New Year's Showdown: In With A Bang

emiliano69 Sexy!

Jun 16, 2023
chick677 love Apollo and Mannys sexy feet. Jun 1, 2020
cocopop On re-watching this scene, this was the most I seen Apollo struggle to bottom, he seemed to be in the most pain ever. Manny' dick is just too big for him, or its been that long since any model has fucked him, he was not enjoying it at all. It showed on his face, not once did he say "fuck that ass" Jan 6, 2020
HottBlkQT Since he didn't join in on the action, what was really the point in Mar being there? Aside from that, this was a somewhat lackluster scene. The fucking was too short, not much chemistry & they should've done more than just 1 position. Dec 23, 2019
Dualex Apollo can kiss man... Jan 18, 2019
estwick I really miss Apollo ! Dec 10, 2018
nbrown Man, those close-ups of Manny Killa's luscious asshole almost scorched my eyeballs! Kudos to the cameraman. More, more, more!! May 31, 2018
infraredstar Mar is there drooling lol May 31, 2018
mdcarmichael Let’s see Mar take Manny and Bandit back to back while stroking that long ass dick! Mar 25, 2018
Wiccan107 Very good scene. Apollo does his thing as always. Lets get Bandit and Blake to tag team Mar! Love his slim frame and tight lil hole. Wanna see him take some big cock! Mar 4, 2018
mdcarmichael Love watching Mar stroke his uncut nine inches while he watches Manny take Apollo. Would like to have seen a position switch in the fucking portion of the scene. Overall, nice new camera/scene quality. Feb 28, 2018
texasbugg APOLLO u took that dick and did it very well i just hope manny killa will do a scene with mar now mar is going to take all that apollo i know somewhere down the line u/trapp will meet i will not push it now cause there r so many the fans u pushing for trapp to hook up with and i don't want him to get his asshole busted open cause trapp got a diamond size asshole like u apollo manny killa got a diamond size asshole that's a pretty motherfucker u was enjoying eating that ass apollo welcome back Feb 27, 2018
cocopop Apollo, boy you sure know how to boot that beautiful, muscular Ass in the air. If I didn't know I'd think you been giving that ass up for years. Glad to see you back, can truly say I missed you. Feb 25, 2018
cocopop Apollo, if I were to rate your scenes, your best would be with Isaiah and you. The chemistry was on point, you both enjoyed fucking each other, I thought a bromance had blossomed. Why I'd loved to see a reunion between you two. The runner up would be Saint and you, why you should demand a rematch, a flip flop, Saint owe you his ass the way he busted your ass open. Enjoy your work, keep it up. Jan 19, 2018
Damon7 - I like it better when you direct Mike. You’re way better at getting the money shots. I don’t think this other guy even understands the concept. Jan 18, 2018
hhsmith506 Nice. Can't wait to see Manny take some dick. Jan 14, 2018
atl2011 I wasn't overly impressed. I'm sure many will disagree with me, but, although I find Apollo to be very attractive, he still doesn't do anything for me as it relates to watching him have sex. Jan 14, 2018
cocopop After a year off, that ass needs opening up again but Manny's dick is too much for the Great Apollo. That's a thick ass dick even thicker than both Blake and Saint's. Welcome back Apollo, you've been missed. Jan 13, 2018
tracey3 no chemistry at all. getting too commercial Mike. go back to the real and raw when it feels like we are experiencing it with them. now you are becoming like every other site that produces movies instead of experiences. Jan 12, 2018
niteheat69 Should have been Apollo and Isaiah Jan 10, 2018
niteheat69 Now why was Mar there? Apollo looked so handsome and sexy, but damn it was too much talking. Jan 10, 2018
jmj61083 Mike, the models are hot and the camera quality is the best on ANY site today, but we are SPOILED ROTTEN by your recording style. Everything is good outside of those darn angle changes. It’s so hard to focus and frustrating because of the rapid switching. They are flat foot fucking but it looks fake because of the confusing switching of angles every few seconds. Mike you always put the magic together we just wanna see it as close to the organic state as possible. YOU RE INVENTED THAT, DON'T TAKE IT FROM US MAN Jan 10, 2018
zhiva1 @MichaelGalletta - My numbers are in comparison to the numbers on the old (more experienced) models. I think a cursory look from that perspective, will back up my point. Just review the feedback, and if it rings a bell, then so be it. As a paying member, I would expect my view to hold some value. And I am clearly not leaving negative comments on all the videos (otherwise I wouldn't keep subscribing). Jan 9, 2018
