Atlantic City Adventures: Episode Four

cam656914 Michael what happened to Jah? Apr 21, 2024
emiliano69 Dominic seemed like he was actually feeling it.

Jun 22, 2023
turner95 Mike we want more of Jah!! Jan 16, 2023
Natsfan64 HOTT did this not get 1k likes/IDK Jan 15, 2023
turner95 Jah!!! Bring him back Mike Nov 7, 2022
gdr1gdr1 Nobody Sexxxier Than Jah! Nov 7, 2022
blackforest This is one of my favs. I love the passion and connection between the two. Give us Jah and Blake, and Jah and Apollo. That would be Lit !!!!!! Aug 25, 2022
sweetsam Mike can we get Jah and Lil Jake that would be the perfect match Jul 24, 2022
Natsfan64 Mike....if you can't bring Jah back play his only fans and pay him for it May 9, 2022
turner95 Mike please bring jah sexy ass back. He deserves a good flip flop with saxx Mar 30, 2022
freddy222 Dominic has sexy feet. Love them. Dec 31, 2021
VSWboy18 Still one of my favorite scenes ever. Dominic was becoming one of the best. So sad he's seemingly gone Dec 23, 2021
cocopop @chick677, You're right about that, everyone wants to suck those toes, reminds you of porn star XL, he too had sexy toes. Nearly all his co-stars loved sucking his sexy toes. Nov 30, 2021
chick677 Sexy feet Dominic. Love them. Jul 30, 2021
cocopop Mike, you should bring Jah back, just to ("he can get it again") wear that ass of Dominic's out. I'd love to see him fuck Dominic, the chemistry between these two, was off the chain. Never seen Dominic this passionate, and into a model before. Nov 14, 2020
mdcarmichael @MrBrown19942 - Glad you like Jah as much as I do! We’ve got to get Mike to bring him back...I need to see him so I can get off watching this site. Sep 4, 2020
MrBrown19942 @mdcarmichael , I agree 100%. Please, BBA, bring Jah back. Lol. He’s incredible, and his confidence turns me on even more. 🤎😍🔥 Aug 10, 2020
mdcarmichael I don’t care who Jah gets paired with next...Just bring him back soon. He just does it for me...In all types of ways! That beautiful dick. Tight asshole. Great personality. He’s the ultimate... Jul 29, 2020
MrBrown19942 Mercy. This video gets me right, every time. ✍🏿🥴😍😍 Jun 27, 2020
Phuryous I think Jah might have turned Dom out, got him OPEN. He said he can get it again. I haven't seen him with this much chemistry since he propositioned Apollo at that Xmas party. Jun 9, 2020
mdcarmichael Jah asks Dominic not to use any lube when he puts his big dick in him...Just spit! And his hole gets wet after a while to help it slide all the way in! Feb 29, 2020
mdcarmichael Jah takin ‘ two nice cocks all in his beautiful ass wit Dominic and Scuba. He loves nutt on his face as well. Very hot! Jan 28, 2020
emiliano69 jah is the truth. seems like hes bringing the freak out of the boys, i agree that he and bandit would be bomb Jan 4, 2020
whatsinaname These two kiss like gold fish. On a scale of 10, this video is a 6 in terms of fucking value. Both are overrated. Dec 24, 2019
jrummi although dominic has always been absurdly attractive, for some odd reason I was never a huge fan until this scene! this is his best scene by far imo, and jah little sexy ass has the potential to become bba best bottom! this scene is everything Oct 12, 2019
bubblelover213 Jah is a fucking DREAM! Such intoxicatingly sexy "boy next door" appeal that is only compounded when he's paired with someone just as hot. This is one you guys definitely got right. Dominic is actually pretty sensual and is quite the performer. It was intimate, it was passionate, it was everything I expected. Oct 4, 2019
gdr1gdr1 What Can I Add To All Of The Raves And Love Of This Hot, Sexxxy And Fantastic Video That Hasn't Already Been Expressed? I Loved The Video, I Love Dominic, And I Really Love Cozy Jah. Jah Is The Sexxxiest And Most Beautiful Man I've Encountered On The BBA Stage, Any Porn Stage For That Matter. His Swagger, Sensuality And Cozy Bravado Are Unparalleled...Jah Is Simply The Master Of Seduction. Bravo To Michael And The BBA Team...It Just Keeps Getting Hotter And Better, Thank You! Sep 30, 2019
trymeagain As I said (under a different username) "Dominic IS the TOTAL PACKAGE of a MAN"!!! Make MORE and MORE videos with DOMINIC STARRING IN THEM!!! And why does it take SO LONG for blackboyaddictionz to post NEW and DIFFERENT VIDEOS for IT's site? Seems weeks and weeks before we see something new and different. Just making an observation. Sep 17, 2019
MichaelGalletta We promise our monthly subscribers THREE hot and lengthy new updates each month, and most of our scenes are significantly longer than what you'll find on most other sites. Depending on our travel and production schedule (among other factors), these will sometimes be posted back to back weekly, and other times more staggered with longer waits in between. We post tentative schedule announcements over on the BBA Blog, so members always have an overall idea of the schedule around the start of each month. Hope this helps clarify things for you.
apollo423 Amazing and I dream of putting Dominic’s ass in my face, so I LOVE that he gets eaten in his scenes. I do lowkey feel like he’d be a perfect bottom but... Sep 13, 2019
gigante2 amazing...simply amazing!!! 10/10!!!! Sep 10, 2019
Qbabykp03 I hope Bandit and Jah do a scene together Sep 8, 2019
11luvme2u @Seymour. I hope BBA doesn't restrict new models to just NYC. The United States has sexy models everywhere. 😊 Sep 4, 2019
Seymour I join in the almost (total ?) 100% of the fans who LOVED this video. That being said I am looking forward to the promised new models.
Are these new comers from NYC's 5 boroughs? New Jersey? Jamaican? Dominican? Rican? recent African arrivals?
Sep 4, 2019
11luvme2u I think BBA should really come up with something off the charts creative between Jah and Trapp. There's something about those two that I think will make a really good scene. It shouldn't be ordinary though but something as stellar as when JayC and Jahan joined, when Day Day suddenly appeared, or when Damn Best Friend Rico Pruitt showed up. Maybe a 3sum with Shameeks? I don't know. I'll leave that to your masterminds. Sep 3, 2019
Jayden27 I’m late this time. Special thanks to Hurricane Dorian. However, this review was happening regardless. BBA is the place of where lituations and porn dreams come to life, and this scene was no different. It’s funny I found myself jealous of both models in this scene. Allow me to show y’all A LOT of love real quick!

