWN on camera.

Don't miss another much-requested scene pairing featuring nearly a FULL HOUR of passionate action that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW "take-down" FUCKING!

It's Blake Bishop like you've NEVER seen him before, wincing and cursing and even telling Apollo to TAKE THAT ASS as he clings to the bed and submits to the pounding of his life.

"Not used to being in this position, are you?" Apollo teases in his sexy Southern accent as he delivers what is arguably his BEST and most passionate "topping" performance so far by aggressively slamming in and out of that tight muscle-butt we've been wanting to see STUFFED WITH A DICK for OVER A YEAR!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jul 14, 2016 49 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop

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