A Taste of Revenge

cbnation07 can we get a bandit and stylez scene... I want to hear stylez tell bandit to "take it like " that's been one of my hopes for 2022-2023 Jan 23, 2023
Raiden54 Hopefully we can get a rematch with these two one day soon and also would love to see Sax pound Slim or Kavii because we do need to see more actually gay and bi men enjoying each other's bodies and the sexual chemistry there (Which I prefer over the straight fantasy). Jan 17, 2023
cbnation07 when stylez said take it OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE OF STYLEZ BUT WITH BANDIT PLEASE!!!! Jan 9, 2023
poppycock Stylez...U made this scene! I know its hard when U givin to make a scene work, but the other person is a dead body. Bad acting like they into it, but they really not. Like they dont even know what to do. U def one of my favs. Gdlookin man. Dec 21, 2022
Docteur Oops I forgot Dominic fucked him (Stylez) really good too Dec 14, 2022
Docteur Stylez is one of my favorites and over the last few days I have been checking out his videos on here. He always seems so eager to hop in somebody else’s ass and fuck them, and in my honest opinion, he needs to have a revenge to the maximum scene where Deontrey,
Isaiah, Apollo, Bandit, Justice, Shazeer and Manny Killa all take turns on his ass hole and throat. There is no point in saying he can’t take big dicks because he took Scuba and he took Blake Bishop. He has also been fucked by Saint and Saxgotem. I realize that some of these models are probably not coming back due to various things like refusal to get vaccinated or take STD tests or perhaps they have fallen in love or lust or have been blasted in their communities for being on this site. This is just a suggestion. Also since he’s good at dealing with new people that have never bottom before at least on camera he might be good for Maleek and Rush in flip flop scenes.
Dec 14, 2022
debattx77 I love me some Stylez but this ain’t it. No chemistry and lack luster fucking. Thank you Sax but your services are no longer needed!!! Dec 11, 2022
Nastynut These NEW gay for pay models y’all keep hiring don’t even want to be gay for the pay! Or just want to do the bare minimum but get a whole check. I don’t even know how a company of y’all’s statue is putting out these types of videos. It’s as if y’all know they’re trash and then make the video TWO credits when it shouldn’t even be on the site as plain Jane as it is or it should be free. Soon as we see credits lower than 5 we know the scene is C R A P!!! That’s not right! Y’all don’t discount our subscription for these horrible ass videos y’all keep putting. I love y’all I really do which is why I’m so angry at this point because WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING! The customers for still being here and the company for putting out this low quality gay for pay porn. Y’all paying these ppl to act and they can’t even ACT like they like they damn jobs. SMH I wish y’all would just stick with the all star line up and work with the models y’all have and quit tryna low ball they coin by going and getting new models that will take lower pay because they are just starting out!!! There I said it! Let’s get some good quality gay for pay willing to do whatever for the cash type men in the BBA quarters because these current ones ain’t it. I shall not name drop again bc I’ve done it post and post again and yet we keep getting new, mediocre, average STRAIGHT models that should stick to straight porn and stop making a mockery out of ours. Anywho I’m upset and refuse to get my blood pressure up for who knows how many times now because we have to listen to these excuses from a company about why they can’t produce what they’re selling but want us to keep paying what we’re paying. No thanks. I will no longer be apart after this month. It took me two hours and a phone call but I figured out how to cancel my subscription and it will be canceled if I don’t see a video as of Friday 12/8/22 when I wake up because I can no longer be apart and hear y’all come with some more excuses of why y’all keep putting out this bullsxht!!! We don’t fucking careeee Michael we love you but damn it’s ALWAYS something. I thought I was that type of person but I’d say u got me beat my friend. Your a professional and should know the customer doesn’t care about all that stuff about why u messed up their product or couldn’t deliver on time all they know is that u didn’t do what was requested or promised lol anywho I’m out Dec 7, 2022
atltop Hot scene!!! Keep up the good work! Dec 7, 2022
rosndave The old stuff was so good. I just find myself watching that. Dec 7, 2022
yungprynz Unpopular opinion but I enjoyed the scene and I usually don't do Stylez. There were points in the video where shyt got real! Stylez 4sho needs lesson is posture. Bring them knees up, arch that back and serve that 🍑 up for your top. Entice him before he even goes in. Make him wanna dive in! Also, there's a difference between getting fucked, taking dick, & giving up the ass. He still got "getting fucked" posture but I saw him switch to "taking dick" when his spot got hit. Now if he can graduate to giving up the ass & actively engaging with his top...we got a winner 🏆 Dec 6, 2022
Verdade Man, Michael...If you can....you gotta bring Manny, Blake, Ross, Isaiah, Justice, Bandit back with these new guys... These 6 sexy, vibrant men are your cornerstone sexy men. The new guys are great. They just need to be paired up with the 6 guys that are BBA. Manny, Blake, Ross, Isaiah, Justice and Bandit. Stylez, love you so much. Love you guys. Thanks fellas. Dec 6, 2022
flylikebird1 Been a member for years..went from a yearly subscription to monthly because scenes for a while have been recycled and not appealing , comparing to scenes of old..the direction of bba is not of what it used to be.. Dec 6, 2022
kennyg Well it has all been said. Best wishes to Mike , wishing him a full and complete recovery. Looking forward to a new year filled with new and exciting action. Dec 5, 2022
cam656914 @terbernt... Some of us like a full figured man like Sax. Jebgotbazz and dick, however he is a good bottom. Hope Scotty and Shawn recreate their time behind the wall. Dec 4, 2022
romack767 Michael this is getting bad. Since u have been in New York u have given the reins to Montez and Shax they are not hitting the mark. I love Montez, but u need to get more involved in production I know several people ready to leave after. I love the models but the scenes are not hitting the mark. We are depending on u to get it right back on track..............hopefully soon Dec 4, 2022
mrbates why has Stylez gotten so much work over the years. He STILL cannot take dick and he's no great top either. What's the draw? Dec 4, 2022
11luvme2u Hey no matter what...Thanks for the consistent scenes. I do appreciate that aspect. Dec 4, 2022
whatuwant We need a blast from the past… where is eureka???? ❤️❤️ Dec 4, 2022
mrwhitley1 This was Self Sabotage if I ever seen it from a Porn website perspective.
Log Out & Unsubscribe Me Please!
I'm going to go back to popping in every quarter.
Binging is Key.
Shit like this is the Reason Netflix was invented.
Network Failures!
This was a website failure.
Dec 3, 2022
Krayz13 Are There cum shots in this video? Dec 3, 2022
terbernt All I read is Michael is coming back to film soon and someone else besides me is awaiting Maleek's return. Everything I wanted to say has thus been said. No offense to Sax above but I like models with figures (lean like Bandit/Manny, different (TaetheDougish), sports big (Apollo) etc...). Out of shape is what I cannot do. Hit the gym. Dec 3, 2022
Readyruk1 Mike be encouraged that you and your crew: Shax & Montez are doing an amazing job and are delivering your goals. I'm impressed weekly (and bi-weekly) of your diligent efforts. The new boys are all hotties and mesh well with your old-school roster. We'll be looking forward to the erotic adventures you have enstored for 2023! Dec 3, 2022
mocombo Underwhelming at best, sorry. Dec 3, 2022
king2019 I going to hang around and see what happens. The fucking was so short. Please stop teasing me!!! Stylez need to really bottom more!! Dec 3, 2022
bullshit512 Michael:

