Seducing Shaun #2

718721mgq BEST CUM SHOT EVER. I counted damn near 20 thick squirts. This scene never gets old to me. You have the absolutely best library of archives. During the times when you couldn't post for many many months because of the pandemic, your library kept me fully entertained. #BBA fan for life. Feb 17, 2022
Bullet The more I watch Shaun, the more he is sexy to me. I bust every time just looking at him. Dec 2, 2020
mdcarmichael Shaun may only have 6-7 inches of dick, but he makes up for it with all that nutt! Sep 4, 2020
mdcarmichael I just watched Shaun again to see all his nutt shoot into Saint’s mouth and on the floor! Jun 7, 2020
hjkdjulo mike beat it this is bba I find myself only watching and supporting bb's Mar 6, 2020
mdcarmichael Shaun shoots more cum than anybody else on this site. Amazing load from his small cock. Jan 21, 2020
battalioncsx The shock and confusion of a straight boy when he has an accidental nutt from head from another man. LOL. I'm entertained. Jul 22, 2019
Beau This was a hot scene.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Apr 28, 2019
emmyfan The rimming angle at 35:28 is very hot! Nov 5, 2018
ACTION7 I wanna marry SAINT immediately, he knows how to love a man properly and with heart; he my CRUSH! Jul 9, 2018
texasbugg SHAUN u got a 18kt diamond back there i know it taste good shaun u have no gay in u only pure thug that u will always be fans will always see u as a thug shaun 2018-2019-2020 thugs r getting fucked man it's just the way u carry yourself and u will always be a pure 1000000000% thug so keep your head up babyboi bba got your back get that paper fuck what others think about u u know who u r (SIR SHAUN) damm u r so fucking hott i watch u become a (MAN) enjoy life shaun u live only once. Apr 5, 2018
starks105 Shaun has a sex appeal that makes you want him so damn bad i must of watched him for days Feb 13, 2018
ddl506 too much mouth noise. May 3, 2017
stldiscreet1 @MICHAEL GALLETTA with a type like Shaun you have to keep it chill man... you cool but you kinda make it a lil creepy when you eating the ass and then you talking intimately...he's letting you eat his ass maybe just eat and enjoy...and hold off on all that talking...let the comfort build before you rush right into that Apr 12, 2017
251370 Why does his slob look like cum? It really turns me off. Jan 30, 2017
texasbugg Shaun just need a pro to eat his ass. Saint is not a pro at eating ass but he will try to please i will not take that away from him he got a lot of fans. u need to pair shaun with ross ross will get him to open up more cause ross got the looks also and ross got a girl and a kid that will show him that do not make u gay. he is just so young and he is making money to keep him out of jail. think about it shaun? Jan 29, 2017
cocopop Shaun says that dick has a mind of its own, I don't know now, that ass eating by Mike got him turned on, now Saint's ass eating skills didn't seem to get him hot, his dick stayed limp the whole time. It's only natural for straight guys at first to try and hide their emotions, but the dick will not lie for you. He wouldn't even allow himself to show he was enjoying that head. Jan 20, 2017
tjm133 Shaun is very cute. Saint eating cum was great. I loved the scene with the cumeating Dec 27, 2016
man12345 mike i am still waiting to see what scotty is going to do to help shaun. you have been keeping me in suspense too long. LOL! Oct 21, 2016
cfinhawaii Outtakes are just as much of a turn on as the scenes themselves. Don't know why more sites don't use them. I personally think every scene should have a bloopers or outtake. Oct 6, 2016
Michael @MICHAEL GALLETTA do you have any Behind The Scenes or Outtakes from this video or others that you can Post on BBA? I LOVED how you Used to show Behind The Scenes and Outtakes videos along with the regular unedited videos. Oct 4, 2016
Coolrod Shaun is very sexy and attractive but he has too many "issues" about his sexuality. This was pretty boring with him looking at the phone. He seemed very disconnected. I don't know how much you paid him but it was not worth it. He needs to suck some dick and get fucked real quick! Take off the training wheels on these boys Michael! Oct 3, 2016
Perriason Yes!!! I'm so here for Shaun & I'm still waiting on the return of his friend Michael. Make it happen. LOL Oct 2, 2016
princetahji Hot scene. I like the multiple cum shots. When will we see saint get fucked again. Shaun's dick is the perfect size maybe Isaiah, Zadian, or Shazeer could do it Oct 2, 2016
200218 Am becoming a fan of this site. I typically like to watch hardcore but this material is refreshingly different. Shows how complex and curious us black boyz are how some are willing to do something a little strange for some change lol. Shaun seems authentic and is easily one of my favorites. He has the nice guy sex appeal and I find that very attractive. Kudos on a great scene! Oct 1, 2016
ACTION7 Saint should let SHAUN top him... Oct 1, 2016
pedwards876 This is the classic BBA I first fell in love with. Mike keep it going! For the haters, it's the thrill of seeing a new straight model going further and further down the road of sexual discovery. This is what makes this site unique and exciting! To those always threatening to cancel, it won't change from Mike's concept of "true reality porn". Oct 1, 2016
Michael I wish we could get TWO weekly video updates instead of one!!! once a week is NOT enough. Oct 1, 2016
KodyFan Initially I was disappointed when I saw this week's update was about Shaun. And when he started by watching the straight porn I was quickly losing interest. But his dick was so hard, I kept watching. This truly is the "Seduction of Shaun"!
It was really hot watching Shaun get into Saint sucking him. Subtly putting his hand on his head then gripping it the closer he got. When he spurted from Saint sucking his dick, that was hot af!! He almost choked Saint on his cum! He must've shot his tonsils out!! Lmao!! How much did that boy have??!! He must've been backed up for weeks!!! Lol.
And when you put his legs up & ate his ass AND HE GOT HARD?? Damn!!! Kudos to Saint for swallowing that 2nd nutt!! So before all the haters start bitching, this one was ON POINT!
And you know you fucking wrong for that teaser at the end!!! I was on the edge of my seat when he said "I'm gonna" and then you cut it!! That shit ain't rt man!! Lol
Sep 30, 2016
colormeblk Saint is such a GOOD SPORT... he has CUM a long way... when he first started here on BBA, man on man sex was a no no.. now he gurgling man spunk LOL Saint you go boy!! Mike I don't think you old or creepy... you seem to be a nice man.. however I would love to see you in a hot shoot with a black man your age doing a no holds barred sex scene.. both you guys sucking and fucking each other!! Come on you OWE it to the viewers and BBA! Sep 30, 2016
hozie5555 Did not like this movie. Hope for better next week or cancelling my account. Sep 30, 2016
princegwa I hope this is not the last we see of Shaun.
He is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
My only complaint is it should have been me eating that ass. Lol
Sep 30, 2016
justdoituglyboy Shaun is officially one of my favorite models! I haven't finished the scene yet, but his complete apathy towards the scene is refreshing especially when i think about more stubborn and easily disgusted models like Isaiah. My favorite part is when Michael says "you feel my tongue pushing in your" Shaun interrupts, "yea i feel you tongue fucking my ass" lmao. It's refreshing to see such an open-minded young man, Isaiah is my age and has been a whiney bitch in every scene. Just saying. Sep 30, 2016
kidon7000 i liked this scene but when shaun revealed he was nervous about the camera prompted a thought. why not try hidden cameras and maybe he would be more open to trying more. i think you should tell us to keep us motivated to keep the subscription. i just cancelled mine thinking it would be awhile before something new after armando. please tell us what shaun's friend agreed to do. Sep 30, 2016
lilmellowyellow Most enjoyable! Shaun and Saint are attractive and have good chemistry. I like Shaun's hairy virgin like ass and asshole. Saint is always great, especially swallowing cum. The camera closeups were nice, especially from the bottom and looking upwards. I enjoy always the candor and campy action of the models. Very refreshing. Maybe in the future, Saint and Shaun can flip-flop on their dick and ass. Thanks Michael! Sep 30, 2016
simplet well done saint and u eating that ass and swallowing his second nut loved it hope to see him again when he gets out of jail Sep 30, 2016
blksung Shaun is cute and has sex appeal....But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Saint!!!! Shaun squirted a bit of his juice into Saint's mouth by accident (it seems)...And Saint did not overreact, was real cool, and just rolled with it. He seemed like he gagged a bit. But that's why Saint is my fantasy. I just love his down-to-earth, homie-friend, nice guy personality. His girl is one lucky bitch! LOL! Sep 30, 2016
illtown22 Well we're just moving right along aren't we. Next stop Openholeville, choo-choo! I'm telling you right now if Scotty take dick for Shaun I'm dead and they gotta be a couple when he get out. What up Saint, I love you bro lol. Sep 29, 2016
chgohydepar1 no words. well, maybe one: paleeze. Sep 29, 2016
vuittonlyfe Second nut later..... And I almost came a third time from the preview at the end 😳