Seymour Kudos to Shax Carter for directing and producing this OUTSTANDING video. The photography was great and the action was hot, hot, hot. I am anxiously awaiting the second part in this series. I hope that I can communicate my appreciation to you personally. Best wishes for a new year and for your new contributions to BBA. Jan 8, 2018
Mill56 This was corny , why didnt he join in Jan 8, 2018
akaladd Sorry, Mike. Although I like Manny and Mar and really like Apollo, this combo just didn't bring the heat. And as someone else noted: bedroom scenes - remove the socks. Still like your site though - I don't expect every update to hit all my buttons. Happy New Year! Jan 7, 2018
Candid1 Forget the bs these people are saying!!!
More Manny, more Bandit, more Apollo, more Trapp and always more Isaiah PLEASE!!!!
Jan 7, 2018
Damon7 ~ So Next time show Apollo's hole open up . Jan 7, 2018
Damon7 ~ I love watching Apollo being opened up. Jan 7, 2018
princexxchar Sad even with the frustrating random upload days and inconsistent upload times, you cant stay mad for too long cause when the video comes it be worth it! New Camera? Quality Amazing, angles are perfect, good that theres no direction in the background, the professionalism was good. everything checks out to me! and APOLLO shows why he is number one on the site, EVERY TIME. He is a perfect actor in every way. Any scene with Apollo be a good scene. but good job michael. Jan 7, 2018
Bellyboyblues I'm here for Mar. Hurry up with part 2 please. LOL. Jan 7, 2018
bbsndc Hot scene! Kissing, ass eating, and loved the toe sucking! More foot play please. Jan 7, 2018
Donald THAT WAS LIT! I LOVED IT! You all are truly bringing us some gems this holiday season! The chemistry with the guys was hot—they seemed like they all got along well! Manny was awesome for allowing the finger-fuck from Apollo. That was hot! Manny is pleasing to the eye and brings a lot of hotness to the scenes. Thank you for bringing Mar back; it was great seeing him get excited watching the action. And a huge “Thank You!” to Apollo. It was great to see him again! I know that scene was painful as hell to film, but he hung in there like a champ, and it was great to watch! Is it wrong to feel for the actor in pain but be excited at the same time? That was me. I can’t wait for part 2! It’s gonna be lit! Jan 6, 2018
zhiva1 Naw fam. Let's stick with a formula that works. This wasn't it. The new models aren't bringing the heat. With the exception of Trapp, no one new (and still available) is bringing what we like. Just look at your numbers. Try again... Jan 6, 2018
MichaelGalletta You seem to be conveniently ignoring the recent "likes" and feedback for both Manny Killa and Mar. Regardless of this particular scene's mixed reviews, the overall "numbers" and feedback for both guys have been overwhelmingly positive and impressive so far (Manny Killa’s debut scene has already skyrocketed to Page 2 in less than two months). You personally not caring for them doesn't change that. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but NOT to your own "alternative facts."
kevin343 I forgot to mention that the picture contrast looks a lot sharper. Like High Definition sharper. Jan 6, 2018
jvonburns Wasn't really feeling this. Manny Killa was the only one who made the scene watchable. Jan 6, 2018
bandit4true I was hoping in the other scene to see Mar handling Manny's huge dick but from what I am reading from Michael, it seems that Mar will only flip with Apollo. Hopefully that is part of the suspense and Mar do get some of Manny's dick. As others have mentioned before, I tried to get into this scene but it didn't do much for me although I like all of the dudes. Jan 6, 2018
Wblackstudstud Michael this was a good scene but please don't start letting the boys start wearing socks. I think it takes so much from a video, who has sex with socks on. Even Saint you allow him on a regular to wear socks, I don't get it. Jan 6, 2018
WeatherMan WOW!!! Love the new scene with my baby Apollo!!! Manny Killa is also very sexy and I think there was chemistry there with them, hope to see more of both. Thank u. Jan 6, 2018
StonedMountain Thanks for more sexy Mar and those glorious balls. Jan 6, 2018
blackforest Apollo is hot and the most amazing BBA porn star to me. He brings it all the time and make it look so real, you feel like you're watching two people fucking from a bedroom window. This was a mis-match for him. He lacked his usual passion and energy. It was pure meh to me , a waste of money. Maybe scene two will turn out better, but this seemed too choreographed. Zero chemistry and connection. Jan 5, 2018
soskeptical Seen it....not impressed when I was done I was like "Wtf did I just watch?" I'm trying to figure out what the first 37 minutes were about? You said Manny did something that was "hot and surprising" well I'm still waiting because what I/we saw was something that seems like he CLEARLY enjoyed happened to him, too much talking/foreplay less fucking.

hopefully part 2 will be better.

