Served Up

LngstrkeMike88 I wish I could see more scenes with Julien, he fine AF! However I understood if he moved on with his life. Jan 25, 2023
owndalow772 julian is by far one of sexy model you.and you a variety of models.And some fine one.But mis deamener when i his first guy own guy exsperience was one of thr hottes.Cause seem so honest and real.and he like to fanatasize to which a lot of men do.Im hoping to see more of him.He's defenitly worth the money to pay him plus some.Youre seem should be a role play.with him being a ceo or inmate fucking an inmate.i guaurenty that will be his hot this Oct 15, 2022
imCarlos8 The servant theme was too shocking for his second scene. Julian is extremely hot but the scene wasn't very realistic. Sep 13, 2022
pilsener Finally seeing JULIEN fuck a guy!!! Any chance of him coming back??? Jan 1, 2019
mrallenc79 Julien is bae😍❤😍❤😍❤ Mar 20, 2017
zavius01 Julien young ass is sexy! Jul 31, 2016
max2509 He likes boys, he got a nice ass too and he got the right size dick too all night he can fuck. Jun 21, 2016
3606tsb72 BORING. Few cock close ups; and none from Montanna. He's significantly larger than J. and uncut, my preference. It's ok to show models' dicks as it is a gay video, yes? Please use all the guys assets. Do dicks justice. With the exception of a handsome face, Julien doesn't have what it takes. And his dick is so small and you won't keep your camera on it, so what's the point? Jun 6, 2016
blksung More bondage!!!!! Loved it Jun 1, 2016
cocopop Y. Montana, doing all that hollering like it hurting him with that average dick of Julien, after having both Blake's and Saint's dick bust that ass open. Now that was too much acting. May 27, 2016
cocopop Mello is too boring, nice face and body but boring as hell. May 23, 2016
cocopop "whether 'jowilf' and other bottoms like it or not" always said he was the most vocal voice of the bottom brigade. May 21, 2016
princetahji A sparring match between Julien and Mello would be hot like the scene with Mello and Saint Apr 28, 2016
princetahji Julien is super hot I like the way he takes control. Mookiie would be a good pairing for him. I like how Julien has his own way of getting into the scene and even stays hard and cums. Apr 28, 2016
cocopop Julien's dick is just the right size for Ross's ass, that brother need some dick in that sexy ass, I'm sure he's thought about it since seeing how much pleasure his dick gives other models. Any str8 brother that love finger fucking/tops in his ass must have thought about what it would be like. Apr 28, 2016
curious3397 @cocopop: He was bi curious anyway.. He asked to be in gay porn, str8 too, but this guy was willing anyway. Apr 25, 2016
docbrown Shaven "pubes" on ANY model/scene is always a total turnoff for me! I really don't understand the reasoning for such! Apr 24, 2016
goodtimes1 Eh......Julien is OK but not a favorite model. Would be hotter watching him screw a chick with another str8 model Apr 22, 2016
vuittonlyfe Next time we see Julien I want to see a tongue in between his fat ass! Apr 21, 2016
cocopop What's with Julien's shaved mustache? liked him better with the mustache. And why is a straight guy giving out his twitter account to a bunch of horny gay/bi men? Apr 18, 2016
josh2016 BORING AS FUCK,,the only thing worth looking at is that both are cute! Apr 18, 2016
jowilf Of course, before Michael will be offering a good paycheck... a model must have a fan base and have the most likes. JULIEN will reach that status soon. 58 likes isn't sufficient... what do you think COCOPOP? Apr 18, 2016
jowilf I agree with COCOPOP and that's the main reason why No. 1 was converted from being a "top?" to a certified "versatile" and will be the "bottom" in the BBA GANG BANG soon...! THAT SCENE WILL BE A BLOCKBUSTER IN 2016 WHEN THAT HAPPENS. No. 1 is after the "mola." "gay for pay." Apr 18, 2016
jowilf @KAPUKAN2: Are you referring to my comment on JULIEN? Re: masculinity
JULIEN; he's handsome, muscled and he's a prime example of masculinity. (That's based on my definition.)
Apr 17, 2016
