Don't Tell My Girl

turner95 Bring JC back please. He was top tier , we need more of him Mar 12, 2024
blackboyz24 JC is the shit…love him Feb 28, 2024
PENO_XXX Bring Jay C back!!!!! And get rid of JuJu!!!!! Jan 17, 2024
Sageking3 I miss Jay c one of the sexiest guys to bottom Nov 9, 2023
Shirly223 yall need to bring Jay C back IMMEDIATELY LOL Jul 28, 2023
Natsfan64 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵...1st time viewing Jul 21, 2023
emiliano69 Sexy af!

Jun 16, 2023
Phuryous Jay C is one sexy ass, chocolate motherfucker. I never thought in a million years that JC Power/Axil Miller would cross over to gay porn, especially as a switch. But I am glad he did because I definitely noticed him for years. I am really dark-skinned, think somewhere between Idris Alba and Sterling K. Brown. I do not usually run across that many Americans that are darker than me but when I do I take notice, especially when they are sexy as Kelly Rowland, Trevante Rhodes, or Jay C. Jay C seems to really like dick as much as he like pussy, I guess that explains why most of his straight scenes are interracial gang bangs. Jun 12, 2023
Kelly5000 Jay C and Stallion will be a perfect match Jan 12, 2023
turner95 We miss JayC . Bring him back please Sep 11, 2022
Phuryous I would love to see Jay C get together with Stallion, that would be almost two feet of chocolate dick! Sep 10, 2022
nbrown1210 Great vid! Love how the cameraman allows the viewer to get a good long look at those gorgeous assholes. FIRE! Jul 10, 2022
MichaelGalletta Well, I'm a little biased. That's basically just me staring and drooling. 😈🤣
turner95 Jay C is easily one of the sexiest models on bba! He needs a new scene Mike Jun 25, 2022
juan24 JC cute asf. And that sexy-azz smile drive a brother crazy, hahaha. I could frott with him all night till we both decide to spit on each other stomach, since i aint really into penetration sex. I dont think he would mind frotting with a brother, hahaha. Sep 19, 2021
hhsmith502 yall need to teach him how to fuck! damn! his dick is too big not to know how to fuck! Mar 5, 2020
theview143 damn jay c have became my favorite the way he take dick and give it he got me killing myself now him and justice, i will die and go to heaven/hell Lol Nov 23, 2019
ACTION7 JC and SAINT or Apollo can make it work out. Jun 10, 2019
january07 now that Sean Michaels is doing trans movies you might be the one to get him to fully crossover Mar 3, 2019
pilsener I would gladly pay to watch Jay C do his accounting NAKED! He is, for me, the epitome of a SEXY AS FUCK masculine guy! Love the voice and chill attitude, horse hung, incredibly sexy lips and killer smile, and effortlessly appears to enjoy everything he's doing and having done to him!! WOW!! Please keep him doing scenes for BBA! Jay C and the Christmas Reunion have been for me the highlights of 2018!! Dec 31, 2018
GetDatShit well dam I see that jahan and jay c got a vid let me go check it out now lol Aug 11, 2018
GetDatShit it b hot to see jay c suck and get fucked by jahan tho Aug 11, 2018
GetDatShit dam this scene was so fuckin hot esp how jay c started off then how they flip fucked and that endin was off the chain I def hope to see more of jay c and manny always on fire michael awesome site and I truly enjoy all you do on bba man I hope to see more more more loll Aug 11, 2018
GetDatShit the way the dark skin guy started off all calm and then like bammm this shit hot asss fuck Aug 11, 2018
leon45 PLEASE PAIR JAY C WITH JUSTICE!!! Omg I would go crazy if that ever happened Aug 10, 2018
