Practice Makes Perfect

htp6189 Dominic is the best model on here!!! More scenes please!! May 21, 2023
turner95 Wow! This has to be the BEST cumshot on the entire site! Scuba that was so much nut. Mike where is Dominic? We miss him, bring him back please Nov 7, 2022
cocopop I love Dominic was brave enough to try riding dick for the first time, which is rare for BBA models. Did dam good, for his first time. The only other g4pay models to ride were Apollo, Ross, and Bandit. I've always wanted to see Isaiah ride, all these years and he's never tried to. Aug 5, 2022
MichaelGalletta Riding is a lot more difficult to film than you'd think. It usually requires a rock-hard dick from the top, which isn't always possible with our gay for pay guys, and a fair amount of physical flexibility from the bottom.

We've tried to have Isaiah ride at least a couple different times in the past, but because of his height and joint soreness caused by past sports injuries, it's been a struggle for him and always ended in failure.
Dominicanking30 Dominic is the sexiest dude out ALL the models hands down. Aug 2, 2021
jrummi why they act like it was scuba first time bottoming? he bottomed for stylez before this Aug 30, 2020
ACTION7 they need a RE-DO, they brought each other out and made me love them more. Jun 18, 2020
Phuryous @mauricio1234 Real men have body hair, get over it or stick to twinks--completely shaved dicks look like some pedophile shit! I think this might be the only time that Scuba enjoyed the dick, Dominic had him OPEN AF in more ways than one. Jun 16, 2020
mdcarmichael I love the way Scuba shoots his load all over Dominic’s beautiful ass. Then Dom bust more than I have ever seen him cum. Great scene! Jun 15, 2020
mocombo Exceptional scene with 2 great performers May 5, 2020
mauricio1234 I miss Dominic being smooth all over, this pubic hair is throwing me off Apr 23, 2020
Phuryous That was a lotta nutt! Apr 4, 2020
goFish2 I have been with BBA off and on nearly since the beginning, and this is honestly one of the very best scenes that I have ever seen, period. From the beginning both models seemed to be enjoying themselves and each other. Both climaxes were incredible and even the conversation at the end of the video was erotic. Kudos!! Mar 31, 2020
mjwassup887 Yooo Scuba took dick before, but u could see him fall in love with the dick. Scuba def started to enjoy that. Dominic killin it on both ends Mar 30, 2020
homeboybutt Dominic makes a great Top, not a Bottom type guy!!! Mar 29, 2020
ACTION7 Dominic was patiently enjoying the dick, he needs a shoot devoted entirely to taking the dick because he loves, wants, and needs to be thoroughly satisfied n not hurried. Mar 26, 2020
getdickhoe The video is A1. Both of yall made me bust a helly nut. I really hope yall dont wait til the last fckn minute to post the update cause nig@s is horny as fck on this lockdown. @jaden27 Dawg you need to join oprahs bookclub with them long ass novels you stay writing on every video, and that aint a compliment. Mar 20, 2020
SexyBoJay I will love for you to pair Bandit and Scuba (ASAP) Mar 17, 2020
tjm133 Scuba is my favorite with Dominic close behind, I miss Mookie and welcome the new young men. I love cum tasting and swallowing This was great!!! Mar 17, 2020
ACTION7 all models should ride until they enjoy it Mar 17, 2020
ACTION7 Dominic gets A+ for PATIENTLY taking SCUBA to man to man paradise. Mar 17, 2020
mrwhitley1 Since you’re running out of concepts, consider Sequels....
This should def be one!!!!!!
Mar 16, 2020
cocopop @Jayden27, Can't believe no one is giving Dominic his props, he actually rode a dick for the first time. Jayden, you normally don't miss anything, just knew you would point it out. Great summary though, for his first time, even though Scuba's dick was too big for him, he did good. Looked sexy as hell riding that dick. Hell I'm still waiting, after maybe 8 years for Isaiah to ride, nothing like watching Apollo ride. Mar 16, 2020
Jayden27 Saint, Rico, Stephon, Noah, Isaiah, Apollo, Blake, Ross, Justice, Shameeks, Dominic, and now Scuba are prime examples of models that went through the process. They are all great performers, and their scenes have taught us that we should always practice a skill until we master it because, eventually, with time and patience, it will happen. Dominic and Scuba show us how. Let me show y’all some love real quick!

