Beginner's Course

turner95 Rocky needs to come back and get fucked.. that’ll surely awaken that hidden personality Jan 7, 2023
daddydaddy Bring back Rocky!!!!! Feb 21, 2022
turner95 Rocky was wack but Isaiah was perfect as always. Bring him back Michael, we miss him. Actually Michael you should let Isaiah, Bandit, Stylez, Apollo, and Dominic run a train on you. That would be hot! Nov 19, 2021
MichaelGalletta Good news and bad news. Good news: We're hoping to work with Isaiah again soon, possibly before the end of the year. Bad news: That whole running a train on me idea is NOT going to happen. 😜😂
mdcarmichael Isaiah was acting like that small dick of Rocky’s was killing him... Jul 4, 2021
docbrown No chemistry here...l adore both models because of my pubic/anal hair fetish however lsaiah’s fakish moaning interjections were quite annoying to me. Mar 1, 2020
gdr1gdr1 GDR1 Fell In Love With Rocky...Beautiful Face, 🔥Hot Body And Delectable Dick...Great Aura...His Sensuality Explodes Off The Screen...Really Hope To See More Of Rocky...A ⭐️Star Is Born! Aug 10, 2019
blktop2002 @3606tsb72 still want to know how it affects your life to declare that someone is something other than what you say they are. I’m just curious why it is so important that you feel the need to debate the facts and circumstances of another individuals life. Particularly people you don’t know and will most likely never get to know. At the end of the day what is your loss. So you don’t agree but to be so venomous in your opinions is a little scary. Jul 9, 2019
emiliano69 Can we get a summer vacation group scene with newbies (Rocky Scuba Shameeks) and vets (Shazeer Dominic Justice) or (Bandit Blake Apollo) Jul 6, 2019
cocopop Well, looks like Bandit have some serious competition, though straight his dick doesn't listen to his mind, when having sex with men. From the time Isaiah touched Rocky his dick stayed hard as a rock, even after sucking Isaiah's dick he rose up dick sticking up hard. One of the thing I love about Bandit, watching him suck some model's dick while J/O his own dick. Jun 30, 2019
3606tsb72 Arrogant, sometimes...ignorant, no -- you're the 1st person 2 characterize me that way. But that's ok, and it's not what concerns me. Your persistence in the belief that dudes who often have sex with their gender "are truly straight" does. Big hard kielbasas thrusting in asses or being suckled in warm, wet mouths are the relevant signifiers, not emotional attachments. I'm 100% str8 & I sucks dicks, and bops my baloney 2 BBA smut. Do u does, or do u does not, c my point? Jun 28, 2019
MichaelGalletta @3606tsb72: I can't stop you from believing whatever you want to believe about guys you've never met and only know based off a few edited porn scenes lol.

Of course not all of them are 100% straight, and many do in fact fall more toward the middle of the sexuality spectrum. But there are also plenty who are truly straight and only doing this as a way to pay the bills. I addressed this at greater length a few years ago here:
Jun 28, 2019
11luvme2u And the next comment said that was a joke. I definitely don’t need a job from you. Therapist..Maybe. 🤔 I love your work Michael. Read ALL my comments over the years. But if you dish it you gotta be able to take more ways than one...💕💕 Jun 28, 2019
3606tsb72 Michael, if you think BBA guys who OFTEN have sex with men are str8, U R naive, to the 100th power. On a 1-10 Kinsey-scale with 10 being 100% str8, those guy are likely 6's, 7's at the most. And there can be a racial component b/c many Black men won't reveal to White men what they really think and/or are sexually, particularly to ones paying the bills. My Black LGBTQ friends and I can testify to that...BIG TIME...and boy do we have some stories 2tell-4REAL .STR8 UP! Jun 28, 2019
MichaelGalletta @11luvme2u: I wasn't going to dignify your idiotic comment with a response, or even publish it, period. But I'll go ahead and let you expose yourself for the hypocrite you are. Funny how just a few days ago you were enthusiastically praising my work and even asking me for a job, but now that I've dared to disagree with you, I'm suddenly a slave master ruling over his plantation?

