That Ass Is Mine #2: Price of Entry

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SCORpioFeetLover I would love to know what part a Baltimore is Bishop Blake from I want to meet him in person I have a crush on him that is deep in my soul. If he is paid to play I want to play and pay May 3, 2024
emiliano69 Blake laid that pipe down and Apollo took all that dick.

May 31, 2023
khcham I would really like to see Blake Bishop & Bandit double tag Apollo when he's bending over and on his back, making sure the cam is directly behind Apollo's ass so we can see it gape open. Y'all don't show enough of Apollo's beautiful ass and dick together especially when his asshole gapes open. When the cam is close enough to get all of Apollo's ass and dick, his asshole will be right there for us to drool over. May 31, 2019
kevin343 Boy stop !!!!! Apollo riding that damn dick !! My favorite scene of all. Aug 10, 2018
cocopop Riding a dick is Apollo's best position, he seem to enjoy it better that way and he looks great riding a dick. Feb 12, 2017
freakyoldhead66 One of the best scenes on here, loved both parts but seeing Blake's thick dick in action was hot. I came when Apollo sat on it. Gonna be watching out for these 2. Both are hott as hell in this. Feb 12, 2017
tjm133 I like Blake and Apollo. I loved the bareback. I enjoyed them eating cum as part of the scene. Dec 16, 2016
cocopop @thuglover, yea I agree with you on all accounts, but that accent sometime is hard to understand. Usually I have to keep re-winding to get what he's saying, specially on this scene, in this scene I just gave up. Aug 28, 2016
thuglover These two were great together, I love Blake's smile, and BIG DICK, and I love Apollo's accent, and his chisel body!!!! Bandit should join them in a 3 way scene.....AMAZING Aug 25, 2016
cocopop He struggled to take that dick, but he took it like a champ, big dick Blake would give any regular gay guy bottom a run for their money. That dick stays rock hard, and its thick as or thicker than Saints. Aug 21, 2016
98988ptw Mike this is a ten plus video Apollo is phine as fuck ten plus ass and body plus face. would love to see Apollo and Blake team up with Bandit this would be a super hot video. Aug 20, 2016
dArt61 Sorry to keep adding, wish I could edit. But seeing them kiss is so great, they are truly making love. Both are really into it. Aug 18, 2016
dArt61 The eyes of both instinctively find the camera. Seeing the beast in the eyes of the sexy yet humble Blake was also wonderful. These two are members of the upper echelon, I think BBA is very fortunate to have them - they are stars! Aug 18, 2016
dArt61 This was a beautiful scene, it represents the best porn has to offer. Apollo makes a beautiful bottom, deeply vulnerable while working through the pain of getting fucked by Blake, ultimately finding pleasure. Yet he is able to pose for the camera - he knows how it sees him. I never thought of him as really beautiful before seeing this scene, but now I see the magic that is in him. Aug 18, 2016
jowilf One more thing, I'm just wondering why this scene has less "likes" compared to Part 1.. Are the members tired of watching APOLLO "bottoming?"
I prefer No. 1 as a "total top."
Aug 11, 2016
jowilf That's what I'm expecting too.. ("Cherry-Popping") Aug 9, 2016
cocopop Dammm, I wish Michael would have shown that ass-hole after Blake got through fucking that ass. Aug 5, 2016
jowilf As of 08.02.16 @7:10PM (PST); APOLLO just reached 401 likes.. a milestone for BBA. Aug 2, 2016
princetahji Very nice video Mike. Great chemistry between these two. Thanks for the two part video shoot. I too would like to see Ross back. I think Bandit or Shaun will get fucked tbh. Am I right? Jul 31, 2016
gigante2 another instant classic!!!! cleanup on aisle 8, 9 & 10!!!! lol
thanx Mike
Jul 31, 2016
emorhc Apollo has the prettiest feet in the world-dayum I wud suck those pretty toes Jul 30, 2016
jowilf As of 07.28.16 @10:50PM.;
•BLAKE BISHOP (273) overtakes ROSS (271) at No. 3.
Jul 28, 2016
cocopop @jayute92, I too would love a reunion with Blake and Ross, slowly losing the faith that Ross will ever come back. Mike must have done something to run him away. He's never stayed away this long, his fans are truly missing him. Maybe the ass play is all he was willing to give, not willing to take dick afraid he'd enjoy it too much. I can just see him w a dick in his ass, the way he moans, the eyes rolling back in his head, all that Ross emotion. How could he leave us fans suffering like this. Jul 23, 2016
jowilf It's now...
No. 4: BLAKE BISHOP (264)
No. 5: KNOCKOUT (263)
No. 6: STAXX (260)
No. 3 is next...?
BLAKE BISHOP is more effective as a "top." The "tool" is super hard!
Jul 23, 2016
Jayute92 I hope we get to see Ross take Blake dick they got chemistry Jul 23, 2016
estwick OMG..i cant stop watching this ! Best scene ever...that ass is everything ! Jul 23, 2016
cocopop Mike great conclusion to the two part series, though it pained me to see Apollo struggle so with Blake's thick-stay hard dick even though I predicted he would. Jul 22, 2016
zuniboy60 Damn Apollo Ass Is Tight As Hell.. enjoyed the scene.. Just watching Blake dick all in that tight ass was AMAZING!! Jul 22, 2016
jowilf APOLLO is very effective in "bottoming"..
The best "bottom" I've ever seen on BBA!
Jul 22, 2016
Myke81 Good follow up scene. Part One was slightly better for me. But the surprise at the end got me a little excited. Jul 22, 2016
adr1229 These are attractive guys. But once again unnecessary talking in beginning, middle and end of video. At least the camera guy did not get involved in the video that much, but he was still annoying as you could hear him say stuff off camera. Also, these guys did too much giggling and laughing like little bitches. Especially the dude getting fucked. Black guys do NOT have sex that way. Black guys take it and give it like men. No talking or much noise. Geez. Jul 21, 2016
mrbates Long awaited scene. It was well worth the wait. Apollo is becoming a POWER BOTTOM. Jul 21, 2016
jowilf It's now a triple tie with 258 likes.. who gonna stay as No. 4?
Jul 21, 2016
jowilf The best scene so far in 2016...!
"Who's next?"
I guess it's not JULIEN.
Jul 21, 2016

Last week, we saw Blake Bishop like we'd NEVER seen him before, letting one of BBA's most popular straight models be the first guy lucky enough to fuck him on camera. But only under the condition that he could also have a shot at Apollo's amazing ass in return - a "price of entry," I guess you could say.

This week we're bringing you the action-packed "sequel" in which Blake Bishop finally TURNS THE TABLES and "cashes in" on the day's hard-earned prize.

"I've been looking at your ass for awhile now," Blake confesses to Apollo at the start of this scene. "I've always wanted to see what it feels like. Since I gave you mine, I think it's only right you give me YOURS!"

At first, Blake tries his best to take it easy on his less experienced co-star, stroking slowly in and out of that spectacular ass as he savors the euphoric sensations of it tightly squeezing his dick.

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that came at the steep price of his own on-camera cherry, and Blake wasn't about to let this fresh straight-boy ass go to waste! Before you know it, he's plunging his huge, RAW dick in and out of that tight muscle-butt with increasingly deep and demanding thrusts as Apollo gasps and curses and moans but bravely surrenders to his most intense and passionate fucking so far.

Stay tuned to the very end for a brief mystery teaser of some hot things to come in the weeks ahead!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jul 21, 2016 35 min
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Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop

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