Justice For Blake

gpl1809 Daaamnnn he fuccks so gooood Jan 8, 2024
emiliano69 The passion and intensity between these 2, unmatched.

Jun 17, 2023
20kane Definitely a masterpiece. Mar 22, 2023
LngstrkeMike88 Justice is soooo fine. I wonder if he comes to Houston, I would love to flip flop with his hairy sexy self 😍 Dec 6, 2022
nbrown1210 Love the tender, soulful lovemaking between these two. The chemistry is off the charts! And Justice's body looked SO much better without all that hair. Jul 15, 2022
dlking93 Blake's dick looked so good growing in his boxers I love bulging moments hope to see more underware action Nov 23, 2021
joeman Please can we see Justice again post pandemic. That man drives me wild. Love that hairy ass gettin fucked. And he goes down on cock like no one better Feb 3, 2021
mdcarmichael Blake looks so sexy and handsome in this scene. His skin is perfect and his cock stays hard throughout the entire fucking phase. I like Justice as a bottom. Takes it good and his ass gets wet. Dec 23, 2019
kingroe78 I.Loveeeeeeeeee.how.hairy.he.is!!!!.Hope.he.never.shaves Oct 27, 2019
lmp262 Blake has no problem getting it up, this is hot, Also Shaun seems like the only current model that has male on male problems, wake up and smell the weed. (coffee). Mar 29, 2019
Teerexx01 Frotting is my shit this scene was everything to me, you don't see many black on black frot scenes.
I dare you guys to do it again, more guys into frot than you realize
Mar 28, 2019
kells88 Love both Justice & Blake. This was a great video. Want more of Justice as a bottom! Mar 26, 2019
yulebrenner12 I wanna see Blake and Saint go at it Feb 18, 2019
gigante2 WOW!!! wut else can i say!!! totally unexpected, but definitely a keeper!!! 2019 off to a good start!!! Jan 27, 2019
supreme This was one of Blakes' best and what a great bottom Justice will make ....a ***** four out of five stars ! Jan 25, 2019
Biggum Good post..makes a difference when fully hard instead of squishy and simulated sex.. Jan 25, 2019
cocopop Hey Shax, we didn't get to see how well Blake opened up Justice's hole, bet it was a pretty sight, that boy Justice is a sexy sight, even more so with his new look. Maybe he and Dominic can pair up again for a flip flop once Dominic lose his virginity. Man you did a great job filming this scene, audio was somewhat off, but I loved it. Jan 24, 2019
Shirly223 Hmm... I thought I'd like this video more... I dont think blake gives the same masculine or manly energy that Justice does so it seems a bit mismatched or like a poodle humping a pitt... eh Jan 24, 2019
blacktopde9 damn that was hot as fuck. perfect duo Jan 24, 2019
lexsupreme I've been waiting a long time for a video like this. Good job with this one. Jan 24, 2019
dlscbttm Wow.. I love justice as a top. Jan 23, 2019
blktop2002 This was really good. Blake I am in love with. Justice I just gained a whole new appreciation for. I try not to sound like I am grading a steak on its quality. LOL I luv me some Blake and love his fuck face to death LOL. You can tell when he has hit that wall. It's bout to be a flood inside or out. LOL Justice I saw you in a new light and it made my dick tingle LOL. Now I want to see Justice massage Blakes prostate till he spills it all. Jan 22, 2019
Jahanfav I luv hairy men so pls guys just let that grow big dicc needs no help its big already and looks better imagine Apollo or Dominic with a hairy dicc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 22, 2019
Jayden27 I loved this one. Justice and Blake together are a great time. I also got the vibe that they enjoyed each other while making this scene. Justice bottoming was cause for a celebration, and Blake was clearly ready! Moët was put to good use—poured over Justice’s body and into Blake’s mouth! Loved it! Sexy AF! Loved the fact you guys added a little something for us kinky peeps! LOL! The oral play was on point, accompanied by the moans and grunts from Blake and Justice were LIT AF. 🔥💯

Let’s talk about the sex. The shit was hot! Watching Blake sex Justice was a turn-on alone. He provided a nice balance of merciless pounding for the fans and his personal enjoyment, while, at times giving Justice, nice and smooth light strokes that every new bottom needs for recovery in the middle of sex after being pounded. Justice’s initial shock from Blake’s insertion seemed to be met later with excruciating pain yet unexpected pleasure. One small part of this scene that I really loved was seeing Justice’s precum during one of the breaks they took from fucking. Justice even played with it! LOL! Bottoming is not easy, but Justice did a good job—props to him! He worked through the pain to give his fans a great show (and cause them to nut..lol)! Surely, he knows that this was not a one time deal right? lol 😂 It’s always entertaining to see models go through their “first times”. Their reactions are often memorable and priceless, and this scene was no exception.

Hopefully, Dominic is somewhere taking notes. I have a small feeling he may be next. 😂 LOL!

