Atlantic City Adventures: Episode Three

geechieboi89 fuck put that cum in my mouth May 12, 2022
mdcarmichael We still need to find somebody to take all of Scuba’s thick ass cock. Trapp agreed to swallow his nut as a compromise for him not having to take all the dick to the base. Mar 15, 2020
cocopop I love the way Trapp, said "I ain't had no dick in a minute", that shit was hot. Must give him his props, he's come a long way in bottoming. Still remember Saint getting a hold of that ass for the first time, he didn't do bad in that scene. Like Isaiah, I think he now looks forward to giving that ass up, I know he love fucking ass. Mar 14, 2020
ACTION7 the look in TRAPP'S eyes says he WanTs to TOP SCUBA in the near future. Dec 13, 2019
Josh5940 ohhhhhhhhhhhhh weeeeeeee!!! HOOOOOOOT!!! Nov 11, 2019
deboer85 i love when they eat the cum! :p Oct 29, 2019
cocopop Dam, Scuba is gay or bi and yet he kisses worse than Isaiah does. I know bro young but dam practice kissing. Oct 2, 2019
dumbdadalip Scuba is the new guy to watch. He's so hot! Sep 6, 2019
ACTION7 SCUBA, Dominic, and SAINT for a 3-WAY FLIP-FLOP, no holes barred! Sep 2, 2019
IsaiahFan I kept going back and forth on downloading this scene because scuba was in it and I’m not really a big fan of his so I had to read the reviews and see what the other people were saying first. When I finally downloaded the scene and saw the scene play out I was like “y’all need to get Trapp drunk more often” Trapp is evolving seeing him arched on the bed taking dick was sexy as hell but scuba couldn’t stay hard at some points of the scene, I also feel like this scene had more potential but a lot of us are content with it. 7.8/10 Sep 1, 2019
romack767 I waited to comment to see if any one would notice that Scuba had a limp dick......3606tsb72 was the only one who commented on Scuba's limpness. I like both guys but Scuba was not into Trapp as he has been into the others. Trapp has an Ass that Rocks everybody hard that ass is so tempting I know straight guys that would die to hit that ass. Scuba is being over played as a top because of his thick dick he needs a break.......he also needs to let Jah finish his penetration they were awesome together. Aug 30, 2019
androgyny757 i wish this video had better angles... i would have like to seen that hole opening up close Aug 29, 2019
freaky1 I also have to agree with the masses. It's time for Scuba to bottom. I have been itching to see him get nailed since his scene with Jah. During his confessionals, he was talking a lot of smack about how he make guys run from his dick, but I'm ready to see him get punished and it needs to be an intense breaking in. Maybe Saint, Blake, Bandit, or Manny for the job. Hell it would even be hot to see Jah get some payback. Aug 28, 2019
freaky1 Mike did warn us about this scene on twitter. It was ok, but I didn't really enjoy it. They both have their own thing going on as it relates to their sex appeal, but the chemistry was off. Aug 28, 2019
Jayden27 Damn. Another episode? What DIDN’T you all do in Atlantic City?? LOL! After watching this scene, I don’t know who to be jealous of more here. Scuba got to be inside Trapp’s luscious cakes, while Trapp got to enjoy the oral wizardry and playfulness that Scuba brings to his scenes. Anyway, you already know that I’m here to show you some love! Let’s get into it!

Trapp is funny AF! I love that you guys used “drunk” Trapp as a premise to this scene. Trapp did really well in this one. I laughed when he came out the bathroom with pants down and balls out. I was thinking to myself, “He’s mighty brave to come around Scuba half naked. He’s about to get the Scuba workup” LOL! I like to see Trapp as a bottom, and he was able to handle Scuba’s monster! He worked through the pain to deliver a great performance! No matter what scene he is in, Trapp’s cakes will always steal the show!

Scuba...the nasty freak returns! It’s always fun to see Scuba because, when his name appears, it is always going to be LIT! Scuba looks so good naked! Skin is flawless, and those legs just keep on going. Love it! The “Scuba workup” was definitely seen here. Oral foreplay was so enticing and addictive. I loved the end when Scuba watched Trapp walk away after saying, “You just took advantage and did whatever you wanted to do with me” and he smiled and nodded at the camera like “Hell yeah! You already know!” However, it is important to note that Trapp never rejected Scuba’s offerings. lol! Honestly...I wouldn’t either. lol! Just saying.

