Generation Z

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kennyg Still one of my favorite scenes, I have to keep coming back to view it again and again. Apr 8, 2024
floris82nl This is CHEMISTRY. Two guys and they like each other. Great video! Jan 10, 2024
Phuryous This still holds up as one of my favorite BBA scenes of all time. From the beginning, Zeke hit the ground running. There was chemistry and mutual attraction from the first moment they met, they just vibed with each other. A few people complained that Zander didn't take dick as well as Zeke. I'm gonna call BS. He did a really good job for a top and like everything on Zeke, his dick is thick and it stayed rock hard. Zander eventually seemed to actually get into bottoming for Zeke. With the chemistry these two displayed, I know they hooked up again. Nov 12, 2023
davids What happened to Zeke? Mar 24, 2023
24markus This vid is in the top5 of all BBA vids yo. both these dudes look good, got tight physiques, pretty toes, love good foreplay, and the sexing is fukn crazy fire. Zander needs an OF. Like right now! Zeke too! I'm breathing heavy just writing this, lol. Feb 5, 2023
badizm66 great scene , scene of the year, great chemistry, zeke is super hott, a star is born, great kisser eater, would love to see him in a 3some with bandit and scuba Dec 22, 2022
200water This was really hot Zander did an excellent job bottoming. Can’t wait to see him with Stallion, they have so much chemistry together Sep 23, 2022
turner95 This is still the best update of the year! Very hot scene Sep 15, 2022
emiliano69 Organic chemistry and real freaks make for a great scene!!! Aug 20, 2022
PureFuckBLN A porn is just as good as the chemistry of the actors. Here you can see this. How Zeke licks the body of Zander and Zander freaks out - wow... This is great shit porn... Energy! Aug 14, 2022
gus_123 Love this scene chemistry was very great Aug 12, 2022
robb0065 He is soooo hott. I need more Jul 3, 2022
ICeeIt21 Apart from the obvious. Their chemistry made this scene hot. Their energy and enthusiasm were equally matched. That damn Zeke is a BBA legend in the making, for real! Jun 22, 2022
misterblack This scene is red hot. They’re really into each other & their enthusiasm adds to the temperature. I love Zeke; never been attracted to men of his thickness but he somehow pulls it off & makes me want to see a lot more of him; Zander’s body type is more to my liking. He has an incredible physique & would be perfect if he let his pit hair & pubes grow out. Now I’m being nit picky ; not quite the pairing of Justice & Zeke, but very nice. Jun 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Ditto to all of this. Sounds like we had very similar reactions to Zeke and this scene overall.
unitedguy18 Loved the chemistry here Jun 13, 2022
Phuryous This was sexy asl and has made its way into my BBA Top 10! Jun 6, 2022
madmen547 So much chemistry between these two! You can tell they REALLY enjoyed pleasing each other. Zander was cheesing like a kid bringing home an A+ when he made Zeke cum! lol Jun 5, 2022
MichaelGalletta Perfect analogy lol.
anteup301 Can someone please tie that man Zander’s hands down so someone can get up in that?! May 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta Keep in mind this was one of Zander's first attempts at taking a hard dick in his beautiful ass. This kind of thing requires patience and practice!
Sallythatgirl Ok, but can we PLEEEEEEEAAAAASE see more of Zander's PRETTY PINK HOLE?!? I LIVE to see Isaiah's, Blake, AND NOW Zander's pretty pink holes. Watching them get rimmed then fucked is so fucking cum-inducing, I ooze any and every time these 3 are spreading cheeks, getting rimmed, fingered OR fucked. <3 <3 <3 Apr 26, 2022
BruthMaaan _ Damn! Zeke is everything tho! Bruh got me over here smiling and cumming. frfr. I like his Energy. His Vibe. He got good on-screen character and personality. Love this Bruh! 😍 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mar 26, 2022
Sageking3 Ross, Bandit, Apollo, Isaiah, and dominic need to run a train on zeke! Mar 26, 2022
lucasamazing This is my 4th time watching this video and I have not made it past the 30 min mark yet! They both so beautiful 🤤 Mar 25, 2022
Montez That is some high praise LOL.
markusg24 BBA be doin a good job gettn those thick brothers with nice physiques like the one and only Dragon from days gone by. Zeke look good! Always wondered what the college football running backs looked like when they naked, lol. Im like Damn. He got a fire physique! Mar 22, 2022
Nick30 Sexy scene! Zeke needs more scenes in the future! Mar 20, 2022
Montez Agreed! Zeke blew me away almost instantly. A porn star waiting to happen lol
Kmay58847 Yeah this was definitely money well spent. Zeke and that Footballer body…perfection and Zander I like his energy and performance, he did what needed to be done! Mar 18, 2022
