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getdickhoe Have some more new models smash each other like with JuJu and Legend. Preferably Maleek, JuJu, Stallion, Rush, Jboolee, Zeke, Tyson and I will definitely purchase more credits. May 18, 2024
MichaelGalletta *FLASH SALE* - We're offering 5 bonus credits for every 15 credits purchased NOW thru Saturday midnight EST (5/18/24).

Buy 15 credits, you'll get 20. Buy 30, you'll get 40. Buy 60, you'll get 80, etc. (Please allow time for the bonus credits to show up).
May 17, 2024
Candid1 I really love watching both of these guys perform. May 17, 2024
Nastynut This was 🔥🔥🔥 the vibe, the passion & two of the hottest well rounded men on this site 🤌 10/10 would recommend! Their bodies look amazing & the way they both take dick on camera almost took me outttt I nutted so many times to this before I could finally comment. My only complaint is the same thing I complain about EVERY video when I do complain….the frickin ANGLES!

This is a porn site so we want to see dicks & booty holes. All this side view, & face shots, I promise if u did a poll on this PORN site, those are going to not make it on the list of things we want to see but occasionally. Yall will focus solely on their facial expressions for 15 mins then give us 15 secs of a money shot! We didn’t see Denzel’s asshole not one time in this video smh but that ass is super fat, like why tease us?! Shxts so annoying. Can we swap out directors time to time, that way we’re not missing the real money shots?
May 16, 2024
chucke1 "SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST" as to longer than usual production hiatus, "I WILL SURVIVE" YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! May 11, 2024
supreme Another BBA classic, the chemistry was powerful love to see Apollo back and pairing him with an upcoming star like Denzel was everything ! I want to see Jahan and Denzel as well May 8, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Looking forward to what's coming Mike!
Hoping Legend, K9, Justice, Rico, Bandit are in some of the upcoming scenes. A Dominic or Ross return one day is a far off hope too.
May 7, 2024
MichaelGalletta Just letting everyone know that we have to take a longer-than-usual production hiatus between updates this month.

But we'll be resuming our regular schedule with updates on 5/23 & 5/30, adding May's third promised update to the schedule later this summer. Thanks for your patience while we do our best to make sure it's worth the wait just like always!
May 7, 2024
ICeeIt21 Simply put...this was next level sexiness. 👌 Very well done on all fronts. May 5, 2024
addict88 Apollo is definitely the resident 'king of arches' on this site, but Denzel might be a close second. May 3, 2024
addict88 I was hoping for another Denzel scene, and was hoping it would be with Blake Bishop or Apollo and this did not disappoint. Sorry Michael! When Shax first started shooting I first told myself I preferred your style of filming to his. But, I think he's come up since then. He might even have you beat. He certainly knows how to shoot Apollo based on this scene and Apollo's scene with Diez. His shots seem to be getting more adventurous, which I appreciate. May 3, 2024
MichaelGalletta Thanks for sharing, but Montez deserves a lot of credit for this as well. He has been an equal co-director for awhile now, and a lot of the more creative and adventurous shots you're admiring are thanks to him.
Dualex @Ipc02c... Lovely post but I won't blame BBA's models for not showing sensuality. Most of the guys are str8 or DL... So showing sensuality won't be expected. However if you go back to Christmas 2023 you'll find that the Juju/Legend scene has everything you need. May 2, 2024
lpc02c @MichaelGaletta Thanks for not getting too fired up about my criticism or even blocking my comments from being posted altogether. I truly do not mean to offend, I have been a customer of this site for many years so there is alot I do appreciate about it to be such a loyal customer. My comments are truly from a place of constructive criticism and evolution/growth/creative potential. Though I am not seeking (or even referencing wanting to see a "honeymoon" -- again, that is not what I mean by intimacy), again, it is moreso about upping the ante with the intimacy from the snippets of it that we do get at times -- simply because I see so much opportunity to. And also because it does seem like BBA seems to be in a creative rut. Years ago, with almost each upload the viewer was in for a brand new experience because each upload was usually pretty distinct from the previous and so watching your content was kind of exciting or invigorating each time. You even used to play with and let their personalities come out more which also adds so much to the sexual acts onscreen. We never knew what was going to happen next or what someone's reaction was going to be or what was going to be said. For example: Say you have a new model paired with another model. Have them ask each other: how do you like to be touched? how do you like to be kissed? what are your erogenous zones? How do you like to cum? How do you like your dick sucked? How do you like to be fucked? Let the scenes smolder and make them feel like an adventure with the viewer along for the ride. It makes the viewer more invested and it feels like a real satisfying journey. Have the guys open up and verbalize their desires to each other more and then let us watch them hear each other, listen and then execute -- to varying results! Something as simple as prompting the models to ask each other key questions (or letting them use their imaginations) would be interesting and exciting. These men aren't new to sex by the time they get to BBA -- they come to the table with certain likes, preferences, skills as well as certain curiosities. These are ideas that your current directors could try out. I mean, would it really hurt to try a few new things sometimes for the BBA brand. Part of the reason the guys come off as scripted isn't just because they are following the outline for the scene (in terms of positions/actions and the sequence of them) but it's also because the guys are following a set and predictable format. There's not much spontaneity or even room to allow the models to bring something to the table as well -- they've all been fucking for years (maybe not with men) but they still bring something individual to the sexual table nonetheless. But when they get in front of the BBA cameras they are used moreso as robots. Sex is more than just a physical act, even sex between strangers. It's extremely mental, psychological and dare I say even emotional at times. It'd be nice to explore more of that authenticity. I think the models could bring a bit more to the creative table than just a nice ass and big dick. But again, thanks for engaging with me and I truly love the site and think you definitely are responsible for dozens of classic scenes in black gay porn. I look forward to future classics and the continued growth of the brand! May 1, 2024
MichaelGalletta Sorry for the late notice, but this will be an "off" week for us following six weeks of updates in a row.