Jah - This dude is walking milk chocolate. His body is practically perfect, and his assets, both in front and back, are far from lacking! To top it off, he knows how to use them effectively. He’s dangerous. 😂 Jah’s oral work was LIT AF! Everything from the kissing to the way he HANDLED Dominic’s dick with his sucking skills. He also murdered Dominic’s ass with his tongue, causing Dominic to unleash some of the sexiest moans I’ve heard in a BBA scene. Jah was also able take in every inch that Dominic offered in multiple stroke variations. With his enticing moans, and occasional “Damn, nigga!”, there’s no doubt that he was fiening for more of his costar. Dominic, of course, obliged. I think we need to find a model brave enough to bottom for this guy so we can see Jah’s stroke game. I have a feeling it’s 🔥🔥. Good shit!

Dominic - It’s no mistake that this adonis is pure perfection. I could look at him naked all day long. No 🧢. I honestly think that this was Dominic’s best performance. I notice that he is starting to come out of his shell more, and it is a reward for the viewers. He is more talkative in the scenes, and it appeared that he actually enjoyed making this scene. His oral game has improved greatly. You can tell when he and Jah go into that FIRE 69!! He went to town on Jah’s gigantic pole. His stroke game was lit! We got fast, mid-tempo, and slow. They were all sexy! I actually enjoyed listening to him talk about Jah’s ass in the post interview. Dominic seems to be discovering “a new animal” within. He likes it. We do too! Hot!

