Thrown To The Wolves #2

mjg4life89 Can we see more of lil scrap!!!! PLEASE Jan 2, 2024
emiliano69 I feel like they were all turning each other out.

Jun 2, 2023
dlking93 Lil scrap πŸ₯°, spice was makin me wish I was more of an doggy standing guy but the riding and missionary part omg. Scrap and him kissing while styles ate him out its like scrap was making love to spice i love tht shit i know its porn and their working but the passion i love to see it. Styles wasn't always my fav but I'm liking him more! Apr 25, 2023
emiliano69 Sexy cute raunchy 3sum. Scrap could have been a bba great...that dick looks amazing. Sep 13, 2022
daddy793 damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn please bring scrap back!!!!!!! that dick and them long balls Aug 16, 2022
MrBrown19942 Damn, thIs scene made my heart skip a beat. 😍😍πŸ₯΅πŸ§¨ Feb 23, 2022
khorkino I can't say enough this CAMERAMAN! U did your job very well. You captured this scene beautifully. Most important, u were not so 'close up' on the models. Take notice all other camera persons, for you are the reason we get shitty scenes. Jan 11, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you. I'm glad you appreciated my camerawork in this scene.
wilperkof77 WOW! All Three were sexy as hell! Jul 25, 2021
2Sexy4Words More, more, and more of Lil Scrappy his aurora is EVERYTHING 😍πŸ₯΅πŸ”₯πŸ† May 14, 2021
tyscore When Lil Scrap comin back...where he at ? Dec 21, 2019
alltrue Across all porn platforms this is the top threesome for me. The body from lil scrap, the instigating from stylez and the bottoming of spice was Litt. More please! Aug 23, 2018
marj1030 stylez is amazing. im in love. bring him back. want to see his ass get eaten more Jul 8, 2017
ddl506 stylez needs to give up that booty May 3, 2017
Lalafavors I Hope Lil Scrap Will Return For The 2017 Season He Needs To Be In That #1 Slot The Only Model Running A Close 2nd Place Is Bandit But That Apollo Or Blake Or Isaiah Can't Hold A Candle To Lil Scrap I'm Telling You He Is The Real Deal Trust And Believe Me He Is The BBA Trump Card He Has The Winning Hand Let's Get Him Back Michael Immediately. Mar 25, 2017
tjm133 I love Spice. He takes it bareback and tastes sperm at the end. Lil Scrap is a great lover and Stylez is cute and has potential. I hope to see all of them again. Dec 25, 2016
ashangel LOVE Lil Scrap. Seeing his eyes roll back while he was getting his dick sucked and ass licked at the same time was so hot! Dec 24, 2016
gigante2 u hit a homerun with this 1 Mike!!!! Stylez is a tru freak n Lil Scrap aint no joke!!! Spice did his thang too......10/10 for sure!!!!!!
great chemistry between all 3......ROUND 2 IS DEFINITELY WARRANTED!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 25, 2016
emmyfan This was very hot. I loved how the tops were licking his nipples at the same time. Also, loved the rimming which is very hot to me. Oct 23, 2016
djackeroo2 WOW!!! This scene was off the chain. All three were hot but Lil Scrap was awesome. I could watch him all day. Can't wait to see him again. Agree. Him with Bandit, Saint or Blake Bishop would be amazing. Oct 23, 2016
mocombo Done properly, porn can rise above mere adult entertainment almost into art. To do so requires exceptional performance and capture. The moment you recorded Scrap first rolling back his eyes with pleasure you achieved art status! Oct 23, 2016
de1divap2 Loved every second of it! Oct 22, 2016
retrokid562 This threesome was straight FIRE! I love seeing Scrap's face when he got head and getting his ass ate. That man is flat out sexy and my new favorite guy coming out the fall releases so far...I would love to see him and Apollo do some things, him and Isaiah, him and some other bottom who can take the challenge to take all that dick...thanks Mike for putting this out and your continuous hard work in bringing us some of the freshest faces to grace BBA. Oct 21, 2016
princetahji this was a very hot scene and pairing of the three models. for their first action scene lil scrap and stylez did very well. all of the new models this year have been hot. this is why i keep renewing my subscription. question: Have you been in contact with older models it would be nice to see some like lil dav, tay, suspense, tori, kenny Oct 18, 2016
truesdale15 Scrap and Bandit is a must see....Make it happen Michael Oct 17, 2016
Delong60 100% Pure Lust! Mike there was so many good scenes.... BUT when Lil Scrap was getting his ASS licked by Stylez and Lil Scrap ARCH that back. Catch that scene everyone! Oct 16, 2016
Justen I would love to see Lil Scrap, Stylez, and Stretch in a threesome, or better yet, Lil Scrap, Stylez, Stretch, and Bandit in a foursome. That will keep my subscription for a while. Oct 16, 2016
Kaos727 that was real hot one of the best lil scrap was amazing Oct 16, 2016
