Taming Trapp

jayb2654 Yea we def need trapp back Oct 17, 2022
pewfeet Damn, why no love for Lil Tyga? He's not well liked and the comments towards him are brutal. Smh Dec 16, 2020
pilsener SAINT of course ALWAYS brings it, but not a fan of LIL TYGA at all. TRAPP's moans are hot, but I always thought he was holding back in his previous scenes. He always seemed to really enjoy or at least wanted to explore with guys, unlike SCOTTY and SHAUN who genuinely seem out of their element. Dec 31, 2018
mrwhitley1 I bet Saint and Trapp are together now, they both have been ghost! I knew We wouldn’t see Trapp after this scene, “too ambitious” but it def was worth it, it’s shocking how some can naturally take dick and suck dick well, and at the same time. Trapp was a perfect Model, similar to Bandit and Shawn of DLCHILLSPOT Oct 10, 2018
blksung Its official......Im in love with Trapp Jun 27, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP is not (MARKUS 2424) u need to go back and watch (SHOW/TELL)/(shaun/trapp) in shaun the next level watch how trapp kiss scotty/watch how trapp kiss shaun and shaun kiss trapp with an open mouth bba knows who the gays r there is nothing gay about these young thugs trapp said it they r actors (WILL SMITH) kissed a guy playing a part when it comes to trapp the young thug is only trying to make money to pay his fees he is not out robbing no one let him live his life a good thug. May 21, 2018
markus2424 Str8 dudes having sex aint sexy at all. And the kissing is so insincere. But that's because Saint and Trapp aint gay, which is alright. They kiss each other the way I would kiss a female, my lips move and pucker but I aint enjoying that shit at all, lol. Afterwards I would wash my mouth out for 15 minutes, lol. That's what I believe Saint and Trapp did behind the scenes or WANTED TO DO. But they kool. Much love and respect for them. Just stick with the females, my brothers. May 10, 2018
downtofuck highly request trapp bottom for both scotty and shaun. take nuts in the mouth or the face. that would be the hottest. Apr 30, 2018
DWells Would love to see Trapp flip with Apollo!!! That would be hot AF!!! Apr 28, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) i love that u have took to yourself the saying of telling the haters to take a bite out of u trapp u will never have nothing in life if u live for what others think about u u have come a long way from your first scene i for 1 love the new trapp u r always going to have haters long as u r thug fine like u r mike is smart he see in that scene show/tell how good u/scotty look in that bed trapp i'm from a small town where we all know each other we had haters(F.THEM) Apr 3, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP babyboi man i keep going back to u/shaun scene u two bodys look so good together trapp u really make my day with whatever scene u r part of u could be the top r bottom u look like a sexy thug giving the dick r u taking the dick i still want to see u/scotty fuck and i believe in mike he will make it happen trapp these days 2018 friends r fucking like mad trapp i really believed that u want to do something with scotty but u r worry about what people said man let them bite u do ubrolivelife Mar 31, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP damm i hope that u get to watch blake/manny killa (JACKPOT) trapp that is 1000% pure thug freaking as u all call it i call it 1000% pure thug fucking damm i'm looking at u take that dick like that i feel in my heart down the road u/blake u/manny killa will hook up i wish u three could do a three some trapp i'm just so hooked on that sexy thug body of yours i will always say u r too fucking sexy/fine to be a thug i know u played football well trapp will see u soon welcome back bbamissuall. Mar 31, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) whatever mike has plan to open bba back up i hope u r part of that plan and to see mike is being very quiet about it i feel he is really going to give his members something good trapp i can't get enough of that sexy body that was blessed by the gods damm u r fine as fuck bro i never been a hater i just love a sexy body bro u/scotty damm them bodys look goood together u both r hot thugs in the city man u got mad love for scotty fuck them haters ok. Mar 24, 2018
bobminny will they ever tame Trapp! Mar 15, 2018
jazzyred I would love to see Scotty in action fucking maybe with Bandit. Bandit has a big ole dick and I love his swag how he bust a nut while letting Blake fuck him and riding Blakes dick. I would love seeing Scotty fuck someone like Bandit. Mar 14, 2018
ACTION7 they all should have got to bang one another...but next time Mar 11, 2018
mbirmingham trapp is one of my favorite models. raw and uncut. Mar 10, 2018
