Valentine's Day Reunion

emiliano69 Sexy ass scene. They are oral good company with Tyga and Blake.

Jun 20, 2023
davids Where is shameeks? I love seeing him bottom. He has the prettiest dark skin and a nice fat booty. Jan 11, 2023
turner95 We miss shameeks and manny bring both of them back Mike Apr 2, 2022
2940terry Shameeks a11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Aug 23, 2021
Dualex From what I remember Manny and Dominic scene came out valentine's day a year ago lol. I remember coz most of us were expecting another scene 🤐
Pairing Manny and Shameeks is dynamite... Great scene
Apr 13, 2020
Docteur Shameeks has now taken 3 of the biggest dicks on BBA: Bandit, Blake Bishop and Manny Killa. Apr 4, 2020
Jayden27 I’m not going to lie. I was glad to see these two back together. Ever since the awesomeness of “Manny’s Movie Night” last year, I was hoping we would see Manny and Shameeks together again. Voila! Here we have it. Let’s discuss this “love connection” shall we? 😈

Oral work—these two are oral Kings and their work is always great, we love them for it! Good shit! Let’s get to the highlight of this feature—the sex.

It’s about time that Manny is back on top. Shameeks was excellent in this one, which I will discuss later, Manny’s performance, however, cannot be discounted. Manny’s experience as a top was definitely revealed in this scene. I loved the way that he paid close attention to Shameeks’ reactions, made accommodations, and HELPED HIM TAKE THE DICK! That’s what the fuck you’re supposed to do!! These days, some tops just want to pop in and go, and that’s not an option all the time. I even loved the outtake that Shax included where Manny was consoling Shameeks, telling him to “take your time”. His attentiveness and passionate love making made his performance in this scene LIT!

I’m glad to see that there is another model willing to take on the challenge of Manny’s tree trunk. Shameeks’ performance in this scene was fire! He is an all around turn-on. Every moan, grunt, and groan that he emitted made me just want more! Is it fair to say that Shameeks is verse now? His performance certainly suggests that as he is a damn good model. He can certainly handle his own as a top or bottom. However, that is a question only he can answer. (Disclaimer: this is only to compliment his performance, not to promote him in a new identity). Honestly, I think he handled Manny the best. Hopefully, we continue to see him like this even more. Maybe he’s ready for Bandit now? 😂 Anyway, one thing that can't be denied is...👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Shameeks. Did. That. Shit! 😈

