Curtain Call

addict88 I was hoping for that Knockout re-match before Isaiah retired. That would've been a scene to go out on, especially given how far Isaiah has come. I like everything Isaiah and Denzel do, but I got the impression that Denzel wasn't as into this scene as he was when he topped Bandit. Feb 13, 2024
cocopop Poor thang. after ten years or so Isaiah still can't kiss worth a dam. Makes one wonder does he kiss better with wife/GF? He does make up for it in his sexyness, gonna miss old boy. Feb 7, 2024
popoce33 I would pair Denzel with Justice. JUSTICE + DENZEL = DELIGHT Jan 24, 2024
gpl1809 Instant favorite! They’re both so hotttt Jan 8, 2024
darkmanjah28 Nice 2 hv fyn looking, tight, Div 1 running back physique Denzel to send Isaiah off into his next journey with a hott flip-flop session. Take care of yourself my strong and brave brother. It was real. Dec 25, 2023
cocopop A loving farewell to Isaiah, loved your scenes for years. best of luck to you and your family, This was a great scene, my boy Denzel put in his best scene bottoming, brother loved that Isaiah dick. And boy did he tear that ass up, he fucked the hell out of him. Isaiah gave his normal great performance. Take care man. Dec 21, 2023
illtown22 Thank you Isaiah. You will be missed. Be well Dec 11, 2023
greenhung11 A fitting farewell to my favorite. You’ll be missed Isaiah! Denzel gave him the goodbye dick he deserved Dec 1, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA World -- This is your boy Chauncey -- This vid is action-packed from start to finish -- Enthusiasm galore from all participants -- I think the choice of angles and editing of this video caught the deep sensuousness of this scene - There is some real fucking going on in this video for sure -- super stellar production work is like the third person in this scene -- Now to the show -- It was Great to see and experience a session featuring Isaiah and Denzel giving us nothing but thrill and thrill after thrill -- I must say I have been missing Isaiah's juicy, beautiful chocolate booty -- It was also great to see him using his D in a vid -- I mean it does happen in his vids but not as often as you would suspect -- He is just the whole package and more and he believes in keeping himself looking rather appealing to boot. Just wish him the very best as he continues his journey through life -- Denzel is also interesting and fun to watch -- He has a way of pulling you in allowing you to sense the experience and the action --He lets it all loose / lol. Denzel is truly the whole meal with that gorgeous body. Like many of us he just loves having sex and that is all there is to it. He is into pleasing his partner and himself simultaneously and his after-play moves are impeccable -- Yeah a real Playboy / lol -- and he knows it -- He does that real big boy gay-gay stuff and I love it !!! - please hang around and continue to gag us by delivering more thrills. Now moving on -- This vid is on my list of favs for sure due to a wide variety of reasons -- In closing SUPER KUDOS to Isaiah you leave behind a body of work that we can enjoy and reminisce about for years to come - if allowable come back and see us some time to let us know how your life is flowing out there in "The Real" that would be great. - It is BBA 4Ever -- Happy Holidays to all the Children out there in the BBA Verse -- Wishing all much Love and much Peace. Your boy Chauncey. Dec 1, 2023
DjbiATL Terrible matchup. Nothing wrong with Denzel, he’s just not the right personality type that brings out the best in Isaiah. Isaiah is best with homies who are a little rougher around the edges and who are naturally dominant and aggressors. We definitely deserve a way better farewell scene from Isaiah. A Christmas gangbang remake at the very least. 💯 Dec 1, 2023
Jayden27 I’m back bitches! It has been MONTHS since I’ve been in the BBA zone, and I see that you all have been QUITE busy. What can I say? Life be “life’n”. I was hoping to find an update where Montez had FINALLY got his cheeks clapped/split wide open, but sadly, that has yet to happen. Oh well, maybe one day. 😂😂 There’ve been a lot of HOT moments that I have missed, and I’m overjoyed that I have cum back around for all of the fun. Oh, how I have missed you, and with that said, let’s get started with this review.

Firstly, when I read that the models were Denzel and Isaiah, I already knew that this scene was going to be 🔥! The montage of Isaiah in the beginning doing “human things” (as Isaiah so eloquently described it) was a nice touch, providing a visual clue to fans of his then impending curtain call. Once Denzel and Isaiah got to the bed, it was on! The kissing—I cannot think of a better view than two sexy ass chocolate brothas that’s about to fuck, kissing on each other. It was HOT AF. Watching this scene , I didn’t know who to be jealous of more. Would I want to be on top of Denzel kissing his lips, stroking his dick, OR would I rather be under Isaiah for a chance to grab his ample chocolate phat ass (like some other BBA legends have)? Shit. Either option sounds like a 🥜 busting win to me. Denzel DEVOURED Isaiah, and he left NOT one crumb! Denzel’s mouth is something serious because Isaiah grew from soft to hard in 0.2 secs! 😂 Outside of the natural habitat scene, that’s the quickest I’ve ever seen Isaiah get hard! I do have to say that I was very jealous of Denzel when he was feasting on Isaiah’s ass, but we didn’t see Isaiah return the favor for Denzel. I guess that’s part of the perks of being a BBA legend celebrating his retirement. Well deserved.