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Scuba, and Trapp. It was great! Thanks for a damn good time! 🔥🔥
Aug 26, 2019
WeatherMan This scene is absolute perfection. One of the best ones of the year. Aug 26, 2019
Coolrod Its time for Scuba to bottom and take some dick! I am sooooooo sick of him fucking everyone! Whats up with that? He needs to give up that ass pretty soon or get moving on. Everybody at BBA has given up that ass. Its his turn now Mike! Aug 26, 2019
greenhung11 Another great bottom scene from Trapp. Scuba could have had more energy. When are we gonna see more than two tops get in Trapp’s ass? Aug 26, 2019
texasbugg when trapp is in a scene the numbers go up damm i love watching trapp freak he got that(PITBULLFREAK)in him scuba got(BABYPITBULL)in him i give him another year scuba will be in the (TOP5)he keep working on his fucking game he will have a lot of models at bba/usa wanting some of scuba dick scuba u need to give that dickaname like tyress called his dick in (BABYBOY-DADDYDICK)scuba u always ask whoever u fucking u like that give that dick a name lol(PAPADICK)(YOURROYALDICK). Aug 26, 2019
texasbugg damm trapp u got some good thug ass that's gold for real damm i feel when scuba dick is in that hole i'm in there mike i'm not seeing the bad no where mike if that was texas weed u got a hit and u didn't know it cause that weed make u see stuff that's not there this scene was a 10plus whatever a 8-9plus i bust just knowing that fatt dick was inside that thug gold asshole trapp u will always be (THENEWBREEDTHUGOF2020)TRAPPFORPREZLOL)TRAPP THAT THUGHOLEWASJUICY) Aug 25, 2019
3606tsb72 Most guys commenting are focused on fucking, which is fine -- and Mike knows -- but oral should be taken as seriously, which isn't the case here. I have a blackboyaddiction...and Black "boys" have dicks...and I wanna see em in all their glory. Just sayin.' Aug 25, 2019
3606tsb72 Scuba (F) was often limp, unenthusiastic, and seems intimidated by his handsome alpha-male partner. Trapp (A) tried his best and I always enjoy seeing his beautiful instrument up close & personal, soft & hard. /// The water-level in the bathtub was very high, there were no soapy dicks (ugh), too many long- and wide- shots & unnatural angles are used, Mike moves around too much (which probably jinxed Scuba), and while the cum scenes were decent, the camera cut from them too soon. Grade: C+ Aug 25, 2019
Docteur Good flick. Wants to see Scuba and Shameeks together in a flip flop. Also Scuba and Bandit flip flop would be super hot! Aug 25, 2019
Mastermind69 Damn a 3some with these two would be a great situation. Aug 24, 2019
illtown22 Trapp need to get full more often. and that swallow at the end👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥 is that you Scuba bringing the freak out of everyone👀 Aug 24, 2019
tjm133 This is one of the best. Scuba is exceedingly cute and Trapp is sexy. I love cum swallowing. This was one of the best!! We need more. Aug 24, 2019
Seymour My only negative comment was that Scuba seemed to lack passion as he was topping Trapp. Trapp was obviously feeling the dick but Scuba was just going through the motion. Maybe I am the only one that felt this way. Aug 24, 2019
blktop2002 I literally could feel MG cringe at the phrase “lovey dovey” and the concept of full blown man on man sex combined in a full feature cinematic film. 😂 Aug 24, 2019
blktop2002 I was surprised to see Trapp swallow. That’s for damn sure. Scuba is just Scuba him was trying to get his 😂 but Trapp was struggling understandably so. I guess I’m just looking for that lovey dovey 🥰 let’s get married stuff. Cinematic but with full blown man on man sex. There’s nothing wrong with this scene though. Guess I need to win the lotto so I can produce exactly what I’m looking to see. 😝 Aug 24, 2019
princegwa Trapp has come a long way Apollo and Bandit better watch out he is on his way to the top spot real fast. He has already become my favorite at this point. If you look at where he started and where he is now he has surpassed all expectations. Also welcome to Scuba that ass of his is off the charts I can’t wait to see who is going to be his first top. In all honesty I think Jah deserves that honor. Great job on this one Mike Aug 24, 2019
blklibra89 Trapp been my fav since he first came to bba... The other guy, well... Aug 24, 2019
texasbugg mike u keep saying that this is not what u wanted this scene is a supersizenuttbuster scuba was giving trapp that fatt head dick mike this scene is going to rock your world with how many members love this scene i'm not only saying this cause of the crush i have on trapp whoever fuck trapp i'm fucking him 2 trapp i loved how u made that funny face when scuba hit that spot damm i love how juicy that thug ass hole looks trapp when u put them sexy legs in the air damm u look so fucking sexy. Aug 24, 2019
KandyCane23 Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this one Mike Trapp and Scuba did their thing in this one ! Starting to Just LOVE Scuba and Trapp can do No wrong in any scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 24, 2019
Readyruk Really hot pairing of these two. Aug 24, 2019
ACTION7 --they enjoyed each other intimately, great pairing; TRAPP is the bomb! Aug 23, 2019
jacjam24 Finally Tripp taking dick like he to see his booty cheeks bounce on that dick. Aug 23, 2019
roscoe1027 The fun never ends with Scuba... what they meant when they invented the phrase young, hung and full of fun! Another great scene from him and Trapp adds to it all as well! Keep em coming and glad you signed Scuba as exclusive Aug 23, 2019
Whitney So the moral to the story is Trapp tapped out 😭🤣 Aug 23, 2019
avan7742 The camera work at the last part of this video was terrible. Especially when Scuba was truly up in trapp fat booty. Aug 23, 2019
dv6000 scuba needs to bottom. Period! its time he takes dick! Aug 23, 2019
texasbugg whoever miss the plane r couldn't take off work (THANK U SO MUCH) cause this hottt scene would have never happen if u got on that plane i love this scene trapp babyboi u still got your (THUGCARD) i love the way u took that dick damm i hope bandit is watching this scene saying i want to hit that thug asshole(SCUBA U R NOW WALKING WITH A BIGSTICK AND WALKINGTALL U TOOK DOWN A RUFFHANDSOMETHUG U HANDLE ALL THAT ASS TRAPP GOT A LOT OF ASS U STOODTALLINTHATSEXYTHUGASS48KTGOLDASSHOLE. Aug 23, 2019
11luvme2u Scuba is cute as well with those pretty thick lips and pretty boy persona. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow as well and truly be himself unapologetically. I hope he gives up those young cakes soon. He needs a good pounding from the godfather of BBA, Saint. Random thought, I miss Saint. Good scene BBA. I'm super excited about next week. I'd love to see them all together but I'm sure whatever you guys have in store will be hot!! Aug 23, 2019
11luvme2u I don't know if Trapp is ready for the horse hung likes of Manny, Bandit, or Blake quite yet but he's definitely ready for intense passionate bottoming encounters with the sex gods such as Apollo, Dominic, and/or Justice. I hope to see that one day soon. The camera work gave us some nice angles and close ups. Keep Trapp around because I know he's going to get even better with time!! Aug 23, 2019
11luvme2u This scene was thoroughly entertaining. Trapp is a star in the making if not already one! His bottoming skills are slowly but surely improving and his sex talk, facial expressions, and tattooed body are such a huge turn on. His personality and sense of humor make him very easy to fall in love with. From his first scene with Scotty I knew he was a natural. Aug 23, 2019
texasbugg i know something was a lil off for mike to throw the members a sour bone this scene was off the motherfucking hook trapp/scuba they did the damm thing trapp u r ready for bandit mike knows it will be awhile i feel it coming damm scuba i know it was feelin good i saw it in your face mike this was a(LIONINYOURPOCKETSCENEANDTHATLIONROARRRRRRRRRRRR)damm i hope the haters stay away from this 10000pure scene trapp u come a long way i saw it inuinshowtelluwllbereadyforscotty greatsceneu2. Aug 23, 2019
mjc1369 This was very hot and for a minute I thought scuba was finna bottom! Good work Michael and the rest of BBA crew very nice!! Aug 23, 2019
MrBrown1994 This video is hot! I love it! 🙌🏿❤️🔥 Aug 23, 2019