I. The Oral Show

Scuba seemed kind of sleepy in the beginning. That all changed when Dominic started kissing on his chest and licking his nipples. 😂 I loved that fact that BOTH had erections when they took off each other’s pants and underwear. Dominic’s oral skills have improved greatly; it wasn’t as dry this time. He was sucking Scuba down like no tomorrow, and Scuba was loving every minute of it. I loved the couch-style 69 performance, when the two wore matching Nike tube socks. Cute, and it looked good on camera. Camera angles and transitions were awesome in this part also. On the couch, the camera was under Scuba as we, the viewers , enjoyed a front row seat to him eating out Dominic. Then, Scuba lifted his elbow, the camera backs out to give us a wider shot of Dominic and Scuba together, and the tube socks were gone. Very nice! Loved watching Scuba’s face while he was getting eaten out by Dominic as well. He was gone!!

II. The Fuck Show, Part I: Dominic Inside of Scuba.

I was a little nervous about this part because Scuba had struggled somewhat with bottoming, but I loved what I saw. Scuba groaned with every stroke and pounding. Then, after some work, we see some BBA magic happen. 😈 When the models were in reverse cowboy position, Dominic started going deeper, and Scuba’s eyes started rolling back. Dominic had found Scuba’s G-Spot. First, he found Justice’s G-Spot and now Scuba. Then, I noticed that Dominic’s strokes were deeper and more intense, so Scuba’s ass must’ve been feeling nice! Either Scuba has that “good-good” or Dominic has the magic stick, or both. Either way, this part was hella good!!! See Scuba, bottoming is not so bad after all. 😂

III. The Fuck Show, Part II: Scuba Inside of Dominic.

Any time we get to see Dominic bottom, it’s a treat. There’s nothing like the sight of seeing him lifting his beautiful legs in the air! Dominic did the reverse cowboy position; it was short lived, but hot AF! After switching positions, Scuba went back in for more...but didn’t last very long. That tells me that Dominic’s ass must feel better than it looks. I’m really, really jealous of Scuba! 😂

IV. The Cum Show

Both cum shots were seemingly endless and HOT AF! Scuba didn’t last long inside of Dominic at all, and the event allowed him to supply Dominic’s cakes with plenty of icing! I fuckin’ loved that part! It was such a turn on to hear Dominic moan and see him lift his leg up to receive the load.

Dominic gave Scuba a luscious, milky facial that was almost stream-like. It was great to see Scuba’s face covered with the cum produced from the fun these models just finished having.

VI. Outro

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Scuba, and Dominic for this hot scene! This scene emphasizes the fact that everything improves with each chance. Scuba’s third time bottoming allowed him to finally feel his g-spot—a treat for the fans. 😈 After filming scene after scene, Dominic is seemingly comfortable with G4P work, working to please his costars. This is DEFINITELY a treat for the fans! 😈