Thanks for the explanation, as it shows that you respect and value your customers when you not only take the time to respond to our complaints, but that you also acknowledge the validity of them and not get defensive. Having written that, I do however feel compelled to offer a bit of advice.
For several weeks, BBA was on fire! The scenes you released featuring Zander, Drezzy, Kingston, Ross, K9, Stallion, Zeke and Bandit were some of the best content BBA has ever produced. As such, in some respects you're a victim of your own success, as you set the bar very high. However, when you do that, you then have to keep the content at a very high level. Otherwise, you hurt and may even kill your product by putting out bad/weak scenes. As such, as hard as it is for me to wait for new content, I'd much rather wait for the good stuff than have BBA release weak/poor content just because you haven't released a new scene in a while. Quality ALWAYS matters! Never forget that!

PS Now when are we gonna' see that fine ass Stallion and K9 get fucked? LoL!
Dec 2, 2022
Verdade Michael, would Montez want to suck some of these guys off, or have sex with them? Until more guys become available? Love Montez, he is great. at the productions. Would Montez get naked and let us enjoy some sex with him. like you used to do.? I think all of the models would like for Montez to get naked and seduce them. I think it would be a sexy vybe. Just askin'...Thanks guys. Dec 2, 2022
Que1205 Keep this boring shit up and you will lose all your customers Michael. Sax is a horrible top!! Listen to the people that’s putting money in your pockets!!!!! Let another disappointment come out and I’m done!!! Dec 2, 2022
Dreadhead9 PLEASE NO MORE STYLEZ AND NO MORE SAX PLEASE!!!! I can’t watch nothing with them in it Dec 2, 2022
Docteur Stylez' best bottoming was with Dominic. Number 2 was Saint, #3 was Blake Bishop, #4 was Scuba, and #5 was Saxgotem. It would be nice to see Rush, Maleek and Deontrey in a no hole barred threesome. Missing Bandit. Dec 2, 2022
queen718 I’m done with BBA this is completely weak!!!! Dec 2, 2022
MichaelGalletta We'll be the first to admit this wasn't our best scene lol. Obviously our goal is to hit a home-run every time, but that's not always possible. We did try to offer a fair warning in the summary and discounted our credits price due to the shorter-than-usual amount of fucking.