For my first scenes back behind the camera in several months, I wanted to do something special, so I decided to take BBA on the road for a weekend getaway.

Montez and I were joined by three of the BBA models and one very special guest for an unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and adventure on the boardwalk and beaches of Atlantic City. And of course I had my camera with me so you wouldn't miss out on a thing!

Join us behind the scenes to see what went down behind closed doors when several of your favorite BBA models met up in "Monopoly City"....

​​We've all probably wondered at some point in our lives just how far we could get that one cocky "straight" thug to go after he's had a few beers (pronounced "burrs" in Trapp's sexy Saint Louis accent).

In this penultimate episode from our Atlantic City Adventures, Scuba gets to fulfill this forbidden fantasy firsthand when a very tipsy and talkative Trapp stumbles into the bathroom to take a piss, interrupting Scuba's private late-night bath.

It's a contemporary BBA version of the "schoolboy" meets "thug" - but with a TWIST! Enjoy the thrilling sight - almost unthinkable not long ago - of Trapp naked on his back with his legs high in the air, trembling and moaning and cursing as his infamous bubble-butt gets pried open and plundered by his THICKEST DICK yet....

Just a FAIR WARNING in advance: This is one of those shoots that come along every so often that didn’t turn out quite like we'd hoped. The combination of Trapp's stubbornly tight ass with one of the thickest dicks on the BBA roster made it a challenge to get the kind of quantity and quality of footage that I usually like.

​But even with its imperfections, this scene still packs a powerful erotic punch and includes plenty of hot and entertaining moments - including a special surprise near the end that you do NOT want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 23, 2019 43 min
Photo of Scuba
Photo of Trapp

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