Wiccan107 Good scene but lets get some anal action between Trapp Scotty and Shaun. I know Trapp and Shaun arent the closest but that video they did was hot! Trapp needs to pop Shauns cherry and Saint should fuck him as well. Also Trapp and Blake and Trapp and Bandit. Mar 4, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) i hope u r looking at scenes with bandit in it cause trapp us fans r calling for an all out flip/flop with u/bandit that is going to be hot trapp both of u two r sexy as fuck and u two r going to enjoy having sex with each other damm trapp u come a long way and i for one love the realness in u u don't let the haters stop u i'm still pushing for u/scotty u two got to fuck to out do show/tell trapp u have become a pro in porn trapp vs bandit i love the sound of it trapp. Feb 27, 2018
texasbugg i like that about u mike if someone is hurting u will not make them keep going that go to show u care about those who work for u plus trapp is new to this that's how bandit started out damm i keep thinking about bandit/trapp r scotty/trapp they both r going to be bigg money makers i know shaun is ready to give up that diamond asshole damm that hole is fire for real i know it's hott in that hole on lock in prison we would stick our arm in a cow to pull out the calf when the legs was comingfirst Feb 25, 2018
texasbugg @2005 u left off trapp/scotty go back and pour u a very strong drink and smoke a lil weed and watch (SHOW/TELL) with trapp/scotty them two r feeling each other the way trapp is sucking scotty big dick it would be hard for me and when trapp ask scotty how it feel? i never could hear what scotty told him then trapp ask then why your dick hard? what friend would suck another thug's dick to put money on another thug's books not many trapp/scotty have thug love for each other and we love it. Feb 25, 2018
2005ljb2005 Trapp & Blake Bishop
Trapp & Shaun
Trapp & Manny Killa
Trapp & Isaiah
Feb 24, 2018
texasbugg MIKE i know u got a lot of work on your back but mike could u please just give us fans a (5LINE) update on scotty is he out still on lock cause u r a good person to work cause u put money on scotty books before he do the work that's what u call pure trust mike a lot of fans scotty have just grew on cause of his thuggin ways he is really a good thug and sexy thug him/trapp will fuck and get up and go back to thuggin he told trapp to give up the diamond i know he had input in trapp doing that. Feb 24, 2018
niteheat69 Lil Tyga should have been left out of this one. Trapp deserved to have had another totally masculine dude there with Saint to bitch him out like that. Lil Tyga not where its at. There should have been some flip action in this and of course less talking! Feb 23, 2018
rellyoung2005 no sparks here but I'm a huge fan of trapp's so i loved it ... i love the chemistry that trapp has with saint and i would love to see trapp bottom for scotty Feb 23, 2018
mrincredible I’d rather see Trapp with Shaun and Scotty. Not a bad scene, but also not one of my favs. Feb 23, 2018
cam3121 Part 2: I thought there was great chemistry & it was great seeing Tyga back on camera again along with Saint & it's always a joy seeing Trapp. I want to see a flip flop with Trapp & someone else soon. Thank u for an amazing scene & please know Mike u have my prayers & condolences. Feb 23, 2018
cam3121 Part 1: This scene is every reason in the world why I'm still a member of this site. This was a new classic right here. What really made me love this was seeing all 3 guys in a circle sucking each other's dicks. We always see guys in a line eating ass and while I dig it, we never get to see a threesome where everyone's sucking dick in a circle anymore and to see that one act alone, I busted the biggest nut I've busted in a minute along with the multiple nuts I busted to this. Feb 22, 2018
bobminny Mike bring Rico in with Trapp, now that would be good! Feb 22, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP well i had to stop eating the raw eggs a friend in dallas texas told me with my low semen count that i should go to the doctor went to doctor doc got me give myself a shot of (TESTOSTERONE CYP 200MG/ml inject into the muscle once every 2 weeks) why i'm telling u this i bust on your scene every night trapp keep up the good work bro fuck the haters i really need to see u/bandit do an all out flip/flop cause u both r super hott i'm greatful of u/two work for real bring it on trapp. Feb 22, 2018
DJ2016 glad to see you bk behind the cam...at 1st I didn't think the scene was going to be all that, based on the pairing...I was wrong...this scene was fire...10/10...saint is really into trapp..I've never seen him get so excited for any other model...so quick...lol. Feb 20, 2018
kevin343 First of all, Welcome back Michael! Sorry for your loss. I wasn't feeling any of this at all. I congratulate Trapp for his attempt to bottom. But this video was simply boring. Still waiting on that fire I know BBA has to offer. Would be really nice to see that spark and fire ignited. Feb 20, 2018
