New York Nights: Monster Smash

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emiliano69 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jun 12, 2023
redred1 Any scene with Isaiah is hot tbh Aug 31, 2022
Sallythatgirl When Blake nutted in Isaiah and then proceeded to show us Isaiah's pretty pink fuck hole.. Dec 17, 2021
Shirly223 You must really have a thing for these young looking boys with undeveloped bodies. I need something to remind me that they're adults because when too many are together it feels more like kiddy porn which is disturbing.. A bunch of high schoolers fooling around. Way too many soft looking dudes on this site. Can we please see a masculine guy getting topped by another masculine or manly looking man?? Stylez must be a personal friend cuz I cant figure out why he's always fucking something... Dec 17, 2019
pilsener Isaiah getting fucked makes me GLAD I'm GAY!! He is sooo fucking SEXY in every thing he does! Now....if he worked on his kissing skills a little hehehe....then he'd be absolutely perfect! Dec 31, 2018
trance just love watching Isaiah get fucked Sep 8, 2018
galactic252 Those three were sublime. Aug 21, 2018
ACTION7 Isaiah and Shazeer would be a winning combination. Make it happen. Jun 22, 2018
greenhung11 This might be my favorite yet. So hot to see Isaiah take it like that! Feb 9, 2018
cocopop Oh just to hear that deep voice Isaiah moan while getting fucked, makes me nuts everytime. Yea that bro. came a long way from the first scene I watched him in. Jan 18, 2018
estwick You should do one like this with Apollo and my life would be complete :) Dec 31, 2017
Coolrod Get rid of Stylez! He needs to be a bottom. Dec 12, 2017
cocopop #coolnig, I can live without that, I'd love to see Isaiah ride a dick, 10 years, and we've yet to see that. Mike can you make that happen? Nov 25, 2017
Coolrod I hated this scene! Two queens screwing a thug! Smh. Nov 17, 2017
kapukan2 Love Isaiah....keep coming back. Nov 8, 2017
cam3121 Contrary to popular belief, I'm NOT always looking for versatility in every scene (though that would be very nice). I want to see everyone suck dick. If everyone can eat ass, then everyone can suck dick. They can top all day and all night but suck a dick while fucking. That's more important than having a verse scene. Nov 3, 2017
mac198726 Mike can I see the sexy latin fuck Diego back please. One of the best bottoms ever on BBA hands down. Nov 2, 2017
Delong60 You have to be a REAL MEMBER to enjoy this. This was another WINNER!! Nov 2, 2017
coolnig Also I would love to see Isaiah cum while being penetrated. That would be so freaking awesome! Nov 1, 2017
coolnig I really enjoyed this scene. Anytime Isaiah is in a scene bottoming I love it. Isaiah must have some great ass, the way they were fighting over it and the way Blake cummed at the end, whew!!!. Every time Isaiah bottoms the top always says during sex that some good ass. Oh man I bet it's amazing and he can take dick well. Hopefully there is more of him in the New York Nights series. Nov 1, 2017
gatarharo finally a creampie. which it may have been on accident but i loved it...why not do more? Oct 31, 2017
Bigguum Good scene...time for Ike to ride it and not be so stiff...been around since the beginning Mike, committed for 6 months as a show of support..lets have more consistency this excuses..more Ike please but let him loose.. Oct 31, 2017
chgohydepar1 loved, loved, loved it! Oct 31, 2017
chgohydepar1 Q: Are Montez and Shazeer a couple now? Inquiring minds want to know! Oct 31, 2017
cam3121 This was disappointing. I was wishing that everyone had sucked dick in this and its a damn shame that Blake didn't suck at least one dick in this. That was a major bummer but hopefully the next scene will have all the men going down on each other. 🤞🙏 Oct 30, 2017
MichaelGalletta I'm well aware of your almost fanatical insistence on full versatility in every porn scene lol. And while there's definitely a time and place for that sort of thing, it's NOT always the best fit for a scene and it's unfortunate that you can't seem to enjoy scenes without it. Blake has sucked PLENTY of dick in his previous scenes, but this is just a good old-fashioned aggressive TAG-TEAM, not a fully versatile threesome.
DLFan LOVED your Halloween shoot! The three guys are all hotties and I love how relaxed and interactive they are. Isaiah especially. DAMN he has come a really long way! He was so damn stiff when he started. I'll never forget the first time he was messing with Saint and he started pre-cumming! You did a slow-motion replay but I caught it the first time. Oct 30, 2017
colormeblk Mike!!!! HOTT HOTT HOTT HOTT... THIS IS THE BOMB MAN!!! I love it when a MASCULINE guy is taking dick like Isaiah ... Isaiah is a Super Power Bottom... he deserves every dime he makes and then some for this tapping!! All of the guys in this video are great and this was an exultant lineup... I love Blake Bishop he has a fantastic sex game... but my favorite is Isaiah... I can watch him all day!! Thanks again, Mike... JOB WELL DONE!!! Oct 30, 2017
Howard HELL YEAH!!!! Good to see BBA is still killing the game. This was LIT. So glad to see Isaiah back. We know he's a top, but he's an even better bottom. His beautiful ass taking the dick is amazing. But he'll always be my #2. Where's my #1? Where's Apollo??? I know he prefers being a top but he's the best bottom. Watching Apollo's ass bounce as a bottom is like an event. I hope Apollo's back soon. Oct 30, 2017
Coolrod This was absolutely terrible and unappealing sexually! Why do you have these two feminine guys - Blake Bishop and Stylez - fucking a masculine guy like Isaiah? A complete turnoff Michael. Get these hot bottoms out of here! Isaiah should have banged Stylez ill azz out. Please stop this. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Total thumbs down. Oct 30, 2017
kidon7000 Very nice Mike! You should come to Houston and do some vids here. I know of a few guys who are freaks. Oct 30, 2017
leech10x Hotttt!!!! Speechless.... Oct 30, 2017
bobminny so nice! so nice!, I enjoyed them greatly. Oct 29, 2017
mac198726 Alright mike👌🏻💯🍑🍆😍 Oct 29, 2017

In the nearly TEN YEARS since BBA first began, we've never done a Halloween shoot. So when we recently visited New York City with a few of our favorite BBA boys, it felt like the perfect time to give it a try!

Join us for BBA's first-ever Halloween Party as the guys show up in costume and play some fun drinking games.

An unscripted and hilarious game of "Never Have I Ever" turns into a more intense and adventurous game of "Truth Or Dare," which eventually leads to a spontaneous and spooky-hot THREESOME.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for the frighteningly freaky Halloween fun that includes lots of dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW spit-roast fucking as Blake Bishop and Stylez aggressively TAG-TEAM Isaiah's tight bubble-butt!

If anyone had told me when I first met Isaiah that I'd one day be lucky enough to film the straight high school basketball star shouting and swearing as he's stuffed with dick at both ends, I'd have sworn they had lost their mind. In other words, this is a rare and epic "monster smash" that you do NOT want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Creampies, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Oct 29, 2017 53 min
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Blake Bishop
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