Today You Is!

emiliano69 Stylez talking mad shit. It may have been too much for Scrap. He got skills tho. I would love to see Spice fuck someone.

Jun 2, 2023
drakegay4real Now Lil Scrap is a blast from the past that it would be nice to see again😍 Apr 28, 2023
mjg4life89 Where is Lil Scrap⁉️⁉️⁉️ Mar 2, 2023
Nastynut Definitely πŸ”₯! I would love to see another skit like this with another πŸ” TOP model that bottoms though for the first time on the scene bc this whole scene, foreplay, cumshots, dude cumming out the ass before Stylez even shot his come I mean everything was top tier !!! Let’s revamp with the new models you’ve gained I know it’ll be a hit!! 😍πŸ”₯ Oct 9, 2022
MeatEater This scene was great although I would have loved to see spice get into that nice plump ass Jul 28, 2020
west84 Please bring lil scrap back for another scene please? Nov 12, 2018
starks105 OK THIS IS one of the best yet so farrrrr Feb 12, 2018
ikonium " Stylez " man, I been waiting to see you get smashed; whats up bro!?. One on one with ( The Bishop ) where you give it up n get plugged reeeel good. Apr 18, 2017
blklvr please bring them all back, especially Lil Scrap. Mar 31, 2017
Bone1152 Would love to see a Lil Scrap and Stylez one on one flip flop or something close now that would be hot! Mar 24, 2017
texasbugg damm lil scrap l really hope u r reading this i can not wait to see u give that ass hole up i really hope u give it up to bandit. u and bandit a dream come true babyboy u r so fucking hottttttttttttttttttttttttt. with that blessed body from the body gods u sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy motherfucker u know u r ripe for the picking. Jan 24, 2017
tjm133 Great sex from the models. I love Stylez cumming in Spice. Spice is my favorite. Jan 19, 2017
cocopop @texasbugg, hell I like the thought of that, just wear that ass out. Dec 25, 2016
texasbugg could u bring lil scrap and apollo and bandit together. u might have to pay apollo a lil more money. cause that's 10 plus 10= 20 ins of dick. they might start fighting bandit and lil scrap who would be the first to fuck apollo. think about it mike. Nov 29, 2016
texasbugg i really need to see lil scrap take some dick. his ass hole is 1000000/00 gold. i hope he read this and give that hole to apollo he will melt like butter. when apollo ask to fuck him. Nov 27, 2016
CL05ETFR3AK This was ok but Stylez definitely wants Lil Scrap to ravage him! I think you should put them two in a room & leave them to it. Nov 7, 2016
blksung I love the bondage and fetish scenes that you occasionally do. It is what keeps me coming back!! To see lil scrap in cuffs was on-point!! Nov 6, 2016
hozie5555 Did not like this update. You showed the same three 2 weeks ago in basically the same scene. Please release more hard core features with new or different models. This was boring! Nov 3, 2016
Coolrod Super boring! Stylez is just an undercover bottom waiting to be dicked down real good! These two are too passive to take down Lil Scrappy. You need to get Saint, Knockout, Blake Bishop, Lil Tyga or Bandit to fuck Lil Scrappy like he wants it. I know he is ready for some good dick! Nov 3, 2016
Howard GREAT SHOW! Scrap said it, Spice is definitely MVP. He is soooo sexy taking dick, and then busted that colossal load! All the guys are stars but Lil Scrap is a gem. That dick, that body, that cute face, that personality are all beautiful. For a minute I thought he might take dick, but he definitely is down for it.