No denying we've hit a rough patch with our last couple production trips, facing countless challenges beyond our control (phew, you have no idea). But we've also been doing this long enough to know that these kinds of slumps don't last forever and weak scenes are frequently followed by amazing ones. That's just the nature of this business.

To those of you expressing concerns about a change in the style and brand, and my nearly year-long absence from filming: Don't worry, I'm still around. Just been juggling A LOT of personal and family commitments this year that have kept me from being as involved in the planning and filming of BBA's scenes as I usually am. Being seriously sick for OVER A MONTH this past summer also didn't help. It's truly been a really weird year, unlike any other since I started BBA.

Thankfully I've been able to delegate and depend on Shax and Montez, who have both stepped up admirably in running the content side of things for pretty much the entire year. And while there have certainly been some disappointments and duds along the way, they have also delivered some of the hottest scenes BBA has ever produced. Let's just say it will NOT be easy putting together a Top 10 list this year, and that's a testament to their perseverance, creativity, and hard work. But I do understand that their more polished and scripted style isn't everybody's cup of tea, and sometimes feels like a dramatic departure from my own more homemade, "reality porn" amateur style.

Shax and Montez will continue directing production through the end of this year, including any holiday scene(s), but I do plan to resume a more direct and hands-on role in 2023. Hopefully this will mean bringing you a more consistent quality of content week after week, and a better balance between our differing styles going forward.

Thanks to those of you who've stuck with us through the good AND not-so-good times all these years, and rest assured we will NEVER stop striving to bring you the best possible content we can. Nobody takes it harder than we do when we fall short of our goals. But one thing long-time fans already know about BBA is that we NEVER GIVE UP.