PS. Y'all need to put pressure on Manny to get fucked or we gone lose interest.
Jan 5, 2018
kevin343 Keep up the good work Michael. Looking forward to seeing the next video. Liked the intro and graphics. Jan 5, 2018
kevin343 I think Mar is getting a bad rap. He has a lot of potential. I was turned on with him watching on the sidelines. And I love his uncut dick. I know that he will redeem himself in the upcoming scene. It would have been nice to see a threesome. Apollo is awesome! Manny Killa is amazing! He turns me on when he sticks that tongue out and bites that bottom lip. Apollo has a purr that sounds like a cougar that drives me crazy. Jan 5, 2018
crazyface11 For some reason, Apollo has always done nothing for me. Like i dont really find him attractive at all. He's always been all body, and no face to me. But to each his own I guess! I do like Manny Killa though. He seems to really enjoy being a BBA model!!! Jan 4, 2018
blackforest This thing was whack, what a waste of my money Jan 4, 2018
badizm66 cudda been real hott had it continued as a 3some, all that hot kissing, then u wanna watch??? what is that??? Jan 4, 2018
texasbugg DAMM MIKE u got me eating so many (RAW EGGS) i can't build no semen these hott fuc_kin_ young thugs m.killa need to put that pretty dick in a glass case m.killa u r a badd boi for real i really wish u be the thug who put that dick in shaun's life cause he is ready to take a dick money talks mike is good at what he do that's why i love spending my money with bba m.killa go look at shaun's 18kt gold thug asshole it will make your dick hard just looking at that asshole that close up picture. Jan 4, 2018
romack767 This is the worse u have ever done u degraded Apollo. He deserved better than that. Manny needs to be getting fuck gotta big dick. He is not a dicksman. This video was a complete waste of time and money. Mar was just there. Wow very disappointing Jan 4, 2018
texasbugg FU_K l can not wait until (MAR/APOLLO) scene come out i love the way mar be moaning he keeps me hard when he said about how the football players was after him he wasn't lieing young football players in high school want to fuck u every night i hope he is laying on his back when apollo is fucking him damm mar u r hott too (TEXASBUGG) i hope to see more of u in 2018 mike r u working on shaun giving up that 18kt gold pure thug asshole damm shaun u rock my world babyboi realtalk. Jan 4, 2018
texasbugg DAMM APOLLO i now see why u r #1 this was super hotttt manny killa put that dick in your life u two look good together like lovers i know mike will put m.killa in a scene with trapp sometime in 2018 cause m.killa is so sexy he looks good with whoever he is with i just hope mike do a trapp/scotty part 2 first anything mike put together is hott mar i told u this is mike baby welcome back mar i love how u take that dick and u have a pretty asshole/tight too bandit must hit it happy2018tobba. Jan 4, 2018
jamejay Apollo is the best! Best top , best bottom, best moaning, best kisser, best performer, best body, best ass eater, best facial expressions when bottoming. He's the real deal! Jan 4, 2018
mrbates I don't really understand why this scene didn't work. All the needed elements of a hot scene are here, however it just died. Surprisingly, Manny and Apollo didn't emote the attraction to each other that I envisioned. Maybe Part 2 will be better. Jan 4, 2018
da1ndet Thank-you Mike and Happy New Year! I haven't even watched this yet but when I saw Apollo back it was everything! Thank-you for making dreams come true! I already know this vid is fire! #ApolloFan Jan 4, 2018
emmyfan The rimming was hot! Jan 3, 2018
VSWboy18 I'm trying not to write this because I like Apollo and Manny but I just have to... That was wack! Manny you had all that sexiness at your disposal and you fuck for all of 5 mins in 1 position. Dude what were you thinking lol Jan 3, 2018
justin2100 i want to see manny get fucked Jan 3, 2018
mrwhitley1 Love the new camera 🎥!!!! 2018 is lookin good for everyone!!! Jan 3, 2018
mrwhitley1 Looks like pain!!! Manny probably should’ve pulled his dick out for a bit and re lube for Apollo, it looked more painful than sexy...not sexy!!!! They def have chemistry tho, I’ve noticed Manny has chemistry with all the models he works with 👏🏾, reshoot in a few months, just them two, more lube, and it should be 🔥 Jan 3, 2018
cash121 The scene of all scenes. I am blown away! Jan 3, 2018
