Blessed By Bandit

emiliano69 Whatever happened to Rory? He did his thing. Bandit was up in that ass.

May 26, 2023
starks105 Omg i think he may be my fav of all time omg Feb 11, 2018
Harlemboy876 Lil scrap and bandit please........ Apr 27, 2017
will6288 I wanna see him and Rico Pruitt together Apr 24, 2017
Moses1999 Bandit need me to worship him. Licking his feet and ass and dick.... TRUE WORSHIP WOULD MAKE HIM COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 9, 2017
tjm133 Very good bareback. I am a fan of both models. Dec 21, 2016
max2509 Bandit is just fine, Wow he let him eat his ass. He got a very nice asshole, he really wanted to put all his dick in that boys ass. He keep pushing it in with his hand and put it all in that ass. At 22:50 he got it all in yes. And when he helps that big dick back in that asshole......he was not thinking about any girls when Rory was on top. Thank you both. Jun 21, 2016
cocopop He trying very hard not to show he's enjoying getting his ass eaten. May 23, 2016
jowilf Wow. 200 likes and still counting...
Michael, BANDIT "The silent operator" is the "Man of the Year" of BBA in 2016. On the record, BDB got 126 likes in "Introducing Bandit" and have 160 likes with SPICE. A BANDIT-KODY scene seems to me is very timely this SUMMER...?
May 2, 2016
josh2016 crazy face hell no! i did not order this site to see GIRLS..leave that natural habitat go to another porn site. get bandit to start off slow with a little kissing and rubbing If you try to get him to do other things first he may run for the hills I sorry if I offended you about bandit bc i know you already has plans for the future THANK YOU MIKE FOR ALL YOU DO....more bandit and rory and spice did a bold thing by taking that dick most would run like i would LOL Apr 26, 2016
goodtimes1 He really wasn't vibing with RORY. Good job tho Rory Apr 22, 2016
crazyface11 I signed up again JUST for Bandit. Long time follower (and sometimes member) of BBA, and ive seen some amazing looking men from Kenny to Cory to Isaiah, and none, yes NONE in my opinion are as crazy FINE as Bandit. this guy makes me go crazyyyyy ahhhhhhh i LOVE him. I'd like to make a request: a scene of Bandit with a freaky girl that wants his D. There's so much talk in these videos about Bandit making girls go wild after experiencing his dick. Let's actually see it happen on tape!! :) :) Apr 19, 2016
illtown22 I like Bandit a lot. Let get him to work Mike lol. Apr 13, 2016
de1divap2 Bandit is beyond amazing! Apr 12, 2016
jowilf 162 and still counting... Apr 7, 2016
jowilf ... just tied ROSS recent scene. BANDIT is the NEW fave BBA model in 2016! How about that? Apr 2, 2016
apeshit4it Bandit is the bomb - very nice dick, face and body! I really like how he was so engaged during the shoot; did you notice he was barely watching his phone! Str8, gay for pay, however you label him, I would love to see more of him in the near future! Rory did a great job too. Thanks! Mar 27, 2016
matt79699 Bandit's very hot and I'm excited to see what you have him do next. The cum shot was boring, though. Should've sprayed that cum on Rory's hole or into his mouth. Mar 26, 2016
wjhaddict More Bandit PLEASE soon Mar 26, 2016
jowilf ... just equaled the number of likes with JULIEN-KODY scene at 125. It seems BANDIT is the most liked NEW model of BBA. A lot of good feedback. Mar 23, 2016
supreme Bandit has star potential but I want to see him get more comfortable and I know Michael will take care of that . Maybe pair Bandit with Zadian mmmmm I wonder what would happen ??????!!! Mar 23, 2016
MichaelGalletta @kidon7000 and @cocopop: I completely disagree. Assholes are like snowflakes and no two ever look exactly the same, LOL. And I've noticed that as a general rule, they always look slightly more elongated when a guy is on his back with his legs in the air. But I don't think Bandit's asshole in the other close-up shots looks any less tiny and pretty and tight than Apollo's, Stephon's, Isaiah's, Ross's, Saint's, etc. in their early scenes. Mar 20, 2016
jowilf An APOLLO-BANDIT scene?!? ... that'll be a lot of acting! APOLLO will not just "moan" or "yell"... that might be the time APOLLO will shout for joy! (just kidding)
I suggest a BANDIT-KODY scene first. Let's see how BANDIT will progress in topping guys. One scene at a time... we're still in the first quarter of 2016. Too early for BANDIT to surrender that mysterious "hole."
Mar 20, 2016
curious3397 You guys are so pressed to see my boo bottom... Noooooooo. LOL I hope Ross reads these things. LOL Keep your cookies sexy!!! Now this Bandit creature, is breathtaking.. I say let him explore the top scene more (preferably with Blake, but Apollo will do)... Mar 20, 2016
curious3397 :-) Bandit and Apollo.. Anyway, this was nice to see. I guess we've found the winner for the best top for 2016. LOL I must agree with what I read on the blog. Mike, come on, you really could have saved that comment about Rory. You're his boss, be nice. Mar 20, 2016