More to mention - The chemistry of the two models in this scene makes it a must-see. It’s also one that I will be repeating for awhile. Jah, once again, welcome to BBA! I hope to see A LOT more of you! Dominic, thanks for coming back to play, and I hope we continue to see more of you! This whole series was awesome, and I am a little sad that there’s no more AC Adventures. However, I am also happy there will be many adventures with BBA to come.
Sep 3, 2019
h1lda74 "Gay-for-pay" performers please take note: this is how you perform in a scene without looking revolted. In my opinion, only Justice, Apollo and Saint rise to this level of appearing completely comfortable doing m/m scenes. Great idea to pair these two together. I think Jah is a wonderful addition to BBA, and Dominic has successfully made me fall even deeper in lust! Sep 3, 2019
romack767 I have been a subscriber to BBA for a few years and I have never heard a model say their co-star can get it again. That was a helluva chemistry Jah broke Dominic............that was attraction......Dom reached his comfort zone and he gave his all....beautiful match......I'm missing Bandit Sep 3, 2019
blktop2002 Yep yep 👍🏽 @Dualex it would seem that you are the only one. Not at all understanding what you saw. But a wise wise man once told me that everything isn’t always meant to be understood. Sep 3, 2019
babaloostew Now I want an all 4 of them reunion! Sep 2, 2019
Dualex Not watched the entire scene. I might be the only one but I just don't see the difference between this and 'in the pocket'. Matter of fact ITP and the 2 other scenes filmed that particular weekend are far better quality and chemistry wise. I for one is a pro BBA real actor. Lastly of course Dom in time will improve, time to get him to the first page. Sep 2, 2019
lov3dontchang3 I really want Jah to do a scene with Scotty, or Trapp, or PhillyJawz😍😍😍 Sep 2, 2019
Wondering9 I’m thinking jah and shameeks would be a great scene, thank me later Sep 2, 2019
ACTION7 Jah is a working bottom who knows how to bring another level to sex, take notes. Sep 1, 2019
3606tsb72 It's true...Mike, Jah & Dominic received A's for their doctoral-level erotic performances here. The interviews, anal acrobatics (I usually strongly dislike seeing rimming and fucking), oral services (I live for clinically examining dicks -- soft & hard -- for more than a NY minute), videography & lighting were superb. Had dicks been shown longer...say what? a factor of two+ I'd give everyone an A+. Jah & Dominic y'all done done gud -- and then some. Hawt. Throw some cold water on me. NOW! Sep 1, 2019
Jahanfav Yessssssss Yessssssss Yessssssss Yessssssss Yessssssss from the start to finish Sep 1, 2019
IsaiahFan The moment I saw the preview of Jah being in the mix in AC I knew you’d probably line him and Dominic together and I would’ve been disappointed if you didn’t. To see Dominic coming out his shell and being more relaxed than ever and taking control was sexy as hell I don’t think in BBA history we’ve ever seen fucking with NO LUBE or anything just dry like that and it reminded me that this isn’t them fake acting scenarios on them other sites this is real, if y’all don’t go vote for Dominic to be on page 1 by now y’all are some hating ass hoes! This boy is a gift for BBA and so is Jah!