mrcwilliams19401 What a performance. Zeke and Zander came 2 please the fans. And l was pleased. The vocalization between the 2 models was exciting. The chemistry between the 2 models was perfect and entertaining. Bravo👏👏 4 this pairing. Zeke and Zander job well done 2 👍up. Mar 17, 2022
freddy222 Sexy feet . Needs more sucking Mar 15, 2022
Natsfan64 Isaiah, Zeke and Shameeks...some handsome black brothers Mar 14, 2022
kgill333 Zander’s body, by far is one of the sexiest, like the boy next door, he’s freaky, goofy and verbal in bed, I would like to see that energy with a gang bang with him on bottom, please let Kingston be one of them!! Mar 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta I think Zander needs a lot more bottoming experience before he's ready for that, but it's definitely something worth adding to the BBA Bucket List. 😉🤞
supreme Exceptional ...a four-nut production **** This scene will go in halls of BBA finest. Mar 12, 2022
turner95 This is one of the top 5 scenes of all times.. chemistry is crazy. Would like to see more bottom from Zander!! More from the new guy as well Mar 12, 2022
ICeeIt21 The chemistry is FIYA between these two. I'm excited for the next wave of talent coming through BBA! These two are definitely potential top tier models, on par with Apollo, Bandit and the other veterans. This was flip flop at its natural best. Mar 10, 2022
TurksDiago94 Yes!!!! This is what BBA needs! More variations and guys who have a different build. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been watching the same models with the same body types for the longest. People want to see these models that looks like themselves in the videos. No offense, but if your producing the same type of content weekly, what makes this site stand out from the rest? Solicit more models with different builds… keep it interesting. Zeke is hot! I like the thicker body type. He’s open to explore which is even more of a turn on and he didn’t hold back. This was by far one of the better scenes. Reminds me of a Suspense/Eureka type of vibe. Find more of those types!!! They are out there. Good job! Mar 10, 2022
texasbugg I wish zeke could bring 1 of those football player he had sex with when he played football 2 football players fucking damm loving the scene thinking about 2 bodys builded like zeke is so sexy. Mar 9, 2022
blackboi08 I been a BBA fan for quite a few years now. This is my new favorite scene 😍 ❤️ Mar 9, 2022
11luvme2u Well damn... I don't see ANY complaints. lol Mar 9, 2022
MichaelGalletta Right?!? I think this might be a BBA First lol. Unanimously enthusiastic reviews are almost unheard of, even on our all-time most popular scenes.
LAlbright18 LISTEN!!!! I told y’all before don’t sleep on my dude Zander!!!! He definitely brought his A game in this scene!!! And I like the fact that he was patient and took his time with Zeke before he went ham!!!!
AND AS FAR AS ZEKE!!!!! This the kind of energy BBA needed!!! That sexy thick football build mother fucka can do no wrong in my eyes!!! Like str8booty said Zeke the mothafuckin freak!!!! I mean everything about him was just top tier! The smile, the body, the dick, the ass, the melanin!!!!! Oh I’m in love with this man already!!! BBA, y’all have done it again! Keep this man around!!! Idgaf what y’all got do, y’all better not lose his ass!!!! Lol 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I mean did y’all see the way he was laying the pipe and reeling it in???? That boy threw that ass back like nobody’s business!!! Gaht dayuuuuum! Okay I’m done! Thank you BBA, I love y’all!!!!!
Mar 8, 2022
Beau Perfect scene. They had great chemistry. Very hot. I wonder how Zeke would make out with Stallion. I love the flip flop too. Mar 8, 2022
vinrod79 Zeke! 😍. That’s all I have to say. Mar 8, 2022
str8bootyc Zeke the mothafuckin freak..... Typically I like the cute rough around the edges lightskin guys. But Zeke's sexy..chocolate...thick self won me over. He cute asf and nasty asf but he's completely reserved before the shenanigans go down. And bro likes taking dick but he can top and bottom. He's simply any college girl or bi/dl/gay or even str8 guys dream lol. The fact that he lost his virginity to a guy and girl in college at the same time said it all for me. The performance was over the top and the cherry on top! Mar 8, 2022
ACTION7 I love ZANDER, nice attitude, and he takes it like he gives it, like a soldier. He and Stallion in a flip flop for starters. Mar 8, 2022
Jayden27 Quick question: At the beginning of the scene, what do Zeke and Zander's dicks look like when they are soft? It's ok I'll wait and let you think on that one.... Answer: No fucking clue! Both of them were hard before they even took off their pants! Zander and Zeke gave us fans the freak show of a lifetime. The BBA legends are great teachers and, Generation Z are the product of a great education. Shouts out to all of the BBA models that have helped to make this happen! Let's talk about BBA's newest ASSets...shall we?

