Spring Break Showdown #2

hairyassholes101 These are the types of scenes I miss ughh πŸ˜’ bba is changing badly now I might unsubscribe soon I keep giving y’all too many chances fr πŸ˜©πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜  Nov 16, 2022
prettyboi2 I'm.shook 😳... Such a cute gorgeous duo; Bandit has officially came into 😜his own More😌 relaxed, hands on and comfortable!😊 Isaiah made him feel welcomed...Glad I subscribed in a long time 😁 Jun 6, 2022
Nastynut This scene exceeded my expectations from the angles to the chemistry to the fat asses and ass eating I mean flawlesssssssss scene πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ if I could give it a 5/5 stars I’d give it a 10 & an Oscar 🀀😍 Jan 30, 2022
ACTION7 too much passion here, they need to do another video together, I love it! Jul 15, 2021
JasonBabe1 I'm lost for words... Epic scene πŸ‘ Jun 29, 2021
cocopop I am so glad Bandit grew out of that stupid cap, hiding his handsomeness. He has such a sexy face. Jun 4, 2021
masukado i love around 37 minutes bandit says 'im about to shoot' then he cums in Isaiah and u all cut it out just as his dick starts to throb filling that ass up........................ Aug 2, 2019
pilsener One of my favorite scenes of all time on BBA! Nearly a year after and I keep nuttin' to it! Agree with COCOPOP that smacking lips ain't kissing, but kissing's never been ISAIAH's strong suits! The fucking was ON FIRE, and both seemed to enjoy it! ISAIAH's precums and moans are AMAZING! Dec 31, 2018
cocopop Many say Bandit has a bromance with Manny Killa, personally I think Isaiah was his first bromance, they really seem to be into each other. Bandit was more relaxed than with anyone else, he took that dick better with Isaiah, to the point of demanding Isaiah "give that dick.....fuck that ass". I haven't seen another bottoming scene where he got into it like this one. Just got my nut, bed time now. Dec 15, 2018
androgyny757 bring isaiah back, but tell him to arch his back Sep 5, 2018
cocopop Bandit has that long tongue like Apollo, would love to see those two tongue's battle each others ass's. Both look like they could drive you crazy with those tongues. Mar 3, 2018
ACTION7 Let's bring these 2 back together, the chemistry is too good, we need part 2. Feb 7, 2018
cocopop This was Bandit's best scene with a guy so far, he seemed more relaxed and into his co-star. He even seemed to be enjoying taking Isaiah's dick more than those that followed. Looking forward to when he's able to really enjoy taking it. Jan 31, 2018
juan2424 I agree with hotfuck1, members should be able to tip the models. Get them a paypal account or something. Some of us would like to show our appreciation for them giving us a show, with our sorry, lonely asses, lol! Honestly, many of us DO have available funds to do so, and I myself have no problem tipping 25 bones here and there. Jan 25, 2018
jjusj1 I would love to see Bandit and Apollo together. That would be Hot as hell. Bandit would love that dick, well what can I say about Apollo, he's the best at giving and taking dick. Two hot fuck shows May 8, 2017
cocopop All that smacking lips, they ain't kissing.. Hell Bandit kissed Zadian better than this and with tongue. Poor Isaiah, wonder what his girlfriend think of his kissing skills. May 7, 2017
throwin9 This "should’ve” been much hotter! Not nearly as much of the signature camerawork I'm use to from BBA. Isaiah is the hottest brotha in the world! I sure would’ve liked some of that camerawork on his bottom scenes. Bandit is the most (naturally & believably) β€œstraight” model you have. (Which is why we love to see him BOTTOM!) If his bottom scenes had been more like his pairing with Saint, this would have been incredible! I think we deserve to see a do-over. Not what I'm accustomed to from BBA. Apr 30, 2017
edennis Fulfill my fantasy of Bandit and Beno. Mmmmm ... Apr 24, 2017
ikonium " Isaiah "; this is the best performance I've seen you do, followed by the one with " AB " and the girl. Wanna see " Blake " smash that . And yo!,.. - keep all that hair boi. Apr 18, 2017
admaq Love Isaiah-- Him & Rico next! Apr 16, 2017
jordanb93 Isaiah never seem there during a scene like he's zoned out. Apr 6, 2017
enquire I would love to see Bandit with Young Montanna. With a shower included! Apr 3, 2017
t5080780 Bandit is super phine love his beautiful afro-centre kissable lips he sure can take dick and Isaiah can take all that big dick of Bandit like a pro. Mike this is a ten plus video. Apr 2, 2017
hotfuck1 I agree with bobminny, we should be able to tip the models. Please work on that Michael. Bandit enjoyed that dick. I busted 3 times Apr 1, 2017
chrisjameson823 Bandit is such a good top. Loved this scene Mar 31, 2017
cocopop @sweetdicktini, he does take dick well, I could listen to him moan with a dick in his mouth for days. Maybe its his deep voice that makes his moans sound so sexy. Mar 29, 2017