cocopop The chemistry between Scrap and Stylez was amazing, at first I thought they were homeboys, maybe Scrap recruited him for BBA. I too agree with other viewers a Scrap and Bandit scene would be awesome. Even better would be to bring the two back, Scrap and Stylez, the heat between the two would be hotter. Mike I'm loving your new recruits. Keep up the good work. Oct 15, 2016
Coolrod Very hot scene! Stylez is a true versatile freak. Spice was a real soldier as usual as he deep-throated and took both dicks like a pro. Lil Scrap could have been more active by sucking some dick and eating some boy ass! Oct 15, 2016
write1in618 Scrap is str8 up trade ... he put it down no doubt. Stylez is cute, passionate, and very verbal ... I think both will be dependable and well liked BBA models. Oct 15, 2016
hines1983 Nice video. I would like to see Lil Scrap and Bandit penetrate each other!!! Oct 15, 2016
jowilf This scene is amazing...
A LIL SCRAP-BANDIT pairing will be an epic...
Make it happen Michael.
Oct 15, 2016
erudite00 Seems to me that the overwhelming thread running through most of these comments is the need to see lil scrap and also stylez bottom Oct 15, 2016
adizzle09 One of the best scenes!!! Two thumbs up Oct 14, 2016
sexy504 You have outdone yourself this time dude is the best top you ever had on here. Amazing. Oct 14, 2016
oxigyne Lil Scrap is now number one in my book, he needs to be paired with Blake Bishop... Oct 14, 2016
hozie5555 excellent update!! good chemistry between models Oct 14, 2016
green971 Just LOOK at them boys! VERY WELL DONE! Compliments to director and the stars. Oct 14, 2016
kidon7000 wow. you did it again mike; i love how you keep raising the bar. i think its safe to assume we will see a scene where lil scrap will be fucking stylez; that vibe was running hot the way stylez, a bisexual top, was lovin some big black dick down his throat.
previews of the next video should be a consistent theme michael; that could be difference of someone choosing to renew their membership or not. just a suggestion
Oct 14, 2016
chrisa94 Loved the whole scene. I want to see more Stylez definitely, probs stylez and lil scrap flip flopping that would be amazing :DD Oct 14, 2016
unitedguy18 lil scrap and stylez have to do another threesome I'm begging Oct 14, 2016
Taytay OMG!!!!!! Fuck Bandit, Apollo, and everybody else because it's a new sheriff in town running shit and that's my nigga Lil Scrap! That scene was so motherfuckin HOT and SPICY! That was the best scene of the year and maybe of all time! It was sooo fuckin good! I wish I was Spice because that dick in that ass looked like ecstasy!!!! Mike, I gotta give it to you, this scene right here was the SHIT!!! I came all over the place and didn't even care! Imma sleep great! Oct 14, 2016
blkarmani2 Disappointed Oct 14, 2016
texasguy77 Damn this is a scorcher. Spice's ass must have been real good, judging from the way Lil Scrap's eyes were rolling into the back of his head. Oct 14, 2016
simplet well well well what can I say I want to c the light skin kid get fucked he love playing with dicks and love getting his ass eaten so I wanna c him get fucked good one mike Oct 13, 2016
matt796999 Just fucking beautiful!! I love all 3 of them, but Spice is my favorite because he's SUCH a sweet country boy. Plus he can deep-throat, fuck a booty hole with that long tongue of his, AND, maybe most importantly, those cocks went into him like a hot knife into butter! The cum shots could have been a lot better, but I was so satisfied by that point that I didn't really care. Oct 13, 2016
kason9090 This shoot was amazing stylez and lil scrap are so damn cute i can not wait to see more of them Oct 13, 2016
tayshawn3 Damm damm damm, this is the hottest threesome on BBA ever, the chemistry between them was amazing ... I have bust twice off this already. The kissing dick sucking, ass eating , and penetrating was all on point. Great job Michael Oct 13, 2016
chgohydepar1 THIS was the hottest shit ever! Scrap is ready to bottom. Trust me. Oct 13, 2016
buckim Wonderful ! One of the best scenes I have seen on BBA. Spice est tout Γ  fait "dans son rΓ΄le". And I love much much much Stylez le nouveau, un peu canaille et very hot. Quant Γ  Lil Scrap, je ne pensais pas le retrouver si vite, quel bonheur ! maybe more close-up and it will be perfect.
Merci Michael pour cette partie de plaisir.
Oct 13, 2016
lilron2 WOW! is all I can say. Mike you did it man. Arguably the hottest BBA video ever. Stylez is hella phyne and did you see that gorgeous ass on him? Only thing that could of made it hotter is if he would have taken Lil Scrap's huge dick. Or if there was some toe suckin on all those beautiful feet. Shout out to Spice, he's a trooper. Oct 13, 2016
djdrama Mike 2 weeks in a row I busted twice off dis n my intentions was just to watch love everything bout this video just one request Ima need lil scrap to use dat mouth eat sum ass suck sum dick sumthing but besides dat 2 thumbs up keep it up mike dis da shit I'm talking bout Oct 13, 2016
jowilf The best threesome so far.. by just looking on this pairing.
Good job Michael!
Oct 13, 2016