You clearly have some deep insecurities if a white man disagreeing with you in an online forum elicits such extreme and undeserved racial name-calling. Hopefully a good therapist can help you with that, but in the meantime any of your comments directing personal insults at me or the models will no longer be published.
Jun 28, 2019
blktop2002 Wow 😲 some of you just have to be right. To assume that a person knows without question another persons anything particularly a person they have never even met is arrogant. I am sorrow but that is just real. For you to presume that I am not what I say I am is not anyone’s place. This is not a debate it is just wrong. At the end of the day what does it matter. If I claim to be a zebra 🦓. How does that change your life. Jun 28, 2019
11luvme2u My skin is very thick because if it wasn’t I would have stop paying for the site years ago because of your response style. Yet I know what I’m dealing with. A master with a plantation type scenario. So no matter how nice or generous the master can be at times at the end of the day he’s in charge and in his mind thinks he’s superior and subconsciously thinks his opinion will always be. 2 more not so good comments. Don’t worry about my skin, worry about getting your likes back to 500! Jun 28, 2019
MichaelGalletta @11luvme2u: This is NOT a customer support forum. If you just want your ass kissed in the style of a groveling restaurant manager, you've come to the wrong place lol. Please contact us by email or through the Support page and you'll always get a fast and courteous reply. But this is a FEEDBACK forum for customers to express their opinions about the models and scenes, and for me to occasionally respond in a personal and honest way. Especially to comments that I feel are ignorant or just blatantly inaccurate. If my candid communication style offends you, I suggest you develop a thicker skin or avoid the comments section completely. Jun 27, 2019
lrigdab I think Rocky and Apollo would've made a much better better match. Speaking of Apollo, we need more of him, Bandit, Dominic, Isaiah, Justice, Blake Bishop, Shameeks, Ross, and Trapp and less Manny Killa IMO (just not a fan, respectfully). We need Michael back behind the lens as well Jun 27, 2019
wolfkno I'm a big supporter. My favorite porn site and only 1 I pay for. Lol. But was a little disappointed in this I agree with a lot of people. Isaiah is just too shy to take lead. This was muy awkward. Still think rocky's hot af. He has a really pretty booty. Jun 27, 2019
11luvme2u 3606tsb72 wrote for the last scene, “I love reading comments, particularly Mike’s, as his are thoughtful, pointed, and beautifully written...”. Was he ignorant when he wrote that? Jun 26, 2019
11luvme2u How about you not be arrogant and not insult or name call people who disagree with you? Especially those who pay their money. It’s like a restaurant manager; even though a guest is “showing out” he or she should be the more professional person and show respect. Jun 26, 2019
11luvme2u @MichaelGalletta. You said earlier, “I am a firm believer that sexual attraction...”. The key phrase is “I believe”. Your belief is yours and others are theirs. Your belief as far as I know hasn’t been scientifically proven (human sexuality is complicated and you’re not with Isaiah or any other model 24/7). Out of 36 comments so far, 11 had not so good reviews. You’re a pro at defending your decisions which you have a right to be but Maybe BBA needs to step up their game! Jun 26, 2019
MichaelGalletta To the IGNORANT & ARROGANT (i.e. 3606tsb72): There are MANY heterosexuals in BBA films. Some who appear regularly. I know these guys off camera, you do not. Case closed. Jun 26, 2019
niteheat69 So glad to see Isaiah back in action, for months I've been paying membership and not watching cause the guys are not the same as in the beginning, but glad to have him back. Jun 25, 2019
3606tsb72 To the NAIVE: There are NO HETEROSEXUALS in most BBA films. And none who appear regularly. Case closed. /// Isaiah & Rocky: Beautifully rendered film; so-so action. Grade: C-. Isaiah's 2fine and deserves better & going 4ward let him b vers with BBA vets. And has anyone noticed Rocky's dick is the twin of Scuba's? B/c some of us r stereotypes, Shax should find and film some hung specimens...4REAL. That stated, Shax, PLEASE do solos with Isaiah and other BBA vets. No one films dicks like u. Jun 25, 2019
Godfather07 It is always great to see Isaiah I love him he is number one in the BBA family to me he looks sooo good as he is getting older but I did not like the pairing, Rocky should have been paired to someone young and he is also too young for me. I would like to see more of Isaiah topping and more of Scotty, Trapp, Apollo oh yes you are still the best black porn site in the net Jun 24, 2019
adam2268 I love Isaiah ! He looks so different. I think it’s just the pairing of the two was off, not a good pairing. Isaiah the tall, beefy stud , bottoming for Rocky just didn’t fit . I’m seeing Isaiah ( one of my all time FAVORITES! ) bottoming a lot, disappointing. Jun 24, 2019
jonalex Good teacher Isaiah!!!!!! Welcome back Jun 24, 2019
rawwar21 I dont comment often... but i do miss the awkward sex scenes only because thats how it started... and you can clearly see he is new at it. Now as much as i do like Isaiah... he doesnt have the break a mutha fucka in mentality. Love BBA all day everyday. Jun 23, 2019
11luvme2u Well if Isaiah isn’t bisexual by definition that’s some good acting because in that Christmas orgy when Apollo fucked him and he said, “I miss this dick...” I believed he did. 🤣. My opinion is he’s bisexual but not same gender loving. But Michael would definitely know better than we will. I really am hoping that the last scene of June is REALLY strong!! Jun 23, 2019
lmp262 I love Isaiah , he's sexy and the passion is on point, but why not make Isaiah a top more often he's grown into a special sexy man, Could there be a reunion with him and Dragon I love this brothers lips, Please show more of him if you can, Thank you. P.S. Rocky is so sexy and new it's a winner. I like to see him with with King Ant or better yet, Zakk! Jun 23, 2019
cocopop ToriFan, First I wasn't expecting much from the newbie, but I agree with you, after following, loving Isaiah for years I too was turned off by his "oh damn, shit, fuck" throughout the scene. I've always been turned on to his usual reaction while bottoming, that deep voice reacting to taking dick, turned me on every time. That was missing here, love seeing him back after being off so long. Rocky wasn't that bad, just nervous. Jun 23, 2019
DisciplineU Clearly Rock was palpably nervous as advertised. But continuing to refer to Isaiah as "straight" really strains credulity. I love Isaiah, love watching him get that hot ass worn out, but straight? Nah Jun 23, 2019
MichaelGalletta I am a firm believer that sexual attraction, not sexual acts, are what determines a person's true sexual orientation. And by that definition, Isaiah is the straightest straight guy I know lol. Regardless of what he does on camera for money, he has never once shown even the slightest sexual interest in men, nor pursued off-camera encounters with men, and he's had many opportunities. Take it from someone who actually knows him, referring to Isaiah as "straight" is about as authentic and real as it gets.
blktop2002 I’m curious as to why Isaiah stopped topping as well. Could it be that in his mind his heterosexuality is less compromised in someway. Convention would lean the other way but the human psyche is a complex and unpredictable thing. Of course this is all pure conjecture. But also tantalizingly worth thinking 🤔 about. Jun 23, 2019
ToriFan Ok…. Isaiah and Rocky gets an 8 out of 10. Why? As much as I lust after Isaiah, he needed a pedicure BADLY. He actually has man feet. The other killer for me was Isaiah needs some more vocabulary. …oh damn, shit, fuck was making me limp. Rocky hopefully will warm up as he continues. Oh I loved the full hair on Isaiah. Jun 23, 2019
blktop2002 Now I see why MG gets so impatient with some of you guys. Did any of you who are detractors bother to even read the scene bio. This kid has never done anything with a man before and did it on camera on top of that. Damn. What the hell was expected. Now I’m aggravated by these asinine comments. Read the disclaimer "this scene may not be for everyone". Jun 23, 2019
champse550 if this wont the driest scene ever lol!!
dont ever put isaiah with a yungin this inexperienced again!!!!