sweetdicktini Isaiah takes dick like a man should. Mar 25, 2017
tyrone1030 cant believe isaiah was straight lol... he takes dick gud Mar 25, 2017
cocopop That little Bandit showing Isaiah how to suck dick, kiss, eat ass. He just learning and look better doing it than Isaiah. When first seeing him suck Zadian off I knew he was going to be a natural. He looks good sucking too. Mar 21, 2017
tas600 I wish Bandit's nuts were bigger. Big dick, small cum shots. Still love him though. Mar 20, 2017
pimusique I liked this Michael. Going to write my review on my blog. Mar 16, 2017
bobminny Again excellent, We need to be able to tip models. Mar 16, 2017
lilron2 ***** Five stars!! Mike if this is what you do after a brief break, you should take them more often. Clearly this is a fan favorite. I bust twice during this vid. Loved seeing Isaiah take that huge dick in that gorgeous black ass. I noticed his precum too. OMG! Who knew Bandit had those top skills. He obviously enjoyed that chocolate ass. And when he bottomed, Bandit's hole is beautiful. 2017 may go down as the best BBA year yet. Mar 16, 2017
emmyfan The rimming was hot!!! Isaiah has a hot hairy ass which is hot and I would eat all night long! Mar 15, 2017
cocopop That Isaiah ass must be tight, Bandit seems to be loving it and he making it talk. He didn't get that excited for the last two asses he fucked. Good to see Bandit getting use to taking dick, he even seem to be enjoying that dick too, looks sexy with a dick in that ass. Mike how bout pairing him with Stylez or Apollo? Wish he'd take that cap off, he's even sexier with it off. Mar 14, 2017
Biggum It's time for Isaiah to ride a dick real good... Mar 14, 2017
lionel555 bandit is a star he was really enjoying himself great job he's my favorite....he really had those legs up in the air lol.... I bust like a champ...I will like to see bandit and knockout flip fuck please! thank you mike good work. Mar 13, 2017
hines1983 Kind of boring..... It's like they were not into each other. Mar 12, 2017
colormeblk All I can say is EXCELLENT.... Both of these brothers did an AWESOME Job... two masculine guys flip floppin... damn that's what's up!!! HOTT SCENE .. and well worth the wait too. B.B.A. (Mike) you came through Sir .. like you always do! Thank YOU ... now where is your tip jar???? Mar 12, 2017
jowilf @COCOPOP: A New Star Is Born indeed. LIL SCRAP and MIGUEL are a great catch too..!
We'll wait and see.
BBA rocks!
Mar 12, 2017
pisces586 You can tell when Isaiah likes a scene. He PRECUMS. Second time I ever seen him precum. First time was with Knockout and he precums like a fountain. Mar 12, 2017
princetahji Hands down an awesome scene. Bandit and ISAIAH were great. Very unexpected flip flop scene and I really appreciate the length of the scene. I can't wait to see the rest. Mar 12, 2017
atl2011 Bandit & Lil Scrap please. Mar 12, 2017
cocopop @jowilf, for a model with only 6 scenes under his belt in a year and a half, your "Smooth Operator" has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. His skills are many. The bro. is rising so fast I too think he'll give both *1 and *2 a run for their spot. When he shared the scene with Zadian I knew he had potential. Saint beat that ass open, got it ready for Isaiah, he seem to actually enjoy that dick at times. He's got it, A star is born. Mar 11, 2017
ACTION7 Isaiah, Saint, and Bandit all flip flopping Mar 11, 2017
jowilf I absolutely agree with CRAZY FACE.. BANDIT or as I call him "The Smooth Operator" will emerge as the No. 1 soon.. As proof.. all BDB 6 scenes have more likes and feedbacks. BANDIT performed real compared to other BBA models. Mar 11, 2017
aballah34 Cool video. Would like to see Bandit and Blake Bishop go at it. Blake is very affectionate and I think it would be interesting to see how Bandit responds to that type of attention. Mar 11, 2017
daddylongstroke Bandit you are amazing ..... would love to see knockout and bandit in a verse session Mar 11, 2017
cocopop Dam, Bandit show old school how to eat ass, now that's how you eat an ass. Youngsters eat it like a pro, with that long tongue. Mike this is well worth the long wait. These two are great together. Mar 11, 2017
crazyface11 I find it cute how they referred to their rankings multiple times in the video. My prediction is Bandit will eventually be #1! He's gone so far up in way less time than everyone else!!! Still waiting for my request of Bandit with a girl by the way!!! To see how the "big dick bandit" REALLY got his name!! hahahah. Mar 11, 2017
drumcat mike you are the king Mar 11, 2017
mrwhitley1 Michael, the last leg of the video was off, No angles to see if Bandit was hard or not, and No subtitles in the shower πŸ˜‘ Mar 10, 2017