Here's to a satisfying end of the year, and even better New Year!
Dec 2, 2022
11AYALPKLB Michael when is that fine motherfucker going to bottom the model fine ass RedBone Maleek? It's the same models over and over again I'm tired of them I love them all but I'm tired of seeing them they want something new that fine mother fucker put him on there please thank you Dec 2, 2022
Coolrod Scene was trash! Can we get some of the other models back? Dec 2, 2022
comelaywitme Nice scene but please keep sax as the bottom. Give him a series as the bottom like u did for Shameeks. A Christmas series with both of them as the bottoms with BBA’s finest tops would be 🔥🔥 Dec 2, 2022
dlking93 Loved seeing Saxs and stylez dick hard while walking *weird fetish* I enjoyed stylez dick hard or getting hard while he was getting fucked by Sax and how can you not love Sax! The kiss at the end was the best stylez laid tht quick one on him beautifully! Dec 2, 2022
jaypablo Hot scene, I thought it was great, wow, some of these comments, for sax and stylez, you guys are mean lol, I think sax is great, hot and sexy, fat butt too, he has both, big piece and fat ass so he got it going on, stylez is the current top that gets most of these new models, this time he got it, nice to see him bottom from time to time, I thought it was a good scene, seemed rushed a little but it was good. Dec 2, 2022
haughtona2 What’s up with BBA lately?!! Bore on top of bore on top of bore!! Get it together!😑😑🥴😡🗣 Dec 2, 2022
200water When I saw these two I was immediately disappointed, because they do nothing for me. But baby let me tell you, Stylez did the dam thing! That was a sexy ass scene. The moaning, dirty talk and banter did it for me. When he said baby you hitting the dam spot I lost it. I just wish there was more fucking and he would have came while getting fucked. Good job Stylez! Dec 2, 2022
drakegay4real LOVE watching Stylez bottom😍🤤😍 Dec 2, 2022
brianhpotter05 These releases are boring. I keep my membership for old videos at this point Dec 2, 2022
mackboi99 Can we get more Sax, Ross, Deontrey, Bandit, Trapp, Jay C, and some of the older guys Dec 1, 2022
jj2uBi The number of likes seems to get lower each video. I just feel like it was a good run. But something has truly changed whether it be the models or production. I’ve also noticed all the guys are practically the same built. There’s no variety anymore. Dec 1, 2022
Coolrod Not Stylez again!!!!! OMG!! Dec 1, 2022
gimmedat13 Another disappointment do you have any major scenes planned before the end of the year & did all of the old guys go on strike? Where is Dominic, Trap, Manny, Jay C??????!!!!!!! We need a big scene on the next update the ones sticking this out deserve it 😩 Dec 1, 2022
SCGuy08 When stylez exhaled and relaxed ❤️. Dec 1, 2022
SCGuy08 It’s something about Sax 😍😅 Dec 1, 2022
RdellAce Stylez get too much “topping” screen time for his 🍑ral skills to be so trash… wheeew ok I said it Dec 1, 2022
Docteur Stylez is one of my Top 5 faves, but he needs to bottom more. His fellatio skills are incredible as well as his ability to toss salad. He has fucked Bandit 2x, Isaiah 2x, Apollo 2x, Manny Killa 2x and now Saxgotem 2x. It is high time he is slutted out and be gangbanged. Ditto for Scuba. The oral in this was off the chain, but Saxgotem, like Zander, needs a long break from BBA. Hopefully the Xmas special will have Maleek, Rush, Deontrey, Bandit and Apollo. This was the best update in a long time, but please bring back the A game folks. BTW what happened to Scotty and Shaun's return to BBA? Still waiting for that Twitter post from Michael about what happened to certain former BBA models. Dec 1, 2022
ronturley They fucked for 5 minutes wtf Dec 1, 2022
markusg95 That bed frotting made me buss. I couldnt help it, lol. Thumbs up vid! Dec 1, 2022
cash121 I think I’m done with BBA now… Dec 1, 2022
chucke1 Another disappointment! Why are you guys destroying the site? Saxgotem AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!! So over this !!!! Dec 1, 2022
maybelater I haven't commented in a long time. Please don't let Sax top anymore! He has to have the most boring and weakest fuck game I've ever witnessed on this site. He's fine as a bottom but no topping please. Dec 1, 2022
Jerity41 Y’all are really Falling off. Dec 1, 2022
hairyassholes101 Please stop bringing back sax !! He needs to stay at his onlyfans Dec 1, 2022
hairyassholes101 Cmon!!!! are you kidding me ?? Last week y’all introduced a perfect new model with a nice scene and now we’re getting sax again ?? Like why do you guys keep playing and bringing back the same people. You guys are so disappointing and annoying asf. Dec 1, 2022
Kaleb23 Very little fucking. I rather wait for vids then to have this quality ! Stylez my fav ! Should have just been longer . The last video update was like a teaser as well ! Dec 1, 2022
Nigerian Them draws🤣 cracked me up. It threw me off, I couldn't take this video seriously Nov 30, 2022
bullshit512 Not sure what's going on, but this scene is another weak release from BBA. Nov 30, 2022
leelewisss Back to back stylez scenes. Im in love. 😍 Nov 30, 2022
MeAgain OK....that's it for me......still the same crap....I'm out. Nov 30, 2022
RobbySan29 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 SAXOGOTEM’S feet ARE GORGEOUS!! I loved all of this! Nov 30, 2022
awj1214 I see why we got a discount on this one. Kinda lackluster. Very brief intercourse. Not at all REVENGE. Nov 30, 2022
MrBrown19942 This scene is hot!! I love it; Amazing as always, BBA. Nov 30, 2022
mdadavis123 Comme ci comme ça guys are hot tho Nov 30, 2022
TennesseeBator Another winning scene for BBA, I know a lot of fans may complain about the use of Stylez so let me say this, he has ALWAYS been one of my favorites here on BBA. I really don't understand the criticism of him as a model when he ALWAYS gives his all when he is in a scene, he is very passionate and always brings his A-game, no matter what, no half stepping. Sax is just a thick king and it's always a joy to see him and those amazing nipples in a scene. Thank you Shax for including the FROT, can we get an ALL frot oil wrestling scene BBA style? The inclusion of frottage in the scenes takes EVERYTHING up a notch, so powerful to see. I LOVE to see Stylez take dick because I always know he is going to be so real with how he takes it and still power through. Nov 30, 2022
YoloReckless 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Nov 30, 2022
swamp96 Yall need to rebrand. BAD. Nov 30, 2022

As the year fast approaches its end, we figured it'd be the perfect time to let a couple of our models resolve some unfinished business.

See what happened when Saxgotem caught Stylez alone by the pool, the day after Sax's Halloween prank backfired.

"I see you ain't got your friend with you today!" Sax teases the slim mostly-top. "I think I may want a little payback."

It's a long overdue first one-on-one session between these two that includes noisy dick-sucking, hungry ass-eating, and even a little bit of hot "revenge" fucking.

But revenge never seems to go quite as planned, in real life as well as in amateur porn, and unfortunately this scene turned out to be no exception. But it still has plenty of hot and memorable moments worth sharing, particularly for our viewers who enjoy passionate oral action (including some freaky toe-sucking).

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Outdoors, Raw/Bareback
Details: Dec 1, 2022 35 min
Photo of Saxgotem
Photo of Stylez

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