So we have 2 guys, both bisexual, both freaky AF, both do EVERY-DAMN-THING in the bedroom, and lastly, they found each other attractive. Is it really surprising that they shut this shit down? LOL! There was so much heat in this scene that it should have melted every device used to view it. Zander is cute AF--he doesn't need any clothing ever! His body is perfect, beautiful ass and dick, and those freckles are *chef's kiss*. Y'all know chocolate is my weakness right? Zeke is all kinds of fuckin' delicious, and I love his build. Oh..the things I'd do to him. Oral was excellent! If you didn't get horny from that alone, please see a doctor because these two were fucking it up! I won't go into detail on this because this review would take up the entire site (as it may already! LOL!). If I had a chance with Zeke, I would eat all of that and then I would insert my----let me finish this damn review....moving on. LOL!

I. Zeke Inside of Zander

When Zeke spread Zander's cakes to reveal that BEAUTIFUL pink hole--that view was EVERYTHING! Shit I wanted to eat that shit out myself! Y'all need to hide Zander's clothes so he can just stay naked next time! LOL! Zander, in all honesty, I say thumbs the fuck up for his performance! Zeke's dick is thick AF and huge! That shit could not have been easy, but he held on and continued to take it as much as he could. I love how Zeke was easy on Zander in the beginning allowing him to get used to his size. This performance may not be as sensual as most preferred, but I loved it because it was real. Bottoming is not always easy or pretty, even when you've been doing it for a while. Hell, that's why most gay men won't even do it! LOL! Zander's successful performance gave fans a noteworthy scene and his costar pleasure, and that fact alone is worth a round of applause! Good shit Zander! Loved It!

II. Zander Inside of Zeke

Zeke got enough cake to fill an entire buffet! At one point, I don't think we could even see Zander while he was eating Zeke out--he was stuffed in the cakes! LOL! When Zander got inside Zeke, my first thought was "Zander, you better Doggystyle this shit because his ass was made for fucking". I wanted to see Zeke's cakes bounce. We did get a tiny bit of that action but Zander's knee was in the way so the view wasn't ass clear (lol yep--pun intended). However, there's more opportunities in the future for this right? Zander gave everything quick, hard pounds to slow deep, passionate strokes, and it was during this point where you got to see a connection between those two models was golden. Zander paid attention to Zeke and gave him everything he needed right up until the cum shot. Zeke, already got his cum, continued to bottom for Zander in various positions until Zander got his cum (with a nice facial). I really enjoy Zeke as a bottom in this one. Yeah, there's no way folks can say that passion was not in the scene--at all.

What's even more special about this scene is that these two gentlemen have shown themselves as versatile performers--it doesn't matter where you put them in the scene. They are going to show up and show out with a kick ass performance and fans are going to love it! BBA couldn't be any luckier to have these two on their roster. Thank you! Special thanks to Mike, Shax, Montez, Zander and Zeke! My prediction was right--this was a DAMN good time! Zeke, job well done brotha--you're highly approved! Welcome to BBA bro! You're free to come back anytime. The BBA Welcome Committee, aka the fans, have spoken, and we welcome you with tooted asses, hard dicks, and open arms. Loved both Zeke and Zander--bring their nasty asses back anytime! With this burst of new talent, the sky's the limit. There's no telling what the future holds, and BBA just may be around to capture those moments for many more years to come.
Mar 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta Wow, you had A LOT to say about this one! Always a good sign lol. Thank you.