Moral: Have sex often. Practice makes perfect! 😉 Me Likey 🙌🏾
Mar 16, 2020
11luvme2u I think he'll bottom as good as Bandit and Shameeks eventually. Great to see Michael's creations again. I'd love to see a three sum with Mar, Scuba, and Lil Jake. Mar 16, 2020
11luvme2u I enjoyed this scene. I kept having to turn my head sideways because of the camera angles which was a little annoying but seeing Scuba riding Dominic made up for it. Scuba needs a little manscaping but he looked amazing. Dominic is making a great effort to bottom better. Mar 16, 2020
homeboybutt LOVE YOU Dominic, But YOU MAKE a BETTER TOP ONLY!! TOO FINE FOR THAT BOTTOM MESS, AND TOO MANLY!! Leave that to MY KIND to BOTTOM!!! Mar 16, 2020
jrummi @kevin343 follow scuba on social media and you will see that hes definitely not fake! very down to earth and friendly personality, not to mention sexy af! youre the problem if he doesn't appeal to you Mar 16, 2020
mocombo Honour restored! This is more like the BBA I have come to rely on for hot action. Mar 16, 2020
malachi6 Very Hot and excellent pairing. I slept on Scuba because what he has shown me in the last two scenes puts him right up there as one of BBA's best. Mar 16, 2020
ACTION7 also, DOMINIC got cheated out of the adequate fucking he deserves. -Give him SCUBA and JUSTICE in a three-way flip flopping SHOW-DOWN
to seal the deal..
Mar 15, 2020
3606tsb72 "A+" - Black gay erotica at its best. Great work, all. And I'm unanimous in this. / Pet Peeves: "Texasbugg" using run-on words and CAPS, as they create eye-strain, making comprehension a chore. / To those who thought this scene was woefully deficient, fine, I hear you, but you'd probably do well to get your heads and eyes examined, yesterday. Mar 15, 2020
cocopop @damon8, Didn't he bathe Dominic's ass with cum? That shit was hot, I bet Dominic was as surprised as we were. Mike you got another Justice on your hands with Dominic, in his cum shots. You can tell when he's enjoying the ass, he nuts a huge load. Only complaint was that Dominic's bottoming was just too short. I know Scuba's dick was too big, hell even Trapp complained bout how big Scuba's dick was. Great scene. Mar 15, 2020
ACTION7 THEY both want and need a PART 2. It was nice seeing them satisfying each other, this borders on making love, not just a buddy fuck; Dominic should throw that ass back to meet the dick like Scuba did: always fully consume GOOD DICK. Mar 15, 2020
kevin343 Great to see Dominic again. Scuba just doesn't appeal to me. He comes off fake on camera. This scene lacked luster. There were no fireworks going off at all. No chemistry. So the last 2 scenes were a thumbs down for me. I still revisit LIL JAKE AND MAR. THAT WAS FIRE !!!!! This was another bomb video. C'mon bba LET'S GO!!!! Mar 15, 2020
Platinum48036 he's sexy as fuck. when you physically are attracted to a nigga, alot easier to take his dick. Scuba was feeling Dominic Mar 15, 2020
emiliano69 awesome scene! dominic is becoming a pro and scuba goes all in. i wish scuba had went longer or went for a 2nd round but it happens to the best of us. Mar 15, 2020
damon8 ~ Big league points to Dominic for getting that booty creamed 😀
He’s going for it! He’s making a run for the border 🏃🏿‍♀️
Mar 14, 2020
jaejay HOT HOT HOT.......loved it. Mar 14, 2020
Docteur Superb!!!! Much better pairing for Scuba than Kingston (yuck) and Stylez. He can say he has been fucked now as Dominic did a good job. Great salad tossing and dick sucking as well. Now Scuba needs a threesome with Bandit and Isaiah. Mar 14, 2020
mrwhitley1 Now this scene was 🔥🔥🔥, you could feel the intensity between them, and I think We all need to admit that Dominic is a “Problem”, He’s def on his way to #1, who knew he would be able to give Scuba his 1st hardon while taking dick. All the Models he’s worked with thus far have all had rock hard dicks while he’s fuckin them. He wants that Top Spot and the models He works with know it too. Mar 14, 2020
Dualex I like scuba... Adore Dominic, he is getting good at bottoming. Quite impressed cause scuba is big though... . Lovely pairing... Wish scuba went longer topping though... Only dislike is Dominic constant mention of the fans. Just do ya thing and don't worry bout me... Mar 14, 2020
texasbugg mike u kick the motherfucking door down and put sock in all the haters mouth if any1 say anything bad about this hott scene then it's not about the scene they r just hating cause they can't get with(SCUBARDOMINIC) this scene was what we needed cause we can't really go nowhere(SCUBA/DOMINIC)if any1 say anything bad about this hold u all heads up higher cause that tells u u both did a wonderful scene a 40 plus dominic u put a sock in them hatersmouthwhosayucan'ttakedick Mar 14, 2020
RobbySan29 Hopefully Scuba gets his toes sucked one day Mar 14, 2020

Seems like just yesterday that Scuba was struggling to take Jah's FINGERS and ready to throw in the towel when it came to trying to bottom.

"That shit HURTS!" I remember him saying sullenly over and over, mad at himself for not being able to do what he saw so many other BBA stars doing with apparent ease. Unlike many before him, he was never stubbornly OPPOSED to the idea of bottoming, just understandably nervous and scared to take such a big step.

Of course this only made it ten times hotter when we finally got to see that sweet young cherry popped and stretched open a few months ago. And ever since, we've been dying to see his tight, tiny, hairy hole split open and plundered by raw dick every chance we get!

Now witness the shocking NEXT CHAPTER in Scuba's BBA journey as we enlist fan favorite Dominic to give him some much-needed practice.

Dominic and Scuba actually met and hung out during our trip to Atlantic City last summer, but they haven't had a chance to work together until now.

The sparks start flying and the clothes don't stay on for long in this action-packed encounter that includes lots of passionate tongue-kissing, dick-swallowing, ass-eating. and of course Dominic picking up right where Stylez and Kingston left off by thoroughly "breaking in" Scuba's stubbornly tight, near-virgin ass.

I don't want to give too much away, but I think most viewers will share my pleasant surprise with Scuba's impressive progress. Let's just say he more than proves the old saying: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Finger-Fucking, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Mar 14, 2020 53 min
Photo of Dominic
Photo of Scuba

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