Special thanks to Mike, Shax, Blake, and BBA’s newest graduate, Justice! BBA is always a great time!
Jan 21, 2019
WeatherMan First of all, BBA continues to just simply take the boundaries of black gay porn and blow them out of the water with this scene. It’s like the old Justice was gone and now he has been reborn with a new Justice that is submissive and getting stretched open. Seeing his hairy virgin hole get stretched open and him moaning and shaking for dear life while Blake pounded him into submission was one of the best things to come from the new year BBA scenes. This scene is going to go down as Justice’s best scene to date and I cannot wait to see him take more dicks. The real joy will be seeing him and Bandit together. BBA is really stepping it up for 2019. Jan 20, 2019
Beau This was real hot. 🔥🔥🔥One of the best scenes yet⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jan 20, 2019
yothisissexy fuqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq Blakes my boy ( beautiful smile beautiful dick) but justice ass is sexy and he took that. ---me next but I'm topping Jan 20, 2019
11luvme2u Blake owes Justice some serious ass for this scene. These two MUST have round 2! Jan 20, 2019
bnasty24 I've been waiting to see Justice bttm... I would have chosen a different top (nothing against Blake... I just envisioned someone different). I give it 👍👍 Jan 20, 2019
lucasamazing They have great chemistry and Blake's dick is huge, but someone like Justice needs a more aggressive top. Jan 20, 2019
lucasamazing Been waiting for this shit!!! Justice is the whole fucking package. Jan 20, 2019
emiliano69 i loved the champagne. maybe more props/edibles can be used in the future. i know whipped cream and rope have been used in the past. maybe some candle wax, flogs, more champagne, and whipped cream is always good, nothing too fetishy or overly bdsm. awesome videography. Jan 20, 2019
emiliano69 good pairing. really nice scene. justice's moans & talking was a good match to blake's silent sensual side. blake could be a little more verbal. i liked justice as a bottom and he will do great in verse scenes. when justice gets more comfortable bottoming he can do more positions. blake is packing a bit much for him to handle right now. breaking justice in may have been a better job for saint but blake has a better chemistry and justice was able to take it. Jan 20, 2019
BigOne The chemistry between these two was awesome. Justice and Blake have a genuine attraction towards one another and it showed. Justice hairy bussy finally got the dick it deserved. Justice acted as if he's bottomed a few times, his ass position made me want to come through the screen. I love a phat juicy ass!! Jan 19, 2019
caliroc Great videography Shax. What a great way to begin the year. Look forward to seeing more of your work. Jan 19, 2019
leech10x Seriously, I haven’t been this excited to go on the internets in months!! Forget the 12 days of Christmas, y’all making it feel like it’s the 12 WEEKS. Y’all are my NUMBER ONE INTERNET CLICK effective immediately. Standing ovation! YOU did that!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 🔥👀🔥 Jan 19, 2019
leech10x And now, as if every video in the last 4 weeks weren’t 🔥 already, y’all went ahead and gave my boy some dick love too?!? And it’s still only January?????
I LOVE seeing the recap from earlier videos just as a reminder that y’all are NOT playing around this time!!!
Jan 19, 2019
leech10x Y’all... 💦🔥💦
I voted for Justice as my favorite new model for 2018 cause he has a sexiness I just can’t get enough of. He’s a great kisser, gives great head, has that sexy, hairy, jalapeño chocolate body I wanna die for, loved rimming right from the start and makes the sexiest faces all the way thru his videos. He always makes every scene sexier🔥
Jan 19, 2019
cocopop Yea, Mike once Dominic's ass is ready, pair he and Justice again for a flip flop scene now that Justice has lost his virginity. Jan 19, 2019
Scrappyboy Justice You Are Full Of Nothing But LUST! The way you submit is so DAMN SEXY and HOT Jan 19, 2019
Dualex The newbies are thirsty for the #1 spot.
If Justice continues to relax and perform well, Dominic, although confident, might have some serious competition. 2019 looks very promising and Very interesting in the weeks to come.
Jan 19, 2019
dalaperal62 This scene was a total surprise and HOT AF!!!! Jan 19, 2019
Jahanfav Justice need more justice need more justice justice justice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 19, 2019
Justafan Please tell me there's a part 2 where they switch positions. The chemistry is undeniable!!!!! Awesome scene!!!! Jan 19, 2019
hines1983 Hot,hot hot!!! Enjoyed every minute of it!!!! Jan 19, 2019
cocopop This has been a wish of mine since Justice came on, to see that beautiful hairy ass lose its virginity. What a sight it was, he reacted the very way I thought he would. He reminds me of Ross with his sensitivity and emotions, not really able to hide his feelings, this was hot as hell. Blake, his usual self, only wish he was more vocal, too quiet for me, other than that, total package. Thanks Mike and Shax, great job. Jan 19, 2019
kevin343 I had my dick in my hand and didn't even use it. I'm sorry this scene was boring and lacked the fire and desire for me. No chemistry at all. Blake is still my man though. Not really a big fan of Justice. Sorry Mike. Jan 19, 2019