daedaeg Overall I liked this one. The foreplay was on point. There was great chemistry between Manny and Apollo. The quality of the film was great too. BBA must have upgraded their camera because the visuals are crisp and sharp. I really would have liked to have seen Manny fuck Apollo in more than just one position. I feel like they held back a bit on the sex part. Hopefully Part 2 gives us a bit more when it comes to the sex. Jan 3, 2018
estwick Apollo....BBA G.O.A.T !!!! Jan 3, 2018
spondre very sexy men...very boring scene...not enough fucking Jan 3, 2018
extreme7 No fucking until 27mins of a 38 mins vid. Nonsense. Jan 3, 2018
simplett wait what did I just watch fuck yall happy new year my ass that was horrable though manny said he was gonna give us some thing special this part one was horrable manny at his worse that was tasteless mike yack trapp did better by far in his scene with saint like serious mike Jan 3, 2018
mrtlg1987 Overall, this is a great scene to kick off 2018! I can't wait to see what else is in store for the New Year. I hope to see the introduction of new models, the return of the Tyga series, a Natural Habitat scene or two, and some old favorites return. Happy New Year, Michael, Montez, BBA models and fans!!!! Jan 3, 2018
mrtlg1987 I was a little disappointed Mar wasn't in on the action, but sometimes it's sexier to be a voyeur. He did shoot a massive load at the end and judging by the preview, there will be a part two with him and Apollo. I hope to see him showcase his oral skills and get that ass eaten how he likes. Jan 3, 2018
mrtlg1987 Manny stepped it up a notch. I loved that he isn't afraid to passionately kiss and aggressively get his ass eaten. The way he allowed Apollo to finger him also showed he's letting his inhibitions run wild. I like to see a top being eased into being a bottom. I think with Manny that's the way to go because he is fine and isn't afraid to try new things. Jan 3, 2018
mrtlg1987 Happy New Year, BBA!!! This was a great way to kick off 2018. I'm so happy to see Apollo back in action. It's definitely been a long time coming to see him again. Despite being such a big guy, Apollo isn't afraid to submit to his co-stars. This is truly evident with Manny Killa. Apollo let him eat on his ass, lick his toes, and fuck him down. I was especially happy to see him take that massive facial from Mar. Jan 3, 2018
1luvme2u Great pairing but not the best scene. Jan 3, 2018
Docteur Apollo is definitely the star here. Why did Manny Killa keep his socks on? It is clear that he has been penetrated before, I suppose never on film before, but it is high time he gets fucked. The Mar fella does nothing for me mainly because he is uncut, and that is a deal breaker for me.
Bandit and Apollo need to be paired. #1 and #2 . On a good note here, Manny Killa fucks Apollo pretty good, but it should have been a flip flop.
Jan 3, 2018
jowilf A spectacular scene to begin the year..!
Welcome back APOLLO!
Jan 3, 2018
Bigguum Boring...this was a dud..not a big Apollo fan anyway and this didn't help..having Mar in the scene was awkward because he didn't do anything..whole scene lacked enthusiasm and was way late for New Years...5 of 10 at best Jan 3, 2018

"Should old acquaintance be forgot...." -- Auld Lang Syne

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year, we've paired two of our hottest and most popular new models with BBA's most popular "gay for pay" star, finally making his surprise return after nearly a year!

Join Apollo, Manny Killa, and Mar for Part One of BBA's first-ever New Year's special as they meet up in Chicago to kick off 2018 with a champagne toast, followed by some good old-fashioned guy-on-guy sex.

Mar strokes his big uncut dick and watches the hot show as Apollo and Manny Killa get MUCH better acquainted, even directing some of the action while waiting patiently for his own turn.

Highlights from Part One include sloppy-wet ass-eating, brief but freaky toe-sucking, and something hot and surprising from Manny Killa that we haven't seen in his previous scenes. (Hopefully a hint of things to come from him in the new year?).

Of course you also don't want to miss the spectacular sight of Apollo's sculpted young body sprawled naked across the bed, grunting and cursing and moaning as Manny Killa slowly buries his thick, raw dick *BALLS DEEP* inside Apollo's flawless bubble-butt.

And that's only the beginning! Stay tuned for the action-packed conclusion when Mar decides to have some freaky fun of his own with BBA's #1 star....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Finger-Fucking, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jan 3, 2018 39 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Manny Killa
Manny Killa
Photo of Mar

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