The Straight Boy Who Gave Up His Ass (Part Two)

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In Part One, Suspense finally gave up his ass for the very first time!

Because the whole thing was so sudden and unexpected, as well as extremely painful and difficult for Suspense, I wasn't able to keep my dick in that hot virgin ass for very long or fuck it in as many positions as I would have liked. So when Suspense contacted me later that same week saying he still needed to make more money for an apartment and a new car, and that he was willing to do whatever it took to earn it, I knew I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to fuck that beautiful brown butt again! And I wasn't going to be as easy on him THIS time!

You've watched me pop Suspense's cherry and show him how it feels to be penetrated. Now enjoy a front-row seat as I thoroughly BREAK IN that tight ass and teach the reluctant straight boy how it feels to GET FUCKED!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which I ask Suspense to share his thoughts about finally losing his anal virginity.

"I felt like I went through surgery!" he explains with the characteristic candor that makes him so cute and endearing.

He seems a little bit shy and embarrassed when I ask him to turn around and show off the gorgeous ass that had once been strictly forbidden but was now about to be mine for the second time in one week!

I lead Suspense to the hallway where I push him against the wall and begin groping his sexy young body. As I kiss his neck and fondle his firm ass through his sweatpants, I tell the nervous teen to look directly at the camera and say that he wants to get fucked.

I yank down his sweatpants and rub my hard dick between the warm crack of his ass. I drop to my knees and bury my face between the boy's cheeks, savoring the taste and aroma of fresh 19-year-old ass like a Death Row inmate enjoying his last meal! I also get some nice handheld close-up shots as I smack my rock-hard dick against his pretty brown cakes and poke it against his tight hole.

"You ready for the real thing?" I finally ask, eager for the REAL fun to begin.

Suspense lies flat on his stomach as I apply a generous amount of lube and use my fingers to pry open his stubbornly tight hole. Then I slowly shove my dick in Suspense's ass and begin fucking him with slow, gentle strokes. That warm, tight virgin ass feels SO DAMN GOOD, however, that I just can't help myself and in no time I'm kissing his ears and neck and slamming into his ass without mercy!

Suspense submits to his first ass-pounding like a champ. Instead of screaming bloody murder like before, he grits his teeth, clutches the pillow, and endures my assault against the most private and protected part of his body.

"How's it feel having a dick in your ass?" I ask as I eagerly thrust in and out.

"It hurts!" he cries out between grunts of pain.

As the afternoon progresses, I take my time and savor the experience by fucking Suspense in a variety of hot positions. It's not every day that I enjoy the privilege and pleasure of breaking in a fresh virgin ass! I fuck Suspense on his stomach, on his back, and on his side. Suspense winces from the pain as I nuzzle my sweaty face against his neck and try to comfort him by telling him he's got some GOOD ASS!

As Suspense slowly lowers himself onto my dick and makes a respectable effort to ride it, I get some hot close-up shots of my dick plunging in and out of the ass that had been totally virgin just a short week before! I also fuck the boy against the wall in my hallway!

When Suspense just can't take any more, I kneel beside him and cum on his neck and face. Just a few moments later, Suspense shoots his own load onto his stomach with his neck and face still covered in my cum.

The scene concludes with a funny and interesting wrap-up interview in which Suspense shares his final thoughts about being fucked for the very first time.

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Details: Jul 27, 2009 74 min
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Michael Galletta
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