Godfather07 This is sooo hot, damn what a way to start the spring wow two hot men this is well worth the wait, Hot Hot HOT!!!! Mar 10, 2017
Perriason Yes!!! Thanks for pairing these two Michael. Loved it. Mar 10, 2017
bobminny Bandit and Isaiah, were both good, I enjoyed the Show. Keep up the great work! Mar 10, 2017
lilmellowyellow Excellent! Superb! I enjoyed Bandit and Isaiah. They seem attracted to each other. Their performance was outstanding. Isaiah's hairy ass looked great. I liked both of their asshole juiced up, especially Bandits. Isaiah can take lessons from Bandit in deep sucking a dick, that's how to get your mouth juices overflowing on a dick. The closeups and lighting were very, very good. Thanks to all! Mar 10, 2017
jdunbar9 I must say Isaiah has come a long way. Mar 10, 2017
jowilf Welcome back BANDIT!
@No. 3 with 453 likes..
More Power BBA!
Mar 10, 2017
texasbugg damm i did not see it at first but i see it now (Bandit) sexy ass pink lips matches his sexy ass pink ass hole. i never saw no one dance with their feet off the ground until i saw bandit do it. bandit u r a badddddddddddddddddddddddddd man u got it going on babyboy thank u for talking while u was taking that dick keep up the good work u r still 100000000000000000000/00 (THUG).with your thug ass hole pure goldddddddddddddddd. Mar 10, 2017
chgohydepar1 "Gay for pay" my black ass. Paleeze. lol Mar 10, 2017
Black37 That was so good. Thanks Mike!!! Mar 10, 2017
texasbugg mike u really out did yourself on this one. i want to say thank u to (Bandit / Isaiah) cause they really put it down it was no faking damm i can not stop busting nutts. bandit damm babyboy u got a sexy ass pink hole and thank u for letting him in that hole with no pushing him out. that hole is still tight i know u will be back u r a super cool thug luv u. Mar 10, 2017
oxigyne Yes SIR, I love it... Mar 10, 2017
hozie5555 Very Nice Movie!! Models had good chemistry. Mar 10, 2017
terbernt Wow Bandit's back. I'm on it. Mar 10, 2017
Banditfan1 Feeling disappointed. I am glad Bandit is back but I wish he was with Blake or Ross. Isaiah to me is overrated. Bandit didn't even seem like he was into Isaiah like he was into Saint. Mar 10, 2017
romack767 I am so glad you have made a come back> Awesome scene I love both these guys. Beautiful. Mar 10, 2017
crazyface11 OMGGG!!!! BANDIT!!! I was starting to worry if we'd ever see him again too! And i love how he was with Isaiah (my old favorite) haha. New request: Blake and Bandit!! Michael, pls ask Bandit to take his hat off the whole time next time! He looks so much better with it off!!! There is NO ONE in this world that i absolutely LUST over more than Bandit!!! AHHHH he's just so perfect. Mar 10, 2017
coolnig Wow!!! Really great scene. These dudes were definitely into each other. Lots of passion, scene was simply hot. This was Isaiah's best performance. Bandit did some great fucking and really enjoyed himself. Oh man, this one goes down in the books for sure. Mar 10, 2017
simplet yes mike it was worth the three week wait was hot hot hot I bust a great load watching Isaiah get fucked whiles on his back dam was good hot hot hot keep on doing it mike great job Isaiah Mar 10, 2017
chucke1 A TEN most certainly Mar 10, 2017
illtown22 All is forgiven. Let's chat after I rehydrate. Mar 10, 2017
tayshawn3 That's how you fuckin come back....Mike awesome job, these two were so hot together and comfortable on screen. Love me some Bandit and Isaiah tall chocolate ass has grown so much on me over the years....I love how Bandit was pounding that ass and how Isaiah was moaning, love the dick sucking and kissing and rubbing....A++... Mar 10, 2017
mac198726 All right Mike you bringing the heat πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’― Mar 10, 2017

We're officially kicking off our Spring season this year with the much-requested and long-awaited return of everybody's favorite "Big Dick Bandit" in his long overdue introduction to one of BBA's most popular "gay for pay" stars!

See for yourself what happened when we recently brought together these two strikingly handsome and irresistibly sexy straight guys - both with girlfriends and kids waiting for them at home - for an epic encounter that includes lots of hot tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and even Bandit's VERY FIRST TIME eating ass.

Even better, both Bandit and Isaiah are eager to prove to each other as well as their fans just how far they have come in their respective "gay for pay" journeys here at BBA by giving up their tight, RAW asses to each others' huge dicks in over a FULL HOUR of unforgettable FLIP-FLOP action that you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Flip-Flop, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Mar 9, 2017 65 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Isaiah

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