This is easily my favorite scene that Shax has directed so far. The perfect hybrid of both of our styles. And like I said on Twitter, I'm not usually into thick guys, but just one watch and I was texting Montez to set up my "come out of retirement" scene with Zeke lol. Ha! I wish. I need a few extra inches of dick to be able to handle that big, juicy booty on Zeke lol. But damn, he's just so irresistibly sexy in a way that is hard to describe.

I was worried that the preview pics might make some viewers dismiss him without giving him a fair chance. I'm ecstatic to see that there was no need to worry about that. The feedback, likes, and overall sales have been tremendous so far! And that's coming on the heels of a very enthusiastic response to our other new model Drezzy, so that's been very encouraging.

Thanks again for your rave review! You can look forward to seeing more of these new guys in the near future.
Nastynut I actually wanna see how freaky Zekey can be….let’s challenge him to a full bottom break in like you did Sax, Michael & get him in a gang bang scene LORDT I’d probably go into cardiac arrest 😍🔥😍🔥 Mar 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta I love your idea of seeing Zeke get gangbanged by a group of guys. We don't want to scare him away, though lol. All in due time. 😉🤞
texasbugg i know after a football game when every 1 go shower when zeke walk in all dicks get on hard zeke is so motherfuckin fine i have stop the scene on his ass so many time mike u got a goldmine with zeke i wish he had a back to back scene zeke i luv u i really hope to see bandit long dicking your goldmine 48kt pure gold hole welcome to bba. Mar 7, 2022
djv1234 Zeke is fantastic and Zander was the perfect partner for Zeke's first scene. I greatly look forward to seeing Hot Zeke in future scenes as I do Zander. Michael and BBA must be congratulated on the Hot new performers that have joined BBA since the site was relaunched including Stallion, Saxgotem, Deontrey, Zander and now Zeke as well as bringing back many of the BBA Greats...all we need now is for Dominic to soon rejoin the fold. BBA is by far the best Gay Porn site with unrivaled performers and hottest quality scenes. I can't wait to see what further treats you have in store for us, that hopefully will include Dominic and Stallion together. With the wealth of Hot talent you have maybe you'll have to be twice weekly to keep them and members all happy!! 😍 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mar 7, 2022
mikemannz Yes now let’s get him with another muscle hunk for his next scene let’s make it extra beefy 😍😜 Mar 6, 2022
Ataylor90 Finally!!!! BBA is back we need more Hot scenes like this their chemistry is everything imo and Zeke is fucking HOT!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Mar 6, 2022
chgohydeparker OMG. A muthafuckin star is born. Yessssssss. Mar 5, 2022
dlking93 Zeke is everything can see him with Blake, Sax, Apollo, Shameeks, Manny, Jah, Lil Jake, Bandit I think they could have great chemistry Mar 5, 2022
RobbySan29 We liveeeee for the feet content Michael 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 great job!!! We love it!! 10 out of 10. Mar 5, 2022
miffyb Thats a scene right there! Mar 5, 2022
retrokid562 I like me some thick Zeke...would love to see him TOP a full scene with like Scuba, Blake Bishop, Apollo or any of the chocolate men. Give me the full on chocolate bodies. Mar 5, 2022
Jordybey30 Probably one of the best scenes in months. The passion & chemistry had me nearly nutting every 20 seconds. I've loved Zander ever since his first scene in the haunted house. Im hoping Zeke becomes a mainstay because his ass is EVERYTHING!!! 😍😍😍 Mar 5, 2022
smhard03 Perfection. Next - Zeke and Stallion!!!!! I need that! OR My fantasy pairing Stallion and Apollo! Mar 5, 2022
glsfz6 We need more Zeke!!! Mar 5, 2022
terbernt TennesseeBator below said everything I wanted to say! I'm lovin this Zander Mar 5, 2022
debattx77 Zander is my new obsession!!!!! I need more of him!!!!!! Mar 5, 2022
jfhey2 Instant classic. The best I have seen on BBA in years. Big dicks, phat asses and insatiable sexual appetites. Bravo!!! Bring them back both are stars and I love that they are bi and fully verse. Mar 4, 2022
applemunch Can we get more thick boys, please?!? This. THIS is what makes me love BBA. This scene was excellent and to see someone shaped like me made it hotter. Zeke is a keeper. Mar 4, 2022
jerome9 perfect. perfect. perfect. Mar 4, 2022
19852010 I never comment, but this was a hot video! I loved their chemistry and I'm in love with Zeke. Mar 4, 2022
jrummi I definitely need to see more of zeke, the options of who to pair him with are endless! Stallion, scuba and rush immediately comes to mind! I still can't get into Zander though Mar 4, 2022
Kevinjamal What a sweet combo 🔥, very good pairing! 👏 👏 👏 Michael Mar 4, 2022
blooper7 These two are fire. Differently built but sexy toned bodies... Still haven't been able to make it to the end. LOL Zander's tight ripped body is sexy as hell as is his personality, and the dark on light color contrast is always a turn on for me. Can't wait to see Zander and Stallion go at it. Well done on this one guys!! Mar 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta I love that color contrast as well. Several casual viewers on Twitter have even mistakenly thought that Zander is white lol. The contrast in skin tones is such a beautiful sight to behold.
Dope88 Zeke The Freak 🔥🔥