isaiah and dominic justice for sure!!!!
Jun 23, 2019
kevin343 This scene did nothing for me. I didn't feel any type of chemistry or energy between the two models. Not feeling this one , at all. Jun 23, 2019
man12345 Seems like Rocky has some experience with man on man action. Jun 23, 2019
MichaelGalletta Wow, it's almost like we watched two totally different scenes. With the exception of Isaiah when he first started out, I don't think I've ever witnessed a model as palpably nervous and obviously inexperienced as Rocky was in this scene. There is not a doubt in my mind that this was truly his first time.
j403smith a train wreck -- Isaiah should not be the one driving the interaction....ever.... Jun 22, 2019
mrcwilliams19401 Wow! Rocky took to the scene, like a fish to water. Welcome back Isaiah, he made Rocky feel at ease that what makes a good scene. The kissing and the head game was pretty good for his first time on camera. Overall good scene Rocky for his first action scene. Isaiah cute and sexy ass and make anybody feel at ease. Hope to see more of Rocky as he blossom. We'll be watching! Jun 22, 2019
11luvme2u Isaiah looks good. Glad to see him back. Rocky is new so I'm sure he'll improve with time. I'm looking forward to Michael's camera work and interviews again. Shax is great in terms of cinematography and creativity but I prefer the angles that Mike's movies show. I miss Michael. Jun 22, 2019
texasbugg i hope the haters understand this is rocky first time i have had young thugs and it was their first time and they act the same way so if he do another scene he will be ready so please don't give him bad marks for something he never done before me myself i love it rocky u did good please come back u r still hotttttttttttt as fish grease i want so baddddddddddddddd to see u fuck trapp/trapp eat your ass hole with the fish mouth suck i bet u will not be quiet when trapp put his lips on your asshole. Jun 22, 2019
Devo1010 Isaiah needs to clip those nasty-ass toe nails. Damn, bruh -- that shit was a huge fucking turn-off and shows a lack of overall hygiene. The sex was definitely a little stilted, but it was nice to see Isaiah enjoying getting fucked (when i could ignore his nasty-ass toe jam). Jun 22, 2019
Shirly223 More Isaiah bottoming with experienced tops. Jun 22, 2019
incogbruh there should be a thumbs down ... Jun 22, 2019
eleco1 this was hot... i like the cute shy guy top thing... Isaiah was a good match for this... it would be hot to see Ricky top Justice and/or Apollo... but to see him give it up to Saint... and then can y'all bring back Stylez for some good vers action with Rocky Jun 22, 2019
leech10x Isaiah looks like he loves bottoming now... and that dirty beard of his looks sexy as hell Jun 22, 2019
junior413534 I would like to have him paired with Dominic. Jun 21, 2019
WeatherMan AMAZING. Seeing Rocky and Isaiah together is like seeing a big older cousin show his younger cousin the ropes about sex. Isaiah is tall and Rocky is lanky and their bodies are perfect together because they are both hairy. I cannot wait to see Rocky explore more as he gets more familiar with the BBA world. Jun 21, 2019
ACTION7 I wanna marry Isaiah. Hook us up, OK? Jun 21, 2019
blktop2002 This was interesting as expected. Rocky was very quiet but there was no doubt that he was turned on throughout the entire scene. His dick stayed on brick from the time Isaiah put his hands on it and beyond. I hope no one try’s to compare this scene to anything else. I look forward to seeing how Rocky evolves and I think he may move a bit faster than others have. He appears to be way more adaptable. Jun 21, 2019
bighoss80 Big fan of Isaiah would like to see more of him maybe u should have a contest for the biggest fan and they get to be in a scene with him. Jun 21, 2019
texasbugg i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it bring back rocky road ice cream he did great for his first time he is over the hump rocky u did great i hope u come back i know u will feel more at ease next time i got the madddddddddddddd hottttttss for u i can't wait to see some1 lick that gold ass hole. Jun 21, 2019
Docteur Why is Isaiah always bottoming now? There was no chemistry by these two it was very mechanical. Two hot bruthas but wrong pairing. Jun 21, 2019
Readyruk I really don't see any chemistry between these two. A better pairing would have been with King Ant or perhaps Bandit. You could tell he was uncomfortable throughout the entire scene. Jun 21, 2019