kidon7000 lol@cocopop! if you really look at that booty hole after he just got ate and was on his back it looks like he just got fucked…lol! i love it all the same. i cannot wait to see a scene where he finally takes the dick like who apparently was just an undercover bottom considering all the sites he is getting fucked on now. Mar 20, 2016
jowilf @COCOPOP; Forget about APOLLO-ROSS Part 3... BDB will top them in 2016! "STAY TUNED." Mar 20, 2016
josh2016 Flo said it herself "DAMN DAMN DAMN' Mar 19, 2016
Perriason BBA definitely needs to bring back the BDB!!! Bandit is my new favorite. Mar 19, 2016
cocopop @kidon7000, I re-watched it and have to agree with you, that boody hole looks wider than Ross's ass and he admitted to ass play and fingers. I could tell Ross' ass had been played with but never penetrated, Bandit's on the other hand looks like he has been penetrated. He's hot and a keeper. When is Ross and Apollo coming back? Mar 19, 2016
vuittonlyfe I think you may have yourself a keeper mike! Bandit liked his experience a lot and I'm sure he'll be back. I'm thinking pairing him to top Ross next time and then to bottom for a BBA power top. Mar 19, 2016
jujan35 Damn that was hot and he is sexy as fuck. Mike you got to get him back and good job on the boys you bring in to BBA , can't wait to see who else you got in store for us. Keep up the good work. Mar 19, 2016
kidon7000 I am sorry for the multiple posts but I could not get my full message out. Michael you are doing a great job. Please bring back Bandit with Blake Bishop or Saint to see if one of them can turn him out. Cocodorm has late night cams maybe you can do something similar overnight to see what happens with those matchups in a less formal setting. Just a thought. Mar 18, 2016
kidon7000 I am sure everyone can agree with me including you Michael that when he got his ass ate/rimmed and you could get a clear view of that hole that his ass has seen some baseball bats as! Mar 18, 2016
kidon7000 OMFG!!!!! Michael you have out done yourself with finding this boy; I have no complaints even though I have rendered many in the past but this boy was a superb find. You and I have the same taste in black boys .....damn this nigga is on point. Every moment was perfect. I had no issues with him being tense/nervous and getting his dick hard; it looks more natural and what you would expect from hood trade. Mar 18, 2016
BigDick7031 OMG... That was hott as fuck. He loved it and i loved watching him. his dick was still hard during the interview after. I want him inside me. Mar 18, 2016
BigDick7031 I haven't even looked at it yet... I'm excited. Here I go. I have been waiting for this... Stay tuned for my reaction. Mar 18, 2016
lilron2 Wow, this dude Bandit is amazing. He's devilishly handsome and that shyness breaks thru when he gives us that adorable smile. I was surprised he allowed Rory to eat his ass, but equally impressed by his stroke game. He did an excellent job fucking his first guy. Oh yeah! Shout out to Rory for taking all that dick. Mar 18, 2016
buckim Merveilleux ! Deux garçons ravissants, sans parler du gros dick de Bandit, une merveille. Mon moment préféré : quand Rory lui lèche le cul. Proposition pour un prochain duo : Bandit vs Isaiah ? Mais il faudra que Bandit donne un peu plus ( kissing and ass-eating). Très bien filmé. Mar 18, 2016
terbernt Just bought credits just for this. Bandit is perfectly proportioned. Mar 18, 2016
h1lda74 I was very pleasantly surprised with this one. I think Bandit is a keeper. And give it up to Rory for taking all that penis like a champ! Mar 18, 2016
Kaos727 sexy ass bandit please have more of him Mar 18, 2016
Woopshocker86 My favorite part was.....Bandit getting his ass ate, it made my dick stand up as soon as he bent over Mar 18, 2016
retrokid562 BDB (Big Dick Bandit) is a damn cutie, can fuck, and the new model can take all of that... I can see him being a regular model. HOT scene! Mar 17, 2016
brandonh93 No offense but def, missing the old squad.... Mar 17, 2016
Godfather07 Mike you should put Bandit with Dragon is a power bottom he is always saying go deep well Bandit can go deeep Mar 17, 2016
kapukan2 Love Bandit. You been bringing some good guys around Michael...keep him coming. I can tell he enjoyed it. Come back Bandit. Mar 17, 2016
jowilf The scene is excellent and RORY did a great job in handling BANDIT's huge dick! BANDIT's liking his "asshole" licked is a bonus... hoping to see more in the next scenes to come. BANDIT, ZADIAN and JULIEN will make BBA the most exciting site in 2016. Great job Michael! Mar 17, 2016
dainnoc1 Great video great change of pace and Yes I love how Bandit got it in Rory and I think this was a true definition of gay for pay......great raw fucking...... Mar 17, 2016