tell Zander no code switching when he’s with the hood boys, we need him sounding and acting like this at all times. such pretty toes he has🔥

Great Scene 👏🏽
Mar 4, 2022
swaggonauto This was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 one if not my best scene on here. Zeke is my ideal man. Body type, skin, teeth he is everything. Sexy thick ass Mar 4, 2022
midnitefreak Please show more feet please 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Zander has some pretty ass feet omfg 🤤🤤🤤 Mar 4, 2022
Dualex Good to see BBA back with some good contents for real. Seems like they were ready for round 2. Very nice pairing. Mar 4, 2022
1415termino Zeke was a great addition Mar 4, 2022
maybelater All i can say is DAMN!!!!!💯💫 Mar 4, 2022
bbound Anything goes, huh. I'd love to see him get strapped down & Stallion unleashed on him! Mar 4, 2022
daddy75 We need zeke and Lil Jake next! Mar 4, 2022
haughtona2 Any new update on Scotty and Shaun? Mar 4, 2022
Dangerboy Well done BBA!! 🙌🏽 I wanna see Zander bottom more in the future. Mar 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta You and me both. 😉

Such a phenomenal and fuckable ass on that man.
VandolBabe1 Ok Michael you're officially my favorite person! These models are breathtaking, Zeke his personality paired with Zander was not a bad fit at all. I'm in love with this scene. Sigh don't want to say it too quickly let's see what's in-store for Zeke. ⭐✨ Mar 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks, but Shax, Montez, and the models deserve all the credit for this one. I was merely a producer for this latest series of scenes, hiring the models and putting up the money for the shoots lol. Glad you loved this as much as you did!
texasbugg zeke got to be a running back i always say how football players r super freaks i hope bandit get to get some of zeke 48kt gold mine asshole i know it feels so good inside zeke hole i can't stop looking at zeke body he got a royal ass Mar 4, 2022
bullshit512 DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hottest scene I've seen anywhere in a few years! When BBA produces scenes like this one, they're the best in the business. I loved both hot as fuck men! A flip flop fuck scene was perfect, as I've been wanting to see Zander bottom since he first appeared on BBA. Once I saw Zeke, I wanted him to get fucked as well. Thanks BBA for giving your customers an incredible scene! Did I say DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So freakin' hot! Can't wait to see Stallion & Zander flip flop fuck! Hopefully Zander & Zeke will have long careers at BBA! Mar 3, 2022
marios Zeke is everything stg 🔥🔥 Mar 3, 2022
flylikebird1 Ok, changed my mind again..this scene has moved to #1...still got a lot of the yr left..chemistry was lit 🔥.. Mar 3, 2022
Kingmi20 Zeke and Zander....TOGETHER?!!!! I've watched this like 5 times....damn!!! mmmm Zeke fine as hell...the phat ass mmm...and I LOVE Zander taking dick...damn...both of them look good as hell!!! Mar 3, 2022
swamp96 I should've added this on my initial post but yall are gonna have to get Zeke paired up with Stallion....that shit would be fire. Mar 3, 2022
11luvme2u Damn! It felt like the NFL came to BBA! What a sexy addition. Zeke has the type of "love at first sight" personality that I'm sure many fans, like me, felt. His entire body is incredible but that ASS... I said, "GOT DAAAMMN..." lol He bottomed like a pro and I am sure when other BBA models see this scene Mike will get texts or calls saying, "Yeah, pair me with him." I am super excited about exploring his journey at BBA. I wouldn't mind seeing him with Deontrey. Nice scene. Mar 3, 2022
MichaelGalletta "NFL came to BBA"! I love that lol. Also liked your description of Zeke's "love at first sight" personality. What a perfect way to describe this incredibly sexy young man.