Secondly, watching these two kings fuck each other was hot, hot, HOT! Isaiah’s evolution as a bottom definitely showed. I read some comments that suggested that Isaiah appeared as “meh”, and didn’t want to be there. They obviously haven’t seen his earlier scenes. He used to appear stiff, disinterested and made little effort to make the scene entertaining. In this scene, he was giving moans (and groans! 😂), and the usual facial expressions that could almost pass for pleasure. Denzel’s stroke was top tier, putting in work at every inch while going deep inside Isaiah. The views of Isaiah’s cheeks while he was inside Denzel were *chef’s kiss*. The scene did lose steam toward the end as Isaiah’s energy had seemingly been depleted—understandably so.

Thirdly, the cum shots were great! I enjoyed watching each of the models ice other’s cakes. Also, I love how Denzel decided to go back and get one final taste of Isaiah before the end of the session. After all, who could blame him as it would be the last time any model or man would get a taste of this BBA legend. Good shit fellas!

Finally, there is one last thing to address—a bittersweet, but well deserved “Curtain Call”. BBA has experienced many successful moments over its nearly 15 year long tenure, and many of those moments include scenes such as “Initiating Isaiah”, the “Spring Break Showdown” series, the “Game Break” series, “All I Want For Christmas”, along with the Christmas reunion scenes, not to mention the hot moments with models such as Freaky J, Michael G, Saint, and the unforgettable classic “His First Straight Boy” (which is still BBA’s #1 scene!). These moments would not have been possible without Isaiah. His contributions to BBA have kept many devoted fans, including myself, returning for more. Consistently ranked in the top 5 favorite models for several years on the BBA site, Isaiah’s name on a scene automatically turns it into a must-see, and most of them go on to become BBA classics. This straight man had to step outside of who he is naturally to bring these fantasies to life for us fans. As we all know, all fantasies eventually fade, and reality sets in. Isaiah, thank you so much for your work, time, and commitment to us BBA fans. Your work has given us many, many, many, pleasurable moments! I sincerely wish you all the best that life has to offer. Thanks for the memories!

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Shax, Denzel, and Isaiah for this scene—it was fire, and a damn good time!
Nov 30, 2023
Montez We're going to have to talk about these hopes of yours. LOL

But very happy to have you back.
Dualex Farewell isaiah and thanks for the good times.
My review on this is that Denzel deserves better, much better. As much as l like Isaiah, this was far too forced and cringy. My fave moments were Denzel giving head and getting dicked down but then again there was sumn missing.
I'm still waiting for Diez to top Denzel but he's sadly turning into a power bottom so I'm giving up hope.
Maleek, Juju, Legend would be good tops. But honestly Justice to me would be the top of the list, he's just freaky, and a verse. The other guy with the dreads who topped Diez would also be a great screen partner for Denzel too.
No, I did not enjoy the scene.
Nov 30, 2023
SharodXXL A gangbang for Isaiah with the OGs would’ve been a perfect send off! Nov 30, 2023
ef8432 Farewell to Isaiah… bittersweet cuz I got hip to this site because I saw him & was intrigued many moons ago 🤭🙃🙃🙃🙃.