Docteur It is time for Trapp, Scotty and Shaun to have an allout 3some, with each fucking one another, each eating each other's asses, each kissing and each sucking each others dicks. If Trapp and Shaun can take their socks off, then Saint should too like he used to. Still waiting for #1 and # 2 to flip flop with each other: Apollo and Bandit. Feb 19, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP (HOTT THUG IN THE CITY) babyboi i can't stop busting on this i have to eat two raw eggs a day now my semen count is so low cause of u but it's fucking cool i love spending my money to watch u i still want u to top with bandit r scotty r shaun r manny killa trapp your tats r my weakness u need a new tat on one leg that say(1LEGUP) trapp u r going to break me with that 1legup damm i can see bandit holding 1 leg up while he is putting that dick in u u make sure u hold his 1 leg to fuck him. Feb 19, 2018
texasbugg MIKE if scotty is still on lock mike could u prove to the fans that u r not making trapp out to be a total bottom cause how he fucked lil redd he look good on top of lil redd could u pair him with bandit for an all out flip flop they both know how to eat ass/suck dick/take dick i really believe that's your plan mike could u/i we know hott sex that's why i wait on what u put out trapp/bandit mike please let them both lay on their backs to get fuck and do some kissing while they r fucking t.y. mike Feb 19, 2018
devotedbrotha1 I must say that the videography was vivid and on point. I do take issue with the model pairing. Saint has broken enough "newbies" in and Tyga, should stay on assignment. In my opinion, this scene would of been better paired with Apollo, he is a BBA vet and they both could of flip-flopped. Last, Trapp popped his cherry when he dug up in dat pussy with his fingers and those big ass DILDOS and now a 3-sum scene, why keep perpetuating not enjoying a big black dick thats a turn-off. Feb 19, 2018
princegwa Loved it welcome back Lil Tyga. Feb 19, 2018
ToriFan Wow this was HOT. I'm hoping that Trapp don't flip out one day. Some of his facial expressions fluctuate between "this feels good" to "wtf am I doing". Feb 18, 2018
drakegay4real This is perfect to hold me over while we wait for Shaun and Trapp or Scotty and Trapp or even Shaun and Scotty....but i think we are all waiting for the Shaun Scotty and Trapp scene😁😁 Feb 18, 2018
hines1983 🌋🌋🌋 Very hot!!! Keep it up. Feb 18, 2018
downtofuck Also, Im tired of the ending reviews where niggas can't ever say it was good af.. if its not good af, give him somebody that will fuck him like he want to. I know he want SCOTTY or a nigga that will blow his back out. Feb 18, 2018
downtofuck Trapp need to get fucked by Scotty now. Feb 18, 2018
man12345 Lil Tyga with the gold teeth - Really? Feb 18, 2018
Misterty It's time that Trapp turn the tables on Saint I'm ready for Saint to give up that ass to Trapp and I'm hoping and wishing for a three way flip-flop scene with Scotty, Shaun, and Trapp now that's going to be HOTT as hell. Feb 18, 2018
papatiggger @SanFran12 🔥🔥🔥sorry for your dissatisfaction but I have to disagree, these guys are all gorgeous! Boring and nasty? Chyle, what was you watching? Keep up the good work BBA!🔥🔥🔥 Feb 18, 2018
Rod1198 Good scene....Trapp and Saint have good chemistry. Trapp may be in love with him, he’s very open and kisses Saint with passion. Feb 18, 2018
texasbugg I know a lot of fans say trapp can do no wrong by texasbugg that is not the case i've been where he is sleeping outside a person feels like the whole world has turned their back on u trapp is just trying to make that paper he is not picking up a gun to rob no one he has feelins and them dicks be hurting for real that thug got a pretty diamond asshole and it always close back up bandit said it right some fans r so ungrateful and they r only trying to help us bust a nut think about thisallbbafans. Feb 18, 2018
kapukan2 Now I would love to see Scotty....completely let go his inhibitions and enjoy himself. It's in him. Feb 18, 2018
kapukan2 Holy shit that was hot. Watching Trapp eat azz was the best. This video he finally let go and we can see how much he is enjoying man-sex. Feb 18, 2018
texasbugg @SANFRAN12 (THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS IS THE ONES U LEAVE UNSPOKEN) there is no way u can say real black men don't have sex like that u/no one else is in every bedroom so u can't make that call speak for u i'm a black man and i eat my 22years old cum and he eats mine and it's not nasty it's freakin while us as (A.A.) can't have 28 days not 31 without a hater trapp is super handsome, sexy/a body that was blessed by the gods no one put a gun to your head to make u watch right r wrong? Feb 18, 2018
MARryMe Glad lil tyga back I love it saint is sexy as hell like always and trapp fine ass to 👁‍🗨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Feb 18, 2018
Donald This is truly the best one yet! Hot from beginning to end! Trapp has come a long way! He is a pro!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Feb 18, 2018
WeatherMan Welcome back Michael. This was AMAZING!!!! Feb 18, 2018