Bandit told me during a conversation after his recent solo "audition" that he somehow always ends up getting involved with psychotic females.

"They're normal until I bless them with the dick," he explains with a confident and seductive smile. "Then they start actin' CRAZY!"

Anyone who has already seen the BASEBALL BAT between Bandit's legs can confirm that this theory might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. And lucky for us, we've been able to talk this horse-hung, financially struggling straight boy into letting another MALE be the next in line to be "blessed" by Bandit!

Watch with envy as experienced gay "bottom" Rory gets to be the first guy lucky enough to introduce our latest and hottest straight recruit to the unique pleasures of guy-on-guy sex.

Bandit intently watches straight porn on his phone, glancing down with curiosity and amazement every so often as Rory tentatively touches his muscled young body and wraps his talented lips around that beautiful dick, treating the tense and nervous straight boy to a blowjob that seems to defy the very laws of physics. Rory might not be the most attractive gay boy on our roster, but he certainly knows how to show a straight boy a good time with his shockingly DEEP THROAT and "chick ass"!

After enjoying Rory's impressive deep-throating skills and even allowing the lucky gay boy a forbidden taste of his tight, virgin ass, Bandit sticks his massive, RAW dick between Rory's thick, juicy cakes until it slowly sinks into another guy's tight, warm ASS for the very first time....

In my summary of his solo audition, I mentioned that Bandit's quiet demeanor reminded me a lot of Isaiah, and his tense and almost stoic reactions to his first time with a guy only confirms that comparison in my mind. There are times scattered throughout this scene when he almost seems to be lost in a trance-like state of dazed disbelief at the fact that he's actually having sex with a GUY!

But one of my favorite things about this scene - other than the tempting shots of Bandit's high and tight muscle-butt (and even a couple tantalizing sneak peeks at his tight, pretty hole!) - is the way that Bandit seems to grow more confident and comfortable as the encounter progresses. By the time they take things from the couch to the bed, he's grabbing Rory by the hips and POUNDING that thick, juicy ass like it belongs to just another one of his "crazy" ex-girlfriends!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Mar 17, 2016 39 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Rory

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