I give this scene a complete 10/10
Sep 1, 2019
mrwhitley1 Yeah, Run that back. Dominic fucked Jah DOWN!!!
That’s how it’s done!!!
Sep 1, 2019
Godfather07 I said I was't going to tell nobody but I just could't keep it to myself, this was HOT!! if you did not like this there is something wrong with you both models were very hot and did a great job Jah is a Freak and I love it, would love to see him work over Scotty or Shaun, Jah brought out the gay in Dominic and Dominic loved it great chemistry, Great job Mike Sep 1, 2019
Platinum48036 I know Mike been oppose to using Only Fan models, but they are some of the best content. Actually better than some websites. I have one favorite I have suggested numerous times that he wasn't interested in. Times have changed. Websites can't compete with the independent contractors. Time to explore using them more often. Sep 1, 2019
bbsndc Wow sooo hot!!! Jah is a keeper!! Perfect head to toe!! He needs to have those pretty toes sucked, just like he did to Dominic! Sep 1, 2019
mauricio1234 I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SCENE 🔥🔥 Sep 1, 2019
Beau This was an awesome scene. Great chemistry. They were really feeling each other. They would make a good flip flop scene too. I would like to see Dominic get some cum in his face and mouth too. Lol. This was a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scene 🔥🔥🔥 Aug 31, 2019
11luvme2u I would LOVE to see these two back together again for a flip scene. Dominic owes Jah some major muscle booty. They both have beautiful smiles and friendly personalities which look great on camera. Jah has to be paired with Trapp soon. Shameeks too. I have a fantasy of a wrestling scene that leads to sex with Apollo and Dominic. Their bodies are perfect for it. I can't wait for September 2019 at BBA!! Outstanding job Mike, Montez, and all the crew!! Aug 31, 2019
11luvme2u Jah was in pretzel shapes swallowing Dominic's dick like a pro. Jah is great with arching his body and positioning himself. He definitely has experience. He bottoms with a masculine edge which I think turned Dominic on even more. Dominic is definitely growing in his comfort level and I am excited about his future scenes. He's sexier than ever! Aug 31, 2019
11luvme2u The kissing was intense and I'm glad to see Dominic use more tongue action and really connect with Jah through the kissing. Seeing two sexy men like them kiss is a huge turn on. Dominic's sexy ass seemed to be genuinely enjoying Jah. I can't fully describe it but his performance in this scene didn't seem like acting. His dick was truly hard. I loved seeing Dominic smother his picture perfect face in Jah's tight hole. The missionary action was flaming hot. Aug 31, 2019
11luvme2u Jah is perfect for BBA. He exudes swagg with his style of dress, sexy tattoos, and way of communication which is a huge turn on. His facial expressions and sex talk are very believable and make you feel like you're in the room feeling what he's feeling. It definitely adds to the scene when you have a truly bisexual model who enjoys sex with another man. I know he enjoyed Dominic. This scene didn't seem fake at all. Aug 31, 2019
11luvme2u This shit right here!!! BBA is delivering! This was great, intense, steamy, passionate sexy man on man action. The only thing I wanted was more eye contact during the actual sex but now that I got that out the way... This is what adult entertainment should be. This was an Atlantic City weekend I'm sure they will never forget. Aug 31, 2019
blktop2002 Yasss damnit just Yasss. See my comments on the BBA Blog for details. aka JVerde. This was everything. @Coolrod is that all you got out of this on fire scene. Jah is clearly versatile and Scuba may not be ready to be split open just yet or ever. Aug 31, 2019
Coolrod So is Jah a bottom? When is he going to fuck Scuba?? Aug 31, 2019
MrBrown1994 Dominic and Jah must do another scene, soon! Their chemistry is undeniable. Shout out to BBA for bringing consistent and amazing content, to the subscribers! Much love! - 🙌🏿❤️💥💥 Aug 31, 2019
MrBrown1994 Listen, I love all 4 of these gentlemen! This Atlantic City adventure series of videos, has been amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next, definitely. Aug 31, 2019
texasbugg when i use the word thugs in these scenes these r what u call good thugs trying to make a living and they r doing a wonderful job this scene was real i busted a fatt nutt after i nutt my dick stayed rock hard so i just went into another fatt nutt dominic was saying to bandit i'm coming at the xmas party dominic made that statement every1 there took it as a joke(WELLTHEJOKER)is now on a rise in numbers dominic never let no1 see his feelins why he is fucking some1 (DOMINICINEVERSAWUDANCEISEEITNOW) Aug 31, 2019
