Diego's Cam Show

gdr1gdr1 Diego Is Fabulous! Sizzzlin Performance...Cannot Wait For More Diego Fire...Keep Up The Great Work Mike And The BBA Team! Sep 24, 2019
nbrown I really enjoyed this "change of pace" solo. Would have liked to see a close-up of Diego sucking on those absolutely gorgeous toes. And his asshole is perfection! May 26, 2018
Moses1999 VERY HOT! LOVE TO MEET HIM MYSELF Mar 27, 2017
freak0233 set him up with rico! Mar 25, 2017
markzc4 i need more of this boy. more feet and armpit play Oct 7, 2016
ethan73 i want more vids from Diego, bareback better, he's awesome Sep 30, 2016
mother99 Not into the fem twink boy trend on this site....I can find that at a million other sites. Sep 20, 2016
matt796999 Diego has the potential to be a superstar. He is gorgeous, knows how to suck a dick, and REALLY knows how to get fucked!! But my god, even someone as hot as Diego is boring in a solo. That boy needs to be spit-roasted. Maybe even double-penetrated. He clearly LOVES sucking cock and getting fucked. Sep 3, 2016
peterjf woof!! This is soooooooooooooo hot! What an ass! Try some anal beads next time!?? Aug 30, 2016
hines1983 I agree with the other members. I like to see more hardcore fucking and sexy foot play also. Aug 30, 2016
Tobiasgere Diego is just amazing! He is sooo cute and hot. I wish I could lick his ass for an hour or five :-) Aug 29, 2016
caliroc Not impressed. What a waist of tape.... Aug 27, 2016
KodyFan Mmmm, totally enjoyed the sexy foot play!!! Very hot!! Seeing him put his foot in his mouth is really hot!!! Very talented!! Hot little minx. Lol! The shower was a hot touch too!! Added some real spice!! Good vid!! Aug 26, 2016
chocolix Michael I respect your work but I actually cancelled my membership this week as well. I think Diego is one sexy dude but this is the summer and to put a solo scene out there was not a good move in my opinion. I have not been wowed this summer. I will join back up when I see something I like. I really wanted to see some sexy hardcore fucking. I have the utmost respect for your work. Also just my opinion there are more body types that are sexy than just twinks. Aug 26, 2016
pbobsk6 The adrenaline continues to flow! I am so excited to see my Diego make another appearance on BBA. Whether performing with Blake Bishop and Stretch, or alone, Versatile Diego personifies a quiet charm and delicacy, still powerful, sensual and exuberant. Another fine example of Michael`s creative artistry. It amuses, arouses and evokes written responses. Aug 26, 2016
jowilf MG: You can't please everyone.. but this video is not that bad.. DIEGO did his job! Aug 26, 2016
kelloahj Lets see you guys run a website with 100% authentic STRAIGHT GUYS being paid for sex... Black DL men at that! Yeah, complicated much? Give Mike a break. Just look over his recent and past videos and understand that in this day and age, for a virtual view of real straight guys he may be the ONLY one who can provide that for you. Lastly, I've noticed for the past few videos people have been complaining about some of the guys lack of interest, energy, or attention.... REMINDER - THEY'RE STRAIGHT Aug 26, 2016
3606tsb72 D's gorgeous. Why not give more weight to his beautiful, thick, cut kielbasa...why, why why? We've seen his butt ad nauseum. Here u show his dick 4 an eye-blink towards the end, which is counter-intuitive. BLACK DICKS MATTER. BlackboyaDICtionz should have real meaning. Going forward, pose the men, put the camera on a tripod up close to their "junk," then go make some pancakes b 4 coming back...lol. You're incorrigible when it comes 2 the objects of many of our affectionz... Aug 26, 2016
3606tsb72 I seldom agree with your editorial decisions as they are too anal-oriented for my "dick-solo-oral" tastes, but I concur with your comment here. With the exception of "STR8" models, I miss your solos featuring g-bi men. I RARELY desire Black str8s most of whom r no friend 2 sexual minorities/Armando and his kind...NEVER. Why u show their asses (so to say) is a mystery/g-bi men into them need 2 get some self-respect. I prefer seeing bottoms'- tops' dicks, in a clinical fashion, up close. Aug 26, 2016
freakycoach Not impressed in the least, the videos are losing their fire...Bandit was a brief glimmer but even that lacked energy. I'm cancelling for a while...hopefully BBA picks up to where it used to be. This looks like something I'd see on one of those porn sites you claim NOT to be. Aug 26, 2016
MichaelGalletta With all due respect, as a long-time member you're well aware that scenes like this one have been a part of BBA from the very beginning. If they're not your thing, then fine, I can respect that. But I don't really see the point of the fake amnesia and acting like these scenes are some kind of drastic and sudden departure from the BBA brand.
As I'm pretty sure you already know (but some newer members might not), adding the occasional solo scene or bonus footage into the mix from time to time is the ONLY way I’m able to maintain a consistent schedule of weekly Thursday updates and continue bringing BBA’s viewers the kinds of lengthy, action-packed, and yes, usually more expensive scenes that they crave and enjoy on a still fairly regular basis.
Prior to this week, FOUR of the past six weekly updates have been unique and action-packed hardcore sex scenes (at least three of which I'd easily rank among BBA's best of the year), one was a classic return to BBA's roots with a suspenseful straight boy "seduction," and one was a hot solo "audition" with a sexy straight boy (Armando) who I personally think is one of the hottest new models introduced so far this year. Look at the six updates prior to that and I think you'll see a similar pattern and breakdown in terms of the variety AND quality of the content offered to BBA's monthly subscribers.
So while I appreciate your long-time interest and support and am sincerely sorry to see you go, if you can look back at the past two or three months of updates taken as a whole and still honestly say they lack excitement or "fire," then I really don't know what to tell you other than that our definitions of what makes a scene hot and unique must be pretty drastically different. Because with maybe a couple minor exceptions here and there, I'm extremely proud of this year's models and scenes so far and looking forward to bringing BBA's members even more hot surprises and unforgettable updates in the weeks to come as we close out the summer and welcome the Fall.
Donald Woww...that's the best solo ever Aug 26, 2016
lrigdab he reminds me of a younger version of porn star Xavier Arroyo Aug 26, 2016
illtown22 I'm gonna pass this week Mike Aug 25, 2016
mac198726 Diego is a hot fuck and he's good in what he does. It was just a let down, I wanted somebody anybody to Raw fuck Diego in this video. I know it is a Solo cam show. We all know Diego can take some real dick. Mike the videos are getting lack luster, it's not necessarily the performers. Need to spice things up. Aug 25, 2016
thuglover I didn't enjoy this at all. Don't get me wrong, I like Diego, but I want to see real fucking not fantasy! Aug 25, 2016
bobminny I enjoyed that very much, keep up the quality work Aug 25, 2016

When we first met Diego, the cute Blatino 18-year-old had just recently started performing in live webcam shows for horny older gay men.

So we asked him to give BBA's viewers an exclusive and intimate look at one of his freaky VIP private shows....

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Toys/Dildos
Details: Aug 25, 2016 25 min
Photo of Diego

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