Please have somebody put him on his back for a deep slow fuck, with a deep kiss. Ooooeee

Preferably Blake
Nov 1, 2016
dArt61 I love the participation of Spice. He's all about loving some dick. Even when they were plotting the scene, he always acknowledges that the ass tastes good and the dick is great. I have come to appreciate Spice quite a lot. Nov 1, 2016
Jus4me All of Their Scenes are fuckin MAGIC!!! Oct 31, 2016
Donald LOVED IT! It's my new favorite. Stylez is the truth, he go hard. Them the only 3 models u need, they could entertain every week, u need a vocal freak like Stylez....get him as much as u can! Now since Stylez got revenge, Bandit needs revenge from his last shoot, get Bandit to top Stylez, it'll be hot. Oct 31, 2016
yearup2016 We need to see Stylez get fucked!!!!! ASAP Oct 30, 2016
mopapper The light skin dude so obviously wants the dick. He sucks dick with more passion than anyone I've seen on here. It is surely time to get that big dick crammed up in his guts. This is the same scene from before with less fucking and a finger up the other "tops" ass. It's time to get up in that redbones PUSSY. Oct 29, 2016
lilmellowyellow Very disappointed! I enjoyed watching lil scrap sucking dick and taking a finger and dildo. After the latter, everything became anti-climatic. I was hoping that lil scrap would fuck stylez's ass. Better yet, stylez and spice would fuck lil scrap's ass. Saint should have been there to fuck them all. Oh well, it's terrible to think that you have all those sexy models there and you can't have good sex scenes. Oct 28, 2016
jowilf LIL SCRAP, STYLEZ and SPICE have a great chemistry..
Is there a Part 3 coming soon..
Oct 28, 2016
simplet the same thing as the last time with the same three was not impressed boring Oct 28, 2016
DellKell OMG ... this was HOT !!! Oct 28, 2016
mac198726 This basically the same damn video THROWN TO THE WOLVES #2. Glad i didn't buy a membership. I thought this wanna be lil scrap get fuck video, such a let down mike! Oct 28, 2016
man12345 Waiting for that moment when lil scrap takes it up the behind! Oct 28, 2016
hornye115 My boys!!!! Yes!!!! Oct 28, 2016
Brownskin7521 That was Hot, Now it's time for Stylez to get his ass eat and take it in the ass, Oct 28, 2016

Lil Scrap let us know during his solo audition that when it comes to his still relatively limited experience with guy-on-guy sex, he has ALWAYS been a dominant "top" who enjoys being the one in control. And since his monster dick usually gets all the attention and tends to attract submissive "bottoms," that has always worked out just fine....UNTIL NOW!

With Lil Scrap asleep in the other room, Stylez and Spice discuss their unforgettable threesome from the previous night and how they couldn't help but notice the PHAT ASS on Scrap, or the fact that he never reciprocated by sucking THEIR dicks.

Stylez pulls out a set of hand and leg cuffs and devises a devious plan to "turn the tables" on Lil Scrap and have some forbidden fun with the sexy "strict top" in a way they hadn't been permitted the previous night!

Stylez and Spice sneak into the dark bedroom where Lil Scrap is passed out asleep. They carefully pull down the covers to expose the enticing bubble-butt popping up and out of his basketball shorts, almost DARING to be given some long overdue attention!

"WE'RE in control now!" Stylez whispers to Spice with a devilish grin after slowly sliding down Lil Scrap's shorts and cautiously cuffing him in his sleep.

Lil Scrap wakes up in cuffs to the shocking new sensations of horny hands grabbing and groping his naked, upturned ass while probing fingers poke against his tight, virgin hole.

"But I'm a TOP!" Lil Scrap angrily insists when he hears what his horny co-stars have in mind, and suddenly starts to realize just how vulnerable he truly is....

"You ever sucked dick before?!?" Stylez taunts the helpless "strict top."

"Hell, naw! I don't do that shit!" Lil Scrap desperately protests, squirming in vain to escape and demanding the keys to the cuffs.

"Well, TODAY YOU IS!" Stylez replies, his eager dick leaping to full life as he suddenly realizes what he's about to enjoy.

See for yourself what happens next in this unique and surprising "sequel" that forces Lil Scrap out of his comfort zone and into an uncharacteristically submissive role, and features nearly a FULL HOUR of shocking "firsts" for our sexy new star!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Bondage, Cherry-Popping, Creampies, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Threesome/Group Sex, Tops Taken Down, Toys/Dildos
Details: Oct 27, 2016 52 min
Photo of Lil Scrap
Lil Scrap
Photo of Spice
Photo of Stylez

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