Graduation Day

Shirly223 This video description will not age well. Anyone talking about lust at a high school graduation will only sound creepier and creepier with time. I suggest changing it because its disgusting and perverted, which is saying a lot considering this is a porn site. I definitely graduated at 17. Oct 13, 2020
MichaelGalletta This is a taboo FANTASY, and last I checked porn is in the business of exploring and catering to viewers' fantasies. If you can't personally relate to this particular fantasy, then don't watch it - simple as that. Nobody is condoning anything illegal here. Plenty of high school graduates are 18 or older, as was Kayden when this scene was filmed.
mdcarmichael I hadn’t watched Kayden in a while. Now I remember his long, fat dick and would love to sit down on it after I got it all wet with my mouth. He could fuck me until he is ready to nutt and then shove that huge thing down my throat! Oct 5, 2020
corgi321x Very sexy young guy and I liked his solo. Memo to the director: more slow-motion shower scenes please with lots of close-ups of hot tight holes! Dec 3, 2018
illtown22 This update is approved! However I do not count a solo as an update. If you want to introduce us to a new model my suggestion would be to save the solo until you have an action scene starring that model and then release them both at the same time. That's an update. Jul 5, 2017
rastaman73 cute would love to see him with suspense michael try for it Jun 28, 2017
ToriFan and these SKINNY BOYS! I was just about to comment about your fetish for these skinny black boys until.....I SAW THAT BIG ASS DICK. I'm a high school teacher. We just had our graduation. Now I'm fantasizing over those guys that walked across the stage. Some of them were some BIG THICK MUTHAFUCKAS....and until now I wasn't even thinking about the size of their dick. But I do recall several of them had on shorts and were sockless. Now I'm doing a double fantasy....big dicks...and pretty toes. Tell us some more about Kayden..... Jun 27, 2017
candyman I did not like this video. I like to see the body not a cap and gown. I wish I could get my 5 credits back. I will be more careful next time. Jun 26, 2017
mrincredible Well damn. Awesome vid!! Jun 22, 2017
mdcarmichael Please get him back soon...What a cutie with great lips and a beautiful dick! Jun 19, 2017
wallydaddy Hell yeah.... I luv a brother who enjoys playing and tryin to look all innocent,,,LOL... This is a great solo.. with a theme!!!! No interview but you can feel that this brother likes to teaz. I love the graduation robe openin.... him pinching his own nipples and then wow... that's one helluva diploma growing in that robe. Cant wait to see him serve that up to some bois mouth and ass...mmm... Plus... Looks to me like that pretty ass is vers..Bring this boi back!!!! Great start!!!!! Jun 19, 2017
simplett now he is hot is he coming back cause I would like to c him a lot he is hot that dick is long, i like it Jun 19, 2017
Moses1999 Where can I play with him at? Jun 17, 2017
lablue I wanna see more of him. He's cute. Jun 16, 2017
Docteur New guy is nice, pair him with Scotty and Stylez in an all out fuck, flip-flop and suck situation. Finally let Scotty and Stylez take some dick. Jun 16, 2017
cusmile1x he's really cute can't wait to see him with someone like rico, bandit, stylez, or the other newbie can you make that happen Jun 16, 2017

Anyone who shares my weakness for cute black twinks with that "barely legal" look, and has ever attended a high school graduation and found themselves guiltily lusting after one of the young graduates, should enjoy our latest addition to the BBA roster.

Just barely 18 years old and looking like he could easily be Kody's cute baby brother, Kayden is only ONE WEEK AWAY from graduating high school.

Enjoy a wicked sneak peek at this cute and innocent "boy next door" while he tries on his cap and gown and gets ready for his Graduation Day....

"I just turned 18," Kayden teases me and the viewers in his cute teenage voice. "It's my high school graduation. Wanna come play with me?"

Savor every second of this seductive striptease in which Kayden ends up showing off EVERY INCH of his tempting young body.

But don't let this high school senior's cute "baby face" fool you - Kayden is all grown up where it counts, with a shockingly BIG DICK and juicy bubble-butt for such a small, skinny boy! And just wait until he spreads his skinny legs open wide and shows off his tight, young asshole for us to drool over and fantasize about!

Want to see what Kayden will be doing for a summer job before starting college? Stay tuned to BBA to find out!

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions
Details: Jun 12, 2017 21 min
Photo of Kayden

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