Heroesrule99 Justice is easily the hottest dude on the site to me and I've been waiting for this. Give me a flip between Justice/Dominic and I might actually combust. Jan 19, 2019
DellKell Very hot scene. Justice and Blake performed phenomenally! I LOOOOVED seeing Justice bottom...that hot, hairy azz being penetrated was EVERTHING!! I soo wanted Blake to cream inside Justice as he's done others. Nevertheless, the scene was epic !! Great job BBA !! Jan 19, 2019
damon8 ~ In case no one else noticed, Justice sucks a mean dick too. 😀 Let’s see some more good old fashioned throat fucking. Jan 19, 2019
Docteur I am not a Justice fan, but if you listened he stated his first time bottoming on cam. Blake Bishop on the other hand is very passionate in his scenes. He seems to love to make love and then fuck you with passion. He needs to fuck King Ant to pay him back. Jan 19, 2019
langston35 They both have beautiful feet, love Justice's hairy ass. It is so nice to see a masculine man, kiss, suck dick and get His hairy ass fucked. When his legs were in the air it drove me over the edge! My new jack off vid!!! Thank You!!! Jan 19, 2019
blksexi I must say I've never been a big fan of Justice at all. I HATE hair. But this was so damn hot. His fuck faces are some of the best on the site! Blake and Saint are the two best top breakers in all the internet. Well Done! Well Done! Jan 19, 2019
zbronson Justice so damn fine! Jan 18, 2019
malachi6 This was a shocker but a Good one. I love Justice he is so hunky and sexy. Blake Bishop was the right one to pair him with if he was going to give up the ass. That hairy ass on Justice is everything and watching Blake's dick go in and out of it had me on rock. Jan 18, 2019
mrwhitley1 Black People are simply PERFECT, “Myself included” Everything about both of them is damn near Perfect, they are just Hot 🥵 af!!!! This was a lil dry, they didn’t have much chemistry, but the scene overall was 🔥, HE WAS FUCKED!!! Can’t complain about that at all, I think he should’ve got to ride it as well, the positions chosen sucked!!! But overall 🔥. Jan 18, 2019
damon8 - I wasn’t a fan but that motherfucker just redeemed himself in spades ♠️
Bravo Justice. Good porn. 👍🏾
Jan 18, 2019
Justen Btw, this is alright. I'm not a Justice fan as everyone else is. Jan 18, 2019
Justen When are we going to see Blake take dick again? Jan 18, 2019
11luvme2u I loved the intimacy and romanticism created by these two phenomenal performers. They have some serious chemistry. I wouldn't be surprised if they got it in off camera afterwards. lol 2019 is starting off VERY STRONG!! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Apollo and Dominic. Justice and Apollo will be great as a flip scene because Apollo's dick is way more manageable than Blake's horse hung wood. Michael and Shax, you've done it again!! Thanks for this enticing fantasy. Jan 18, 2019
11luvme2u Can anyone agree with me that BBA has been nailing it lately? GOTDAMN!! I loved this scene. I don't think sex always has to be so fast paced. I loved how Justice takes his time. Blake did as well. The champagne, ass smacking, eye contact, Justice's unforgettable moans and facial expressions, the camera work, and much more made this scene so amazing. Justice did a GREAT job taking Blake's huge dick. Jan 18, 2019
hozie8888 Excellent update!! Really enjoyed the camera work and model chemistry. Please bring this pairing back for round 2. Jan 18, 2019
Dualex Justice: one of my top 5. He was amazing, props to him for handling the dick so well.
The starters could have been better, I'm pretty sure I've seen both more passionate with other partners before. However the main was licious, absolutely licious. The shot of Justice hairy backside was to die for. Well done and thank you BBA for another treat. Keep them coming...
Jan 18, 2019
sibs I'm speechless. Didn't see this coming. I wished for it. Thank you for making this happen. Absolutely love the chemistry. The scene just works. Would love to see Dominic bottoming / verse with Apollo. Jan 18, 2019

By now it's pretty common knowledge that no ass is safe here at BBA.

Justice has known it was only a matter of time before we eventually asked him to bend over and serve up his temptingly round, hairy ass to another man's dick. With his one-year anniversary right around the corner, we figured what better time to turn the tables on yet another stubborn "top" than the start of an exciting new year?

Our New Year's celebration continues with this intimate and surprising one-on-one encounter between Justice and Blake as they bring in 2019 the right way with plenty of passionate kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, hot and hungry ass-eating, and best of all, Justice finally giving up his tight, hairy ass to Blake's lucky dick!

"​You're fucking TAKING IT!" ​Justice ​groans ​in stunned disbelief as Blake Bishop patiently pries open his unbelievably tight, tiny hole and greedily plunges his huge, RAW dick in and out of that formerly off-limits ass we've all been eager to see STUFFED WITH A DICK ever since Justice's gay porn debut.

It's a shockingly new submissive side of Justice we've NEVER seen before, as he moans and curses but ultimately SURRENDERS HIS ASS in this classic "take-down" you do NOT want to miss.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jan 18, 2019 45 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Justice

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