We're still figuring out our production & update schedule for the next couple months, but we'll be sure to keep everyone updated as we know more.
May 1, 2024
Dualex This scene should have come out NY eve straight after Juju/Legend. Although I'm a big fan of both models, the scene did not really do it for me. I loved Denzel, esp that arch, but seeing him very active on twitter x made me grow bored with him. This is a scene I needed months ago but Apollo was not available then people like Legend and Juju joined to surprise us all. This scene does not top the Apollo/Maleek one or the Juju/Legend. Won't mention Dominic/Apollo cause I can't touch that. May 1, 2024
Duchess This was definitely one of my favorite scenes even tho it wasn’t any creampie or Nutt swallowed 😝🫶🏾 May 1, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Respect for the shared back and forth dialogue from lpc02c and Mike below. When it comes to intimacy in scenes the ones that most stand out of all recently are Legend and Juju especially their last scene together. The comment from Juju about Legend prepping all day for the scene, the kissing, neck gripping, Legend getting hard early on, JuJu's facial expressions and flirting, compliments, smiling, Legend calling him Ju and baby while asking Juju to be nice to him, Legend precumming while standing and taking it from JuJu on the chair and the time spent from night to day to get it all done were all top tier intimate BBA moments! I wish every scene could be so great but I realize that's not possible. The Juju and Rico scene was a slow burner in the beginning and pure sex/porn to the end. Those scenes were different as far as how hard Juju could go with each scene partner but the passion and sexual energy was palpable in both. I hope Legend comes back and doesn't feel like he pushed himself past his limits because he is highly requested in the comments and is a true talent and vibe! JuJu is a good top and I hope his past comments on social media aren't a real sign of him not returning. Rico like Apollo and Bandit to me never can go wrong especially with the right more dominant tops like Bandit, JuJu, and K9. Hope we see more of all of them in the months and years ahead.