To Mike, Shax, Manny, and Shameeks—Thank you! This scene was bomb AF! It was a sweet, sweet reunion indeed. Good shit as always! Love y’all!
Mar 5, 2020
mrbates Excellent scene!!! Shameeks is definitely my favorite bottom presently!! Manny surprised me with his topping skills!!!
He really gives 100%!!! Both performers were REALLY into each other!!
Mar 1, 2020
hoping4more Fell flat for me. Manny is cute but does not do it for me. Shameeks' fast progression to a power bottom is a big disappointment. I was about to cancel my membership, then I saw Trap Boy. Need more scenes with more serious pounding like that young stud delivered with Track Star. Trying to hang in there Michael. Give us something to remember. This scene is forgettable. Feb 21, 2020
emiliano69 This is the heat you get when you put two free spirited completely verse power freaks together. They are great at it all: topping bottoming head and rimming. And they both have passion and intensity to match. Feb 18, 2020
11luvme2u One model I really do miss is sexy chocolate fat booty Isaiah. I hope he is still with BBA. I'd like to see him with Trapp or Lil Jake. Feb 18, 2020
kevin343 Shameeks and MAR 2 chocolate niggas. That would be hot ! Feb 17, 2020
LemanR1980 The chemistry with the other models that Shameeks brings is undeniable. This scene with Manny, has the feel that these 2 have been a couple for years. That's when you know you're doing good work. Keep making the BBA fans feel like it's genuine. Feb 17, 2020
3606tsb72 I love seeing Shameeks and Manny and enjoyed the close ups of their dicks. But going forward I would encourage Shax to leisurely pace POV (close) shots so dickphiles can revel in their magnificence, as going close then zooming too quickly from the objects of our affections is, well, not right. Otherwise this is a decent piece of work. Grades: Shameeks (A+); Manny (A-); Shax (B+). Feb 16, 2020
cocopop Now, let me get this straight, Shameeks in four months have gone from a strictly top, to a power bottom? Taking on several of the biggest BBA dicks on the site, with ease, now thats amazing. He should teach some of these other virgin newcomers how to progress that fast. I'm loving that chocolate complexion. Feb 15, 2020
terbernt Bandit needs to have a part 2 with Mr. Manny Killa where he continues the scene he gave up on Feb 15, 2020
MichaelGalletta @jrummi & @jp294j: Manny's dick is significantly THICKER than Bandit's, so we meant bigger in terms of overall girth. All of the guys who've attempted taking Manny have agreed it's the biggest and most difficult dick for them to take. Feb 15, 2020
ACTION7 i LOVE an active animated bottom taking control as an active participant, not forcing the TOP to do all the work. Is there a bottom of the year category? Feb 15, 2020
11luvme2u The scene was definitely good with great camera work. Just not a big Manny fan. On Valentine's Day I was hoping for so much more. Can't deny that the scene was good though. Feb 15, 2020
Qbabykp03 Manny killa and shameeks smooth chocolate ass are so 🔥🔥🔥 Feb 14, 2020
jp294j How is manny the biggest dick Shameeks has ever taken if we can clearly see bandits 10” is bigger? Feb 14, 2020
mdcarmichael It looks like Shameeks was able to take every inch of Manny’s cock. Better than with Blake and Bandit... Feb 14, 2020
tjm133 Love Shameeks as bottom. Manny is great Feb 14, 2020
Scrappydoo Yep as i have mentioned before, they are all lined up to get a feel of Shameeks nice chocolate ass. I think Bandit dick is the biggest shameeks has taken although this dude is thicker. Feb 14, 2020
terbernt Tempting, I wish I had a video trailer to help decide? Feb 13, 2020
malachi6 I love the rich dark chocolaty flavor of Shameeks. I don't want overkill with him because as is the case with any Porn Star people might get tired of seeing them after awhile. However with Shameeks I could never get enough of him. So far he hasn't disappointed in any scene that he has been in and he has shown that he can take a Big dick. Feb 13, 2020
jrummi his dick is not bigger than bandits Feb 13, 2020

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're reuniting Manny Killa with Shameeks for the very first time since their unforgettable "movie night" early last year.

Manny has kept his eye on our up and coming new star, and watched with both envy and surprise as the once stubborn "strict top" has quickly evolved into one of our most talented and popular versatile models.

He invites Shameeks to join him for a romantic reunion in the jacuzzi, complete with candles and goblets of wine, plotting the perfect opportunity to get his "revenge" and finally pluck that sweet forbidden fruit he was only allowed to briefly TASTE the last time around.

But now that Shameeks has had a few "bottoming" scenes under his belt, was the quietly sexy 18-year-old brave enough to take on the challenge of his BIGGEST DICK yet?!? Regardless of the answer to that question, my dick was rock-hard in anticipation of watching him try!

The emotions are real and the passion is intense and unscripted in this steamy, action-packed encounter between two of BBA's hottest young stars, including lots of sensual kissing, nipple-licking, dick-swallowing, and ass-eating, plus Manny finally TURNING THE TABLES on the former "top" by plunging his thick monster-dick deep inside that beautiful bubble-butt.

"That's the biggest dick I ever took!" Shameeks gasps in stunned and almost embarrassed disbelief as he successfully surrenders his tight teenage ass to that massive tree trunk between Manny's smooth, skinny legs....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath
Details: Feb 13, 2020 41 min
Photo of Manny Killa
Manny Killa
Photo of Shameeks

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