SanFran12 This is a horrible video clip. All these dudes are NOT attractive. I would say ill-favored looking because everybody looks good to somebody. I'm just saying, customers anticipate that all performers will look alright. Second, the performance was boring and somewhat nasty, as well. Real black men don't have sex like this -- eating cum like their having dinner or something. Anyway, looking forward to young slim attractive guys next time! Feb 17, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP let me school u on something that u don't know trapp i'm pushing hard for scotty to fuck u cause that dick that scotty got that dick will reach your colon trapp it will feel so good u r going to bust trapp cause it feels good don't make u gay u r still a thug card packing thug trapp when u go to see scotty on lock r when he call u tell him the fans r asking for a show/tell(PART2) trapp u know yourself that will always be rated as your best scene part 2 can only top show/tell trapp. Feb 17, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP babyboi u come a very long way from your first scene with scotty and i for one love all your scenes i'm pushing so hard for u/scotty to do a show/tell p2 trapp babyboi damm what the haters think they will not put no food on your table when u was on lock did the haters put any funds on your books f-no u/scotty both know u have thug luv for each other u said u both slept in old cars/old buildings outside together where was the haters? i rest my case Feb 17, 2018
downtofuck damn trapp turned into a nice freaky ass bottom Feb 17, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP(YOUR ROYAL BADNESSSS) i left a comment on u/saint last scene that with mike it's a must that u know how to eat ass u did that like u was a pro at it trapp i smoke weed everyday seeing u make me bust in two/four mins into the scene trapp babyboi u r ready to handle scotty big dick u got to give that diamond asshole to scotty please trapp u two look so fucking hottttt together plus u r doing all this to put money on scotty books nothing wrong with that damm u did great in this scene trapp R.T. Feb 17, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP(YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) babyboi i know manny killa is waiting to get it i love how your diamond asshole will close back up that's them muscles in your ass cheeks trapp if u lay on your back when u r taking dick it will not hurt so much cause the person is hitting all asshole really trapp any way u give up that diamond asshole is cool with me i love how u can get fuck 1min then get up and go back to thuggin the next min that go to show that u r so real (FEB 18) BLACKHISTORYMONTH)hatersstayaway. Feb 17, 2018
denis5 Not to offend Saint or Lil Tyga who I love on BBA, (very much), I must admit that Trapp gets my attention lately....TY Trapp for this. In porn, fantasies are fantasies and I am wishing that this concludes in a return of Scotty and Trapp scene.....which by the way is the main reason I am still here... Thanks to Michael, and no offense Trapp. Feb 16, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESSSSSSSSSS) BABYBOI u did your thing texasbugg is giving u a 100plus trapp i like that u r doing u damm u r leading a new breed of young good thugs make that paper trapp everytime u put that leg up i bust who is going to be the lucky dick that will freak u while u r laying on your back freaking is my meaning for fucking thanks trapp for putting that leg up i know u have been told how sexy u r with 1legup i really know u r going to do another scene with scotty ifeelit. Feb 16, 2018

Popular veteran models Lil Tyga and Saint ("the last of the Mohicans from the old era," as Lil Tyga describes them) are reunited for the very first time in over a year to break in Trapp's infamous "phat ass" and thoroughly "tame" the cocky straight thug into submission.

"They been bringing 'em NICE in lately!" Saint brags to Lil Tyga like an excited little kid eager to share his new toy with a friend, telling him all about the fun he had with Trapp during their recent Christmas shoot.

Saint calls in Trapp from the other room but he and Lil Tyga can barely get through the intro interview before they're hungrily devouring the sexy dreadhead like a couple of lions ripping into their freshly caught prey.

Things quickly evolve into a spontaneous, freaky threesome that includes more than a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW spit-roast fucking! If anyone had told me when Scotty first introduced me to his straight "homeboy" Trapp that I'd one day be filming the cocky straight thug down on his knees, slobbering on TWO dicks at the same time, or grunting and groaning as he's stuffed with raw dick at both ends, I'd have sworn they had lost their mind!

In other words, this is a rare and epic "taming session" that you do NOT want to miss - including a couple freaky "firsts" from Trapp that are just too hot and surprising to spoil here!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Feb 16, 2018 63 min
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Lil Tyga
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