Lastly in relation to this scene I have to say how great Denzel once again is at throwing it back on his top during doggystyle. His ass is amazing and he takes dick like a champ! Thanks again for being open to commentary Mike and for the follow through on weekly scenes as promised a couple months back. I'm sure a week with a break is coming but the regular posting and even the Apollo & Denzel shower preview/teaser photo was a nice new addition to things! That preview had us all counting the minutes for the scene upload! Respect and appreciation to the BBA leadership and models! 👌🏽👍🏽
Apr 30, 2024
lpc02c @Michael Galletta No worries, I am not surprised you do not understand (even though if you thought about it more deeply, I think you would understand what I'm getting at). It was a shot in the dark thinking that after so many years of filming Black men having sex that you would have picked up on how unique, special and one-of-a-kind the intimacy is between two black men; notice I said intimacy, not sex. You mentioned the word "intimacy" in your response but I don't think you understand that word because intimacy is made up of emotion. You don't showcase emotions (not real, unscripted emotions) in your content with your models. So, no, there is not intimacy in your videos, there is sex. Just wanted to point out the difference that your perception may be off as to what real intimacy looks like between two Black men. But alas -- no disrespect -- you seem to really only see Black men having sex from a more fetishized gaze - you aren't actually invested beyond that, which I also understand. I don't think you have learned to understand the real beauty and intimacy of Black men between each other. An artist you are not, simply a content creator and to your credit, you've never claimed to be any more than that, which I respect. Alot of White people use Black men for their capitalistic pursuits without ever really understanding the subjects or their culture -- from a non-physical, non-sexual stance. Think of maybe a White photographer who goes to Africa to photograph their Black subjects. There's an opportunity there, some would say responsibility, to not just take your pictures and go home. Some would re-frame their lens to understand their subject on a deeper level and thus your results offer so much more to the people who will be indulging eventually in the exploits. And I do understand the BBA brand as it has been -- yet was curious about its growth, especially after so many years. I also know that the only reason why I even bring it up, is because in every video you guys produce for BBA, I can see there is so much more onscreen with the talent you pick to explore or add elements that are clearly on-screen but never capitalized on in any meaningful way. You do have an eye for hiring compelling talent, yet they are not presented compellingly. They are presented very superficially onscreen. But you have so much authenticity, depth, complication, adventure and emotion right at your fingertips with your talent -- all left untapped and unexplored on screen. I think you are minimizing and undervaluing your audience's appetite for it just because you don't get this type of feedback -- hardly ever probably -- from your customers. But, just because people aren't asking for it, doesn't mean there's no appetite or appreciation for it. It's human nature for people not to vocalize their innermost desires. It would be so awesome if your content could take those cues -- I can see the elevation! You do strike me as an intelligent person so I do think you COULD do it if you wanted to. Imagine upping the ante on Black gay porn in such a way (because no one really cares what others are doing so there is no need to compare your efforts to other creators if you truly feel you are in your own lane). There's an opportunity here in your own work to go deeper, but, yes, I understand you probably aren't interested in your subjects enough to even TRY to do so (or the audience for that matter) to offer something of more sustenance. More power to you! Apr 30, 2024
MichaelGalletta BBA has always been and always will be devoted to celebrating the beauty and sexuality of young Black males, and that includes a diverse array of guys and themes. Just because we're not focusing on the kind of content YOU personally want to see doesn't make the various connections and, yes, INTIMACY, in our scenes any less authentic or legitimate. I could easily point to hundreds of scenes currently on the site where the desire, chemistry, and passion between the young men is very much unscripted and palpable. It's one of the main reasons I chose to focus on "reality porn" rather than scripted encounters, to capture on camera the excitement and unpredictability of these real-life encounters.

By the way, I resent your smug insinuation that the reason I'm not filming these guys on their honeymoons or sharing whatever extreme vision of "intimacy" you have in mind is because I'm some kind of corporate sell-out fetishizer who doesn't care about the people I'm filming or the content I'm creating beyond the bottom line. Anyone who knows me and has been following my work for any length of time knows better than that. We're obviously turned on by very different things, and have very different ideas about what the BBA brand has always been and should continue to be. And that's okay. No need to start tossing around insults just because I don't share your vision.

