The Hook-Up

Phuryous Damn, Tori is fine asl. He makes me wanna go through STL with a flashlight and magnifying glass searching for him. Sep 20, 2022
lilmellowyellow Bring Tori back. Tori has an insatiable mouth and asshole for dicks and tongues. Thanks for providing us with sexy, attractive models. Beno is a good top. He keeps his dick hard and dominates the model. Beno has a nice lil hairy ass too. May 20, 2016
vcanteen where's Tori I miss him Nov 2, 2015

Tori is a quiet, laid-back 23-year-old with striking good looks and a masculine sex appeal. Beno is an outgoing ladies' man who chases pussy every chance he gets but also likes fucking a hot guy's tight ass every once in awhile. If you passed these guys on the street, you'd never suspect for a second that they mess around with other men behind closed doors!

Beno recently met Tori online but instead of hooking up right away, he tried talking the reluctant "DL" brother into messing around ON CAMERA. "If we're gonna fuck around, why not get paid for it?" Beno reasoned. Lucky for us, Tori wanted to fuck around with Beno badly enough that he finally agreed to let me film their VERY FIRST "hook-up"!

Now hook-ups like this one take place "on the DL" in cities all across America every day - secret encounters between horny young men satisfying needs and urges their girlfriends just can't fulfill. But rarely do we ever get to spy on these encounters between true "DL" boys (as opposed to gay actors and "porn stars") as they actually happen in real life! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this "reality porn" exclusive as two of the sexiest guys I've ever filmed let you watch every sizzling-hot second of their very first sexual encounter....

Beno and Tori showed up at my apartment just a couple hours after meeting for the very first time. They'd been riding the bus around the city, hanging out and passing time until they could get "better acquainted" in the privacy of my apartment.

Tori introduces himself and tells us a little bit about his sexual preferences and past sexual experiences, including a funny story about losing his virginity to an older female babysitter when he was only 13 years old! Throughout the interview, it's obvious that both boys are horny as hell and anxious to FUCK! Watch carefully and you'll even catch Beno sporting a boner under his jeans!

To torture both boys even more, I ask Tori to stand up, lift up his shirt, and turn around to show off the slim, sexy body that will be Beno's to possess and enjoy very soon! Although there's no doubt in my mind that Beno had ALREADY been checking it out all morning - especially that cute, tempting butt nearly bursting out of Tori's sagging jeans! Next I tell Beno to do the same thing.

I finally turn the boys loose to do what they came over to do: HOOK UP!

As they nervously lean in for that first eager, exploratory kiss, it's hot as hell to witness the release of all the pent-up lust and anticipation that has been building between them all morning. There's very little editing once the action gets started - I simply turn on the camera and try my best to capture every hot moment of this hook-up as it unfolds in real time!

There's some passionate tongue-kissing as Beno and Tori roll around on my futon, greedily undressing and groping each other's bodies for the very first time. Tori drops to his knees to get his first look at what's hangin' between Beno's legs. Tori's thick pink lips are a beautiful sight to behold as they slobber all over Beno's hard dick....

Beno doesn't take it easy on his new fuck-buddy either. He grabs the back of Tori's head and fucks that pretty mouth without mercy.

"Suck that muthafuckin' dick, nigga!" Beno orders as he smacks his dick against Tori's lips, cheeks, and chin.

As Tori sucks the hell out of his dick, Beno grabs his first handful of the boy's firm, tempting butt - a moment he's no doubt been looking forward to all day!

"I wanna eat yo' ass!" Beno tells Tori, but it sounds more like an order than a friendly request. Tori obediently flips over on his stomach and Beno dives in for his first smell and taste of the half-Filipino boy's ass....

"That ass look GOOD, don't it?" he asks as he spreads open Tori's honey-brown cheeks and shows off the young man's tight asshole to the viewers at home.

There's a generous amount of ass-eating as Beno hungrily feasts on the cute ass he's been dying to get his tongue up inside all morning. Tori even sits on Beno's face while Beno licks that sweet hole and plays with his dick.

"You ready to get that dick in you?!?" Beno asks Tori, who looks simultaneously scared AND excited about giving up his tight ass to Beno - sort of like a little kid standing in line to ride his very first roller-coaster!

Tori's ass is stubbornly tight and resistant at first, and it takes him a few minutes to accept and accommodate the painful intruder. Beno is surprisingly gentle and patient starting off, but it's not long before he's pushing Tori's legs back and aggressively slamming his dick in and out of the boy's guts like they're pussy. He even slaps Tori's hands away when they try resisting or slowing him down!

"Take that shit, nigga!" Beno grunts as he pounds Tori's butt without mercy. "I'm gonna tear that ass up!"

At first, Tori has this look on his face as if he's thinking to himself, "What the hell did I just get myself into?!?" But despite the fact that it's his very first time in front of the camera, Tori proves himself to be a natural and uninhibited performer and submits to the smashing from Beno's dick like a "pro"!

"You fuckin' the shit outta me!" he gasps with a delirious mixture of pleasure and pain as the room echoes with the sounds of aggressive but passionate ass-fucking.

After taking Beno's dick in several positions, Tori finally hops on to ride it and winds up getting so caught up in the moment that he spontaneously shoots a huge, messy load all over Beno's chest....with Beno's dick still lodged deep inside him!

To make his debut scene even hotter, Tori agrees to take his VERY FIRST "facial"! Beno splatters a nice steamy "nutt" across Tori's face and then rubs his dick around in the mess.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Tori shares his reactions to hooking up with Beno ("Dude fuck like a BEAST, man!") and performing in amateur porn for the very first time.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Nov 23, 2009 80 min
Photo of Beno
Photo of Tori

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