Deontrey Return 👀👀👀
Nov 28, 2023
Verdade Love Isaiah.Best Wishes to you my man. Mike and Tez. My question is like other posters. You are losing a lot of the best guys that were featured. Can you do more scenes with Justice, Blake, Rico Pruitt, Ross, Stylez,Jahan, Bandit and others.....the new guys are great also, but not real comfortable with great full sex scenes yet. Can you keep pairing the great vets that enjoy full blown sex scenes...with the new guys. That is always fantastic. Great job Mike,Tez,Shax for all you do. And so much love to all the sexy Models, each and every one. Thanks to all who make BBA so great for us fans. Thanks guys. Nov 28, 2023
ScorpioJay97 Love sexy dark chocolate men especially hairy to my liking!! I was drawn to their chemistry and attraction which got me hard instantly!! Nov 28, 2023
Docteur Isaiah ranked in my Top Ten fellas on here. I suppose being married it is hard to explain to your wife how you can suck dick or get fucked, but as the saying goes, "Money talks and bullshit walks". He never seemed really comfortable on cam doing this. His best moments were probably with Apollo they seemed to enjoy each other. He most def was not new to it, it was simply a trade deal fo him. Best wishes in whatever path he goes down in life. As for Denzel, he needs an all out threesome with Zeke and Diez. @Michael still awaiting that update you promised on who is in prison, who will never come back, who has disappeared, who is deceased and who found Jesus from being outted from this site. Hoping that we will see Maleek and Rush and Bandit getting revenge on JuJu. Nov 27, 2023
Meatlover I’m very sad to see Isaiah go. He has made so many great films & this one with Denzel was another example of that greatness (the first film y’all have made that I’ve enjoyed in months). Denzel has become my new favorite and if anyone was to send Isaiah off into the sunset, Denzel was the right man & i loved it so much.

While I’ll miss him, I wish Isaiah nothing but lots & lots of success in his new endeavors.
Nov 26, 2023
drakegay4real Felt like Isaiah was starting to actually like getting fucked in his last few videos so I'm sad to see him go, those lips and that ass was a thing a beauty...Denzel sexy ass looks so perfect with a dick inside him, I literally came as soon as he started to bottom...I need to see Denzel completely slutted out like Sax in the Halloween scene Nov 26, 2023
Lar58Fitz85 BBA did a good thing for Isaiah and I'm sure his fans appreciate it. He shows and says though that it was just work and a way to get paid. We get it. His odd out of place kissing, energy, acting, and verbal lacked what the Legend/Juju, Denzel/Zeke, Denzel/Diez and Bandit/Diez scenes had. BBA is doing great with the new models and the way they perform with passion. Denzel did his thing well as always. He keeps his appearance and performance on the top tier. That arch and way he takes it from the back is a thing of beauty! Keep that chemistry and passion in scenes coming because the bar has been set high by the new models and some of the OG's like Bandit, Apollo, Ross, and Justice! Nov 25, 2023
Sageking3 Gonna miss Isaiah if I'm not mistaken he was bba first exclusive model Nov 25, 2023
supreme Farewell Isaiah, you've given us more than 10 years of top-level performance at BBA wish you good luck in all your endeavors sir. Nov 25, 2023
namco971 If next time I don't see Denzel open his ass and get rimmed I will unsubscribe Nov 25, 2023
storm15 Denzel, Zeke and Diez need a video together. Tell you it would be worth it !! Nov 25, 2023
lpc02c Isaiah definitely brought some great moments over the years but I'm satisfied to see him go. He never really learned how to be in the moment in any of his scenes, we still don't know what if anything turns him on. He's basically a robot who never showed any real or authentic emotions about his scenes -- especially when it's clear he's bisexual and not just gay for pay (which I don't believe in anyway). I won't miss Isaiah's annoying and fake moans which I can't believe you guys let him get away with for so many years, like bffr. As for Denzel, he clearly loves man sex but he can also be a bore, I think it's that he doesn't know how to up his game during the sex. Like he stays pretty predictable and brings the exact same frequency to every performance. There's no wild card factor with his scenes. Interested to see where BBA goes from here. Nov 25, 2023
dreadhead8 This scene was kinda bad bad pairing I knew it before clicking love Isaiah d show down but they both are horrible tops but their both amazing bottoms Nov 24, 2023
smhard03 Idk if it was the hair bumps or the chemistry but it Just wasn't working for me. Denzel ass looks amazing when he's getting fucked doggy ngl. Isaiah... idk, he just tends to give the energy that he's legit ONLY doing this for the money... which makes him come off to me as disinterested in the sex = turnoff. Thats just my opinion. Nov 24, 2023
gimmedat13 farewell to a Legend ! Denzel was enjoying the D!! Nov 24, 2023
Charmed35 I'm sad to see Isaiah go he was by far one of my top 10 favorites on here but I understand this was one of their best videos again especially wit Denzel takin up the video their chemistry was everything I'm hoping everything works out for him but Denzel is definitely making his way up to the top keep up the Good work yo Nov 24, 2023
namco971 we can't never see denzel's open ass being licked. Never A good rimming on Denzel . Why? Nov 24, 2023
kissing98 more denzel please. would love passionate kissing! Nov 24, 2023
misterblack Bravo Isaiah! Grazie mille!! It was great to see Isaiah and his magnificent posterior one more time. Nov 23, 2023
A123 Isaiah had been gone so long I thought he had already retired. In all these years, his dick sucking skills still leave much to be desired, but I will miss him. He has a beautiful ass, and he can certainly take dick. And then there is Denzel who is just a masterpiece. He is sexy and a freak. You really can’t ask for more. I certainly wish Isaiah the best in his future, and I am glad his old content will still be here for his fans, and I am one, to reminisce. I can still get several nuts watching those juicy chocolate cakes get pounded. Nov 23, 2023
chucke1 BEST OF THE BEST, Isaiah we will always miss you and thank you so much for all you did!!!!!!!!! Nov 23, 2023
JKing3303 Congrats on the retirement Isaiah! You will be missed. Best wishes!