P.S.: I actually agree with some of your criticisms about our recent content coming across as more scripted and sterile. I haven't been behind the camera in a couple years, and some of that "slow burn," reality porn quality that made my scenes so unique has definitely diminished as Shax and Montez have taken over the directing duties. Honestly, I feel like they are better with the semi-staged setups than the more documentary-style scenes, so it's partly a matter of playing to their strengths rather than forcing them to unsuccessfully imitate another director's style. But your critiques are valid, and I do hope to return to directing in the future, hopefully some time this year.
jam1967 Since I am former military, really can enjoy these type scenes. Thank you. Glad I found this site, all other sites are nothing anymore, just corporate ripoffs. I really like this sites mix of models. Apr 30, 2024
Detrell14 Hot video! 🔥🔥Now please pair Denzel with JUJU, that would be even hotter Apr 29, 2024
daedaeg This is the matchup we've been waiting for. The chemistry was A1 from beginning to end. This is one of my favorite scenes of both Apollo and Denzel. Apr 29, 2024
darkmanjah28 Mic drop. The ONLY other vid i give a Mic drop to is JuJu and Legend. The combination of hot, HOT sex and fire, FIRE physiques of both vids is unworthy of a simplistic rating like, for example, 10 out of 10. They are Mic Drop vids. Smh...BBA now. BBA forever. Apr 28, 2024
dlking93 The doggystyle was bandit and ross vibes for me I loved it Denzel needs to try it with bandit or Blake...Apollo did his Thang I always loved his body but them two put together especially at the end everything I love to see love the shower stuff and flirting afterwards especially if they really dig what happend...quality on these vids have been top tier...can't wait to see Ross, Bandit, JuJu, Manny, Sax again hopefully can get Jah, Luhred, Maleek, Lil Jake, Staxx to name a few come back Apr 28, 2024
LeeAnfernee_92 This was sexy ASF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 28, 2024
Kally91 So I’ve been purchasing from this website for a long time now I would love to see the guy that started out as the top in this scene get his ass ate more in different positions please if he agrees to it. He has a beautiful ass let’s show it more please. Apr 27, 2024
anthonyjohnson Apollo never disappoints. His name on any video is a win in my book. But this one!!!! Wow!!!! I know Apollo is from Greek mythology. But I can imagine this is what the Egyptian gods do with their intimate time. More please!!! Apr 27, 2024
DizzyD Chemistry!!!!! Perfection!! Apr 27, 2024
Lawrence522 We need a part two and we need more shots of Apollo inserting that dick into Denzel...just saying! Damn! Apr 27, 2024
lpc02c This scene was cool yet standard. No new ground broken, which I am aware is not generally the goal. Idea: I wonder if BBA would ever be interested in showing that Black men can also be sensual, romantic and/or vulnerable to intimacy. Real intimacy. And a porn creator stepping up to show that sort of dynamic imagery, would/could be revolutionary. I understand the premise of the site and the site seems to be successful and has clearly been long running. So the question is about elevation. I know the site is run by a White man, but maybe in terms of promoting a wider range of images of the viral Black men who is an expert at fucking, what if this site led the charge in portraying a more intimate side of young Black men. Again, not saying it's your responsibility as a White site owner, but it would be useful in showing a balance to impressionable viewers and to long-standing viewers who would appreciate more variety in the approach to the scenes. Just my two cents. Also, bring back Stallion! Lol. Apr 27, 2024
MichaelGalletta I feel like our scenes feature A LOT of chemistry and intimacy between the guys, far more than most other Black sites and content creators do. Especially in the scenes between the gay and bisexual guys. Tongue-kissing, frotting, feet worship, and intense, passionate fucking. Certainly not every scene, but it's been featured in plenty. Not sure what you have in mind beyond that, but it's probably not a direction we're ever going to take the BBA brand. Especially since those tend to be my least favorite scenes lol.
gimmedat13 Chemistry on 💯! Great scene… Why was Denzel only fucked in one position? Maybe because he was enjoying it so much ? Apr 27, 2024
11luvme2u Great scene. Thanks for 4 updates this month. Apr 27, 2024
Jbrewington68 The chemistry was so apparent. In this scene Denzel definitely got the dick he deserved. Him in doggy with that arch and those thick honey buns loving every thrust of Apollo's strokes was every enlisted and civilians dream.
Now let's pair the sensuality of Apollo🔥🔥🔥with the sensuality of Legend🔥🔥🔥. Combustible. With the potential of Apollo hitting whistle notes and legend moaning like a virgin on his wedding night, this could win awards. I'm thinking a massage table with oils in a gym with all its possibilities.
Apr 26, 2024
glsfz6 oh they were fucking like lovers! that's chemistry Apr 26, 2024
Littlehomie0034 Wanted to see more of Denzel getting fucked. Wish they would have showed him getting fucked while on his back so we could see him play with his dick at the same time. It seemed like he was enjoying it, missed opportunity of possible getting him to cum while getting fucked. Apollo always puts in a good effort, if he could actually get erect during foreplay that would be hot. Overall the scene was good Apr 26, 2024
tradell06 Denzel’s ass.. my god! Perfection! Apr 26, 2024
Fabs80 I want to see Apollo with Zeke and JuJu! Apr 26, 2024