We're going old school ​this weekend with this ​​​basic "​b​eginner's ​c​ourse" for ​the ​painfully shy but still sexy straight dreadhead Rocky.

​When we first told Rocky that he could earn a significantly higher pay-check by doing something with a guy, he seemed nervous and anxious about taking such a big step, but at least open to giving it a try.

​We decided to pair Rocky with returning fan favorite Isaiah in the hopes that a more experienced straight model could help him get more comfortable with the idea of doing guy-on-guy scenes. After all, who better to guide a shy and scared straight boy through his "gay for pay" training than someone who's already been through the same thing himself? ​

This "hands-on" training session begins with Isaiah helping Rocky get used to the feeling of another man's hands roaming all over his body. After some brief, awkward kissing, Isaiah slowly kisses his way down Rocky's slim, hairy body and treats him to his very first blowjob from another man.

"You're taking notes, right?" Isaiah asks, smiling up at the simultaneously terrified and excited Rocky - no doubt noticing the cute straight boy's thick, virgin lips and hoping he'll be willing to show what he's learned a little bit later.

If you're looking for passionate and mutual "lovemaking" between eager and experienced gay models, this is NOT the scene for you!

But if you're turned on by the idea of watching every tense, surprising, sometimes awkward but always AUTHENTIC moment of a real-life straight guy's first experimentation with another male, then sit back, relax, and see for yourself just how far Rocky was willing to go....

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jun 21, 2019 29 min
Photo of Isaiah
Photo of Rocky

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