Even though it's only been a week since his impressive solo debut, I think it's fair to say that Lil Scrap is already a HUGE hit with BBA's viewers! It's rare to see such an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to a new model, and this week we're fulfilling your many requests to see this big-dicked black teenager in guy-on-guy ACTION!

Joining Lil Scrap in his amateur ACTION debut is another new model named Stylez, a laid-back bisexual "top" from the West Coast who enjoys playing video-games and basketball in his free time. As it turns out, he and Lil Scrap are only FOUR days apart in age, and they really seemed to hit it off from the first moment they met!

With brand-new amateur models, it's always hard to predict how they're going to react to having sex with complete strangers on camera. But when I noticed the little "bromance" that seemed to develop between them and learned that Stylez had a bit more experience under his belt than Lil Scrap, I decided to take a gamble and "throw them to the wolves" by asking them to do a full-action THREESOME for their very first action shoot!

And who better to show our promising new recruits a good time and help us discover their true porn potential than the irresistibly cute and immensely talented gay "country boy" Spice with his tempting bubble-butt and impressive DEEP-THROATING skills?!?

Things start off understandably quiet and even a little awkward at first, but it isn't long before the guys start coming out of their shells (and clothes), horny hands begin groping and exploring, and things quickly evolve into a spontaneous, freaky threesome that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW fucking!

See for yourself why Lil Scrap tells us at the end of the shoot that this scene felt "meant to be"! Highlights include Spice and Stylez eagerly sharing Lil Scrap's gigantic dick, a hot and hungry ass-eating chain, Spice sucking his co-stars' throbbing, RAW dicks right after they've been IN HIS ASS, and of course Spice himself being "thrown to the wolves" and stuffed with dick at both ends as his horny co-stars aggressively TAG-TEAM his juicy-tight bubble-butt!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Oct 13, 2016 55 min
Photo of Lil Scrap
Lil Scrap
Photo of Spice
Photo of Stylez

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