daprince Zeke is IT. We need Stallion to get his hands on him. Mar 3, 2022
chauncey Hello BBA -- Really enjoyed this scene to the max -- On a personal note if I may -- I'm attracted to men exactly like Zeke -- on the thick side -- When I encounter someone like Zeke and we start vibing I begin to fantasize what it would be like to get with them -- men whose mannerisms are masculine but really, really enjoy getting fucked I mean really enjoy getting fucked -- and when we are done we both own the experience and have no regrets -- that is my dream come true -- and the sex is off the hook -- every now and then you do get lucky!! -- trust me. I was glad to see Zeke appear and he gave us a show worth watching. He is the type of man I would go out of my way to get to know - I would definitely make some moves on that / lol all that delectable chocolate -- Zander is full of life and has this positive vibe happening which makes him truly irresistible and definitely luscious. This scene is on my list of favs right up there with Scuba and Drezzy, and Apollo and Deontrey -- Hot, hot, hot -- a BBA trifecta - the setting added to the quality of the scene!! I didn't want it to end -- and thank you for providing the banter at the end between the gentlemen -- winding down is just as important as starting up -- lol -- they are real eye candy and it gave us a chance to see them being regular people -- This one was a grand slam - BBA just keep it coming -- I'm now tuning in by appointment to see what is new on the menu !! -- BBA I'm greedy I want more, more, more -- the world of "What If" is well and alive. -- Keep surprising us !! It's BBA 4Ever -- I rest my case!!!! Mar 3, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for another enthusiastic and encouraging review! I'm thrilled to hear that this scene tapped into so many of your deepest, most personal fantasies. This is one of my favorite scenes from the year so far too.
texasbugg zeke damm i love a football player he got a body that was blessed by the gods damm i need to see him/saxgotem fuck each other saxgotem should be able to take zeke dick them 2 bodys r made to fuck good scene bba Mar 3, 2022
MichaelGalletta That's a fantastic suggestion! My dick's already rock-hard just picturing the two of them going at it lol.
Natsfan64 The black Kat gives Deangelo Jackson a run for his money Mar 3, 2022
daddydaddy Zeke is my new favorite. Beautiful man Mar 3, 2022
Bttm4ever Very hot 🥵 scene, good chemistry between them. Hope to see more of them. Along with Apollo and Dominic Mar 3, 2022
swamp96 Now THIS is what Im talking about. Welcome back BBA. Zeke is the perfect man. Chocolate, Solid with a big pretty dick. He's everything. Zander and him were turned the fuck on by each other, both of their dicks were hard almost the entire video. One of the best scenes in a minute. Good job guys! Mar 3, 2022
200water Amazing! Didn’t make it past the kissing the first time lol. Zander’s moaning and dirty talking made the scene so hot. I love his freckles and personality. I hope we see more of him. Mar 3, 2022
Gyptian Wow, I really like Zeke. Such a positive vibe and attitude, seems extremely easy to work with and gave a real Natural bisexual perspective... I loved this pairing, great job from both of the Models...!!! Also side note, it was such a relief that he seemed comfortable and not afraid to be himself, and most importantly not afraid to give 100% towards fulfilling & or providing the Fantasy, which is why they're there and getting paid.... Great job from everyone in front of the camera and behind it..!😉 Mar 3, 2022
ehoss7 hot as fuck!! one of the best scenes in awhile. we need zander with deontrey. Mar 3, 2022
