High School Reunion

Beno, TJ

Phuryous I still want to get with Beno. He was my first BBA crush until Suspense....then Tori. Nov 11, 2023
Seymour Once enemies now temporary lovers. TJ enjoys his bottom role. Beno is the BEST as a top! When Beno mounts he does not just hump away. His smooth way of undulation is extremely sexy: an erotic art form. For me the best part is when Beno is laying on top of the prone T.J. fucking and making love to him in a wave-like manner. I MISS BENO. I wish BBA could bring him back!! Michael, is there any chance of that??? Apr 20, 2019
juan2424 Beno fuck that ass like it was meant for him! TJ is handsome, nice body, big dick and ass, and Beno showed this dude what he always wanted to do to him, lol. And Beno look sexy as fuck when he fuckin without his socks on, cuz you can see him at times clinching his feet on his bottom's feet, like its making him harder and harder when the bottom on his stomach. Cant believe this vid is only a 37, thanks to me! TJ may be a little effeminate, but so fuckn what? He still cute as fuck! Jan 15, 2018
baddest lol can me and Beno make a sex tape I show him how New York boys gave it up Oct 3, 2017
tjm133 The cumeating was great. TJ should be back. Jan 10, 2017
phantom10 Yess.. I love TJ's ass. Damn wished he was back for another scene! Apr 17, 2016
TWafford82 This shit was hott!!!!!!!! especially the way he was takin that dick...good chemistry makes the best sex!! Dec 23, 2015

In high school, were you the gay boy who was always ignored or made fun of by the other straight guys at your school? Or were you the horny straight guy who loved pussy but still found yourself staring at the cute gay boy from "home-room" with that round, irresistible ass? If either one of these describes you, then this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime encounters you will probably wish had happened to you!

When I decided to pair TJ with Beno for his first action shoot and let BBA's most aggressive and talented top have the pleasure of breaking the new kid in, I expected this to be an ordinary scene in which I'd introduce two black guys to each other and then film them fucking just a few minutes later. But amateur porn is always full of surprises, and this particular video-shoot turned out to be MUCH more interesting than expected!

It wasn't until Beno and TJ showed up for the shoot that they met and realized they'd attended the same high school several years earlier. And the story gets even better from there! It turns out that TJ's best friend in high school was Beno's GIRLFRIEND. But despite this mutual acquaintance, neither boy spoke to the other and in fact they HATED each other back then!

Beno basically ignored TJ because at that time Beno "didn't like gay people" and was still in denial about his attraction to guys. He didn't want anyone to catch him hanging around the openly gay crowd and get the wrong idea about him. Likewise, TJ couldn't stand Beno because Beno acted like he was different and better than TJ and his friends.

Hearing all this, I naturally assumed that the day's shoot would have to be canceled! But as they sat in my apartment, reminiscing about their high school years and airing out their mutual feelings of dislike for each other back then, TJ began teasing Beno about always secretly wanting to "do him" - an allegation Beno didn't deny!

"Out of all the flamboyant people in high school, he was the most attractive one," Beno admits, going on to explain that back in those days he could never acknowledge or act upon this secret attraction to his girlfriend's gay best friend.

Witness for yourself this unusual high school reunion as Beno fulfills an old fantasy by FUCKING the cute gay boy whose ass he secretly drooled over when his homeboys weren't looking! It's a classic case of "opposites attract" as TJ gives up his ass to the homophobic "straight" guy he hated in high school - an encounter he tells us that he could never in a million years have imagined back then!

"If dinosaurs was walkin' the Earth, I STILL wouldn't believe it!" TJ later explains.

The scene begins with an entertaining interview in which both boys try to explain the nature of their acquaintance back in high school and process the shock and mixed emotions of suddenly seeing each other again! It's fascinating to watch their old resentments (and suppressed desires) resurface as both boys reminisce and bicker and flirt with each other, gradually getting used to the surreal idea that they're about to do a porn scene together!

I instruct TJ to stand up, turn around, and tease Beno with a glimpse of that juicy bubble-butt that's popping out of his sagging jeans and tight boxer-briefs.

"That's what's up!" Beno exclaims with a devilish grin, grabbing a handful of TJ's tempting young ass. "That's a NICE ASS!"

Both boys seem anxious to release the sexual tension that's been building up between them throughout the course of the interview, so I turn them loose to get reacquainted in a way neither one could have imagined back in their high school days.

Beno takes the lead and leans in to kiss the younger gay boy who just a few years earlier he would have completely ignored.

"You got my dick hard as a muthafucka, dawg!" Beno gasps in a voice thick with pent-up desire as he strips TJ out of his clothes and grinds his dick against TJ's cute ass. "You make me wanna take my time with you, nigga!"

Beno grabs TJ by the back of the head and shoves his dick in the new boy's warm, wet mouth. TJ seems a little scared and resistant at first, but Beno doesn't take "no" for an answer, and soon he's fucking the gay boy's throat and making the poor boy gag!

"That shit feel hella fire, for real!" Beno exclaims, complimenting TJ's dick-sucking skills.

But as good as TJ's "head game" might be, it's the gay boy's tight ASS that Beno most wants to enjoy! He flips TJ onto his stomach and slowly slides his dick into the hot ass he secretly dreamed of fucking in high school.

"Don't hurt me!" TJ begs as Beno penetrates him for the very first time.

Beno tries to be gentle and patient at first, but his lust quickly gets the better of him and he begins pounding TJ's ass without mercy. Beno slams in and out of the gay boy's young butt like a wild stallion in heat, taking all of that pent-up resentment and longing from his high school years out on TJ's poor ass!

TJ moans and curses and even begs for more as Beno fucks the shit out of him in a variety of hot positions.

"You said that's what you wanted!" TJ cries out as Beno slams in and out of his guts.

I can't help but wonder if it ever crosses TJ's mind that he's now in the same position Beno's ex-girlfriend was in countless times throughout their friendship in high school - only now it's his ASS being pounded like pussy by Beno's insatiable dick!

The boys fuck until they're both ready to cum, at which point Beno jumps up and shoots his load directly into TJ's open and waiting mouth!

As he sucks the last sweet drops of cum from Beno's hard dick, TJ busts a creamy "nutt" onto his stomach. Beno then scoops up some of the cum still dripping off TJ's face and feeds it to the hungry gay boy who licks it up like the freak he promised he could be!

The scene concludes with an amusing wrap-up interview in which both boys discuss their reactions to this surprising high school reunion.

Categories: Black-Only, Condom, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: Feb 28, 2010 66 min
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