cocopop @djv1234, I never insinuated that not to be the case, my response was to jowilf in reference to "pretenders " and total tops. I'm trying to understand the brothers mind set. I totally agree with you even Rico stated this "I knew this day would come" You and I are of the same belief, and when Michael offers Julien the right amount he too will give up the ass, it's all about the money and how much they can get for giving up the ass. Apr 17, 2016
johnny Get Montanna back in cuffs....he looks so good tied up and really enjoyed it. Get some of the boys to jump him, cuff him and stuff him! Apr 17, 2016
jowilf @KAPUKAN2: I will get back on you later...
"Stay tuned."
Apr 17, 2016
jowilf @DJV1234: There are some BBA models who appeared in previous scenes that didn't continue... they're avoiding doing scenes like "oral" and getting topped.
Apr 17, 2016
3606tsb72 I'd rather see YM f'k Julian's fat ass with his big uncut piece. J seems more like a bottom than YM. Were I making these clips, there would always be some versatile element to them. I HATE seeing gay bros being subservient to "str8" ones, like Black folk having sex with the KKK and bragging about it. UGH. Shame for putting these images out there. Praise for showing gay-on-gay sex / please focus more on these scenes. Apr 17, 2016
KMiller25 I haven't watched the scene but that Young Montanna looks delicious, wouldn't mind having him for lunch. Apr 17, 2016
kapukan2 @jowilf: You have no idea what masculinity is. Great Pretenders? This is something you created in your own mind. Taking dick or sucking dick does not take any masculinity or manhood from a man. I know bi-sexual men who are far more masculine and "manly" than a lot of "straight" guys I know. Apr 16, 2016
djv1234 @jowilf@COCOPOP most dudes who approach BBA to appear in videos go with their eyes fully open knowing full well that sooner or later they will be giving up their cakes and thankfully Julien ain't no exception. Can't wait to see Julien's first verse scene. Apr 16, 2016
MichaelGalletta That's actually NOT the case with most of these guys. In fact, it's just the opposite! Most of the straight guys you see on this site are replying to generic online ads and know very little and in some cases NOTHING about the website or BBA brand. Most of them swear early on that taking another man's dick in their mouth or ass is a line they will NEVER cross regardless of how much money they're offered. (Isaiah, for example, insisted for almost a year that he wouldn't give up his ass even if I offered him a BILLION dollars!). Whether "jowilf" and other "bottoms" like it or not, a straight guy's tight virgin ass is ALWAYS going to be the ultimate prize here at BBA. I might not always be successful (Trae, D-Solo, Jaye Johnson, etc. are just a few that "got away"), but when I am successful, the fact that there was a time not too long ago when the same guy could never in a million years have imagined himself doing such extreme "gay" things is precisely what makes these "conquests" so shockingly satisfying and HOT.
sheldon0914 damn Mike when u gonna get ur hands on julien and spread them phat cakes ... this scene was hot glad to see him back Apr 15, 2016
jowilf @COCOPOP: I guess you know who are the great pretenders...? Remember this, guys who suck dicks better than girls to me are gays. JULIEN and BANDIT so far are the only BBA models that are not interested in dicks because they're a "total top." This scene alone is a proof of JULIEN's masculinity. Apr 15, 2016
blksung I never paid attention to Young Montanna until now....seeing Him being spread out on that bed in handcuffs like that, made me see him in a different light. I love that Julien likes bondage and S&M. Mike, maybe you can make a series of this. Different guys getting jacked, robbed, handcuffed and fucked by him. it "Getting Jack'd by Julien".... It's gonna be a hit. You can send me my consulting fee later. LOL! Apr 15, 2016
biglarry Would have loved to have seen whatz between Julien's cheeks! He has got one of the most beautifulest azz on the site ....and mos def can be a big star in this arena! Handsome and sexy in a cocky way! The bottom did his job and was good at it..but just not my type...or hype... but good performance.. I think the scene where the bottom licks Julien from head to toe was missing tho! might have been nice.... Keep going all the best!! Apr 15, 2016
caliroc would love to see julien take on staxx Apr 15, 2016