VSWboy18 5* work from both of these dudes. Jah is a great addition to BBA. Very attractive and I love his masculinity. Very natural. And if we had any doubts before, Dom is definitely coming for that #1 spot. Dude put it down. Once Trapp overtakes Rico for top 5, it's gonna be hard for Dom to push out Bandit, Apollo, Blake, Isaiah or Trapp. So as great as this was, Dom you better get creative. Maybe bottom for both Bandit and Blake in the same scene. That should do it!!!!!! :-) Aug 31, 2019
ACTION7 I wanna marry Dominic, yall put in a good word for me. Aug 31, 2019
Pilksta85 Hot hot hot. Please more scenes of Dominic with deep tongue kissing and tongue licking etc ;) Aug 31, 2019
chgohydepar1 two exceptionally beautiful and sexy men... Aug 31, 2019
Teerexx01 I wrote these comments before Dominic sayed what he sayed at the end truthfully. GREAT ASSS JOB DOMINIC Aug 31, 2019
Teerexx01 be as uncomfortable with it as you want Dominic but this one I know you enjoyed. JAH you the truth baby, fucking beast Aug 31, 2019
Teerexx01 I fucking just gained a new level of appreciation for Dominic's sexuality, when this nigga is turned on a new level of sensuality shows up, you can see it in the way he was fucking Jah. Shit he may be straight as fuck but I think just learned that good pleasure comes in many forms. Fuck be straight all day long but what does being straight got to do with good sex. be safe and enjoy sex period. Aug 31, 2019
matt97300 🔥I want more like this 👍🏾😍 Aug 31, 2019
illtown22 Man, these guys are awesome! This was Nic's best scene yet to me and I am gradually falling for him. Jah mos def brought it out of him. The scene was absolute fire and those interview snippets at the end go a long way in giving you a feel for their personalities. And what beautiful teeth they both have. This is a great group of guys you have assembled Mike! I am proud to pay my monthly membership😜👌🔥🔥 Now don't lay an egg next. Aug 31, 2019
Teerexx01 Shiiit, I've neva seen Dominic so fucking passionate about another brotha, Kudos Dominic brought that fire. JAH is sooooo raw I love, love, love this brutha on here. You guys knew what you were doing on this one. Thank you! Aug 31, 2019
sibs Love the scene to the moon and back. The chemistry between Dominic and Jah is amazing. Dominic has come a long way. He totally gets into the scene with everything he's got. Jah is just as amazing . He can hold his own. Michael you continuously outdo yourself. Keep up the good work. Aug 31, 2019
texasbugg these 2 was making love i know they got paid to do this scene it was feeling so good they forgot they got paid dominic said he can get it again that tells u that ass is (48KTPUREGOLD) THAT HOLE GOT THAT GOLD INSIDE BANDIT GOT TO HIT THAT GOLD HOLE TO KEEP THAT NUMBER1 SPOT DOMINIC FUCK LIKE HE NEVER FUCK BEFORE HE HAD GONE BACK TO 1990 AND GOT THEM OGTHUGMOVES I SAWDOMINICUSEAPRINCEMOVE)I HAD TO PUT ON A PRINCE SONG TO WATCHTHISSCENE(DOMEBABY)THATSONGISFORASCENELIKETHIS. Aug 31, 2019
romack767 I enjoyed this scene I have a new appreciation for Dominic.....Jah brought something out in him for him to say Jah can get it again he really felt the vibe being the first to have Jah on BBA even before Scuba these two vibed like Manny Killa and Bandit.....Beautiful connection Aug 31, 2019

For my first scenes back behind the camera in several months, I wanted to do something special, so I decided to take BBA on the road for a weekend getaway.

Montez and I were joined by three of the BBA models and one very special guest for an unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and adventure on the boardwalk and beaches of Atlantic City. And of course I had my camera with me so you wouldn't miss out on a thing!

Join us behind the scenes to see what went down behind closed doors when several of your favorite BBA models met up in "Monopoly City"....

We're concluding our Atlantic City Adventures with another MUST-SEE porn event of the summer featuring sexy social media celebrity Jah in his second (but hopefully not last) official gay porn appearance.

We figured what better way to welcome Jah to the BBA family than by pairing him with one of BBA's most attractive and popular "gay for pay" stars?

See for yourself what happens when Jah meets up with Dominic in Atlantic City for an epic encounter that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, toe-licking, ass-eating, and romantic RAW fucking as Dominic delivers what is arguably his BEST and most passionate performance so far!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 31, 2019 51 min
Photo of Dominic
Photo of Jah

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