Mike I love you man! Real talk.
Sep 29, 2016

So much so I bust the same time as Shaun did and had to pause it to write a comment. Now back to bust another nut to the rest of the video.

Great job Mike! And just add Saint to the payroll lol
Sep 29, 2016
terbernt I'm not really a fan of Shaun (I like D-Rel, Bandit, Armando, Apollo and so forth). Oh well. For those who are this one's for you. Sep 29, 2016

When we last saw Shaun, he seemed pretty distraught and embarrassed by what had spontaneously ended up happening near the end of his last shoot.

"I feel HELLA GAY, bro!" he guiltily confessed, shaking his head in disbelief and dismay at not only what he'd allowed to take place, but also at how surprisingly GOOD it had felt. "I ain't gay, though!" he was quick to insist, probably more to reassure himself than me or anyone else.

Based on his distance and demeanor in the weeks that followed, I had serious doubts about whether Shaun would ever return, let alone take things to the next level. But I never back down from a challenge, and I've been doing this long enough to learn that seducing real-life straight boys like Shaun requires time, money, and most important of all, PATIENCE!

I obviously have a huge weakness for barely-legal 'hood boys like Shaun, and probably not since D-Rel have I desired one of the models this much. So I decided to splurge above and beyond what I'd normally spend on this type of scene in order to make it happen.

After a little over a month of slow and stressful back and forth negotiations, Shaun finally agreed to return for another entertaining encounter full of reluctant "firsts" and surprises....

If you're ONLY interested in hardcore gay action, then this ISN'T the scene or website for you! But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching every suspenseful, surprising, sometimes stressful, and frequently funny moment of a reluctant straight boy's unscripted seduction into the world of "gay for pay" porn, unfolding spontaneously in very close to real time, then sit back, relax, and see for yourself just "how gay" Shaun was willing to go....

Stay tuned to the very end for a special SNEAK PEEK at a surprise twist in Shaun's story, COMING THIS FALL to!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Cum-Swallowing, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 29, 2016 48 min
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Michael Galletta
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