mdcarmichael This was a tough scene for me to watch...because I can’t decide if I’d rather have Manny Killa fuck my tight hole with his thick nine inches or have Jay C shove his BEAUTIFUL, long, downward curved 11” prick down my throat! Maybe do both at the same time so I don’t have to fret over who to pick! Aug 4, 2018
Docteur Is there a scene between Jay C and Jahan coming? Saw them in the shower together. Hopefully one day we will get Bandit and Apollo; and we will when they all are out of jail: Scotty, Shaun and Trapp. Jul 31, 2018
techtk That was the hottest scene i've watched in a long time, these two were awesome! Jul 24, 2018
pt98898 JAY C is Pure Black Adonis Cant wait to see JAY C fuck the shit out of JAHAN ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 20, 2018
jowilf @Michael: I missed the “JACKPOT!”🤓
Yes. The second scene.. @508.
Indeed, MANNY KILLA is the M.V.P.!👍
Jul 16, 2018
MichaelGalletta @jowilf: This is actually the second scene to hit 500 likes in 2018. The first was "Jackpot!" starring Manny Killa and Blake Bishop. Jul 15, 2018
jowilf The first scene that has garnered 500 likes.. In 2018.
... can’t wait to watch the JAY C-JAHAN ACE scene. This gonna be the hottest SUMMER in BBA!🔥🔥🔥
Jul 15, 2018
Theone5 jay c is a hot ass man that dic is all of that and he enjoyed the scene with manny killer hot hot hot... Jul 14, 2018
eleco1 Jay C is a dream and I love when Manny is a top... this shit was good! I prefer Stylez as a top but would love to see him used by these two. Jul 13, 2018
cocopop Dam Jay C has a beautiful smile Jul 6, 2018
decentblack Jay C is one sexy brother. I've never written a review before, but this time I had to. It would be hot to see Jay C and Blake Bishop in action. Jul 6, 2018
12LEROY It would be nice to see Kingston team up with Scotty if he is not still in jail Jul 1, 2018
jazzytrey AMAZING from Beginning to end!!! Jul 1, 2018
cocopop @Docteur, I love me some Bandit but he can't take no dick his best scene as a bottom was with Isaiah and Mike. All that followed he was going through the motions, most of the time struggling to take the dick, pain on his face. Some of you guys see what you want to see. Jun 29, 2018
wander i no. 1 choice i wish to have been paired with JC is Justice. Jun 29, 2018
wander i can't recall how many times i've nutted just seeing JC's hole right before getting licked or right before getting penetrated. I just wish a more masculine top was paired with JC, like King Ant or Saint or Isaiah. And wish i could tip him. Jun 28, 2018
room121 Well damn!!! Jay's dick left me speechless. More of him, please!!! Jun 27, 2018
cocopop Mike how about a Justice and Jay C scene, or Apollo and Justice scene if I can't get my Bandit and Apollo scene. Jun 24, 2018
supreme this is a five nut production ****** ! Jun 24, 2018
3606tsb72 The concerns: Camera shake and sudden up-down motions in a few places, and exiting Manny's explosive cum scene too soon, which Mike almost never does, as it's a treat to see dickmilk, even being smeared on dicks and chests (YASS!). That stated, THIS IS MIKE'S BEST WORK. EVER. And I'm unanimous in this. The chemistry between the gorgeous Jay C & Manny is so obvious it will set you on-fire -- something inextinguishable even after the scene is said and done. Grade: A. Period. Jun 24, 2018
Docteur Manny Killa is the best bottom on BBA, he has taken over from Bandit and Apollo as he has taken the dicks of Blake Bishop, Bandit and now Jay C without even a whimper. Would love to see Jay C take a more masculine dick like Bandit or Isaiah. I think it is time for a 7 some orgy with: Bandit, Apollo, Manny Killa, Jay C, Stylez, Trapp and King Ant Jun 24, 2018
DJ2016 AMAZING!!! My New Best Friend finally has competition after spending 40 plus weeks at the top of the BBA charts!