This scene wasn't for me, but I really hope others enjoyed it. First, I want to say it really seemed like they both wanted to put on a good show. I think my issue was that it was truly a flip-flop. They basically took turns doing the exact same things to each other. Even the pics next to the video are almost exactly the same. The only exception is that Isaiah didn't eat any ass, which was kind of good because it almost felt like he went off script. Either way, we know what these two are capable of. I think they just need to be told what exactly to do. Also, if there's a reason that the same positions must be generally used within a scene, then spice it up with more interaction between the models by encouraging kissing (including neck, ear, nipples, etc), stroking the bottom's dick, or something. It just fell flat for me. As always, thanks for producing these videos.
Nov 23, 2023
DizzyD Best of luck to Isaiah!! He served the fans well for many years!! Nov 23, 2023
Timpen I jokingly said Diez was the new Isaiah because of his chocolate skin his height his size his phat ass his laid back personality and the ability to take huge dicks well not knowing Isaiah was really leaving bba. Isaiah wishing you the best in whatever you do. Nov 23, 2023
MrBrown19942 This scene is so good! Denzel is amazing, as always!! And, Isaiah is phenomenal! He will be missed, for sure. Much peace and success to him, in his next venture. Nov 23, 2023
chorton2025 This was a last curtain call I think he pick retirement at the right age and time this was a not a over the top session just ok 👌 but wishing u all the best as bba history maker u did make some great scenes in your hay day Nov 23, 2023
KDavion94 We will miss you Isaiah 🤍 Nov 23, 2023
djv1234 Sorry that Isaiah is going, he's been one of BBA's finest performers. This was a very Hot and fitting last scene for Isaiah and I wish him every future success. It's also great to see the excellent Hot Denzel and I think it will be fantastic if in the near future he can do versatile scenes with both JuJu and Legend, that of course being after JuJu and Legend do their Part Two Flip Flop. Nov 23, 2023
romans18x I see Denzel I click 🥰 Nov 23, 2023
dreadhead8 Damn Isaiah is my number 2 fav right after Ross Nov 23, 2023
BLOOP Isaiah is literally my favorite, and most watched model. He is the standard.. oh fuck, I love this man. Best of luck to you with yo chocolate ASS! Nov 23, 2023
Sexxyme Ummmm! Sorry fellas this was not a great send off, like both guys but this was jive weak. Great ass eating Denzel. Take care Isaiah you had some great scenes. Nov 23, 2023
DLtrucker2021 They should be natural and not all that extra stuff, you can tell it’s fake moaning. Nov 23, 2023
Natsfan64 🔥😈🔥🥵🔥...Denzel/phew... Nov 23, 2023
bkwilliam The way Isaiah took that dick with ease AND pleasure sent me to the fk’ing moon; I barely made it to the beginning of him bending that fine ass Denzel over…I was done with over 20 minutes left….lol….Damn what a way to begin my Thanksgiving and I’m giving thanks to Mike, Tez, Shax Denzel and my man Isaiah. I will miss you man but thankfully we have your catalog of a great body of work showing your growth! All the best BBA and be well! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Nov 23, 2023
mocombo Farewell Isaiah and best wishes for a great future. I’ve always enjoyed your performances and you seem to be a real gentleman. Good luck! Nov 23, 2023
Dualex @BBA you owe us a part 2 Juju/Legend. I won't forget about that one. Nov 23, 2023
bigpump45 Y’all could’ve kept this Nov 23, 2023
Dualex Sumn to look forward to. Good to see Denzel paired with someone round about his age. Happy retirement Isaiah and thanks for the goodt entertainment you brought and to my American and fellow BBAers: happy thanksgiving all the way from Geneva Switzerland. Nov 23, 2023
dreadhead8 Should’ve paired him with OGs for a gangbang going away party or something…. Nov 22, 2023

Just in time for the holiday weekend, BBA legend Isaiah returns to take one final bow before his official retirement to pursue other career goals, in this surprise farewell flip-flop with Denzel.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 23, 2023 59 min
Photo of Denzel
Photo of Isaiah

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