kapukan2 To the negatives posted. This is only Julien's 2nd scene. He is still inexperienced but was far more comfortable, confident, and sexy. He was enjoying himself. ..and learning to let himself go. Also inexperienced models need to be paired with more experienced Michael knows how to pair them up. Also Montanna requested Julien. I have been with "bi-curious/bi" dudes and the more we hooked up...the more they enjoyed it and explored. Apr 15, 2016
jowilf @99PWT888: I think YOUNG MONTANNA is a certified bottom of BBA. I will be the one who gonna protest if Michael will allow that to happen.🤓
We need to let JULIEN feel comfortable and the only scenes recommended for... to let JULIEN top "gay" models first. Then, we'll see if he gonna do the next level; touching dick/s, oral sex, threesome, "Natural Habitat" scene. There are a lot of projects in line for him. I hope Michael will listen to me this time.
Apr 15, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, which do you see as the pretenders, Julien is hot though, me, not into the twink vers/bottoms not feeling Montanna at all even his moaning was turning me off. Bet Julien wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up. The theme was alright Mike. Apr 15, 2016
wzupkanye21 I agree his dick size would have been perfect for Ross. To hear Ross moan from ecstasy and having two masculine men go hard would have been the bomb. But I do like Julien and Young Montanna was good also. Ross/Julien next PLEASE LOL Apr 15, 2016
shortyrock67 made my day i luv yung montana tall slim and chocolate...... Apr 15, 2016
chgohydepar1 Young Montana and Julien did what they were supposed to do. The scene was awight. Lacked chemistry. Loved the way Young Montanna serves ass, and how Julien delivers dick, but there was a missing element... Apr 15, 2016
99pwt888 Flawless video ten plus, Julien is beyond phine ten plus body, Young Montanna is phine as fuck both of them has nice ass. Would love to see Young Montanna fuck Julien in the ass. Michael make it happen. Apr 14, 2016
jowilf I watched the half-part and this scene will make JULIEN the real straight guy that I'm looking for... not like other BBA models who are great pretenders. JULIEN projects the real total top! No question about that... Apr 14, 2016
kapukan2 Julien is hot, I like Young Montanna too. Good scene, glad he is back. I love that Julien is more comfortable and enjoying himself.....But if he won't kiss, he definitely needs to eat out some ass like it's his last meal. Also taste some dick. Passionate kissing with some nipple play would be cool too. Apr 14, 2016
Kenzo1942 You should of let Bandit hit that Julien does nothing for me Apr 14, 2016
getdickhoe Mannn I really like your site but this is the first video that was horrible to me. You should have paired him up with Ross or another masculine model somebody that doesn't look so willing to be handcuffed and fucked. Please start pairing up some of the masculine models. Apr 14, 2016
jowilf Thanks for bringing back JULIEN again... Michael. JULIEN is looking great! I will watch this scene later. I'm sure this is a great scene. Great job Michael! Apr 14, 2016

Anyone who's watched Julien's first two scenes knows by now that the beefy straight athlete and amateur MMA fighter is a bit of a "freak" with a fetish for aggressive sex.

During his audition interview, Julien confessed that he's turned on by bondage and domination with females, and admitted at the end of his first guy-on-guy scene that the whole time he'd been imagining his cute gay co-star Kody as his "bitch" in prison.

For Julien's much-anticipated second scene with a guy, I decided to help him feel right at home and explore this surprising side of his sexuality further by cuffing the cute and skinny Young Montanna by his hands and feet, stripped down to nothing but his skimpy boxer-briefs, and then presenting the vulnerable and helpless gay twink to Julien as a special surprise.

See for yourself what happens when Young Montanna gets "served up" to Julien on a silver platter, his very own submissive "boy toy" to do with whatever he wants!

Categories: Black-Only, Bondage, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 14, 2016 27 min
Photo of Julien
Photo of Young Montanna
Young Montanna

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