ddsafe2021 This video was fire as fuck. Best video I’ve seen in a while Mar 3, 2022
BluGod12 Yep, keep Zeke around! Can't wait to see more of him! Mar 3, 2022
darkie11 Instantly more of Zeke!!! Mar 3, 2022
MaxMuney This is most definitely TEA ☕️ 😛🤏🏾 Mar 3, 2022
islandboy44 excellent !!! hope to see Zander bottom soon again Mar 3, 2022
Dualex Zeke is a sexy bottom. He needs a slightly more aggressive top like Drezzy. I like them both. If Stallion is still around I need a pairing with Zander.... Mar 3, 2022
monkibone1134 Yes, this is the BBA I love! Chemistry, communication and hot sex with a bit of awkwardness. Zeke is a keeper and Zander has potential to be one of the best, I’d love to see a flip scene with him and Ross one day Mar 3, 2022
Candid1 I LOVED every second of watching these two beautiful freaks!!!! They looked like they were having fun and it was great to see. Zeke’s nice body and Zander’s sex appeal is great!
Cant wait to see more of them!!! Especially in their own group bang scenes!!! Great work BBA!!!!
Mar 3, 2022
visions4eva Best video in a long while 🙄 Mar 3, 2022
brianhpotter05 Cmon Mike for the thickness!!!!!!! Yes!!!! Mar 3, 2022
MichaelGalletta Zeke has single-handedly blown away everything I thought I knew about my own personal tastes and sexual attractions lol. He's nothing close to my usual "type," yet he's intensely and irresistibly sexy to me. I'm all for some variety as long as the guy is attractive, and Zeke is easily one of the best hiring decisions we've ever made.
allfun15 Looooove Zeke already Mar 3, 2022
MrBrown19942 This entire scene, is amazing! Their chemistry is evident, too. Welcome to BBA, Zeke! Zander is incredible as always, too! 🙌🏿😍😍 Mar 3, 2022
terbernt Zander is one of my new FAVs automatically. Very well sculpted physique. Mar 3, 2022
king500 Scene of the year for me. This one will be hard to top Mar 3, 2022
cbd1012 This scene was pure fire Mar 3, 2022
Rod1198 More of ZEKE!!!! He’s sexy as hell Mar 3, 2022
Docteur Zeke is a keeper I would love to see him paired with Bandit for a flip flop. I am not a fan of Zander, but this is the best overall male to male sex scene I have seen on BBA. The kissing, dick sucking, ass eating, ass fucking was all seemingly spontaneous and not scripted like the episodes on here. A+ Mar 3, 2022
TennesseeBator First of all, Zeke is an AMAZING find to the BBA roster, good personality, thick glorious chocolate body with a muscle phat ass and a nice sized thick dick. I am very happy to see my boy Zander back. Sidenote: I know Zander does some work for other sites BUT BBA is where he REALLY truly shines through and through, his personality in the scenes is way better HERE than in the scripted scenes he does for other companies, he is a pro and knows how to make the other models feel comfortable on camera. EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything, about this scene works. I love seeing the guys perform oral on each other, the frotting action was TOP notch, the ass eating and then finally seeing Zander get fucked BBA style, wow. I know the dick was not easy to take, going by Zander's facial expressions but he took it like a champ and it just breathtaking to see him finally give up his hole on the site. Then, we come to the football player body Zeke bending over and taking that dick like the champ that he is. I know we have ONE Stallion on BBA but Zeke is literally built like a Stallion and he took that dick like one as well, seeing his chocolate ass bounce back and forth on Zander's light skinned dick had me hitting the pause button so I didn't nut too early. 20/10 on this scene, I hope BBA uses Zeke wisely because he is a star for several reasons and I hope BBA can continue to use Zander because he performs his best with you all, GENERATION Z should be here to stay.