The only thing I missed was a little romance, but I understand that some gay/bisexual men do not like the romance as much as the sex. It was still HOT!!!

And, the most beautiful dick award goes to Manny! My ass stays so tight I wouldn't be able to handle it, but it is absolutely magnificent - along with Bandit, Blake, and the King (whose exotic look is an immediate aphrodisiac)!

Michael, if you did a Natural Habitat scene with Jay C and Manny... STEAMING, EFING, HOT ALL DAY!!!
Jun 23, 2018
kapukan2 One of the best updates. Hot. Jun 23, 2018
dalaperal62 Any way I can tip JayC to keep him coming back to BBA? Jun 22, 2018
da1ndet “The darker the berry the sweeter the juice!” MK you never looked better in a scene and I enjoyed the chemistry between you two authentic! Kudos everybody at BBA and keep JayC on lock! Could you pair him with Bandit, Apollo or Isaiah? Delicious!!!🍆🍆🍆 Jun 22, 2018
da1ndet BBA thank-you I have watched this scene 4x and nutted double that! JayC is everything for me. Those eyes... skin and Dk! To top it off he possesses charisma and a loving personality! Even without tongue kissing his eyes, smacks on the ass and kisses to MK’s dome, kicked the sensuality through the roof! I love JayC. Jun 22, 2018
mauricio1234 The scene got me back excited about BBA. 2 beautiful men, Jay C is hot and Manny is always appealing. Love it!!! #NeedMoreKissingTho Jun 22, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK Kissing is the most sensual part of any sex scene..... could've done alot here but 🙄 eh maybe next time. Beautiful men, nice contrast, vanilla & chocolate, what more can you ask for 🤗 very lovely indeed. 👍👍 Jun 21, 2018
luscious This scene right here is the best ive seen on BBA Jun 21, 2018
You made JAY C “cum” twice..!👏👏👏
What’s your secret?🤓
Jun 21, 2018
mannykilla Thanks Everybody 🙌🏽❤️💯 I really appreciate it 👏🏽 Jun 20, 2018
ACTION7 mix him with Stephon, Saint, Apollo, and Isaiah (5some) Jun 20, 2018
cam3121 One last thing, this is THE SCENE of 2018 and one of BBA's best scenes ever! Jun 20, 2018
cam3121 This is what you call a CLASSIC! I haven't been this excited about a new guy here since Rico Pruitt. It was hot from start to finish. Jay C is a gem that needs to keep shining here & Manny is phenomenal. The other studio didn't let Jay C shine but BBA did. The only thing that was missing was the kissing but everything else was what i love & adore in a scene. Mike, you outdid yourself here & i applaud you! BBA is the standard to which all black gay porn should be & this film is proof of this. Jun 20, 2018
timoteo144 HOT! Great scene! Really love it! Jun 20, 2018
KUUMBA This is WOW porn. Terrific chemistry between Manny Killa and Jay C . Titillating all the way! I hope to see more of these guys. It may be much to ask , but since Jay C seems to like them thick with nice heads, he might like a bout with uncut Knockout! Also, maybe Manny can massage and give oral pleasure to Jay C's feet after their workout and shower or maybe Isaiah! Jun 20, 2018
oneloveme2u The scene was definitely very good because of the straight boy fantasy mostly. The actual sex was average. But once JC does better with oral, kissing, eye contact, etc. OMG!!!! Great introduction to a Sexy model. Love to see him with Isaiah, Trapp...but this is weird I would love to see him with Saint. Lol Jun 20, 2018
Ashtonw87 omg more of JAY C PLEASE Jun 20, 2018
akaladd All I can say is FIIYAA. And I have a new respect for Manny. Jun 20, 2018
Panther72 Very hot scene, thanks! Jun 20, 2018
Docteur Well him never being with a male is not true, he has appeared on the site ______, but he has never gone all out like this scene here. Whew is all I can say. Would love to see him in an orgy with Isaiah, Stylez, Bandit, Mikey and King Ant. Jun 20, 2018
MichaelGalletta Please read the official scene summary. We never said anything about Jay C never having been with a male, or never having appeared on another gay site. In fact, if you listen carefully to his conversation with Manny Killa in the beginning, he's refreshingly candid about having had some past experiences on the DL.
Jayden27 I think it’s safe to tell Jay C that we won’t tell his girl, but we are telling everyone else! LOL! This scene was awesome! Jay C is truly a pro and a dynamic performer (not to mention beautiful to look at!) Enjoyed Manny too. Manny’s oral skills are some of the best porn moments ever! Watching him give the oral experience never gets old. Was he a little nervous while making this one? He seemed so...especially in the beginning of the scene.

The best part of the scene was the ending where Jay C bottoms. Well done! He took dick like a champ. The fact that you all even made that happen is awesome! I haven’t stop watching the scene yet. To you, Montez, Manny, and Jay C...5 stars! It was EPIC, and I thank you!

PS: The whole time I was watching Jay C, I kept thinking of another one of my favorite BBA models...Isaiah. Will we see him this year? He’s missed. lol
Jun 20, 2018
texasguy77 Mmm what a scorcher. Gotta love a man that knows to clean up after himself if and when he leaves a little something on the toilet after urinating. Jun 20, 2018
ToriFan I give it a 9. He is HOT! Only thing missing was some tongue action and close toe shots.

That scene was HOT! How come I can’t find nobody whose like that. Just goes where ever the nut is.

