The Straight Boy Who Came Back For More

markusg95 Tyga is sexy asf: he got a nice physique, fat booty, and when he tops, he has the best and sexiest stroke on BBA, i think. Plus, he NEVER wears socks. And that makes his topping all the better. Nov 14, 2022
emiliano69 This vid deserves so much more likes. Everybody played their part. Spyda is down for it all. Suspense was in rare form. Tyga sexy ass be working that mouth and throwing that dick. Definitely one of the best bba scenes ever. Am I the only one that comes back to the older videos. The new members are missing out. Aug 31, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad you're having so much fun exploring the archives and rediscovering past BBA classics! Always enjoy reading your insightful reviews. I agree that it's a shame more BBA members don't "like" and comment on the older scenes.
emiliano69 suspense at his best and tyga doing his thang as always Jan 10, 2020
badizm66 very nice, especially the eating scenes Oct 30, 2018
juan2424 At beginning when Lil T and Spyda started kissing, that was hot as fuk! Damn! And I aint even seen the rest of the video at this point! 3 hot bois? I KNOW its gonna be fire! Jan 12, 2018

When Suspense first showed up for his solo "audition" over three years ago, I wasn't quite sure how viewers would react to this unique new model. With his slightly stout body and goofy personality, Suspense was hardly what you'd call "porn star" material. Of course I hoped that people would find this cute college boy's awkward innocence as appealing as I did. But even with his gigantic dick and round, perfect ass, nothing could have prepared me for Suspense's enormous popularity during his time here at BBA!

I think part of Suspense's appeal is that he was truly an innocent but curious straight boy who had agreed to let me capture on camera his early explorations with guy-on-guy sex. Whether it was getting his ass licked for the very first time or fucking another guy; everything from giving up his anal virginity to being officially "broken in" by Beno, Suspense let us witness every significant stage of his seduction into the world of gay sex. He also brought an honesty and humility to his scenes that was always refreshing and rare for gay porn. Even now, not a week goes by that I don't get emails from fans (both new and old), wondering whatever happened to Suspense, and begging to see him again!

Until just a couple weeks ago, I had no choice but to reply to these emails by saying that Suspense was most likely gone for good. I hadn't even had any contact with Suspense in over two years, ever since he'd quit due to pressure from his girlfriend and a religious conversion that had him disowning his gay porn past.

Thankfully, he's done some growing up since then - either that or he just needs the money! And even though he will never admit it, I wouldn't be surprised if this "turned out" straight boy has found himself craving the kind of freaky gay sex he just can't get from his girlfriend. Once you've had this particular itch, it will ALWAYS need to be scratched!

Whatever the real reason behind his return, Suspense is finally back for more, OVER TWO YEARS since his last scene! He's a little bit thicker than the last time we saw him, but other than that he's still the same humble, goofy guy we all know and love. Suspense says that he hasn't done anything with a guy since his previous scene. But that didn't stop me from asking him to pick right back up where he left off, welcoming him back to BBA with a THREESOME he won't soon forget!

After a brief interview to get reacquainted with Suspense, I introduce him to sexy new models Spyda and Lil Tyga for the very first time.

All three guys seem eager to be done with the interview so they can get better acquainted. Next thing you know, clothes begin flying off, hard dicks are being pulled out, and less than a half hour after meeting for the very first time, these three complete strangers are participating in a spontaneous and shockingly hot THREESOME!

There's lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating as Lil Tyga and Spyda re-introduce Suspense to the unique pleasures of guy-on-guy sex!

One of the things that turns me on most about a scene like this is watching these hot and horny black guys share each others' saliva-soaked dicks and even tongue-kiss each other with the very same mouths that just seconds earlier were licking another guy's ass!

No dick gets ignored and no ass goes uneaten in this hot, freaky threesome!

Highlights include:

* Lil Tyga's first time sucking dick (on camera)! It's hot as hell seeing this sexy, light-skinned "top" with a dick as huge as Suspense's stuffed in his mouth.

* Suspense down on his knees, sucking TWO dicks at the same time! When he can't quite take both dicks at once, Spyda drops to his knees and shows the younger straight boy how it's done....

* Suspense's very first time EATING ASS! The crazy thing about this part of the scene is that Suspense actually took the initiative to do it! Eating another guy's ass was something he'd always refused to do, and I hadn't even bothered asking him to try doing it in this scene. So you can imagine my surprise when Suspense suddenly moves in behind Spyda with no prompting from me or anybody else, and awkwardly sticks his face in another guy's ass for the VERY FIRST TIME!

* The guys line up for a sloppy-wet ass-eating chain. Each guy gets a taste of BOTH other asses before the day's over!

Of course the REAL highlight of this scene is watching Lil Tyga and Spyda TAG-TEAM Suspense's tight bubble-butt!

Showing off his versatile side for the very first time, Spyda helps ease Suspense back into the experience of taking dick again before the more dominant and demanding Lil Tyga takes over....

Spyda stuffs his dick in Suspense's mouth to stifle the boy's gasps and groans as Lil Tyga rides that thick, juicy ass like a rodeo bronco! Stuffed with dick at both ends, Suspense looks up at me every so often as if pleading for mercy and asking himself, "WHY did I come back for more?"

In another one of this scene's many hot surprises, Spyda moves in behind Lil Tyga to enjoy a taste of the sexy top's ass while he's still fucking Suspense!

Lil Tyga gives the weary "comeback kid" a much-needed break when he decides to sample Spyda's round, tempting ass. Now it's Spyda's turn to get plugged at both ends, choking on Suspense's massive dick while Lil Tyga drills his hot ass without mercy.

This insatiable young "top" gives Spyda a pounding he won't soon forget before both guys resume "breaking in" Suspense's tight straight-boy ass, nearly virgin after two years of neglect!

The scene concludes with an amazing "nutt" from Suspense that shoots onto his face and even lands in his mouth! This is followed just seconds later by Lil Tyga and Spyda adding their own cum to the mess on his face.

Don't miss the entertaining wrap-up interview in which all three guys share their reactions to the scene and each other - including Suspense's hilarious comparison between his two co-stars.

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Details: Apr 24, 2012 76 min
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