It's only March but this scene is def going to be in my Top 10 (probably top 5) year end list.
Mar 3, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the rave review! I truly believe this is one of the best scenes that Shax and Montez have ever directed, and it will almost certainly earn a high spot on my Top 10 list for the year. Appreciate you pointing out that Zander's performances feel more authentic and natural in his BBA scenes compared to his other non-BBA work. I completely agree!
awj1214 Mike. Y'all really have outdone yourselves with Zeke. That man is a Zeus among mortals. I'm so impressed with him in every capacity. Zander needs to work on that bottoming. I've seen the str8 guys do better. Overall nice scene tho. I can't wait to see Zeke with the vets. I know that shit is gonna be fiya. Mar 3, 2022
MichaelGalletta Couldn't agree with you more about Zeke. He's one of those rare gifts from the Porn Gods that only come along once or twice every decade or so. And he only continues to improve and impress with every new scene that he does.

As far as Zander's concerned, keep in mind this was only like the second time in his life that he's tried taking dick. And Zeke has a really thick dick. So of course he wasn't going to be able to take it like a pro right out of the gate. But he gave it a valiant effort and we'll try to give him plenty more practice in the near future! 😉
Nastynut It’s giving best video so far of 2022 & then some!!! The energy, the fucking, the vibe, the bodies on these men it was ALL a HELL YES for me!! I think Zander did a great job & I didn’t give him the best review 1st time around but mannn did he stick a dick I mean foot in my mouth with the energy & assets he brung in this video. He said he loved foreplay & after this video I loved it but he made me love it even more! Just the passion & kissing and when they swapped spit, 🙌🏽🤤 I lost it!!!! That was nut number one, the 2nd nut came when that thick ass Zeke tooted that ass up & spread em cheeks MY GAWD I was mesmerized because he got the type of cakes that need a beating & man can he take one! He took dick like a pro and sucked it like one too! They both were just a vibe and the passion was on point. They were both rock hard pretty much from the time they saw each other & I can see why after this! They definitely gave a show!!! I can’t wait to circle back to it for many more nuts.

Oh & before I head out, Michael we need too see ALOT more of Zeke & that ass! I’m thinking sick one of your bigggg dogs on him like Stallion or Bandit or ALL OF EM! 🥰😍
Mar 3, 2022
loverboy02 Omg Zander and Zeke are fine as fuck!!!!🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 Mar 3, 2022
jaywest84321 This scene is hot asf😍. I didn’t expect Zeke to do all that he did, but I’m more than grateful that he did. Thanks Mike and the BBA team for this sexy ass scene. Mar 3, 2022
zebrasex4567 This scene is everything. Surprisingly you topped last weeks scene which has me excited for what you have coming up. Zeke and Zander’s asses were everything you can ask for. And I haven’t seen a new model be so eager and willing like this before WOAH. Zeke needs to be a permanent member in BBA I think him and Trapp or lil Jake would be sexy as fuck. Keep up the good work. Mar 3, 2022
kendol Damn, haha I thought the new model was too thick for me to like the scene....Nope this scene top tier. Mar 3, 2022
mcchaz Great scene. What a surprise too. Didn’t expect that. Mar 3, 2022
mcduzzy I wanted Zeke to fuck Zander the way Zander was fucking Zeke .. how you run from the dick but when it’s your turn to fuck you go hard in the paint lol Mar 3, 2022
MichaelGalletta I hear what you're saying, but keep in mind that Zeke has more experience when it comes to bottoming, while this was only Zander's second attempt at taking dick. Taking that into account, I was pleasantly impressed by just how well Zander did at taking Zeke's thickness. Hopefully he'll only continue to improve with more practice!

Zeke is a 21-year-old, All-American college student and athlete from the Midwest who was also the star player on his high school football team.

With his muscle-thick body, smooth dark skin, and sexy voice, Zeke will be a dream come true for anyone who's ever had a crush on the captain of the football team and fantasized about watching him get down with guys behind closed doors.

Like a lot of guys in his generation, Zeke is openly and confidently bisexual: "I like pussy," he bluntly explains. "I love titties. And I also like guys!"

Turns out Zeke is also a FREAK. "Anything goes in the bedroom!" he confesses with a cute, nervous laugh. "That's my motto."

We did the math, and let's just say Zeke has been watching BBA ever since he was WAY too young to be doing so. But now that he's old enough to participate, he's decided he can bring something different and special to the BBA roster, all while having fun and earning extra money for his college tuition at the same time.

To guide Zeke through his very first time in front of the camera (what Zeke jokingly calls "the BBA Welcome Committee"), we've brought back Zander, the light-skinned, bisexual porn star, who is full of surprises this time.

We leave the camera running as Zeke and Zander get better acquainted literally minutes after meeting for the very first time. Watching their nervous but excited small talk as they joke and flirt and check each other out only makes it ten times hotter when they jump into the action just a few minutes later.

Watch carefully and you'll notice Zeke's surprisingly THICK dick spring to life beneath his gray sweatshorts, just from TALKING about sex with Zander!

The instant chemistry in this scene is OFF THE CHARTS, one of those scenes where we turn both guys loose and then try our best just to keep up with the action as they eagerly devour each other like ravenous wolves.

There's over a FULL HOUR of multiple-"nutt"-draining action that includes tons of passionate tongue-kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, voracious ass-eating, and "no holes barred" FLIP-FLOP fucking as these two horny Bi guys get caught up in the passion and excitement of their first time together.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Flip-Flop, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Tops Taken Down
Details: Mar 3, 2022 62 min
Photo of Zander
Photo of Zeke

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