Now wait a minute… 2 nuts back to back? he must be related to Dragon
Jun 20, 2018
jowilf “DON’T TELL MY GIRL”.. My Best Scene Of The Year..!
JAY C - New BBA Model Of The Year
•This scene is epic.. The most shocking scene of a “Special Guest.”
The wait is worth it!
BBA rocks!!!
Jun 19, 2018
texasbugg DAMM i didn't know manny killa could fuck so good plus he has a pretty fat red head dick it was no faking with jc he was really loving how that fat dick was feeling inside his thug asshole i hope manny killa is the thug who breaks in the new thug models he really put it down i love the way he let jc take some of the dick before he put all the dick in him the talking while he is getting fucked really made me bust faster i hope mike have all the models talk about how good the dick iswhilegettingfucked Jun 19, 2018
incogbruh THE hottest scene I've seen in a LONG time on BBA!!!!! Jun 19, 2018
user1234 10 - 10 - 10 - 10 - 10's across the board. Perfection! I nutted 3x from this video!!!! Jun 19, 2018
ACTION7 the three of us r getting married at pride this sunday. Jun 19, 2018
Hcsawyer one of your best videos hands down Jun 19, 2018
nrbz93 sooooo good. JC fucks a little stiff but maybe because his dick is so big. hot scene. Jun 19, 2018
200218 This was one of my favorites on the site. JC is definitely a keeper. Jun 19, 2018
Manpower1010 Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Jun 19, 2018
gigante2 Manny Killa!!!! <-------imma jus leave dat right there....ijs Jun 19, 2018
pt98898 Michael Kudos go out to you this video is video of the year and century. Manny Killa and Jay C is beyond phine both are a 10 plus look wise Body wise Dick wise and Ass wise. They make Beautiful Lover both have Smooth Gorgeous chocolate and Vannila skin. Gorgeous Black Mens. Jun 18, 2018
WeatherMan This NEW update is explosive and one of the BEST scenes in BBA history. Thank you for continuing to expand the boundaries of porn. I cannot wait to see what else you have planned for this summer. I hope one of my boys (Scotty or Shaun) will get out soon. Jun 18, 2018
Lexxnh2016 Very Sexy and hot - just missing kissing! Jun 18, 2018
wander I really can't believe it, of all the straight pornstars. He did it all here in his first appearance. Wish he waited maybe until his 3rd or 4th appearance, so there would be some suspense. Anyway, you're still my most favorite pornstar Jay C. Damn, I envy Manny so much for taking that ass, first. Jun 18, 2018
retrokid562 I love this scene...Jay C was into it. It's like he was in ecstasy...I think he really enjoyed it. I want to see more of him...he could work on sucking dick better but I think it will and I would to see him kiss for next time. Jun 18, 2018
princexxchar omg the content jus gets hotter and hotter. amazing fucking scene!!!! jay c is sexy as hell. great pairing great versing. flip flop scenes are the best Jun 18, 2018
damon8 ~ That wuz sum beautiful porn boys 😀 Jun 18, 2018
dalaperal62 THAT is what's UP! HOT!!! I'm so glad you got Jay C in to BBA. He was already hot, but you brought out the FIRE! Jun 18, 2018
texasbugg i can't stop watching this scene manny killa killed this scene he took that dick and gave his dick i really love manny killa i love the getting high part. Jun 18, 2018
zhiva1 Well, shit nawww!! I just be damned! Whateva y'all paid him - it was well worth it! That's the shit I'm talkin about!!! He loved him some of Manny's dick didn't he??? LOL Keep him on retainer and bring him back. Let's see him take some more dicks on the roster. This was A+ Jun 18, 2018
nbrown Another question: How does a supposedly straight bro take a thick 9-inch dick that was so good it made him cum twice? LOL Jun 18, 2018
nbrown Jay C will make a handsome addition to the BBA family although he does need to hone his dick-sucking skills and there was zero evidence of any kissing skills. That chocolate cherry was a real eye-scorcher that I wanted to see more of. Question: How does a supposed top take an 11 inch dick to the hilt with only an occasional weak whimper? Jun 18, 2018
texasbugg THIS scene was super hott they both made it hott i wish bba would let all models smoke weed before a scene that made the sex better plus this has made me push more harder that manny killa fuck trapp mike please let manny killa fuck trapp with that big dick r let him do a scene with mikey damm manny killa got a pretty fat dick damm i can see him fucking trapp r mikey manny killa u r hott babyboi trapp loves them pretty thugs i see the way he looks at scotty/shaun if u fuck him fuck him hard m.k. Jun 18, 2018
Devo1010 Damn! That was everything! Best ever!!!!!!!!! Jun 18, 2018

Anyone who's watched any interracial straight porn over the past couple years should immediately recognize our most recent special guest.

JC Power aka Axil Miller has performed in dozens of scenes with some of the biggest names and studios in straight porn.

Traditionally, "straight" porn stars like Jay C have had to choose between one side of the industry or the other. But thankfully we seem to be entering an exciting new era when a small but growing handful of open-minded male performers from the world of straight porn are showing a newfound respect and appreciation for their LGBT fans, and on rare occasions even "crossing over" to do gay and bisexual porn.

Although Jay C technically made his gay porn debut for another studio last year, those were mere "baby steps" compared to what he's agreed to do in his exciting debut here at Black Boy Addictionz - tentatively dipping his toes in the water before diving into the deep end head first!

Don't miss the shocking, must-see porn event of the summer as Jay C unleashes his inner freak and exposes a surprisingly vulnerable and sexy new side of himself to his fans.

It's 2018. Forget everything you thought you knew about what "straight" porn stars will and won't do when the money's right....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Special Guest, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jun 18, 2018 54 min
Photo of Jay C
Jay C
Photo of Manny Killa
Manny Killa

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