cocopop Great scene, loved the chemistry, the kissing, and most of all the action. Since Apollo's still around, how bout a pairing with him and Legend, and Legend and Denzel. By the way where is Legend? haven't seen him since december. Apr 25, 2024
2hott4ya Listen!!! I have been saying this for years.. APOLLO IS BAE! He can do no wrong! This pairing was definitely a good one. Two sexy, confident, ex military men with great chemistry. The way Apollo kisses be getting me n my feelings! 🤤😍😂🤷🏽‍♂️ Apr 25, 2024
Charmed35 This was definitely a good one for Me the chemistry was everything I feel like if the chemistry is not there its not gonna be good but these two ex military guys def did there Thang both of them good pare up keep up the work guys much love for this scene🫶🏾💖 Apr 25, 2024
smhard03 FUCK! Welcome back Apollo! We missed you!!! Denzel - perfection. 10 10 10 10 !!!! Apr 25, 2024
nbrown1210 A good pairing of my all-time number 1 from the old guard with my potential number 1 among the newcomers. Loved Apollo's sex talk. "Fuck me!" are two of my favorite words. Denzel tried but lacked the passion that Justice always brought to his scenes. Would have liked to see more variety: some toe sucking, more ass hole licking, dick sucking, etc. Apr 25, 2024
A123 This was just so enjoyable. Two of the most handsome, sexy men with juicy asses passionately fucking is my fantasy come to life. Well done! Apr 25, 2024
BluGod12 So good! Never making it through this entire scene in one sitting. Apr 25, 2024
maybelater I just love ❤️ the way Apollo Lay in some ass and grind! He don't just be pounding, he grinds that dick deep. I can tell your boy felt that good dick. Apr 25, 2024
popoce33 Ooooh man!! Denzel and Justice please.🤩 Apr 25, 2024
kennyg Good pairing along with great action. Apr 25, 2024
djv1234 This is an absolutely magnificent video. BBA should be applauded for pairing these two fantastic performers together in one of the hottest flip flops . The incredibly Hot Apollo and Denzel so capably illustrate that Versatility is King. Apollo is already a BBA legend and Denzel is on the way to becoming a BBA Legend too. Congratulations BBA on producing such an Awesome video! Apr 25, 2024
ssmith06 Apollo is bae. I would like to have freaky session with him Apr 25, 2024
rosndave Great scene. Keep up the good work. Apr 25, 2024
stoneyD90 That’s how Apollo has been needing to be fucked and cracked like some knuckles!! Apr 25, 2024
MrBrown19942 Oh my! I enjoyed every minute of this video. Amazing as always, BBA. Thank you! Apr 25, 2024
Docteur Superb on steroids is how good this was. They seemed like they thoroughly enjoyed each other. They need a threesome with Scuba or a foursome and add JuJu. This was the best scene in quite awhile. A+ Hopefully we can get Maleek back and Deontrey too. Apr 25, 2024
whatuwant This is one of the best scenes and i love their chemistry… it’s similar chemistry between Zeke and Denzel… Apollo is a pro…. 🔥🔥🔥 Apr 25, 2024
Lawrence522 U can tell Denzel really enjoyed getting fucked in this one and by a pro like Apollo. *chef's kiss* top tier black porn once the dick came out. Apr 25, 2024
montez678 Denzel bottoming scenes are always refreshing 💦💦. That recoil on that ass. Apr 24, 2024
jairock2016 This scene is so hot. Apollo is my personal favorite. Whatever role he plays. But I do love seeing him taking dick. His submissiveness, the way he talks, the way he moans is so hot. Him riding a dick is top tier. Great scene. Apr 24, 2024
sanmiittai Multiple HOT scenes recently and this one is no exception. The chemistry was awesome between them. Apr 24, 2024
chrisa94 Great Video BBA TEAM!!!! Apr 24, 2024
Leonides I think that production got too caught up in the constant complaints of consistency that they totally disregarded quality and appeal , I’m going to be honest I haven’t watched the scene and probably won’t because it’s overused actors and not aesthetically pleasing for me personally. But somebody thirsty to see black dick and ass will love it . #BringOldBBABack Apr 24, 2024
TennesseeBator The BEST scene of the year so far, no notes. Apr 24, 2024

This weekend's update should be a special treat for those of you who enjoy watching muscular ex-military men in passionate guy-on-guy action.

It's a scene we've been wanting to make happen ever since Denzel joined the BBA roster just a little over one year ago, and Apollo's recent return finally made this much-requested pairing possible.

Shortly after being introduced for the very first time, Apollo and Denzel sit around swapping stories about their time in the service, comparing and contrasting their stats and respective military branches. Apollo decides to put their boasting to the test by challenging Denzel to a friendly competition to see how the younger Marine measures up to an Army veteran still very much in his physical prime.

It's not long before the shirts are being stripped off and the rippling abs being proudly displayed as these sexy soldiers compete to see who can do the most sit-ups. The air thick with sweat and sexual tension, Apollo and Denzel compliment and admire each others' athletic bodies, leading up to a sexy embrace and some tentative, exploratory touching....

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for the kind of action-packed, FLIP-FLOP encounter that no doubt takes place between muscular military men behind closed doors all the time.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Finger-Fucking, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Military Men, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 25, 2024 55 min
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